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jayarajcan anybody tell me some resources to learn about the zope.cong format and syntax, especially <zodb>10:34
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pyqwersrichter: ping10:48
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jayarajhi friends, can any one point me where i can get zope.conf complete syntax. or just the <zodb> syntax11:19
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baijumjayaraj, look at schema/schema.xml inside egg11:49
jayarajbaijum, thanks ... lte me see...11:51
baijumjayaraj, I can see some other schemas by searching inside my egg directory : find /home/baiju/eggs/ -name schema.xml11:51
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jayarajbaijum, so the configuration is spread across the source archive... and i got what i was looking for from ...../ZODB/component.zcml. i mean about details about <zodb>. :)12:14
jayarajsorry, component.xml12:15
baijumjayaraj, ah. ok, may be you can add this info to FAQ:
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* baijum just added that question to FAQ12:28
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pyqwerHi, I added a feature to the i18n.translationdomain translate() function, now it would be nice if someone could have a quick look and check it into the Zope3 SVN. Who is authorized to do such a thing?13:08
philiKON_i suggest you file an issue on launchpad13:09
philiKON_and attach the patch13:09
philiKON_then you bring up the question on zope-dev@zope.org13:09
philiKON_this is what the mailinglist is for :)13:09
pyqwerOk, good idea.13:09
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pyqwerphiliKON_: With "issue", you mean a bug report?13:12
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philiKON_pyqwer: can't you attach a unified diff?13:32
philiKON_in other words, the output of the 'svn diff' command13:32
philiKON_that is much clearer than some comments in a piece of source code13:32
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pyqwerphiliKON_: Ah, ok, I have the zope3 source only as tarball here, which do I need to checkout? Zope3/trunk ?13:37
philiKON_no, zope.i18n13:37
philiKON_even when you have the tarball you can make diffs13:38
pyqwerAh, ok. ;-)13:38
philiKON_using the diff command13:38
pyqwerYes, but they may not be up to date.13:38
philiKON_also, you should have written tests13:38
philiKON_and you want to  make sure your additions don't break existing tests13:38
philiKON_so you will definitely need to check out zope.i18n13:38
pyqwerphiliKON_: Right.13:38
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pyqwerphiliKON_: Hmmm, Is there a way to run all tests? I can do something like "python24" but it seems I can't run all tests at once?13:42
philiKON_we don't really call individual test modules13:43
philiKON_we use the test runner to run all tests of a package13:43
philiKON_every package (like zope.i18n) is a buildout nowadays13:43
philiKON_so what you do is:13:43
philiKON_python bootstrap.py13:43
philiKON_and then13:43
pyqwerAh, ok, that works.13:45
pyqwerSo I'll include my code, write some test and if it works, post the diffs, right?13:45
pyqwerphiliKON_: And if the tests succeed, I can be relatively sure that my code will not break other code.13:46
philiKON_one diff, btw13:46
philiKON_there should only be one diff13:46
pyqwerphiliKON_: And the second for the test?13:46
philiKON_svn diff > mygreatfeature.diff13:46
pyqwerAh, ok, not file-wise, but package-wise.13:46
philiKON_diffs can contain changes for several files13:46
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pyqwerphiliKON_: Ok, that should do it: - Thanks for help!14:05
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philiKON_pyqwer: the diff for the test looks weird14:06
philiKON_you added a testMessageIDRecursiveTranslate method14:07
philiKON_but the tests you added are part of testMessageIDTranslate14:07
philiKON_looks like the names of the methods should be swapped14:07
philiKON_and while we're at it (sorry for being so perfectionist):14:08
pyqwerOh my, you are right.14:08
philiKON_style: the indentation in the test module is not quite right14:08
philiKON_when you wrap lines, the "mapping=..." should be indented another space14:08
pyqwerWhy so? Emacs did that for me.14:08
philiKON_that's weird14:09
pyqwerAh, sorry, forgot to press "tab".14:09
philiKON_moving on to   ;)14:09
philiKON_the isinstance check...14:09
philiKON_i think you want to make sure th at mapping isn't None, right?14:09
pyqwerYes, because otherwise it will fail.14:10
philiKON_so i suggest writing it like that14:10
philiKON_if mapping is not None: ...14:10
philiKON_it's not 100% necessary for mapping to be a dict14:10
philiKON_it could be dict-like14:10
pyqwerHmmm, but can I be sure that mapping is only None or dict?14:11
philiKON_for all we care14:11
philiKON_well, it it's not None and it's not dict-like, somebody's using it incorrectly14:11
philiKON_now, i just realized14:11
philiKON_modifying the mapping isn't a good idea14:11
philiKON_we don't "own" the mapping14:11
philiKON_we can't change it14:11
philiKON_well, we mustn't actually14:12
philiKON_i think it should do  mapping = mapping.copy()  after the if14:12
pyqwerHmmm, I can't really follow you here.14:12
philiKON_i'll explalin14:12
philiKON_let's say you compose a msg id14:12
philiKON_msg = _('Message', mapping={...})14:13
philiKON_now, the mapping is a dictionary object14:13
philiKON_now we do14:13
philiKON_currently your code will *change*  msg.mapping14:13
philiKON_if will modify the dict14:14
pyqwerAh, ok, I see it now.14:14
philiKON_by doing  mapping[key] = ...14:14
philiKON_it shouldn't do that14:14
pyqwerYes, so we should do a copy() then.14:14
philiKON_therefore, i suggest doing a copy before14:14
philiKON_i also suggest writing a test for this14:14
philiKON_perhaps write the test first14:14
philiKON_and see that it actually fails14:14
philiKON_then add the copy :)14:14
pyqwerSo, something that proves that the tanslate() function will never change the mapping?14:15
philiKON_basically, you  have a msg with a mapping with messages14:15
philiKON_and you pass those to translate14:15
philiKON_and make sure the mapping is unchanged14:15
projekt01dobee, ayt?14:17
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dobeeprojekt01: jep, hi projekt0114:18
projekt01dobee, are you using more then one skins in a projects?14:18
dobeeprojekt01: yes14:18
projekt01and are you using the defaultSkin directive?14:18
projekt01in this projects?14:19
projekt01I guess there is a security problem14:19
dobeewe always use the namespace14:19
projekt01yes, this forces to apply the IDefaultBrowserLayer in any case14:19
projekt01as first interface14:20
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projekt01that's very bad14:20
dobeewow, yes thats indeed a big security problem14:20
projekt01I guess we should add a layer attribute to the defautlSkin directive14:20
projekt01then you could say defaultskin for my layer14:20
projekt01the defaultSkin should return a skin type if you have more then one skin, e.g. for each layer there could be a skin14:21
projekt01dobee, can you agree that?14:21
dobeeprojekt01: i guess i miss something14:21
projekt01it's a kind of default skin for your special IXYRequest(Layer)14:22
dobeehow is the layer choosen14:22
projekt01skin = adapters.lookup((providedBy(request),), IDefaultSkin, '')14:22
projekt01    if skin is not None:14:22
projekt01        directlyProvides(request, skin)14:22
projekt01    else:14:22
projekt01        directlyProvides(request, IDefaultBrowserLayer)14:22
projekt01in zope.publisher.brosser14:22
projekt01in zope.publisher.browser14:22
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projekt01it will apply the IDefaultBrowserLayer at any time if the server setup doesn't provide a defaultSkin14:23
projekt01additional to your own layers14:23
projekt01we could avoid this by allow to define a defaultSkin for each request (layer)14:24
dobeewhen is setDefaultSkin called?14:24
projekt01in applySkin14:25
projekt01applySkin is only called in skin namespace14:27
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projekt01applySkin should not be a problem, thats explicit14:28
projekt01but the setDefaultSkin in HTTPPublicationRequestFactory could be the problem14:29
projekt01        if IBrowserRequest.providedBy(request):14:29
projekt01            # only browser requests have skins14:29
projekt01            setDefaultSkin(request)14:29
projekt01dobee, what I know right now is that I don't use the IDefaultBrowserLayer in any of my layers, but I get that layer if I don't set defaultSkin14:30
dobeeprojekt01: you could register a marker skin interface on which no views are registered as default skin to circumvent this14:31
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projekt01Yes, or I could regster a simple adapter and register my two skins as IDefaultSkin for my requests wihtout using the defaultSkin directive14:32
projekt01I will take a closer look at that problem later, but it smells to me that we should support a layer or type argument for the defaultSkin directive14:33
dobeehm, the problem is, that if you use the directive you register a default skin already14:33
dobeeso the problem is no problem anymore14:34
dobeeprojekt01: for me it is ok this way14:34
projekt01yes, that's true14:34
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projekt01it's just a question of how we can make it more explicit, the default apply of the IDefaultBrowserLayer part is very bad14:35
dobeeprojekt01: i think the big problem is that there is pretty much everything registered on this default layer14:35
dobeemaybe a maker base layer should be used14:36
projekt01yes, that's the reason I neer used that layer14:36
projekt01dobee, btw, take a look at the new ZAM packages14:36
dobeeok projekt01 i'll have a look14:37
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pyqwerphiliKON_: Ok, lunch is over, the new diff is there:
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regebroAnybody used lovely.tag?16:16
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afd_regebro: I have some experience with it, but the lovely guys know a lot more for sure16:17
regebroafd_: Do you know how to use it so tags are persistent?16:17
afd_aren't they?16:18
regebroafd_: I'm sure they are, if you do it the right way. But I don't know what the right way is.16:18
regebroBasically, the docs does not tell you how to make a persistent tagging engine.16:18
afd_regebro: the TaggingEngine class inherits from Persistent16:19
afd_just add the tagging engine in the site manager and register it for ITaggingEngine16:19
regebroafd_: Hmmm. OK, I think I might understand what you mean.16:20
afd_a complete recipe would be like this: create a persistent TaggingEngine and register it as unnamed utility for ITaggingEngine16:21
afd_implement ITaggable for your objects16:21
regebroYeah, and my question is "how do you create a persistent TaggingEngine". :)16:22
regebroThe docs doesn't contain that info, namely. :)16:22
afd_something along site.getSiteManager()['default']['tagging_engine'] = TaggingEngine()16:22
regebroAha. I'll try that.16:23
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afd_sm.registerUtility(tag_engine_obj, ITaggingEngine)16:24
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regebroafd_: OK, thanks, turns out it won't work under Zope 2.10. :-/ It installs more or less all of zope 3.16:27
regebroWe'll have to find another tagging engine. Or more likely: Write one ourselves.16:27
afd_regebro: I think it should work...16:27
afd_I vaguely remember someone using it under plone16:27
timteregebro: isn't p4a using lovely.tag?16:28
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regebrotimte: They are? <checking>16:28
timteregebro:, and p4a.plonetagging is using it16:29
afd_regebro: one warning, based on my experience with it. The tag cloud generation is very expensive with lots of users/tags, you should cache those views16:30
regebrop4a.plonetagging! Aha!16:30
regebroafd_: Thanks for the hint.16:30
maltheregebro: fakezope2eggs16:33
regebromalthe: Uhu, clever.16:35
maltheit's really clever; I forget who did it16:35
regebromalthe: Yeah, but it doesn't want to work. having lovely.tag in the buildout still starts sucking in all of Zope3.16:45
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regebroI also tries the nonrelease eggs thingy p4a.buildout does. Same thing....16:45
maltheregebro: did you say "additional-eggs ZODB3"?16:45
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malthewhat dependency is causing buildout pulling in the eggs?16:46
regebromalthe: That solved it. Although I did get a version conflict. Looking into that.16:46
regebroNo, I still get some eggs installed...16:47
regebroThat shouldn't be there.16:47
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regebromalthe: Nope, whatever we try, including how the p4a.buildout does it, it just plain refuses to work. I don't get it.17:21
maltheregebro: weird17:22
maltheit *does* work17:22
maltheare you sure the fake zope eggs kick in?17:23
regebroIf I don't include lovely.tag as an egg, p4a.plonetaggings configure.zcml fails, because it can't find lovely.tag.17:23
regebroIf I do include lovely.tag, I get a version conflict on zope.i18nmessageid (I think).17:23
malthedo they peg to some version?17:24
regebroWell, one of the versions I get a conflict with is "0.0", so I don't think so.17:24
jfrocheregebro hello, fakezope2eggs doesnt support egg version assignation17:25
maltheah interesting17:25
jfrochei will move the code on svn & fix this17:26
regebrojfroche: Funnily enough, I  even got it with the p4a.buildout way of handling it, so there is something else weird going on.17:26
regebroTh ep4a.buildout uses a branch of lovely.tag, that should work on z3.2...17:27
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