IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2008-02-12

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thrufloa) my error was due to recursive imports, b) i should have been writing a functional test anyway, c) must be time for bed00:36
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perciousanyone here familiar with repoze and grok?04:43
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mcdonc_percious: back again eh?04:43
perciousim hopelessly addicted to my open source project04:43
perciousi wrote 600+ lines of code at work today too...04:43
perciousNameError: name 'OverflowWarning' is not defined04:44
mcdonc_percious: we all have problems like this...04:44
perciousi redid the repoze tutorial, and im still having problems04:44
perciousNameError: name 'OverflowWarning' is not defined04:44
mcdonc_percious: i may have misled you about python 2.5:
perciousut oh!04:45
mcdonc_it works "in theory" apparently04:45
perciousrepoze.grok does work under Python 2.5 but also runs under 2.404:45
perciousaccording to the dox04:45
mcdonc_indeed, it should04:45
mcdonc_percious: have you visited #grok yet?  it is a fairly active channel04:47
perciousyeah, ill go check it out04:48
lisppaste6percious pasted "repoze.grok" at
mcdonc_in fact there is someone else in there struggling with install issues and someone pointed him at (which i've not read)04:48
mcdonc_i really just pointed you at repoze.grok because you wanted paster stuff04:49
perciousand I still do04:50
mcdonc_i really think overflowwarning is just due to some package (apparently zope.interface) relying on py2.404:50
perciousi know, i did a easy_install -U zope.interface04:51
perciousand then i get pkg_resource errors04:51
mcdonc_ic... well, you could use py2.404:51
perciousi know...04:51
perciousi like 2.504:51
mcdonc_dont fight the framework... it will only hurt more... ;-)04:51
perciousso much faster04:52
mcdonc_except for all that time it doesnt actually work ;-)04:52
perciousbut setup is only a one time deal04:54
perciousdevelopment cycles are expensive04:54
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lisppaste6percious pasted "grok zcml error" at
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tlotzeAssuming buildout related questions are not completely wrong here:15:11
tlotzeI've noticed some strange behaviour of the test runner's coverage option.15:12
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tlotzeI've run bin/test --coverage on a suite of doc tests, and it gave me some 70% of coverage for a particular code file.15:13
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tlotzeAfter adding a test for one of the uncovered pieces of code, I got less than 70% coverage for the same file, everything else being equal.15:14
agroszerSeems to happen sometimes that runs are not picked up15:14
tlotzeI found that now, one method was reported as uncovered that definitely executed in the test run (as evidenced by putting in a pdb, for example).15:15
tlotzeI could even reproduce the behaviour.15:15
agroszernoticed that too, usually in ftests15:15
agroszeryes, same here15:15
tlotzek, so it's not entirely me at least ;o)15:15
tlotzeWhat's the place to report this bug? The buildout tracker at launchpad?15:16
agroszeruhh, good question15:17
agroszerI have no idea whose fault it is15:17
agroszerbut I guess not buildout's15:17
tlotzeIt's most probably the recipe's, but I'm not sure where to report bugs against that.15:19
agroszerlet's try to drop a mail to the zope-dev list15:20
tlotzeI'll do that.15:20
tlotzeOTOH, there's also the distutils list which has a lot of buildout discussion. I think I'd prefer that one.15:21
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agroszerlet's see what happens15:29
tlotzelet's hope something happens ;o)15:30
tlotzeElse I might try to work my way through it on the weekend. Could be fun learning about how this tracing stuff is done in Python.15:31
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maltheIs there a Zope-package equivalent to Ross Patterson's PDBDebugMode?17:02
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* Theuni sighs18:46
TheuniI start to hate virtual machines.18:46
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ChrisWTheuni: ayt?21:02
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ChrisWJ1m: ayt?21:02
ChrisWfailing that, *anyone* know how I can create an object in a FileStorage with a specific OID?21:02
ChrisW(I have a POSKeyError caused by a cross-db reference to an object which has since been deleted and packed away)21:03
ChrisWif I can re-create the object under the old oid in the target storage, then I can delete it from the source one and all will be good21:03
ChrisWfailing that, ideas how to delete the reference in the source storage would be greatfully received! :-)21:04
* mgedmin sympathises21:05
* ChrisW appreicates by cries anyway21:05
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J1mChrisW, you can carefully create an object, set it's _p_jar and _p_oid yourself, put it somewhere it will be referenced and commit.21:37
ChrisWah, okay21:38
ChrisWI've been trying a dance similar to that used to create the root21:38
ChrisWbut your method sounds easier ;-)21:38
ChrisWanother weirdity you might be interested in: if you access an object that refers to an object in another db, before any objects in that other db have been directly accessed, you get a KeyError on the storage name21:39
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J1msounds like a multidb bug21:41
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ChrisWw00t - the dance in for creating the root worked for replacing the POSKeyError'ing OID22:05
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floxis there any facility to mount 2 or more ZODB?23:09
floxI've seen lovely.mount, but it seems quite empty...23:10
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floxActually it seems that lovely.mount is the appropriate package23:16
floxI will have a look at it23:17
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brandon_rhodesI'm trying to use a ZEO.ClientStorage() instance to talk to my ZODB server that's behind my Plone 3, so that I can look at the raw data inside.23:28
brandon_rhodesBut when I give it "localhost" and the port #, it just hangs.23:28
brandon_rhodesDoes a hanging attempt to instantiate ClientStorage() mean anything in particular?23:28
brandon_rhodesI can "telnet" to localhost and the port, and get back a few characters that look like the beginning of a handshake.23:29
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brandon_rhodesI've got "wait_timeout=3" at the moment in the hope that it would at least time out and return an error23:31
brandon_rhodesBut, it won't.23:31
brandon_rhodesHmm, doing logging.basicConfig() now at least prints an error23:34
brandon_rhodesThen, waits forever :-/23:34
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brandon_rhodes"Bad handshake Z303"23:35
mcdoncbrandon_rhodes: mismatch in protocol version between client and server?23:40
brandon_rhodesmcdonc: Yes, it is.23:40
brandon_rhodesmcdonc: So now ... I guess I'll try downgrading to 3.0.3 ? :-)23:40
brandon_rhodeser, 3.323:40
mcdoncbrandon_rhodes: afaik, plone is using zodb 3.623:40
brandon_rhodesI guess the "0" is to allow two digits ... so 303 == 3.3 ?23:40
brandon_rhodesBut the protocol's still called "303"23:41
brandon_rhodesBut you're right, I've just got to use pre-3.823:41
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brandon_rhodesNot all the way back to 3.3 like I thought for a second there23:41
mcdoncbrandon_rhodes: i suspect no one noticed that it broke and it's meant to be bw and fw compat23:42
brandon_rhodesThe ZEO/zrpc/ file has a list of "compatible protocols", and as a client, it's pretty much only willing to talk 30823:43
mcdoncthat's surprising23:44
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brandon_rhodesSo I wonder if there's any way to have Grok keep using 3.8 while I somehow can import, for my own uses elsewhere in my code, < 3.0.823:45
brandon_rhodesI'm looking in my grok instance and I don't even see where versions get pinned23:45
mcdoncbrandon_rhodes: you can't install them side-by-side and have them both "active" at once, but you could a) look into setuptools multiversion support or b) create a virtualenv just for talking to plone23:47
brandon_rhodesWell, the difficultly is that I'd like to have my virtualenv run a Grok for me.23:47
mcdoncback to option a23:48
brandon_rhodesSo that I can have a lightweight Grok app that presents some data from the Plone in a static-ish site23:48
brandon_rhodesMultiversion support, eh? :-)23:48
brandon_rhodesIt seems the more and more I do these days, the more I wind up reading about setuptools :-)23:48
* brandon_rhodes will have to take those guys out for a beer the next time he sees them23:48
mcdoncphillip eby is your man23:49
brandon_rhodesThanks for the advice!23:52
* brandon_rhodes heads home23:52
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