IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2008-02-25

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baijumCan anyone give a pointer to how ZEO is sharing global components (eg: utilities) ?08:50
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Theunibaijum: zeo doesn't do anything special for that ...09:19
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encolpeDid anybody, but wichert, get this bug and solve it ?09:55
afd_encolpe: I think that looks more like a broken interface (not inheriting Interface, or something like that)09:57
afd_philiKON_ might know more about it, as he rejected the bug09:58
encolpeThe interface that raise the bug unherit directly from zope.interface.Interface09:59
encolpeIt's like something remove the attribute '__iro__'09:59
baijumTheuni, well then how a  global component is shared between Zope instances ?09:59
philiKON_encolpe: ICurrencyManager seems to be a class10:00
philiKON_encolpe: because it says "type object"10:00
philiKON_encolpe: so fix CMFCore so that ICurrencyManager is actually an interface10:00
philiKON_see my explanation
encolpewhy your comment is not available from the first link ?10:04
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philiKON_yeah, i wonder too10:05
baijumphiliKON_, can you give me pointer how a  global component is shared between Zope instances ?10:05
philiKON_something got messed up10:05
philiKON_baijum: huh?10:05
philiKON_encolpe: see the " This description was updated. View original description" link on the original page10:05
baijumIf I a register a global utility and use with Mutiple zope instances (using ZEO) can I get that utility transparently in all instances ?10:06
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baijumor am I missing something ?10:07
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philiKON_ZEO will only allow you to share objects that are in the ZODB10:07
philiKON_a global utility isn't in the ZODB per definitionem10:08
afd_philiKON_: would _v_ attributes be shared?10:08
philiKON_i don't think so10:08
philiKON_now, since you should be running the same software configuration on those zeo clients, you should be able to say getUtility(IFoo) on all those clients10:09
baijumif I set an attribute of a global component, will the other instance also get updated ?10:09
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philiKON_but they will obviously yield different objects10:09
philiKON_baijum: no, of course not10:09
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baijumphiliKON_, ok. thanks10:10
afd_philiKON_: is the session shared?10:14
afd_ISession I mean10:14
philiKON_god heavens no10:14
philiKON_only for the same browser obviousuly10:14
philiKON_the ISession adapter uses an IClientId adapter to determine a unique id for each client10:15
philiKON_so whenever a client comes back, it'll get the same session associated10:15
philiKON_the session storage *can* be shared over zeo, but doesn't have to10:15
philiKON_there are scaling drawbacks when you share it over zeo10:16
afd_ok... I was thinking that baijum maybe can share data between the zopes using the session10:16
afd_of course, client/browser dependent10:16
afd_what about the ram cache utility? I was under the impression that that isn't shared between zopes too10:16
philiKON_uh, dude, it's called the *RAM* cache utility :)10:17
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afd_yeah... but doesn't hurt asking10:19
baijumphiliKON_, so ZEO can scale your app only if you are using ZDOB, is it?10:19
afd_baijum: maybe you can store that object in memcache :)10:19
philiKON_well yeah10:19
philiKON_if you're using some other data storage, use *its* scaling mechanism10:19
philiKON_e.g. a non-issue when you're using a relational storage10:20
philiKON_because each client would simply connect to the storage server10:20
philiKON_yeah, memcached works10:21
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pyqwerHi, I finally managed to index my objects, however, when changing object attributes, the objects are not reindexed - does anyone know why/what to do?10:34
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philiKON_pyqwer: sending objectmodifiedevents?10:42
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pyqwerAh, ok, now I do a "zope.event.notify(zope.lifecycleevent.ObjectModifiedEvent(self.context))" and it reindexes.10:44
pyqwerInteresting - I thought this event would be automatically fired when modifiying an object attribute.10:45
philiKON_the rule is: "you do something to an object, you'll have to send the event about it"10:45
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pyqwerOk, I understand. But for creation, this is different, isn't it?10:46
philiKON_it isn't different10:46
philiKON_you're supposed to send an ObjectCreated event10:46
philiKON_the only time when you don't have to send an event is adding or removing things to/from a container10:47
philiKON_but technically speaking, you're not adding or removing stuff, the container is10:47
philiKON_because the container ends up modifying obj.__parent__ and obj.__name__, you aren't10:47
philiKON_so it's the container's chore10:47
pyqwerOk, so that's the reason why I don't have to notify when adding objects to a container.10:48
pyqwerGood to know, many thanks.10:48
philiKON_this is all in the book, btw10:49
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pyqwerHmmm, it seems I have to reread it very thoroughly.10:49
pyqwerOne more thing: When I retrieve values from my index, they seem to be in arbitrary order. However, I need to order them (e.g. after a attribute "Date"). Is this somehow supported in the index?10:50
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philiKON_yes and no10:51
philiKON_indexes have a built-in ordering because of their usage of btrees10:51
philiKON_you can make clever use of that10:52
philiKON_but in general, you'll have to do some sorting10:52
philiKON_which is an involved process on large result sets...10:52
* philiKON_ afk10:52
pyqwerOk, thanks, maybe I can do the trick via the btree...10:54
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pyqwerprojekt01: Hi, it seems that getSite() returns an unproxied object - do you know if this is intended?18:35
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projekt01pyqwer, yes, take a look a the method setSite/getSite it uses;18:39
projekt01site =
pyqwerAh, I see, do you know why it's done this way? Is there some general guideline what's proxied and what not?18:40
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projekt01everything schould get proxied, till you remove them because of public access18:42
pyqwerprojekt01: Yes, that was also my intention, but why is then the security proxy removed when getting the site through getSite()?18:43
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projekt01why do you think it should not remove the proxy?18:47
pyqwerprojekt01: Hmmm, you said that "everything should be proxied till I remove it". So why is the return of getSite() unproxied?18:48
projekt01because it removes the proxy18:48
pyqwerOr do I have to proxy anything manually - but, some things are already proxied?18:48
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projekt01you don't have to use methods whihc remove tproxies if you don't need to18:48
pyqwerIt seems I'm missing the point here...18:48
projekt01why do you need the getSite method?18:48
pyqwerIs there some other way to get the current site?18:49
projekt01getSite is an internal method used for specific stuff18:49
pyqwerI have some global sequence number that is stored at my site object and I need to somewhere access it.18:49
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pyqwerSo, one way to access it is a simple getSite().seq_number18:50
projekt01you can traverse to the site with: while: ISite.providedBy(context); context = context.__parent__18:50
projekt01or something like that18:50
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pyqwerOk, that's a way to do it. And what about "ProxyFactor(getSite())"?18:51
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projekt01why must this be proxied?18:51
pyqwerWell, so that data is not accidentally shown du to some programming mistake.18:53
projekt01why do you need to access something which is not accessible? Make sure if somebody has permission before you try to call something18:53
projekt01Yo can't do that, I allways can configure things that this works anyway with programming mistakes18:53
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projekt01you have to write a functional doct test and use the users you like to test access for18:54
projekt01only the full configure.zcml settings in functional doctest can ensure what sou like to do18:54
pyqwerHmmm, I have to think a little about that.18:55
pyqwerAnyway, many thanks for help!18:57
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J1mmcdonc, do you know if there are any wsgi/paste mechanisms for restarting servers?20:39
mcdoncJ1m: i know "paster" includes some basic restart facilities because if you do "paster serve --reload", it will restart the server every time you change a file that is represented by something in sys.modules20:40
mcdonci dont know what the signal is tho20:41
J1mI was thinking of an api to use within the process.20:42
J1mmcdonc, do, like now, in the zmi, you can request a server restart.20:43
J1mI don't think much of this feature in general, but I happen to actually have a specialized use case where I need it. :)20:43
J1moh I guess that actually is within process.20:44
mcdonci'd imagine it's either a call to sys.exit or a special exception that paster serve catches20:45
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mcdoncJ1m: paste/script/ is  where the guts are20:47
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J1mmcdonc, thanks, I'll check that out.20:51
mcdoncit looks like  starts the server as a subprocess and if you start paster serve with --monitor-restart, any server exit code will the server to restart instead of exit.20:52
mcdonc"paster serve" that is20:52
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