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goschtlsrichter: i donĀ“t check how can i18n a vocabulary.csv with z3c.csvvocabulary? can you help me?16:01
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J1msrichter, ayt?17:06
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smcould someone give a little insight on how zope.formlib.namedtemplate works ?21:04
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smin the doctest, __call__ = NamedTemplate('sample') <- how is this locating the sample ViewPageTemplateFile ?21:05
sm <- doctest21:06
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smsure I can study the code, but it is bending my mind..21:13
smah. progress :)21:14
smit just saves the name and looks up the template when called21:14
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J1msm, there is a doctest for named templates that tries to explain them.21:49
J1mtemplates suck21:49
smthanks J1m, I was trying to understand how that worked. I figured out enough21:50
smand I see Five (which I'm using) doesn't use them anyway21:50
J1mI noticed.  I didn't notice that you were trying until just now.21:50
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smwhen you say templates suck..  :) you mean everything should be generated programmatically ?21:51
J1mI guess I mean html sucks. :)21:51
J1mhtml is the root of all templates.21:51
J1mtemplates are a necessary pita.21:51
J1mBut now with modern js libraries, like Ext, layout for lots of things can be handled at a much higher level.21:52
J1mso for a lot of things I'm doing atm, I have very little need for templates because I'm doing very little html generations.21:52
smwith current clients, I definitely seem to need them as a way to let site designers get involved21:53
J1mThis sounds a little like: I have to use a buggy cause that's the only way I can get the blacksmiths involved. ;)21:54
benji_If the blacksmiths' boss pays your bills, I can imagine being motivated to keep the blacksmiths involved ;)21:55
smI hear you :) not quite on the bandwagon 100% though21:55
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J1mbenji, that's the spirit!21:55
smI have started using the CA for real (yay!). The new way isn't natural for my brain just yet21:58
smthanks for all the doctests. I just recently understood how much stuff is in the api docs browser21:58
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smit would be neat if the sequence of the "book" could be a bit more linear21:59
J1mwhich book?22:00
d2mits just the packages doctests22:00
smright.. it's linked as Book22:00
J1mwhat some people do is provide a top-level document that acts as a TOC. We're too lazy/time-challenged to do that everywhere and I doubt that apidoc is aware of that.  It would be nice if it was.22:01
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Theunijodok: ping22:07
jodokhi Theuni22:07
Theunijodok: your mail server is broken22:07
jodoksure Theuni? why do you think so?22:07
TheuniDiagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; host[] said: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using; was shut down on December 18, 2006. Please remove22:07
jodokTheuni: you mean it is blocking you because of an outdated spam config?22:08
Theunime and faassen22:08
jodoko.k., will report it. thanks22:08
jodokyou can use batlogg@gmail as well22:09
Theuniwhat i really wanted to know: could you give me an update on the freenode group contacts?22:09
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