IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2008-02-11

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maltheIs anyone familiar with a "transforms" package providing some abstraction and/or implementation for mimetype-transformations? Hanno is working on something like this in a Plone-context, but seems to be somewhat tied to legacy code.00:34
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hazmatmalthe, see ore.transform02:19
hazmatits pretty bare bones02:19
hazmatstream oriented02:21
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perciousany wsgi experts in here05:41
percioushow about grok, anyone from grok here?05:41
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vodpercious: if you want an expert in both you can ask mattbowen when hes on05:49
perciousanyone use repoze?05:50
mcdoncpercious: i do05:50
perciouswith grok?05:50
mcdoncpercious: more with zope2 but i've installed repoze.grok05:51
perciousso repose makes zope WSGI compliant, right?05:51
mcdoncgrok has its own irc channel too (#grok)05:51
perciouscool, thanks, ill look there05:51
perciousi think my questions are more zope3 specific05:52
mcdoncpercious: yes, although it's more useful for zope2 than it is for grok (grok is already largely wsgi based)05:52
perciousbecause by default grok starts up the twisted server05:52
perciousaccording to the zopectl05:52
mcdonci think it uses the wsgi interface to twisted to do so05:52
mcdoncso theoretically you could replace it with any wsgi server05:52
perciousi need to figure a way to hook into that wiskey interface05:53
perciouside rather use the twisted server05:53
perciousi just need to add some middleware05:53
mcdoncpastedeploy (which ships with repoze.grok) is a way to wire up middleware and apps05:53
perciousin case you are wondering what I am doing... I got Toscawidgets to work with Zope tonight05:54
mcdoncpercious: woot!05:54
perciousI just don't like the solution, seems dirty05:54
perciousand dbsprox works too05:54
perciouserr, dbsprockets05:54
perciousso that is some progress05:54
mcdonci've not used either but i think i know what they're for ;-)05:54
perciouspretty happy to see my form show up in a grok app05:55
perciousi need a wider user base, you know what I mean?05:55
mcdoncyou do or grok goes?05:55
perciousdbsprockets does05:56
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mcdoncoic... so you are the author?05:56
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* mcdonc reads about dbsprockets05:56
perciousgoogle code05:56
perciousfor anyone who is listening05:57
mcdoncpercious: nice... it's *great* to see alternate formgen stuff05:57
perciouscompletely formencode/Toscawidgets based05:58
perciousand thank you05:58
perciousand its cross-framework05:58
perciousI would like to get it working on Django05:59
perciousthat would burn them up :)05:59
mcdonci'm not much of a fan of the existing zope formgen solutions...05:59
mcdoncoh yeah?  little rivalry happening there? ;-)05:59
perciousoh no?06:00
mcdoncthe arvada tavern!06:00
percioushmm, i wonder if I have been there06:00
perciousthere is a great new place downtown...06:00
mcdoncthe filthy critic always uses it as a prop...
perciouswait, i think we went in the tavern once06:00
perciousbut we didnt eat there...06:01
mcdonci've never been there, i dont even know if it exists, but he uses it to set up jokes.. ;-)06:01
perciousthis is arvada, co, USA06:01
mcdonci believe he is referring to the same place ;-)06:02
percioushere I thought we were only famous for "The Fray"06:02
perciousso does this start a wsgi server then?06:04
mcdoncpercious: likely06:04
percious*searches middleware grok06:04
mcdoncit'd probably be easier to wire it up via pastedeploy (and it'd be easiest to get pastedeploy wired up to grok via repoze.grok likely)06:05
mcdoncftr, i am one of (the four or five) developers of repoze06:05
perciousgood to know06:06
perciousim a TG developer by trade06:06
perciousmy boss is stuck on Plone though...06:06
perciousi am trying to find a middle ground06:06
dcousinspercious: have you installed grok with `grokproject`?06:07
perciousi have indeed06:07
mcdoncpercious: right... i am currently at the Plone "strategic planning summit" in CA... i suspect Plone (in particular) is going to be more WSGI friendly soon06:07
dcousinsdoesn't that already then use paste and a deploy.ini06:07
perciousyeah, but i cant handle Products, Archetypes, or Zope 206:08
percioussorry about that06:08
perciousi much prefer ORMs, WIdgets, and Eggs06:08
dcousinsI see, have you tried repoze.grok?06:08
perciousno, but I will in a few seconds06:08
mcdonci dont blame you (i lobbied for making archetypes optional today)06:08
dcousinsthat gives you far more wsgi setup06:08
percious+1 to that brother!06:08
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perciousdo i just easy_install repoze.grok?06:09
perciousand then re-project my grok project?06:09
perciouseasy_installing now06:10
* dcousins has to look again at docs :-\06:10
dcousinsbin/easy_install -f repoze.project06:10
dcousinsbin/repozeproject repoze.grok --path=/path/to/grok06:11
perciousok sweet, it's in there06:11
* dcousins prefers virtualenv06:11
perciousyeah, i had this discussion with zope/plone peeps before06:11
perciousi like one sandbox06:12
perciousif the kids cant play, they get kicked out!06:12
dcousinsI've only had a small play with repoze and a read of the docs06:12
perciousso far, zope3 and grok are playing nicely06:12
mcdoncyou don't actually need to install it that way... i can tell you how to install it in a virtualenv without repozeproject if you'd like06:12
* dcousins would be curious06:12
perciousright, i was just looking at this page06:12
perciousyeah, but im not running apache06:13
dcousinsoh yeah, I remember reading that06:13
perciousi just want a simple wsgi server that will do the zope stuff06:13
mcdoncthose docs tell you how to install it without using repozeproject... an you just skip the steps about mod_wsgi06:13
perciousim going to try this repoze thing06:13
percioushow's the weather in cali?06:14
percious75 and sunny like always?06:14
mcdoncessentially just this:
mcdoncweather is great06:14
mcdonca little nippy, but the plone folks are gathered out at the pool anyway, and i'm about to go out to join em06:15
percioussounds like a plan06:15
perciousi gotta get me one of those waterproof computers....06:15
mcdoncpercious: that last link i sent describes how to set it up without using repozeproject (repozeproject actually just automates all that)06:16
perciousoh crap06:16
perciousrepose just poluted me06:16
perciousoh ok06:16
mcdoncinstead of starting apache, you'd just run "bin/paster serve etc/grok.ini"06:17
perciousim down with that06:18
perciousi love paster serve06:18
percioustg2 is supposed to go to a "turbogears" form of that06:18
perciousi wish they would just stick with paster serve06:18
perciouswill virtualenv work with 2.5?06:19
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perciousi likey virtualenv06:22
perciousok, my computer went crazy instaqlling stuff06:24
perciousok, so I can skip the apache stuff06:25
perciouswhich paster is going to serve grok?06:26
perciousi dont see it in the virtualenv that i created's bin06:26
mcdoncit should have installed PasteDeploy, is it in site-packages?06:28
perciouseasy_installing now06:28
perciousnot going into the bin06:28
perciousi wonder why06:28
mcdonchow did you manage to get repoze.grok installed without getting pastedeploy installed?06:28
perciousi have NO idea06:29
perciousPasteDeploy is in the site-packages06:29
perciousthere is no "paster" script in the bin though06:29
mcdonci'm not sure what to say06:30
perciouswhere is it supposed to be?06:30
mcdoncin bin06:30
percious[668]cperkins1@cperkins-10700S $ cd bin06:31
percious[669]cperkins1@cperkins-10700S $ ls06:31
perciousactivate            fsoids              mkzeoinst           runzeo              zeoctl06:31
perciouseasy_install        fsrefs              pygmentize          zconfig             zeopack06:31
mcdonci mean, it's easy_install's job to put it there06:31
perciouseasy_install-2.5    fstail              python              zconfig_schema2html zeopasswd06:31
perciousfsdump              mkgrokinstance      repozo              zdaemon06:31
perciousi know, weirdness06:31
mcdonctry this: create another virtualenv and do "bin/easy_install PasteScript>=1.3.6"06:32
mcdoncand see if you see a paster in the bindir06:32
perciousim going to be crafty and copy my other paste06:32
mcdoncok, i've gotta run, apologies, good meeting you...06:32
mcdoncau jus06:33
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percious(grok 0.11.1 (/Users/cperkins1/offsite/groksprox/lib/python2.5/site-packages/grok-0.11.1-py2.5.egg), Requirement.parse('grok==0.11'))06:40
perciousthis is sort of painful06:40
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malthehazmat: i'll take a look at ore.transforms10:50
maltheno plural10:50
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maltheWhat's the difference between an IAbsoluteURL-adapter and the 'absolute_url' view? That is, why this duality?14:40
maltheI guess both should be registered14:46
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edgordoni am setting up an index on a datetime attribute, w/ the default being False. but when i run the evolve script to add it to my app, i get 'TypeError: can't compare datetime.datetime to bool'. Is there a correct way of doing this?21:15
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mgedmindon't make the default False21:45
mgedminmake the default None or something21:45
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ignasyippie "sudo apt-get install buildout" works21:59
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thruflohi, i'm having trouble understanding a traceback when trying to run a DocTestSuite23:47
thrufloit's my first real attempt at a doc test without directly cribbing it from a tutorial, so hopefully it's something trival that i'm just not getting23:47
thruflotraceback:;; module:
thruflobasically, the traceback says there's an ImportError importing a module, pesto.obj.video23:48
thrufloa sanity check in the debugzope shell confirms that I can normally import it fine23:48
thruflois there a reason why that module would fail in this context?!  The src for the module is
* thruflo waves at tav 23:49
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