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runyaga__sm, ?00:52
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quodthey Theuni_ , i'll point you again to the (probably fixed) bug about the zeo cache.
quodtas far as i know was the bug fixed but not released11:32
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quodtdo you know when the fix will be released?11:33
quodtTheuni_: ^11:33
Theuni_quodt: i couldn't tell whether it was fixed11:34
Theuni_which checkin claims to fix it?11:35
quodtTheuni_: one sec11:35
quodtTheuni_: i guess in 8289511:36
quodtthis is the diff
Theuni_uh oh11:38
Theuni_that sounds familiar11:38
Theuni_I wouldn't think that this would fix that bug11:38
Theuni_I would think thats unrelated.11:38
Theuni_The error in the bug is about the tempdir getting full.11:40
Theuni_But now that you mention that. This is interesting.11:40
Theuni_Because a full tempdir shouldn't affect the cache.11:40
Theuni_Because the size of the cache is fixed and allocated at the time of opening the file.11:40
quodthmm, a full tempdir could cause my problem11:42
quodtjodok has postet a comment on launchpad11:42
quodti very hard to reproduze that error11:43
Theuni_How would a full tempdir cause the problem reported in that bug?11:49
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baijumJ1m, do you have plan to release those zc.extjs & zc.extjsresource packages under LGPL ?15:46
J1mbaijum, ext is a dead end.15:47
* J1m should have run away from the wonky license at the beginning15:48
* baijum once recommended this package to his boss once mentioning that Jim Fulton like I have to tell this story also :(15:50
J1mIt is good technology.15:51
J1mTheir commercial license is an opeion for some folks.15:51
philiKONwhat are you guys using now, J1m?15:51
J1mBut we can't release what we've built with it without violating their intent and possibly their license, which really sucks.15:52
philiKONi see, so you're just using it internally then15:53
J1mYes, for now.15:53
J1mI think we're going to take another look at YUI.15:54
baijumJ1m, but any problem to release that code under LGPL itself ?15:54
philiKONi've heard good stuff about YUI15:54
baijum(without committing
J1mDing so would violate either their license or their intent.15:54
J1mDoing so would violate either their license or their intent.15:55
J1mSome argue that their license is broken and doesn't reflect their intent.15:55
J1mI expect theim to fix their license to make sure it is restrictive as they intend.15:55
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philiKONit's hard to see what their intent is, other than reading the license15:57
philiKONto me, it looks like they simply want you to follow the LGPL rules15:57
philiKONin particular Section 4, Combined Works15:58
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J1mTheir position is that you can't use their open-source license unless you meat one of 3 conditions:15:58
J1mAn open source project that precludes using non-open source software15:59
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J1mwe don't satisfy that because we don't preclude using non-open-source sw. IOW, we don't satisfy because we aren't GPL.16:00
J1m2. Use Ext in a personal, educational or non-profit manner16:00
J1mMany zope users, like us, don;t satisfy this.16:00
J1m3. Use Ext in any application (including commercial) that is not a software development library or toolkit16:00
J1mIronically, ZC's commercial applications satisfy this, but anything released to the repo wouldn't.16:01
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zagy_how ironic16:02
philiKONJ1m: right16:02
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J1mwhen I first started using and promoting ext, I hadn't fully appreciated the word "preclude" in the first case. :(16:02
J1mBad bad bad me.16:02
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philiKONso basically, their intent is that if you're open source, you mustn't allow non-open-source code to be executed with it?16:03
J1mIANAL and open-source license that are the least bit tricky should always be avoided.16:03
J1mBasically, their intend is that if you are open source, you must be GPL.16:04
philiKONbut they don't write that16:04
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J1mwhat they write is extremely confusing, which is why I should have run away form their license right away.16:05
philiKONi see16:05
J1mas many others have wisely done16:05
philiKONwell, as said, ive heard good things about YUI16:05
J1mas I thought of doing.16:05
* MattBowen|work asks that people don't forget dojo, then quiets right back down16:07
philiKONtried dojo once. it's a beast16:07
zagythe dojofoolkit?16:07
MattBowen|workphiliKON: how long ago, though?16:07
philiKON2 years16:07
MattBowen|workphiliKON: they rewrote it to be much simpler and more manageable.16:08
MattBowen|workthey agreed it was a beast :)16:08
philiKONhmm, ok16:09
MattBowen|workat least worth looking at a second time, if you can get the bad taste of the huge monolithic old version out of your mouth16:09
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ktwilight_jquery is another that one should seriously look at16:19
philiKONnot really in the same league16:20
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baijumIt looks like there is news about it already : (ExtJS: When open source is not open at all)16:29
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pyqwerJ1m: Hi, I somehow implemented this ++session++ - thing, however, I have 2 problem: First, for the URL rewriting, the ++vh++ is messing things up. Do you know some way to avoid this?21:12
J1mNot off hand, although I'm sure there is a way. :)21:13
pyqwerThe second thing is that a "raise Redirect(newurl)" simply raises the error, so it's not catched.21:14
J1mMaybe someone here who has more recent knowldge of the namespace machinery would have some suggestions.21:14
pyqwerJ1m: Who would that be?21:14
philiKONpyqwer: Redirect is caught by the publisher21:14
pyqwerNo, it's not. It leads to a server error and I see the exception in the traceback.21:14
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philiKONweird. well it *should* be caught by the publisher ;)21:17
pyqwerWell, it looks like this here:21:17
pyqwer  File "/home/dusty/prog/zope3-inst/lib/python/zfym_tennis/", line 59, in getClientId21:18
pyqwer    raise Redirect(newpath)21:18
pyqwerRedirect: Location: /++session++7TAGr3HqpwSTAHbu1jNWBpoKCBk2ih53WkWOzqppPxRpEik204cTWs/FYMSite/@@/fymskin_mobile_lib/zfym_tennis_mobile.css21:18
pyqwerphiliKON: Maybe this is due to the z3c.pagelet?21:18
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pyqwerphiliKON: I think I found the reason: I am in, line 130. There the exception happens, and it seems it's not caught at this place.21:39
pyqwerThe problem is that the code is so complicated and nested that I don't get it.21:39
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