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projekt01srichter, ayt?02:14
projekt01povbot, seen srichter02:15
povbotprojekt01: srichter was last seen in #zope3-dev 3 days, 5 hours, 45 minutes, and 51 seconds ago: <srichter> benji: thanks02:15
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malthewhat's the deal with __debug__; when is it set?14:20
afd__True on normal python startup, False when python is started with -O14:21
malthewhich is the default with 'start'?14:22
afd__I think14:22
* malthe goes to confirm14:22
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maltheafd__: True in both cases14:24
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malthecool; how would you invoke zope with -O?14:26
malthethe application runner that is14:26
afd__change runzope14:26
maltheafd__: on resource merging: does it make sense to merge only when __debug__ is False?14:26
maltheor what other mechanism should decide this.14:26
maltheit certainly could be configurable in zcml, too.14:27
afd__malthe: I think devmode in local.conf14:27
maltheright that's it; good call.14:27
afd__malthe: I like the architecture of resourceinclude, the only thing that I don't like is the naming of the "provide" utility function. I feel that it should be more obvious what it does14:30
malthewhat's a better name for it?14:30
maltheresource library calls it 'need'.14:31
* afd__ is thinking14:31
afd__maybe request_provides(ISomething)14:32
afd__not very happy with this suggestion either14:32
afd__ /s/either/also14:33
malthehmm what's the opposite of have devmode14:33
malthemaybe need really is better14:34
afd__it sounds good, although it kind of lies to what it does :)14:34
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maltheah not-have14:35
projekt01malthe, do you mean with resource merge, merge two CSS files into one and serve this single file?14:37
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maltheprojekt01: yep; hang on--I'm about to release 0.2 with merge-support.14:38
projekt01malthe, ah, now I understand what you are doing. Very cool!14:39
malthebut you need to not be in devmode14:39
maltheseems to be the default for a grok project14:39
maltheprojekt01: I'm digesting the merged files so I can set the file to never expire.14:40
projekt01I like include="example.css" looks very smart14:41
maltheit accepts multiple files btw14:41
maltheerr paths14:41
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maltheI guess it's important to stress that they're not files, but resource names14:41
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afd__malthe: what about request_include(ISomething) ?14:42
maltheinclude is good at least14:43
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maltherequest_ is a bit much maybe14:43
projekt01afd, ehh underscorse14:43
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maltheafd__: is that acceptable? --- ``include`` ?14:43
afd__for me, yes14:43
malthek I'll add support and deprecate the former14:44
projekt01malthe, what do I need to define in the tamplate that the includes get used?14:45
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maltheprojekt01: first, you need to use two-phase rendering -or- push all your layers on the request before rendering the content provider.14:46
malthethis is why the package can't work directly with a ""-approach.14:47
maltheI use it on the vudo-project where we have complete two-phase rendering; each component in the page gets a chance to say, "Hey, I need ``IAuthoring``."14:47
afd__but this is for the best, I never how zc.resourcelibrary changes the request14:48
maltheright that's what I thought14:48
projekt01what do I need to do in the update phase?14:48
malthethere is still a possibility to hack it onto the page14:48
afd__also, as far as I know, it wasn't compatible with zrtresource14:48
maltheprojekt01: in the update-phase, call z3c.resourceinclude.provide (soon ``include``), passing the layer you need.14:49
maltheor, to get started right away, just leave this part and register your includes for IDefaultBrowserLayer (this is the default).14:49
projekt01why do I need to do that? normaly the skin provides this layers?14:49
maltheright exactly14:49
maltheso this part is only for autonomous components.14:49
projekt01Ah, if the skin provides the layer then the resource get included out of the box?14:50
maltheprojekt01: then set up this viewlet:
projekt01does the include(IMyLayer) the same like alsoProvides(self.request, IMyLayer) ?14:51
maltheI suppose I could directly implement a viewlet in the package, not only a content provider.14:51
maltheprojekt01: yes14:51
malthebut it gets the request for the current participation14:51
projekt01why not use the alsoProvides directly instead of includes?14:52
maltheactually it makes sense to define the viewlet yourself, because you'll want to cache the output for some period14:52
maltheprojekt01: I thought maybe it's easier to understand14:52
projekt01or at least applySkin which is use in other parts of zope14:52
maltheah ok14:53
projekt01probably applyLayer is the right term14:53
maltheprojekt01: feel free to improve this in the code btw14:53
projekt01I wish I had more time ;-)14:54
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projekt01malthe, I think includes (apply layer interface) is a little bit dangerous because it brings not only resourceinclude things into the game14:55
afd__projekt01: I think the idea is that you create special interfaces just for the purpose of them acting as resource libraries14:55
malthethat's it14:56
projekt01I see, sounds aceptable14:56
maltheit makes looking up applicable resources fast14:56
maltheand you have the advantage of imports, not just text-strings14:56
projekt01And I don't have to use "includes" if a skin already is inherited from such a layer, right?14:57
maltheprojekt01: yeah so the cheap version is to just always include everything, but you get the benefit of auto-merging14:58
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tarekhi all, is there a way to include a js file in a widget ? (since the widget does not have the form context)15:06
malthetarek: you'll need to either use a library like z3c.resourceinclude or include the .js manually in your <head>.15:09
* malthe ducks15:09
* afd__ notices shamless plug15:10
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tarekmalthe, thx15:11
projekt01tarke, if you use z3c.form, you can register a template for the widget, I think per context, request, view widget15:11
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tarekprojekt01, ok thx15:12
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maltheprojekt01: I added a viewlet for convenience; it keeps a one-hour cache.16:31
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projekt01malthe, sound great!16:59
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maltheprojekt01: caching saves about 50 ms, so it's substantial.17:01
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danielblackburnnoticed some weirdness with pypi, my app would not grab the latest version of a package from pypi and even said the version specified could not be found. Then I just ran an easy_install of just the package alone and magically the next time I ran buildout of the other app the package was available.17:44
agroszerhey Daniel17:44
agroszersomtimes pypi burps17:45
agroszerthat's why it's giving those false errors17:45
agroszerre-run buildout or easy_install, on a 2nd 3rd try it works again17:45
danielblackburnyeah, its seems to work now17:46
agroszerpypi is kinda overloaded17:46
danielblackburndo you know if there is a fix in the works17:46
danielblackburnyeah , I imagine17:46
agroszerno idea17:46
agroszerno idea if somebody is working on that17:47
agroszerdo you have buildout cache set up?17:48
agroszerdanielblackburn ^^17:49
danielblackburnbuildout cache?17:50
danielblackburnnot that I know of17:50
agroszermakes buildouts pretty quick17:50
danielblackburnlike -N17:51
agroszerkinda, but even for other projects, it will download and store the eggs once17:51
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danielblackburnI will have to look into that17:52
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agroszerand create a ~/.buildout/default.cfg17:53
agroszerthat completes the thing17:53
agroszeryou're welcome17:53
danielblackburnthats really cool17:54
hazmatdanielblackburn, i've had that same issue17:56
danielblackburnIts pretty annoying17:56
hazmatbasically buildout bombs finding the package, but easy_install finds it17:56
danielblackburnbut once easy_install finds it buildout finds it...17:56
hazmati found it reproducible for python-memcached17:56
hazmatyou should always use easy_install within a virtualenv17:57
hazmatimo, or a separate interpreter.. else you pollute the gobal namespace17:57
danielblackburnah, yes17:57
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instantfoohi! I want to store a bunch of (potentially thousands) intids persistently. What data types are recommended? I'm looking at IIBTree.IISet, IFBTree.IFTreeSet or something similar?23:01
instantfooi will do mostly a __contains__ and union/intersect operations on this collection23:03
srichterI think IISet is okay23:03
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