IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2008-04-16

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whitin zope.index.field.FieldIndex.__init__, what is the purpose of seeminly untested "family" param?00:34
whitkw arg00:34
whitnvrmnd.. figured it out00:35
mgedminwell, what is it?00:35
mgedmininquiring minds want to know00:35
whitmgedmin: seems to allow you to use different families of btrees: 32bit, 64bit, etc00:36
* mgedmin nods00:36
whitthats all00:36
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pcarduneprojekt01: I'm excited to see all the changes you are making07:34
projekt01pcardune, yeah, I just commited the latest zam packages07:34
projekt01now we have the new table, jsonrpc and zam packages available as eggs07:35
pcarduneprojekt01: awesome07:35
pcarduneprojekt01: what is the deal with the jquery.* packages?  I don't find any documentation that explains how they all work together?07:35
projekt01pcardune, I like to deprecate them07:36
projekt01the newest packages are z3c.xmlhttp, z3c.jsonrpcproxy for JSON-RPC javascripts07:37
pcarduneprojekt01: ok, that is good to know07:37
pcarduneprojekt01: and for jquery javascript?07:37
projekt01Normaly I include the latest JQuery from the JQuery homepage in the skin07:37
projekt01But I guess we should add the newest jquery.js to the zope.prg repos which makes it more clear what is used07:38
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pcarduneprojekt01: hmmm, well z3c.formjs depends on one of the jquery package because it registers the jquery renderers against a layer in one of the jquery.* packages07:40
pcarduneprojekt01: I had an irksome feeling back then that it wasn't a good idea07:40
projekt01We should at least add the newest jquery.js to the repos which makes it more clear what is used07:40
projekt01and add a jquery version to our JS scripts07:41
pcarduneprojekt01: I suppose, but if we are going to deprecate them, it would be better to not look like it is kept up...?07:41
projekt01probably we should only deprecate the additonal jquery packages, the core lib could stay there07:42
pcarduneprojekt01: ok, that definitely sounds good to me07:42
pcarduneit seems like a lot of them have an extremely minimal amount of code.07:43
projekt01yeah, we didn't relase them, I think we could move them to a sandbox07:44
pcarduneoh, i didn't realize they were never released, that is a big plus07:45
projekt01pcardune, only the jquery.javascript is released all other packages not07:47
projekt01that's fine, I think we could use jquery.javascript and move the others to a sandbox07:48
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jayarajhi timte, hope you remeber the discussion we had on last friday , about the multiple data.fs without zoe.... its possible to use multiple database files with out using zeo :)08:46
timtejayaraj: yeah I remember, how do you do that?08:47
jayarajyea just use multiple <zodb> sections and name them08:48
timtebut that won't make the database files synced, will it? I think that was your requirement?08:49
jayarajwe wanted to use dbs over nfs08:49
jayarajyea we still need to think how to deal with syncing08:50
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jayarajstill need to come up with some prototype....08:52
afd_jayaraj: did you look at gocept.zeoraid?08:53
jayarajnot yet08:53
afd_what about relstorage?08:53
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afd_there's probably lots more tricks that can be done with pg regarding partioning than with zeo...08:54
jayarajnot yet :) i was buzy with some other requirements08:54
afd_but I bet that you should drop the nfs requirement08:54
jayarajyea i have a fealing too... it depends on how zope deal with filestorage type of db08:55
jayarajlet us see how it goes...08:56
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ccombHi, is there a way to see the state of the ZODB as it was N transactions ago?17:33
ccombin debug mode or something ?17:34
mgedminall of the state, or just one object?17:36
ccombat least one object17:37
mgedminhacky, but useful17:37
ccombthanks, and in debugzope mode, there is no way to see the past?17:37
mgedminthrough the web?17:38
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ccombno, in the prompt17:38
mgedminwhat I pasted17:38
ccombah ok17:38
mgedminis code you run in a debugzope prompt17:38
ccombgreat, thanks17:38
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mgedminI actually had more -- list_history_with_diff()17:39
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mgedminshows the differences in __dict__ between transactions17:39
mgedminsometimes I dream of a web version of this17:39
mgedminwith hyperlinks to other persistent objects, etc17:39
ccombsome kind of Trac for the zodb :)17:39
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jodokJ1m: do you have an idea why a KeyError in could occur?
jodokJ1m: we have this problem every few days on our production servers.18:11
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jodokthe zope app-server doesn't work at all if this error occurs. restarting helps18:12
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runyagajodok, you look at that file18:21
runyagasome changes have been applied since b418:21
runyagai dont know the line numbers of the diff18:22
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jodokso your problems reported in have been solved?18:23
jodokrunyaga: ^18:23
runyagajodok, i believe that was fixed18:24
runyagabut theune knows18:24
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runyagait looks like18:24
runyagatlotze checkin says18:24
runyaga"if a file cant fit in the cache - it doenst try to cache it"18:25
runyagaso that could be the fix18:25
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runyagaif you could confirm that it fixes it )18:25
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runyaganightmare to test18:25
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runyagawould be great to see a zodb 3.9 come out18:25
* runyaga winks at J1m 18:25
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jodok3.8.0 final doesn't have the fix either18:28
jodokTheuni: ^18:28
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Theunijodok: hmm18:33
* Theuni checks18:33
Theunithat bug18:34
* Theuni runs18:34
Theunican you ping me tomorrow or per mail? i gotta go right now.18:34
jodokquodt: ^18:36
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* sm proposes a new proposals page,
srichtersm: looks good; I wish the automatic page could contain the final status somehow (I realize this is hard to do)20:43
smsrichter: thx. It's not clear to me if launchpad or the wiki pages is where we track that metadata20:44
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smif it's on the wiki, and somewhat consistent, I could extract it20:46
sman restructured text :Status: tag as at seems like a good/current practice.. and if that's not present, show status:Unknown20:48
srichtersm: I also wrote some final state in the OldProposal Wiki20:50
srichterwe could copy the final state that I have in OlderProposals as the Stuatu of the proposal and then parse for :Status: as you suggested20:52
srichterbtw, thanks a lot for all this cleanup work20:52
smsrichter: added :status: display. It's messed up for a few pages which are html21:02
smyou're welcome.. glad to know it's useful21:02
* sm fixes21:09
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lgsHi, I want to help getting ride of the dependency in zope321:27
lgsI'd like to ask what's the best way to setup a devel box for the several eggs that compose the zope 3.4 distribution nowadays21:28
lgsI know about the zopeproject thing, but I guess that's for building applications that use the zope3 libs21:28
lgsI want to hack on the zope3 libs themselves...21:28
lgsI'd like to get a little bit more involved and that's why a choosed an easy task (remove
lgsshould I get a svn checkout of the packages listed here: ?21:31
lgsI also read but I guess it is outdated and it does not make sense with zope 3.421:34
srichtersm: looks good21:36
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smlgs: there are newer how-to-set-up docs at
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lgssm: I've been searching in the wiki for a while, specially in the "developing Zope 3" section21:51
lgssm: but I couldn't find a doc explaining the current status quo of development procedures21:52
smdid you see the "mortals" section ?21:52
lgssm: mmm, I think no21:52
smit's under reference..
lgssm: I see, I'll take a look right now21:53
lgssm: thanks for the pointer21:53
smnp. your help with docs cleanup is welcome21:53
lgssm: I am thinking on creating a bug in launchpad and attaching my patches there since I don't have (and dont want right now) commit access21:54
lgssm:  is that ok?21:54
smI don't see why not21:56
smwhat kind of patches ?21:56
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lisppaste6lgs pasted "patch example" at
lgssm: something like that21:57
lgssm: those docs are *exactly* what I was looking for :-)21:59
smsee also the for larger projects21:59
smthey're good aren't they21:59
smfor now...21:59
* sm hears the Clock of Bit Rot ticking..22:00
smTICK! TOCK! ...22:00
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J1mDoes anyone know if anyone has done a z3 port of queued catalog?22:53
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