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J1msrichter, ayt>00:40
* benji snickers at J1m.00:43
andresIs there any interest of some form of namespaced securitypolicy? Ie. which uses another securitypolicy for zope.Whatever and another for andreswork.Whatever?00:43
andresI found that very usefull for myself...00:43
srichterJ1m: here00:46
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panjunyongAnyone knows where the project moved? It seems the domain is not existed anymore.07:35
projekt01panjunyong, yes, do you like to get the source code?07:38
panjunyongYes, I want it.07:40
projekt01But it's really out of date, very old code and not compatible with the current trunk07:40
panjunyongBut there is some packages useful for me.07:41
projekt01which one do you mean?07:41
panjunyongI remember there was a package which can traverse through the filesystem.07:41
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projekt01panjunyong, I have to take a look if I can bring it back, I need to take a look at the old server07:43
projekt01probably I can bring it online again07:44
panjunyongThat is great. Thank you!07:44
projekt01if not I can zip the source and upload to a server07:44
projekt01does this fit for you?07:44
panjunyongYes. thanks07:44
panjunyongsource code is enough for me07:45
projekt01I think I'll find some time tonight, I send a mail to the list if it's available07:45
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projekt01srichter, hi07:47
srichterprojekt01: hi07:47
pcardunesrichter: projekt01: hi07:48
projekt01good night07:48
projekt01panjunyong, just sent a mail to you with the zipped source of tiks07:55
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SubdinoI have a concern about zope 2.8 zodb packing code13:40
Subdinoin FileStorage/, the data.fs is packed, and new transactions added if the data.fs is used during pack is appended to the packed data13:41
Subdinothis is protected by a lock which is released before function returns13:41
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Subdinothen, the caller in FileStorage/ gets the lock again to close the former data.fs, rename it to .old, rename the .pack to data.fs and opens it for use13:42
Subdinobut during the time the lock is released, what prevents new transctions from happening on the former data.fs ?13:43
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Subdinoif my understanding is correct, those transaction would store data in the former data.fs and would not be in the packed version13:44
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afd_Would the newly released extjs 2.1 with GPL3 licence change the "apropriateness" status for zc.extjs stuff?
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malthezagy: on splitting up, I've put together a zope.container that includes the parts that do not depend on the ZODB, except the, which is a bit mixed.14:57
maltheshould I commit it somewhere for review?14:57
zagymalthe: hi14:58
zagymalthe: yes, create a sandbox within the Sandbox directory in zope svn14:58
zagyyou/we can move it directly out of there once it's okay14:58
zagy(or say, okay enough ;)14:58
malthethat sounds great14:59
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maltheI haven't dealt with any of the functional code in, although it probably could be moved out as well.15:02
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zagyokay here are a few things15:04
zagywhat ou probably should do is, doing an *svn* copy of to your sandbox and then change things there (you might want to create a patch file locally since you already did some changes)15:05
zagythis is important to get a consistent history of the files15:05
zagyonce zope.container is in shape, should import the interfaces from zope.container so that old code doesn't break15:07
zagyI think part of could be moved over as well15:08
maltheright I think so too15:08
malthemight require some unit tests15:09
zagybut the first release doesn't necessarily need it15:09
zagyit's often better to take small steps15:09
zagyyou also might want to update the copyright year to something like 2001-2008 :)15:10
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malthezagy: I had to carry over zope.cachedescriptors' module btw15:35
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malthezope.cachedescriptors has a dependency on ZODB.15:38
zagyreally? That was unintenional then :/15:38
zagyor faulty15:38
zagyI removed the dependency afaik15:39
malthezagy: BTrees15:39
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zagythere are no btrees in latest trunk15:40
malthereally, let me revisit then15:41
zagyI know that I once checked in something whcih required btrees but it was a) silly and b) requiring ZODB  :)15:41
maltheis there a release out?15:42
zagyuh, don't know actually15:42
malthebuildout pulled in a zope.cachedescriptors that did depend on ZODB15:42
zagyoh, that's bad :)15:42
malthebut---if it's not intentional, then let's just depend on zope.cac... for now15:42
zagywhich version do you have exactly?15:43
zagy3.4.0 I suppose15:43
* malthe pulls15:43
zagyI'll try to get a new release done15:43
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maltheok that's been fixed now15:46
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zagyTheuni: can you give me access for zope.cachedescriptors on pypi?15:51
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Theunizagy: done15:52
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fcorreaJ1m: Hello there. I don't know if you are the one that is supposed to get the signed contributor agreement but last week I sent you an email with a scanned contributor agreement signed. Not sure if you got it or not17:20
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J1mfcorrea, sorry, I missed it.17:24
J1mI just set you up.17:24
fcorreaJ1m: thank you :)17:25
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whitanyone seen a error at startup like this?17:55
whitthis is with the current grok release and seems to only happen on ubuntu17:55
whitor with a recent pull of eggs17:55
whitthe other diagnostic things is that when zope exits, all the lock and cache files for the Data.fs are left lying around17:56
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bigkevmcdwhit: I note that it's on Python2.5, does that happen on Python2.4 ?17:58
whitbigkevmcd: it is on 2.5, but I have another buildout on 2.5 that has no problem17:59
* whit actually has another buildout on another ubuntu that has no problem17:59
whitbigkevmcd: is there an know issue with zope3 not exiting cleanly on 2.5?18:00
bigkevmcdhaven't seen one18:00
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mgedminwhit: that looks like a broken Data.fs to me18:09
whitmgedmin: yeah... question is why?18:10
whitall I did is start up zope then kill it18:10
timtewhat zope gsoc projects were accepted?18:10
mgedmincan you reproduce?18:10
mgedminmv Data.fs Data.fs.broken18:10
J1mI doubt it is a bad data.fs.18:10
mgedminthen start, kill, start again18:10
whitmgedmin: yeah over and over again18:10
philiKON_timte: that info is on google :)18:11
* mgedmin waits for J1m's ideas18:11
whitJ1m: not much happening to corrupt it18:11
J1mI don't have any idea for why he is getting the error.18:11
philiKON_i wonder if python's UserDict was changed from 2.4 to 2.518:11
J1mThat is not a symptom of a broken data.fs.18:12
philiKON_since PersistentDict subclasses from UserDict18:12
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whitphiliKON_: the peristentdict throws errors for all norm dict methods (items, value, keys)18:12
whitall the same18:12
whitAttributeError: 'PersistentDict' object has no attribute 'data'18:13
philiKON_it might just be that python 2.5's userdict grew this data attribut18:13
philiKON_that python 2.4's userdict didn' thave18:13
whitphiliKON_: so that would work with your theory18:13
whitphiliKON_: only thing is this works on my mac fine18:13
whitwith 2.518:13
J1mI don't think that's it.18:14
J1ma data attr was used in python2.418:14
J1mI don't have time to debug this :)18:14
J1mI'm just saying that the symptom doesn't suggest a broken data.fs to me.18:14
mgedminthat's why I thought it's a broken data fs -- an instance attr that should be there is missing18:14
mgedminsomehow the pickle is wrong18:14
mgedminI'd like a few minutes alone in a dungeon room with connection.root()18:15
J1mI suggest getting into the debugger and looking at the object.18:15
mgedminin a sound-proofed dungeon room18:15
whitJ1m: looking at it18:15
whitit's the dict '': <persistent.dict.PersistentDict object at 0x3456578> missing the 'data'18:21
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J1mwhat is it's type?18:23
J1mand what is the valie of it's _p_changed attribute?18:23
J1mwhat is in it's __dict__18:24
mgedminby 'it' I assume you refer to the  <persistent.dict.PersistentDict object at 0x3456578>, right?18:24
whitwhich is it's type18:24
mgedminso, what's the __dict__?18:24
mgedminright, that is, wrong18:25
whitlikewhise: (Pdb) self._p_jar.root()['Application'].__dict__18:25
mgedminwhit, one second18:25
mgedminI've a bit of code that can show the transaction history of an object18:25
whitsomething got hose on exit18:26
mgedminlist_history(connection.root()) would be interesting, as well as list_history(connection.root()[''])18:26
whitthank mgedmin18:32
whitthanks rather18:32
whitfor the code18:32
mgedminwhat does it say?18:32
mgedminwas there a state when the generations dict had a data attribute, and was there a later transaction that removed it somehow?18:32
whitmgedmin: nah.. the issue is all userdict based implementation (including folder) lack any references (especially data)18:37
whitmgedmin: having to do a bit of setup to use your code18:37
whitbut... ok... I see what you are saying18:37
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whitthis is interesting, when I start in debug mode, the objects are still empty19:10
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pcardunefound a bug with directory resources... any takes?19:58
pcarduneany takers*?19:58
faassenpcardune: did you make a launchpad issue?19:59
pcardunefaassen mgedmin, entering it in as we speak19:59
pcardunefaassen, mgedmin:
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whitfocussed the wierdness a bit21:04
whitthe issue displays itself nicely in the zopectl prompt21:05
whitthe root object returned to interpretter is working, the on returned by opening a new db connection is missing it's btree21:05
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mgedminwhit: no, yo're confusing the zodb root with the root folder21:14
mgedminthe root folder doesn't have a 'data' attribute21:15
whitah... hmmm21:15
mgedminapp.root() returns the root folder21:15
mgedminthe zodb root is a persistentdict (iirc?)21:15
mgedminit is a dict with usually two items: one is the root folder, the other is the generation dict21:15
whitmgedmin: regardless, it should have .data21:16
whitthough maybe there is a different issue21:16
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mgedminno, Folder objects don't have 'data'21:26
mgedminthey have something else21:26
whitmgedmin: it's a btrree iirc21:26
mgedmin__BTreeContainer_items, or something21:26
mgedminit has a btree21:27
whitit's still root.data21:27
* whit just tried it21:27
whitI tried loading a data.fs from a working machine, and that seemed to load up ok21:28
mgedminyou're right and I'm wrong21:28
whitwell... I am in the thick of it poking objects.. tyranny of context ;)21:28
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whit_p_changed looks good when I add something21:33
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whithmmm... might be this:
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whitdoes the zodb egg know how to differentiate between 64bit int systems and 32bit int systems?23:21
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