IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2008-04-17

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smthis is frustrating. I have been trying hard to figure out how to make a custom formlib widget, and failing04:33
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smform_fields['name'].custom_widget = CustomWidgetFactory(SequenceWidget) works. The same with MultiSelectWidget fails. The field is a Set of Choices04:36
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smMultiSelectSetWidget is what I'm using, actually04:39
smCustomWidgetFactory.__call__ seems to select the wrong arguments for this widget.04:41
smI'm not sure what else someone could do to learn how to use this stuff. Ideas welcome !04:42
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MattBowensm: i know philiKON's book has some pages on custom widgets, for what it's worth04:45
MattBowen(his book being worth a lot, my comment being of questionable value :) )04:46
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danielblackburn_z3c.form may have some solutions for you as well sm04:46
* MattBowen has been using z3c.form for a little while and really enjoying it04:47
smthanks. MattBowen that's section 7.4 I think.. I'll re-read it. I have the first edition here alas04:48
smI may have to try z3c.form, I was hoping to be able to use the standard sw and not add another unknown to this already complex task04:49
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MattBowensm: understood there :) thankfully, there's a really nice Z3C form tutorial now at least; it makes it much less ... difficult to get started... and gets you neat things like pagelets to boot04:49
smI'm doing this on personal time now, client's funding and patience ran out04:50
danielblackburn_take a look at the .txt files for z3c.form they seem to be rather thorough04:51
MattBowenall my zope 3 work is personal time, currently...04:51
danielblackburn_that makes it more fun though ;)04:51
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MattBowendanielblackburn_: the trick for me was unfortunately figuring out what other packages and ZCML includes I needed, then how to setup my pagelet -- I <3 doctests, but they never cover the ZCML that ends up messing me up me at first04:52
smI am close to telling them "I can't do this for you". Which are words I do not like to utter :)04:52
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MattBowensm: did I see that you were cleaning up the wiki a bit?04:53
danielblackburn_MattBowen: that is a common issue I have with the doctests as well, they cover the python side but not the implementation04:53
smMattBowen: yes indeed, quite a bit04:53
smfeedback and help is very welcome04:53
danielblackburn_sm == simon >04:53
* sm <- simon04:54
danielblackburn_ah, very busy,04:54
hazmatsm, i typically use ordered multi select widgets04:54
hazmatsm, i've got a few examples in plonegetpaid.. i can direct you to if.. if thats helpful.04:54
MattBowensm: this isn't terribly useful feedback, but i did notice that things felt better organized and tended as I was browsing today and thought "someone must be cleaning this up; it's feeling a lot more useful"04:55
smhazmat: thanks, yes please04:56
smMattBowen: you noticed the front page had changed ?04:56
hazmatsm, can you make the set, a list instead?04:56
hazmatand are you in z3 or z2?04:57
smumm.. I can try, I think it will be semantically wrong04:57
smI'm in z2 & plone04:57
MattBowensm: yeah -- I came in through google, ended up on the front page, and was like, "this seems way more relevant and up-to-date than it was last month"04:57
smthx hazmat04:57
* MattBowen used hazmat's workflow versions utility from getpaid in a pure zope 3 project just last night... thank goodness for public repositories 04:58
hazmatsm we do alot of select/multiselects against list fields..  SelectWidgetFactory04:58
smMattBowen: but you didn't see any of my discussion/announcements ? as a wiki subscriber, or on the zope-dev list, or here ?04:58
hazmatMattBowen, its packaged up as ore.workflow and available from pypi now04:58
MattBowenhazmat: oh, sweet. i should just include it then. Thanks :)04:58
MattBowensm: i really just started paying attention seriously again really recently.04:59
MattBowensm: I hadn't had an excuse to use any pure zope 3 stuff until about two weeks ago04:59
smno problem.. just exploring our communication processes05:00
MattBowensm: i'm not a good example there, at least not currently :) hopefully in the future05:01
hazmatsm, actual usage of the select widget factory is just setting used via setting custom_widget on the form_fields['field_name']05:01
smI see hazmat.. this is quite helpful, thanks05:03
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goschtlHi i want set a *persistent* utility programmatic with provideUtility(self, IStormContainer, name). This works in my functional tests. But with provideUtility the utility is set to the GlobalSiteManager which is bad because it´s not persistent. How can i set the utility persistent?10:50
goschtlI have experiementet with getSiteManager(self) to get a local site-manager but in my tests i get these error: (Pdb) getSiteManager(self)10:52
goschtl*** ComponentLookupError: ('Could not adapt', <nva.stormcontainer.container.StormContainer object at 0xb774618c>, <InterfaceClass zope.component.interfaces.IComponentLookup>)10:52
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__mac__goschtl: is your friend11:14
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goschtl__mac__: i will look11:18
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zagygoschtl: actually using a generation is much better11:56
__mac__I actually ment ensureUtility inside a generation :)11:58
zagyeh? hum no. you  should explicitly add the utility to a container of your choice and tell the site_manager via provideUtility that it is a utility12:02
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__mac__okay, ensureUtility was the zope 3.2 way12:06
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jayaraj__mac__ how about registerUtility?12:54
__mac__jayaraj: an idea, too, but zagy told how to do it in zope 3.412:56
jayarajic brand new way!12:56
zagy    utility = factory()12:56
zagy    container[name] = utility12:56
zagy    site_manager = zope.component.getSiteManager()12:56
zagy    site_manager.registerUtility(utility, interface, name=utility_name)12:56
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jayarajthats the way i too mean zagy!12:57
goschtlzagy: do i get with zope.component.getSiteManager() always the "GlobalSiteManager" or maybe a "LocalSiteManger" too. Whats the syntax to get a LocalSiteManager  getSiteManager(context)?13:03
zagygetSiteManager returns the "current" sitemanager13:04
zagyin a generation you can set the site before actually doing things13:04
zagygoschtl: sth like
goschtlzagy: thanks for the info. I will try that.13:08
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pyqwerDoes someone know how to create a new namespace, e.g. "++session++"?13:24
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zagypyqwer: build a traverser13:33
pyqwerzagy: Ok, thanks, I'm just in traversing/, where things like ++skin++ etc. are implemented.13:34
pyqwerHmmm, probably I also have to configure this as a view, too.13:35
pyqwerzagy: Ok, got it, that was easy, thanks!13:44
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pyqwerJ1m: Some days ago you recommended me to solve my cookie-problems via a "++session++" namespace in the URL and write some URLClientIdManager. What I don't know is how to get the name from ++session++ into the manager - any hints?16:22
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J1mpyqwer, look at the namespace framework in
pyqwerJ1m: Ok, thank's, I'll have a look.16:24
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pyqwerJ1m: Hmmm, it seems that transporting information from the traverser to the ClientIdManager could be done via the request object, perhaps via an annotation? What do you think?16:43
pyqwerIs this "clean"?16:43
J1mNot sure.16:51
J1mI'd have to dig further, which I don't have time to do. :)16:52
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pyqwerOk, I'll use the request for now as I don't know of better ways (eventually the local thread?), maybe I'll improve this later.16:53
J1mhere's another off the cuff idea.16:54
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J1mThe client id manager is a utility.16:54
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J1mso it is accessible to the traversal adapter.16:54
J1mThe traversal adapter can interact with it directly.16:54
J1mThe tricky bit is that the client id manager will need to cause a redirect if it isn't set.16:55
pyqwerYes, that's another difficulty.16:55
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J1mI suppose that if a method is called on the manager to get the id and the id isn't set, a redirect could be raised at that point.16:57
J1mIt depends on the detail of the dance.16:57
pyqwerYes, I thought about something like that.16:57
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pyqwerWhat exactly does the redirect do? Does it directly stop all other things and redirect? Or may some zope magic block the redirect at this point?16:58
J1mraisomg a redirect (as opposed to calling redirect on the response) aborts the current request and redirects to a different URL.17:00
pyqwerJ1m: Ah, I can raise a redirect? I did not know that.17:00
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J1mYes, see the Redirect exception in zope.publisher.interfaces17:01
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pyqwerJ1m: Ah yes, perfect: class Redirect(PublishingException)17:02
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whitis there a mock request in zope3 somewhere?21:03
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svennwhit, is this what you are looking for: zope.publisher.browser.TestRequest?21:08
whitthat sounds promising21:08
whitthanks svenn!21:09
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vimes656is there any feed for checkins?21:32
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replaceafillhi everybody. is ZopeMessageFactory deprecated?21:46
replaceafilli ask because i see zope.session.interfaces try to import it from zope.i18nmessageid and it's not there21:47
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replaceafillZopeMessageFactory is in though21:54
replaceafilli guess my problem is i'm using zope.i18nmessageid 3.4.0a1, because the zope.i18nmessageid trunk has ZopeMessageFactory21:57
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