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markusleistHi all, where i can find the request object in a property-method get..15:10
markusleistin Line 73:15:11
markusleistthere is my property - get15:11
benjimarkusleist: it's possible to dig the request out of the current interaction, but it's a definate code smell15:12
afd_ In case you decide to do it...15:13
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benjithat assumes the request is always the first participant in the interaction15:14
benjiI'll update that code with a more resiliant approach15:14
markusleistI'll try in pdb ...15:15
markusleistok, seems to work15:18
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benjimarkusleist: I just updated the code to be a bit less brittle, if you're interested15:20
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markusleistbenji: yes, i have a look15:21
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markusleistbenji: did you changed it in svn?15:24
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benjimarkusleist: svn?15:41
markusleistbenji: where did you changed the code ( ?15:42
benjinope; I changed the FAQ entry15:51
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markusleistbenji: sorry for my misunderstanding - bye15:53
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markusleistsolved like: (lines 68-84)16:14
markusleistthanx a lot16:14
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jayarajhi friends...need a help... i have a variable called 'obj' in viewPage class which is a BrowserPage. which renders how can i access the 'obj' inside the pt using  'tal'...  i tried "<td tal:content="obj/name">NAME</td>"... but shows error...16:20
afd_jayaraj: view/obj_name16:20
afd_but you need to set it like16:21
afd_def __call__(self):16:21
afd_    self.something = Something()16:21
afd_then you'll have it available in the template with tal:content="view/something"16:21
afd_it doesn't have to be in the __call__ also... it can be anywhere in the class, as long as you're calling that method when you're publishing the view16:22
afd_or you can have the object as a property16:22
afd_class MyView(object):16:22
afd_    @property16:22
afd_    def something(self):16:22
afd_        return Something()16:22
jayarajafd_ wot does Something() stands for16:23
afd_it stands for something :)16:23
afd_something which you may replace with whatever you need16:23
afd_there's nothing magical about the example I gave you16:23
afd_just apply your python knowledge16:23
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jayarajafd_ got it thanks16:36
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edgordonanyone have any recommendations on hosting solutions for z3 sites? I would prefer some sort of Debian virtual machine if it is possible. Doesn't have to do any software install or anything, just friendly to me building, installing my own python/zope17:34
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benjiedgordon: I have a small VM that works pretty well; it's $20 a month17:44
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pcarduneTheuni: ayt?17:59
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kobolddoes anybody know where I can download the theme used for
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Theunipcardune: here19:33
pcarduneTheuni: I'm going to try and get gocept.bsquare working19:33
Theunisure, anything you need?19:33
pcardunewell, i was wondering what if any dependencies there were19:34
pcarduneor what your guy's looked like?19:34
Theunididn't the readme mention that?19:34
Theuniit's really just buildbot you need (something current_19:35
pcarduneTheuni: the README mentions "python install"... but there was not in the repository19:35
Theunioh, interesting.19:35
Theunii forgot about that19:35
Theuniyou could add a standard if you want19:36
Theunimy setup for is still a bit more ad-hoc than i wanted19:36
pcarduneTheuni: it also didn't mention needing project-list.cfg19:36
Theuniyou have to run the cronjob script one time19:36
Theunithat's the thing that produces the project-list.cfg19:36
pcarduneooh, ok19:36
TheuniI'd be happy if you update the README with your experiences.19:37
TheuniYour setup is the first "clean install"/19:37
pcarduneI will certainly do that19:37
TheuniMy version has been around for a while and I didn't test that READme manually myself19:37
pcarduneTheuni: and what about doing svn authentication (which we obviously don't need for zope repo)19:37
pcarduneactually, i mean http auth19:38
Theuniyou might want to secure your buildout and store the credentials on its disk19:38
Theunithen subversion can do its thing19:38
* benji is glad to see that he's not the only one that gets tongue-tied with "buildbot" and "buildout".19:42
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smgood mornin19:50
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smI wonder what is the easiest way to (a) add some text and (b) customize the size of list widgets on a schema-generated form ?19:55
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pcarduneTheuni: can I see your master.cfg for
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pcarduneTheuni: thanks20:03
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pcarduneTheuni: I'm getting a strange error now.  It seems like the botmaster is not getting set for the slave I created.  Do you think I might be missing something in the master.cfg file?20:36
smrelated question: what's the approximate status of formlib vs. z3c.form ? is the latter well-regarded ?20:43
pcardunesm: it is by me :)20:45
smgood to know pcardune. It sounds like it makes it easier to customize forms20:46
smand otherwise is basically a similar concept20:46
pcarduneyeah, if you already have experience with formlib, there isn't a ginormous conceptual gap between the two20:47
pcarduneit just makes things more pluggable all around, and uses standard zope naming conventions (just camelCase and no underscores)20:48
pcarduneand also makes creating widgets slightly less frightening (but only slightly in my opinion)20:48
* sm wants a list widget with more than 5 lines20:49
pcardunesm: for that you don't even need to make you own, just extend the updateWidgets method in your form20:50
smpcardune: that's with z3c.form, right ?20:51
pcardunesm: right20:51
smok, thanks for the pointer!20:52
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Theunipcardune: hard to tell21:02
pcarduneTheuni: I just found the problem (something else I did by accident)21:03
pcarduneTheuni: so it seems like you are required to have a local build slave?21:03
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Theunipcardune: doesn't have to be local21:03
Theunibut you need a build slave21:03
Theunithe buildbot master only provides the coordination stuff21:03
Theunithe build slaves to the actual work21:03
Theuniyou can install them side-by-side though21:03
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pcarduneTheuni: well I had setup another buildslave, not named "local"  and it kept looking for one named "local"  I don't know how that got in there21:04
pcarduneTheuni: so I change my slave to be called "local" which allowed the master to start up... Not I'm just working on getting the slave to connect to the master.21:05
pcarduneTheuni: strange, it seems like both slave and master are running, but the master doesn't see the slave21:21
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