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jayarajhi, as we know zope automaticaly opens a connection to the default database storage during the startup startup, how can i access this connection. my purpose is to use it for opening another database connection using it.12:29
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jayaraji mean i have multiple .fs files to switch betwean12:30
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tfloracIs there any feedback about using Zope3 with IronPython (actually under Linux for me) ?? Thanks for any info...13:44
afd_tflorac: wouldn't it be hard to achieve? some of the zope packages contain C compiled code...13:46
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malthehow would one use the Python-based security implementation in a wsgi-app?13:58
jayarajafd_ , any idea about how to get the default db connection object13:59
malthejayaraj: IConnection(obj)?14:01
jayaraji dont know may be14:03
jayarajplz look at my query few lines above14:03
jayarajconnection.get_connection('name') this is user to get new connection to another db .. but it needs the existing connection14:05
jayarajand wots 'obj' there14:06
malthea zodb obj14:07
jayarajlet me see14:08
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jayarajmalthe, thats right. its there in in ..../ZODB  in side the zope source archive14:18
maltheIf a principal has groups ['zope.Everybody', 'zope.Authenticated'], and a checkPermission for the authenticated-group yield True, why is it no so with the principal?14:32
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jayarajmalthe, i think even if a principal belong to a role group, its not neccessary that it has inherit the grants of the group.14:51
malthemust be in the default policy14:51
jayarajby default it does not inherit .. i am not sure about this.14:52
malthewhat's the point of being in a group then?14:53
jayarajyea its the questin... i am asking my self... they say the inheriting is done according to the security policy14:54
jayarajbtw zope.Everybody and zope.Authenticated are roles not group15:05
jayarajmalthe ^15:07
malthereally? hmm15:07
malthethey're also in principal.groups15:08
jayarajgroup is a kind of principal !15:08
malthesure is15:08
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jayarajmalthe, sorry they are principal groups.. itself.. my mistake!15:23
afd_jayaraj: why would you want to do that? (switch db in the connection)15:23
afd_or maybe I'm missunderstanding?15:24
malthejayaraj: np thanks15:24
jayarajafd_ its coz i am using zeo and i have to connect to two zeo servers...15:25
jayarajone .fs will be in one zeo server and the another .fs in the other...15:26
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jayarajzope instance gets connected to the first .fs automaticaly. i know that.15:26
afd_I don't understand your requirements, but I'd advice against it. Even if you could make zope to dispatch objects between the multiple connections, how would you make sure that no object in a db references another one from a different connection?15:27
afd_just run two zopes, each with its connection15:27
jayarajits neccessary for me..coz i will be having a very huge DB15:28
afd_jayaraj: I think what you need is called "mount points"15:28
afd_you can mount a database so that it will appear as an object in another database15:29
jayarajthen tell me about it... i have seen such a term but i thought its obselete and belongs to zope215:29
benjijayaraj: define "a very huge DB"15:30
jayarajit means i will be having a very big database thats all15:30
jayarajalso with heavy data traffic15:31
benjiok, let me try again; how big is "huge", in gigabytes15:32
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jayarajall i can say that it will grow bigger may be 500GB15:36
jayarajmore than the size the traffic is that matters15:36
benjiI suggest using a single DB for the begining; it'll work well at least until 200GB (that's as large a DB as I've had personal experience with)15:37
benjias for traffic, what read/write mix do you expect?15:37
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jayaraji am still in its prototyping stage.... i expect a heavy traffic... all i am here is to do a flexible scalable system...15:40
benjigood luck15:41
jayarajthank you :)15:43
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FFighterI have noted that some parts (messages) of the zope.formlib package aren't translated to my locale (pt_br). What should I do? Just modify the po file?16:49
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benjiFFighter: there is some form of official translation project, but being a sucky mono-linguist, I don't know anything about it17:02
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FFighterbenji, thanks17:08
mgedminthe pt_br .po file should have a contact email in it17:08
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instantfooregebro: ping?18:10
regebroinstantfoo: pong18:12
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benjiregebro: pung!18:14
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regebrobenji: Why are you being rude to me?18:14
benjiit looked like a fun game; now someone can join with "pang" ;)18:15
regebrobenji: That's no excuse of being rude in Swedish! :)18:16
jayarajbenji: peng :)18:16
regebrojayaraj: That means coin, so that's much better. :)18:16
benjiooh, jayaraj went straight for the peng; well played my good man18:16
jayarajpeng=coin .... in which language?18:17
regebroand pung....18:18
benji...a pouch in marsupials where it rears its young infants during early infancy18:19
benji(among others) ;)18:19
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instantfoooh hi regebro18:20
instantfooi just answer your mail on the gsoc discussion18:20
instantfooI will be on again this evening, maybe we could discuss further on here?18:20
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instantfooafk now!18:21
regebroI'm going to be busy tonight...18:21
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regebroinstantfoo: and probably off line. But maybe tomorrow?18:22
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instantfoooo, i got 5 more minutes on18:24
instantfooregebro: I'll be on around 10-1418:25
regebroOK, that should be fine.18:25
instantfootomorrow torsdag :D18:25
instantfooyou're swedish right?18:25
regebroinstantfoo: Yup18:25
instantfoook, really afk now18:26
regebroOK, see ya18:26
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mcdonccan anybody share some code that constructs a subobject as a result of a formlib+schema add form?20:09
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fairwindshi. wondered what folks are using for json uploads for z3. Rogers new jsonrpc is not yet equipped this way.20:34
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