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boraxI need help about using z3c.form and z3c.formui packages. How can I override "" template provided by "z3c.formui" package ?00:06
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srichterborax: what do you want to override?00:40
boraxsrichter: I'd like to modify the way a few divs are handled, for example error messages00:42
srichterborax: you can simply register your own template in your custom layer00:43
srichterborax: since your layer will be more specific than the DivFormLayer, yours will be picked up00:43
boraxsrichter: that's what I'm trying to do... But it doesn't work...!00:43
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srichterhwo does your ZCML look like?00:44
boraxsrichter: <z3c:template for="z3c.form.interfaces.IForm" template="" layer=".IMyTestLayer" />00:45
srichterah, you need to register for IInputForm00:46
srichterthe reason is in the adapter registry00:46
srichterthe original template is registered for (IInputForm, IDivFormLayer)00:47
srichteryours is registered for (IForm, IMyTestLayer)00:47
srichterIInputForm is more specific than IForm00:47
srichterso it does nto even need to discriminate against the layer00:47
boraxsrichter: IMyTestLayer is a subclass of z3c.form.interfaces.IFormLayer and z3c.pagelet.layer.IPageletBrowserLayer00:48
srichterborax: that's fine00:49
boraxsrichter: I'm also trying to use z3c.pagelet and z3c.layout...00:49
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srichterborax: your problem is the IForm declaration00:49
srichterIForm is more general than IInputForm. so the adapter specific to IInputForm wins00:49
srichterit does nto even look at the layer00:49
boraxsrichter: just tryed with <z3c.template for="z3c.form.interfaces.IInputForm"... /> It doesn't work !00:50
srichteryour form is an input form, right?00:50
boraxsrichter: my form is an edit form (derived from z3c.formui.form.EditForm)00:51
srichterthen that's ok00:52
srichterI would suggest putting a pdb into your render method00:52
srichterand check what interfaces are provided by the form and by the request00:52
srichterI would also try to register the template directly for your form class, just to make sure it should be picked up00:53
boraxsrichter: I tried to declare the template for the form class instead of the interface. It works !00:54
srichterok, so we are getting closer then00:54
boraxsrichter: so the problem is certainly in the form interfaces...00:54
srichterso now we know the registration is correct and is being picked up00:55
srichterI am very surprised that switching to IInputForm did not work00:56
srichterI am 90% sure this should have worked :-)00:57
srichterbtw, the alternative, of course, would be for your layer not to derive from DivFormLayer00:57
boraxsrichter: I just switched from IInputForm to IEditForm, and now it works...00:57
srichterI bet you that IEditForm is more specific than IInputForm00:58
srichtermmh, the more I think about it the more I believe that you simply do not want to inherit from DivFormLayer00:58
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boraxsrichter: can I think that the only benefit of inheriting from IDivFormLayer is to automatically have this div-based template, and so if my problem is to override this template it doen't make any sense to inherit from it ??01:02
srichterborax: exactly01:02
srichterborax: btw, are you Thierry?01:03
boraxsrichter: yes !01:03
srichterborax: could you answer your own zope3-users mail onc ewe are done? :-)01:03
boraxsrichter: of course ! I just tried to make my skin inherit from z3c.formui.interfaces.IFormUILayer instead if IDivFormLayer ; registering the template for IInputForm now make it work...01:05
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srichterborax: cool01:06
boraxsrichter: I think everything is OK now ; many thanks for your help, I'm going to reply to my mail :-)01:07
srichtergreat! :-)01:07
boraxMany thanks. Bye, it's time to sleep in France...01:09
srichtergood night01:10
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Theunisrichter: ping17:15
srichterTheuni: pong17:16
pcarduneTheuni: do you mind if I work on gocept.bsquare ( buildout scripts... etc?)17:23
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pcarduneTheuni: do you mind if I work on gocept.bsquare ( buildout scripts... etc?)18:31
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* mgedmin is looking for a good reference for the old ZEO bug: every object load entails a 1ms timeout, which the OS sometimes rounds up to 10ms19:51
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mgedminah, here it is:
* mgedmin is now looking for the checkin that fixed the bug19:55
mgedminZODB's HISTORY.txt doesn't mention it19:57
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afd_mgedmin: I'd be interested also in what you find, I've seen some servers that display this behaviour20:01
mgedminaha!  rev 7387120:01
afd_would this affect the zeo server or the clients?20:02
mgedmingood question20:03
mgedminI'd be happy to have this fix backported to the ZODB 3.6 branch20:03
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mgedminwhee, ZEO tests fail in that branch20:14
mgedminlooks like inconsistent svn:externals in the zope 3.2 branch20:16
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mgedminno, looks like I did an svn up somewhere where I shouldn't have done it20:17
mgedminsvn is baaaad20:17
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mgedminafd_: looks like it affects both the client and the server20:25
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mgedminhey, the fix *is* backported to the 3.6 branch20:28
mgedminhey *I* backported it *last year*20:28
mgedminin rev 7396620:28
mgedminit's just that zope 3.2 has svn:externals to an older version of the zodb 3.2 branch20:28
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mgedminTheuni: remember ?20:39
mgedminthe bug number in the commit message seems to be wrong20:39
mgedmincan you help me find the correct one>?20:39
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mgedminyay, request processing went down from 5 minutes to 17 seconds after the ZEO update21:06
afd_mgedmin: what version was ZEO?21:07
mgedminit was ZODB 3.6.021:07
mgedminnow it's ZODB 3.6.321:07
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afd_thanks :)21:07
* mgedmin updated Zope 3.2 branch in svn to pull in ZODB 3.6.3 via svn:externals21:07
Theunimgedmin: gah. sorry. no memory. :)21:18
mgedminbut there was a bug in launchpad?21:19
mgedminwas it in zodb or in zope2?21:19
mgedmin(or even in zope3)?21:19
Theuniprobably yes :)21:20
mgedmin ?21:20
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mgedminthe changelog says 113932, which is "Feisty doesn't start"21:21
mgedminlooks like this is it21:21
Theunimgedmin: sounds right21:21
Theunimgedmin: heh. i think feisty doesn't use ZODB.21:22
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* mgedmin fixes bug numbers21:25
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Theuniwow. this talk is good.21:37
Theunibrandon shows the component architecture off and i think he got the story really good.21:38
pcarduneTheuni: which talk are you in?21:39
Theunihe mainly talked about structuring your code well. he came from "how to test".21:39
Theuniwent over to the gang of four's adapter pattern, introduced the CA and mentioned grok21:40
Theunii think this was really good for general python21:40
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Theuni... was really good for advocating the CA to general python users22:21
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