IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2008-03-14

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goschtlhi how can i  set an input type = hidden on a widget ?          self.widgets['id'].hidden=True does not work???11:43
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goschtlgoschtl: i found it myself   self.widgets[id].type = u'hiddden'12:25
bigkevmcdpresumably with two ds rather than 3 ?12:26
goschtlbigkevmcd: yes typing error. :)12:28
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replaceafillHi everybody. Are persistent objects? Or do I have to make my own implementation of the interface?14:15
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projekt01replaceafill, class File(Persistent):14:28
projekt01replaceafill, class Image(File):14:29
replaceafillprojekt01, yeah I just noticed :D thanks14:29
replaceafillprojekt01, do you know if there's an egg for z3c.image14:30
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projekt01I guess the lovely guys didn't upload it to PyPi, ak dobee or jukart if they can upload z3c.image ot Pypi14:32
projekt01jukart, ^^^14:32
jukartreplaceafill: projekt01 the egg is on download.zope.org14:33
projekt01jukart, thanks14:34
replaceafilljukart, thanks, do u know how can i tell buildout to look eggs there?14:34
replaceafilljukart, i guess buildout looks in pypi, right?14:35
projekt01if it's in zope3.4 then you can do:14:35
projekt01index =
projekt01or adjust the url to the right place14:36
jukartreplaceafill: default is pypi, but you can set your findlinks to find-links = http://download.zope.org14:36
projekt01in the [buildout] section14:36
replaceafilljukart, projekt01 :O14:36
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jukartor something like that, we use our own mirror so I don't have the correct link14:36
replaceafilljukart, i'm using grok you know, and i wanted to use z3c.image in my package, thanks a lot14:37
replaceafilljukart, grok defaults find-links to
FFighterHow could I delete an item from a zope.formlib.form.Actions collection ?14:38
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FFighterI have tried del actions['action.update'] but it throws a  *** TypeError: object does not support item deletion14:39
replaceafillFFighter, I'm not sure but I thought actions were tuples14:39
projekt01FFighter, do you mean del self.actions[...] or del actions[...]14:40
FFighterreplaceafill, well, I think my only option would be to create a new tuple excluding the actions I don't want14:40
FFighterprojekt01, del14:40
projekt01at class or instance level?14:40
replaceafillFFighter, I'm not sure :)14:40
FFighterprojekt01, could be at instance level, maybe __init__ of the class14:41
FFighterprojekt01, I just want to get rid of the delete action for this particular form ;)14:41
projekt01actions do only after update() call exist14:41
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projekt01FFighter, I could be wrong, but take a look how the actions get setup14:42
FFighterprojekt01, anyway, I think a for loop would do, I would re-assign the actions taking actions as source and checking for the action I don't want14:43
projekt01make sure they exist, try to do that after update get called14:43
jukartreplaceafill: if you look at you will see the eggs there14:44
replaceafilljukart, :O so i just can update my file and run buildout, right?14:44
replaceafilljukart, yep, i got it!! thanks a lot14:46
replaceafilljukart, i got this running buildout "libImaging/Effects.c:210: warning: ‘perlin_init’ defined but not used"14:47
replaceafill*** JPEG support not available!! does this mean that my z3c.image cannot handle jpgs?!?!14:50
projekt01it probably means that your PIL can't handle jpeg which get used by z3c.image14:51
replaceafillprojekt01, :(14:51
projekt01are you working on windows?14:52
replaceafillnope, linux2 2.4.4 (#2, Apr  5 2007, 20:11:18) [GCC 4.1.2 20061115 (prerelease) (Debian 4.1.1-21)]14:52
jukartreplaceafill: just install the required libs for jpeg you also need the dev package for it14:54
projekt01I'm not sure, but on windows you have to help out in and adjust path to the image libs if you need to compile PIL14:54
jukartprojekt01: it's much simpler on linux as you know :)14:54
replaceafillmaybe it's libjpeg-dev14:55
jukartsounds good14:55
replaceafilljukart, do u know if it's enough just run buildout again14:56
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replaceafilli notice a change in message14:56
projekt01jukart, yeah14:56
jukartreplaceafill: just try it14:56
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replaceafillwell, rerunning buildout didn't get me any messages about pil :)14:57
jukarthmm, maybe it din't recompiled it14:57
replaceafilli guess it didnt14:58
replaceafillthe message said something about ROOT in setup.py14:58
replaceafillbut i closed the window :(14:58
projekt01jukart, probably I take a half year of from work next year and will learn vi or emacs :-)14:58
jukartprojekt01: :) take vim14:58
replaceafillhow do i "uninstall" an egg :D15:00
replaceafilli want to "reinstall" z3c.image15:00
projekt01jukart, ah right, then I only have to take off 3 month ;-)15:00
jukartreplaceafill: remove it from the buildout cache and from the eggs dir15:01
replaceafillbuildout has a cache?!?! :O15:01
jukartyou find the places in your ~/.buildout/default.cfg15:01
jukartbuildout has a download cache yes15:01
replaceafilljukart, YES! i got jpeg support this time :)15:05
replaceafilljukart, thank you very much15:05
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maltheis a non-persistent class set as an attribute on a persistent class not persisted, if the latter has _p_changed=True?15:19
jukartmalthe: the class is not persistent, but it will be pickled and stored in ZODB15:20
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jukartI mean the object will be stored15:21
malthejukart: hmm---does not seem to work for me; said non-persistent object is annotated---so I say IAnnotations(context)._p_changed = True.15:21
malthetried context._p_changed=True as well15:21
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malthehmm attribute annotations are not persistent objects15:23
maltheso it must be context._p_changed=True; strange that it doesn't work, then.15:23
jukartusually they are15:23
jukartannotations are stored in __annotations__ which is a btree15:24
maltheno they just inherit from DictMixin15:24
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maltheah gotcha; it's a proxy15:24
projekt01malthe, the IAnnotations is persitent dict, right?15:24
malthebut it keeps an internal btree15:25
malthewhich is persistent15:25
projekt01only if you use a key you will get a btree15:25
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maltheprojekt01: so it makes sense15:29
maltheI use a annotations factory15:29
malthewhich generates a key, but the annotated object is not persistent---but there must be a way.15:29
* malthe is a bit confused15:29
afd_malthe: write your own IAttributeAnnotation adapter maybe...15:30
maltheseems a bit much15:30
afd_make the object you want to add as annotation, make it persistent15:31
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projekt01yes, I often write my own object which I use in annotation and store some attrs on it15:31
projekt01you can then simply define a interface for this annotated object too15:32
projekt01and write an own adapter which hiddes the annotation magic for that interface15:32
maltheI don't want to have it inherit from Persistent15:34
maltheI want it to be part of the parent object15:34
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maltheit's a slim object, will only ever get modified with the parent anyway15:35
afd_malthe: reasign the object to the parent after changing it15:35
malthethat's probably it15:36
malthebut why isn't it being stored automatically, if I set context._p_changed = True?15:36
* malthe looks at attribute annotations again15:36
maltheright seems I have to explicitly set it15:37
maltheor use an implementation detail15:38
malthei.e. context.__annotations__._p_changed = True15:38
malthethat ought to work, but of course it's a hack of sorts15:38
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projekt01malthe, how much do you win without persistence? is it that much size or speed? I never looked at that, any idea?15:43
maltheprojekt01: I'm doing some investigations into running Zope threads that clear the object cache at every requests.15:44
malthethis makes it important to limit the number of persistent objects.15:44
projekt01I see, good point15:44
malthecurrently, vudo (the z3 cms under development) has 17 objects for a typical page.15:45
malthea large Plone site will load thousands, so they're not potential adopters of this practice.15:45
projekt01I don't understand but I see your point15:46
maltheprojekt01: the memory footprint of Zope is too large per thread.15:46
malthein an sql-world, there isn't any---it's stateless.15:46
afd_malthe: why clear the object cache?15:47
maltheI'm experimenting with doing the same on the zodb; benchmarks are promising15:47
projekt01yes it's to big, but SQL is a "no go" option ;-)15:48
malthethere's a 20% overhead on vudo---which isn't much; benefit is that there is a very small memory consumption per thread.15:48
maltheso you can spawn hundreds of threads15:48
FFighterHello, I have a viewlet inside a viewlet manager inside a form generated by formlib. The issue is that at every request, the framwork adds a hidden field for one of this viewlets' fields in a way that in every request a new hidde field is added, and it is converted to an array server side, causing a TypeError15:48
projekt01that sounds very good15:48
malthethis is important if you have plenty of CPU, and little memory15:48
FFighterDoes anyone know how could I prevent this from happening?15:48
malthethat's usually the case with Zope today.15:48
projekt01malthe, that sounds very, very, very good!15:48
bigkevmcdisn't that just going to increase disk bandwidth requirements too?15:49
maltheprojekt01: but it requires you to be careful about introducing many objects.15:49
malthebigkevmcd: no because it's stored in memory anyway15:49
malthemodern OS'es are clever about that15:49
malthebut---it takes CPU to unpickle all the time; perhaps a more specialized unpickler would be handy15:49
malthei.e. one that isn't so verbose15:49
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malthepickles could be runtime-specific etc. etc.15:50
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projekt01that sounds great, keep us informed about your progress15:50
malthek will do15:50
maltheI'm planning a serious benchmarking15:50
projekt01I think any improvment which allows better scalling with multi core CPU is what we should do in the next future15:51
maltheyes that's exactly it15:51
FFighterany hints ?15:51
malthethere's going to be a lot of CPU power15:51
maltheFFighter: sounds strange15:51
maltheformlib doesn't add any fields magically15:52
maltheso it must be in the template15:52
FFightermalthe, well, just found out that it is specific to PloneGetPaid, the BaseCheckoutForm has a method to make the hidden inputs so they get carried on by the wizard15:52
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FFighterthe point is that I don't need this feature for this POST var from the viewlet15:52
FFighterI'm thinking on a way to isolate this var15:53
FFighterfrom this engine15:53
lucielejardFFighter: ah I had the same problem15:53
projekt01malthe, nkim did some experimental process fork instead of more threads in one of our projects based on paste WSGI15:53
FFighterlucielejard, really?15:53
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FFighterlucielejard, did you manage to solve it?? :)15:53
maltheprojekt01: interesting15:53
agroszeranybody here from Gocept?15:54 is down15:54
lucielejardFFighter: let me look15:54
lucielejardFFighter: for example, for I had to override the class CheckoutAddress to be able to change the list of states available15:55
projekt01agroszer, look for Theuni15:55
zagynagios says it was  running15:55
agroszerunreachable from the net15:56
lucielejardFFighter: and in this class, I have overriden hidden_inputs15:56
FFighterlucielejard, that's no problem - overrideing. But how did you "isolated" the variables?15:56
FFighteryou checked for a prefix ?15:56
zagyagroszer: actually i get a timeout15:56
lucielejardFFighter: let me paste my code, I am not sure this will help, maybe I didn't understand right your question15:56
FFighterlucielejard, thanks15:56
agroszerzagy, yep, here too15:56
lucielejardFFighter: here we go:
FFighterlucielejard, yeah, exactly!15:57
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lucielejardFFighter: hopefully if this is not what you need, it will give you ideas15:57
FFighterlucielejard, this should solve the problem, thanks a lot!15:57
zagyagroszer: oh well, Theuni will do it I guess :)15:58
agroszerzagy, that's life15:58
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zagynagios also says it is not running :)16:04
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FFighterfolks, if I have a serie of string like "edit.130u.quantity" where 130u can be any string, what would be the regular expression syntax to match all of them (any string with edit.x.quantitiy where x can be any chars)16:11
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agroszerzagy: push the reset button :-)16:12
afd_FFighter: kde has a special editor for regular expressions, I usually open Kate, go Edit>Find, check regular expression and then hit the edit button to get into the regular expressions editor16:13
FFighterafd_ thank you16:13
FFighterI don't have kate though16:13
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agroszerafd_, FFighter: there's a regexp editor called "kiki" that comes with SPE16:16
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afd_FFighter: edit\.[\d\w]+\.quantity16:18
FFighterafd_ thanks!16:19
afd_FFighter: I've set the inner part to: repeat at least one time: one of the following characters: a word character or a digit character16:20
FFighterafd_ couldn't you have used the . for any char?16:20
afd_you could use it that way16:21
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cr3is there a connection timeout configured in Zope3?17:57
srichtercr3: I think this is a Web server feature, right?17:58
srichterso you would have to look at the web server you are using, like twisted or zope.server17:58
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mgedminconnection timeout?18:20
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projekt01cr3, I think not, at least if I pack our 12 GB ZODB which takes more then a half hour it works fine18:34
projekt01there is still response after more then a half our idle18:34
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FFighterfolks, I have a zc.table column  column.FieldEditColumn( _(u"Quantity"), 'edit', interfaces.ILineItem['quantity'], lambda item: item.item_id ). This renders a column with a edit input. I want to render something else after this input20:39
FFighterhow could I accomplish that?20:39
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mgedminsubclass FieldEditColumn?  provide a custom widget that renders "something else" after itself?20:56
srichterFFighter: write your own column based ont he FieldEditColumn20:58
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regebroThis is funny. I'm at the "State of Django"-talk.22:40
regebroIt should be called "Things Zope had ten years ago, but we finally decided we needed too". :)22:40
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regebroThey now have unicode support. And you can subclass models. And templates are auto-escaping.22:42
srichterwell, we should have handouts with Eby's preface to Philipp's book22:43
srichterregebro: ask them when they are going to integrate with CouchDB, because it has this cool feature of being schemaless22:44
*** mweichert has joined #zope3-dev22:44
regebrosrichter: Ha!22:45
regebroNo, I don't want to be cruel. My list of "What Zope did right" that my talk includes already kicks a bit on Django. ;)22:45
srichterhe he22:46
regebrosrichter: !! Somebody is working on it! :)22:52
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srichterregebro: I knew it! :-)22:52
regebroThey are going to end up rewriting Zope3.22:52
srichterregebro: sounds like it from what you are saying22:53
benjiregebro: have they mentioned a "plug in architechure" yet?  That'd be my next guess for Z3 reinvention.  We should start a betting pool. ;)22:54
srichterhe he22:54
regebrobenji: No, but you now register the Admin applications to each model, instead of having class classes.22:57
regebroStarts looking like components. ;)22:57
srichteroh man, that's unbelivable22:57
regebroIt is basically looking a bit more like Grok. :)22:58
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