IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2008-04-23

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whitanyone know a way to force a built to use a certain egg?00:55
whitI want to test and see if zodb trunk fixes my issue, but the app recipe forces me to use a 3.8.0b egg00:56
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J1mwhit, you should be able to list a specific ZODB3 version in your eggs option.01:39
J1mYou can also use a develop egg.01:39
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whitJ1m: I've tried both of those and it tells me require version != to 43.8.0b02:03
J1mCan you share your buildout.cfg?02:04
whitsure... one sec02:04
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whitcurrent I'm not pointing to the devel copy in src02:08
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whitbut I did try that too02:08
J1mZODB3 =02:08
J1mThis will cancel the versions spec you're getting from grok.02:09
whitthanks J1m02:09
J1mI'm *almost* convinced that develop eggs found in the develop-eggs directory should override the versions section.02:10
whitJ1m: someone been working on you about that one?02:10
J1mYes, Martijn02:10
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derek|laptopwhat is the proper replacement for zExceptions.NotFound in zope3?04:38
pcardunederek|laptop: zope.publisher.interfaces.NotFound I think04:45
derek|laptopsounds right. there were multiple, so I was unsure. thanks!04:45
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derek|laptopwhy would the zope 3.3.1 svn checkout fail on an unknown directive 'role' in namespace 'zope' in 'parts/instance/etc/securitypolicy.zcml' ? That doesn't look like something I did, but I'm assuming it is and I just don't know what... the only google hit is a complaint without a resolution. :(04:52
pcardunemmm... zope 3.3.1 checkout... sounds ominous04:55
* pcardune doesn't use big zope checkout anymore04:55
derek|laptoppcardune: well, it's from the tag. I figured it should work. baby steps into the future.04:55
pcardunederek|laptop: If you are just trying to get started with Zope3, I think a better place to start would be zopeproject04:56
derek|laptopright, I'm actually just trying to get a library cleansed so that it's z3-compatible. it's close, but I just need tests to pass. not actually trying to write a zope3 application.04:57
derek|laptopso, I'm using buildout to get zope3 and the testrunner so I can test my library. a better approach would be cool.04:57
pcardunederek|laptop: ah, i see.  Then I have no suggestions :/04:58
derek|laptopbummer. oh well. maybe someone else will check in. thanks!04:59
derek|laptopdoes zopeproject leave the buildout.cfg when it's done? maybe I could pirate it. ;)05:00
* derek|laptop will run zopeproject to find out, if he must, but would prefer to know before he tries05:01
pcarduneI think the answer to your question, if I understand the question correctly, is yes05:02
pcardunethat is, after running zopeproject, you will have a minimal zope application setup using some standard zope core packages, with a more or less standard buildout script.05:02
derek|laptopcool. will try. thanks.05:03
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derek|laptopok, got that working. next problem: what package do I need to make the 'zope:subscriber' zcml directive make sense to the machine?06:18
pcardunederek|laptop: make sure zope.component meta.zcml is included06:27
derek|laptopbingo! thanks!06:31
derek|laptopis there a master reference of zcml directives -> packages? because i don't like asking one-by-one. the next one, btw, is zope:class.06:32
derek|laptop'zope3 class', btw, turned up what I assume is your website on the first hit. :)06:33
derek|laptopnm, found the apidoc06:37
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derek|laptopthis one has me stumped: what's up with
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derek|laptopd'oh. made it go away, somehow. now I'm wondering where the zmi_views module needed by's configure.zcml lives...06:59
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derek|laptop'Invalid value for', 'menu', "ImportError: Couldn't import zmi_views, No module named zmi_views"  --- when including the configure.zcml07:04
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zagymalthe|Zzzz: I've released zope.cachedescriptor 3.4.110:52
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malthezagy: great12:25
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derek|laptophow do I get the module "zmi_views" in my zope app so that's configure.zcml will be happy?16:12
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ChrisWis there still a channel for Five?17:09
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faassenChrisW: there used to be #z3-base, but I think it's semi-retired17:36
ChrisWI think I may have a Five issue, but not sure if it is or not or where to ask...17:38
ChrisWwhat's the replacement for z3=base?17:39
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Theuniccomb: ping17:47
faassenChrisW: I don't know whether there's a replacement. you might want to check #zope, or of course the zope-dev list.17:55
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pyqwerDoes someone know how to setup ftesting.zcml so that everything used in my zope3 environment is available for testing, such as for the real application?18:17
pyqwerPerhaps there is some magic "include"?18:17
srichterlook at z3c.form18:19
srichterI usually create an application.zcml file that is used for applications tartup (a la site.zcml)18:19
srichterI then include that file in my ftesting.zcml18:20
srichterlook at z3c.formdemo (I meant)18:20
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pyqwerAh yes, thanks. Hmmm, there's quite a lot included here, however some bits seem to be missing. Can I perhaps simply include "site.zcml"? Or is that a bad idea?18:22
srichteryou can do this too18:23
srichterbut usually site.zcml lives outside the package structure, so it is hard to get to18:23
pyqwersrichter: If I do that, will I have everything available that I have at my running zope instance?18:23
srichterare you using eggs or a Zope 3 tar ball?18:24
pyqwerThe tarball. (Still)18:24
srichterthen you do not need to mess with layers at all18:24
srichterthe functionaldocfilesuite should load the correct ZCML file for you18:24
pyqwersrichter: Hmmm, not really, I already use that, but things like this happen: ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'', u'smtpMailer')18:26
srichterso the zope.sendmail meta.zcml does not seem to be loaded18:27
srichteradd this to you ftesting.zcml (should be in the root dir)18:27
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agroszerhey srichter18:30
srichteragroszer: good mroning :-)18:30
agroszersrichter, coverage is driving me crazy18:30
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agroszerit misses stuff like imports, and declarations18:31
agroszerbut takes the code inbetween...18:32
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agroszerany idea what to do?18:33
pyqwersrichter: Ah, ok, it was really only the sendmail package. One other thing: Do you know if the doctest "setUp()" function is called before the registration of all the ZCML files or afterwards?18:36
pyqwerBecause, for my test I want to setup my site, whereas my setup routine has some subscribers (e.g. add SiteManager). It seems, it does not work.18:37
agroszerpyqwer, I'd bet the layer gets setup then each test is run with it's own setup+teardown18:39
srichteragroszer: no :-(18:39
srichteragroszer: it sometimes drives me crazy too18:40
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srichterpyqwer: afterwards18:40
srichterpyqwer: adam is right18:40
pyqwerAh, ok, that's the reason. So I have to do the site setup in my doctest in order to work properly.18:42
srichterfor functional tests, it brings up an entire ZODB18:43
pyqwersrichter: Yes, that's what I need.18:43
srichterwhich you can access on a Python level using
srichterotherwise you use something like zope.testbrowser to call your server18:44
pyqwerAh, ok.18:44
pyqwerBtw., I think I found a bug in the Zope3 publisher, regarding virtual hosts. What should I do?18:47
smreport it in launchpad ?18:49
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smor ask about it here or on zope-dev list18:49
pyqwerWell, yes, but first I'd like to know if it's really a bug or if things are thought out that way.18:50
* sm nods18:50
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pyqwerOk, here's the problem: The request object has two list objects, "_app_names" and "_traversed_names".18:52
pyqwerI'd assume that all names such as "++lang++" and the like go into "_app_names".18:52
pyqwerThey normally do, however if I use virtual hosts, they do not. Instead, they are in the traversal stack only.18:52
pyqwerIn my case I need to assemble an URL out of _app_names and _traversed_names and redirect to it. For a virtual host scenario this fails.18:53
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pyqwerSo my question is if it's perfectly normal that application names don't go into _app_names in case of virtual hosts or if this is a bug.18:55
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mgedminagroszer: talk to me about test coverage19:21
agroszerhey mgedmin19:21
mgedminI've been fighting it for quite a while19:21
agroszerit's what you can read above19:22
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agroszerskips declarations, takes code between those declarations19:22
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mgedminthis happens when module import happens outside coverage19:22
mgedminIIRC zope.testing used to do that in ancient times19:23
mgedminbut it should be fixed now19:23
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agroszerI'm doing some stuff in the script that's generated by buildout19:23
mgedminbefore invoking the test runner?19:23
mgedminthat's it then19:23
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mgedminmaybe del sys.modules[''] in your wrapper19:24
agroszeryep, setting some defaults and stuff19:24
mgedminto force re-import with correct coverageing19:24
mgedminbut... then your setting of defaults will get lost19:24
mgedmincan't you set up those defaults in your test fixtures?19:24
agroszerit's about using a different mysql server19:25
agroszerfirst I'll try to remove those "initialization = "19:26
agroszerlet's see what happens19:26
agroszerthanks for the pointer19:26
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agroszermgedmin, that was it! thanks again19:33
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lgsdoes anybody knows what is? I can't find it in the package but is using it22:36
lgsyou can see it here:
lgsI know the Service concept was used in Zope 3.X but it was discarded long time ago. So I guess this code is a little bit rotten22:38
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