IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2008-04-28

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fairwindsHey paul. I'm here03:58
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pcardunefairwinds: hi04:14
pcardunefairwinds: so I checked something in to my sandbox04:14
fairwindspcardune: hey paul, well we are connecting, that's a good thing.04:15
pcardunefairwinds: it looks like we are going to have some trouble with it seems to be hard coded into their scripts *yuck*04:15
fairwindspcardune: Hmm let me see what you have04:15
* pcardune has never written a proper buildout before04:15
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fairwindspcardune: Let me check this out. I just want to see what we are getting with this. This seems to take care of configuration. Yes. I am not keen on the they're using either.04:22
pcardunefairwinds: we can get around it, but it won't be that pretty04:22
fairwindspcardune: One other way I was thinking about this was perhaps just to put sphinx together in an egg but point out of the package to checked out package in the same folder. This way you can use a single sphinx and not clutter the zope packages for the sake of documentation.04:26
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pcardunefairwinds: I'm not sure I understand, can you give me an example?04:27
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fairwindspcardune: I'll try. Lets say I have a folder that I am checking out my development packages into. I'd check out the sphinx documention package (ie z3c.sphinx or whatever)  and run the buildout. I'd then checkout the package I am working on. Then run sphinx-quickstart from the sphinx package but have the document root be the root of the development package.04:31
pcarduneoh i see04:31
pcardunefairwinds: but that does not really follow the pattern people typically use to work on a specific package.04:32
fairwindspcardune: You'd end up without have to build into each package04:32
pcardunetrue, but I think adding things to buildout.cfg is a reasonable requirement04:32
pcarduneWe want the lowest barrier to entry for fixing documentation too04:33
pcarduneIf someone wants to fix spelling/grammer/etc errors, they should be able to checkout the single package itself, make changes, and build the documentation right there04:33
pcardunejust like running tests04:34
fairwindspcardune:  I am just throwing this out as an idea. I agree with your statements for sure04:35
fairwindspcardune: So we'd add the buildout stuff I came up with to buildout.cfg and use your recipe for correct04:35
pcarduneand I agree with you that we want to add as little as possible to the current packages04:36
pcardunefairwinds: something like that04:36
pcarduneI think my buildout script manages to pull in sphinx and create a script that is exactly the same as sphinx-build04:37
pcarduneI don't think we need the sphinx-quickstart or sphinx-web scripts04:37
pcardunethe problem is that sphinx-build takes a source directory argument (usually just .) and expects to find a in there04:38
fairwindspcardune: Ahh - ok, I should likely run it first. I agree, these other scripts are likely unnecessary04:38
pcarduneso if lives in parts, then you have to specify the parts directory as the source... but then none of the actual documentation (which does not live in the parts directory) gets pulled in04:39
pcardunefairwinds: by the way, I tried out the recipe with z3c.form by adding this to the buildout.cfg:04:39
pcardunerecipe = z3c.recipe.sphinxdoc:sphinxdoc04:39
pcarduneeggs = z3c.form04:39
fairwindspcardune: I think its really bad to expect at root of project. It would have been much better if it was named at the least04:40
pcarduneyeah, I bet they would be happy to change it for us04:41
pcarduneor we could be highly proactive and fix it ourselves and send them a patch04:41
pcarduneit is after all still in "alpha" mode04:41
fairwindspcardune: Give me about 20 min. I am going to give your recipe a go. Yes about the patch idea. What would be better is a ini style config but they are doing something funky with pickling.04:42
pcarduneoh really?  I'll take a closer look at their code04:42
fairwindspcardune: It would be good if the did not have to live at our doc root but could be relative to it as well.04:43
mcdoncftr, i have no context here but I wanted to mention this (very rough) patch to sphinx's autodoc that allows you to point at zope interfaces for docs...
fairwindsmcdonc: was not aware of this. Can you tell us more about this.04:45
mcdoncwell, it's just a sketch..  it really should be its own plugin, but it's a patch to sphinx' autodoc (which grabs docstrings from classes and modules).  that thing doesn't work against interfaces (because they're not really classes).  but with this patch it does.04:46
mcdoncit generates stuff like what's at
pcardunemcdonc: ooo, that looks highly useful04:47
mcdonc(given the input at the end of
fairwindsmcdonc: yup. looks really good.04:48
mcdoncyeah i haven't had the energy to make it its own plugin04:48
mcdoncif it was i suspect georg would just put it in04:48
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fairwindsmcdonc: Wow, you've been busy with this for sure.04:49
pcardunemcdonc: are you going to have the energy in the near future?04:49
mcdoncnot really, it took about an hour, the sphinx code is very hackable04:49
mcdonci'd like to say yes, but it's likely no :-(04:50
mcdoncat least until i need to release more docs04:50
fairwindsmcdonc: have you tried zpt with template bridge?04:50
pcardunemcdonc: ok, well what you got there is a great starting point for someone to make an extension04:50
mcdoncno, i haven't.. did you make one?  i actually haven't used any templating in sphinx yet...04:50
fairwindsmcdonc: I am not crazy about the language they use. zpt fits my head04:51
mcdoncso you wrote a template bridge for zpt?04:51
pcardunemcdonc: they are jinja templates, which are basically django templates04:51
fairwindsmcdonc: not yet but there is a template bridge in the code to permit some other templating languages to be used04:52
mcdoncyeah i saw that... i'm not much of a fan of that templating style (just because it's something else i have to learn ;-) )04:52
fairwindsmcdonc: uh huh me too :-)04:53
mcdoncah ok... well, if i were to go after that i'd probably try to plug in dtml, because i dont much like using zpt to template not-xml04:53
mcdonci think it's great you're thinking hard about how to give people a place to hang renderable docs for z3 packages btw04:54
mcdoncits very important04:54
pcardunemcdonc: the templating is actually producing (x)html04:54
mcdoncah ok... yeah i havent really used it yet, so i have no context there04:55
fairwindspcardune: I am checking out you stuff. I'm going  be back soon04:55
pcardunefairwinds: ok04:55
fairwindspcardune: ok I'm back. I've got it built with z3c.form. So was made within docs part. How does this work for CHANGES and documents further up the tree?05:26
pcardunefairwinds: it doesn't :)05:26
pcardunefairwinds: that is why we need to patch sphinx to handle relative paths05:27
pcarduneor just alternate paths in general05:27
fairwindspcardune: Absolutely05:27
fairwindsI get the doc's help. I didn't build docs yet. Can you give me the args to pass to ./bin/docs. BTW. I checked out trunk. Perhaps I should have checked your branch but it had the templates etc already.05:29
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pcarduneyeah, best to check out trunk05:31
pcarduneI think what i used was ./bin/docs . parts/docs/z3c.form/build05:31
pcarduneor something to that effect05:32
fairwindspcardune: ok. I'll give it a go.05:33
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fairwindspcardune: I'll have a bit of time to play with this tomorrow am for a bit. I'll be able to provide some better feedback once I try a few thinks with it. It looks like a good way to go if we can work out the conf issues.  Are you subscribed to the sphinx list?05:38
pcardunefairwinds: nope, are you?05:38
pcardunefairwinds: what is the url?05:38
pcarduneah i see it05:39
fairwindspcardune: We probably should communicate to see whether there's some flexibility for the configuration file and to see if sphinx can handle the docs relative to it at the least. I'll see if I can find out more about the template bridge since I am not the only zope person that's likely to want to stick with familiar zpt or ctal05:41
pcardunefairwinds: ok, sounds good.  I just joined the group05:42
fairwindsOk good. I think that's about it for this evening. I'll contact you tomorrow after I have had more time to look at the recipe and see what else we may need to do. We've made a good beginning and looking forward to the results for sure05:44
pcardunefairwinds: ok, talk to you later05:45
fairwindspcardune: If you are on chat tomorrow. I will be around tomorrow probably closer to 11:30 in the evening my time05:47
pcardunefairwinds: yeah, I'll be around05:47
fairwindspcardune: Ok good, talk to you then.05:47
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alexdbHi, i'm coming from zope2 and it looks like that there no simple way to do a request.set in zope3 right ?16:11
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norroalexdb, what do you want to do?16:19
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alexdbnorro: simply do a .upper on some fields in my request16:24
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alexdbfound a way to set it by using request.form['foo']=bar  instead of request.set('foor',bar)16:49
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vimes656is there any way to merge Zope folders without looping?17:21
vimes656something like the update method for Python dictionaries17:22
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lgsI'm trying to fix an error in the test
lgsthe offending line says:20:01
lgs    >>>
lgs    ...        'http://localhost/++etc++site/@@SelectedManagementView.html')20:02
lgs    >>> browser.getLink('[[zope][Registrations]]').click()20:02
lgsbut I don't know why that view does not have a Registrations link in this test20:02
lgsrunning a standard zope instance and using a real browser I can see the link20:02
lgsthe test crashes with a LinkNotFoundError exception20:03
lgsanyone can points me to a direction to start further investigation?20:03
lgssimilar lines like:20:05
lgs    >>>'http://localhost/sample1/@@SelectedManagementView.html')20:05
lgs    >>> browser.getLink('[[zope][Registration]]').click()20:05
lgsdo work20:05
lgsso I guess something is wrong registering the right actions to ILocalSiteManager objects20:05
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lgsok, for some reason the containers used in that test, does not have a zmi_view menu item for @@contents.html21:30
lgsany clue about why is this happening?21:30
lgsthat explain why'http://localhost/@@SelectedManagementView.html') always goes to @@registration.html and getLink() does not find the correct links21:32
lgsI guess it's a problem in the functional test setup code21:32
lgsbtw, is there anybody out there? :-)21:33
benjilgs: lots of people; presumably all as busy as I am. ;)21:34
lgsfair enough21:34
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