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boraxHi !01:19
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boraxI have problems with resources : I can't load resources if my layer doesn't inherit from IDefaultBrowserLayer. Any idea ?01:21
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regebroIs there a way I can set the PYTHON_EGG_CACHE directory in the buildout?12:26
regebroBecause there is some sort of combination of stupidities here, which make sthings written to the egg cache directory (hang on now) on zope *startup*.12:26
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regebroSomehwo this happens when you do "import twitter". Bizarre.12:29
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regebroIs there a way to tell buildout to always unzip?13:30
timteregebro: do you mean eggs-directory ?13:33
regebrotimte: No....13:33
timteis this a memory cache?13:33
regebroThat option is to define where eggs gets installed...13:33
regebroNo, it's the egg cache.13:34
regebroLike a local cache of eggs.13:34
regebroBut not the installed eggs.13:34
timteoh, hmm13:34
regebroIt evidently defaults to $HOME/.python-eggs13:35
afdsomething to tell buildout to unzip eggs would be beneficial to those of us running eclipse + pydev13:35
regebrotimte: But I've given up on trying to set that.13:35
regebroNow I want to know how to force an egg to be unziped.13:35
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regebroThat was SO bizzare. If you use simplejson as a zipped egg, it tries to install itself.14:06
regebroIf you unzip it, it doesn't. :-) I've emailed the author.14:06
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timtethe egg world isn't perfect yet  :)14:09
timterdflib egg is also broken14:10
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* mgedmin tries to remember how to unprovideAdapter()15:19
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maltheregebro: we set the HOME environment variable explicitly16:46
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regebromalthe: Ah, so you set HOME to /home/zope as well, when you set effective-user to zope? That makes sense.16:47
maltheregebro: I set it to the buildout dir16:48
maltheusually zope does not login16:48
regebromalthe: Aha.16:48
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regebrohow do you set it? is there a way in buildout.cfg?16:49
regebroOr in the start scripts?16:49
malthestart scripts16:49
malthebut that's theoretical16:49
maltheI just provide it on the command-line :-)16:49
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pyqwerDoes someone know how to create a view that returns an image (e.g. gif, png)?17:10
benjipyqwer: you should be able to set the content type appropriately and return the binary data from your view; you probably want to use zope.file to store the image data seperately from the metadata (so as to not pull an entire image over the wire just to look at the metadata)17:14
pyqwerbenji: Ah thanks - well, in my case, the image is dynamically generated in the view (it's a captcha) and should simply be returned.17:15
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afdpyqwer: shows how to have automatically resized images as well17:16
afdResizedImageView comes from z3c.image.proc.browser17:19
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ejucovyJ1m: hey, sorry to bug you, but i've been thoroughly stymied in my attempts to get zope svn commit access over the last few weeks20:08
J1mejucovy, did you ask for access?20:09
J1mOh yes, you did....20:11
ejucovyJ1m: yeah, i emailed you a few weeks ago and faxed that form20:11
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J1mejucovy, I see. Your's was in the same pdf as someone else.  I just set you up.20:13
ejucovy__J1m: ahh... whoops. thanks20:15
ejucovy__so i should be able to try the web form again now?20:15
J1myes, wait a few minutes to be sure.20:15
J1mThere's a weird cron thing involved. :)20:16
ejucovy__alright, thanks20:16
J1mThanks for being persistent.20:18
* J1m likes persistence20:18
* runyaga gasps20:18
runyagawho woulda thunk it? ;020:19
runyagaJ1m, you going to pycon?20:19
ejucovy__i was afraid i was just making some dumb mistake somewhere... i tried pasting my ssh keys like twelve different ways in case it was just a formatting problem20:19
J1mrunyaga, fraid not.20:19
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ejucovythere's no way to bypass that form at for getting commit access, is there?  i just can't get access and i'm afraid it's just whitespace in my pubkey now, but no matter how many ways i try i can't get it working23:42
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Theuniejucovy: humm. i always gut it working somehow23:48
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