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rockyis there a simple recipe out there that generates a script that "runs" some arbitrary set of shell commands?00:15
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mcdoncrocky: i use iw.recipe.cmd00:25
rockydoes iw.recipe.cmd merely run the script during buildout running? i want to just generate a script that i can run whenever00:26
rockymcdonc: ^^00:31
mcdoncrocky: i just use "echo ksdjadkasdj > scriptname"00:32
MattBowen|workrocky: there's
MattBowen|workrocky: there's actually a bunch of recipes that do same though00:34
rockyMattBowen|work: yeah, i looked at that one, but what i'd prefer is it generate a python script that theoretically would run cross-platform on windows/*nix00:34
MattBowen|workphiliKON even wrote one:
MattBowen|workrocky: ah, trickier00:34
rockywell so many recipes do that sort of thing for it's own self as part of some larger "thing" (such as the zope3 recipes to create instances, etc)00:35
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rockyit's kind of silly actually00:35
rockyi'm tempted to create collective.recipe.scriptgen but it would be so small.... ;)00:36
MattBowen|workfind some way to cause it to use DTML so it's more complicated?00:38
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hazmathas anyone experimented with reload/autoreload in zope300:45
hazmatrocky, lovely.recipe also a has a makefile entry point that you can use to create scripts00:46
hazmatbut lovely.recipe is a bit nicer if its a small script, you just embed the script in buildout.cfg00:47
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benjithe normal warnings about reload biting people apply00:49
hazmatbenji, thanks.. and noted00:50
rockylovely.recipe is a terrific example of why toplevel readme's (ie not within the packages themselves) are still very important ;)00:50
rockyhazmat: are you talking about lovely.recipe.fs.mkfile ?00:51
hazmatrocky, yes00:51
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* Theuni pokes 16:59
Theunihmm. it doesn't drop the connections immediately anymore. is that better?16:59
TheuniJ1m: I guess you're already aware of the problem at ZC?17:00
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Theunigrr. keyboard.17:11
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elroshould there be a zc.recipe.testrunner egg? I'm getting problems with the zodb3.7 buildout18:40
J1melro, is down atm.18:41
elroaha, ok18:41
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regebroWe probably need to figure out some sort of way to have backup-servers for eggs...19:24
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regebrois going to get up soon? Otherwise I'm going to have find some other solution, and I don't know what.19:41
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mcdonc_regebro: what are you trying to get? might have it19:50
mcdonc_(or for the index
regebromcdonc_: Well, currently I'm just trying to get the buildout to stop looking at, becaus eit takes suck long time....19:51
mcdonc_well, ^^^19:52
ignasregebro: emm, why is buildout looking there?19:52
ignasis it versions.cfg?19:52
ignasor is it index = "" ?19:53
regebromcdonc_: plone.recipe.plone stick d.z.o back into the list even if you remove it. :-/19:53
regebroignas: se above19:53
ignasregebro: oh, there is some option19:53
ignasfor buildout19:53
ignasthat kills off these extra links19:53
mcdonc_regebro: ow,.... yup19:53
regebroignas: oh, you know which?19:54
ignasi think19:54
ignascan't recall precisely19:54
ignasuse-dependency-links = false19:55
ignasit is true by default19:55
ignasbecause of backwards compatibility19:55
ignasyou put it in [buildout] section i think19:55
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regebroignas: OK, thanks...19:56
ignasyou have to either use that or use versions.cfg if you want to only use eggs from the kgs19:57
ignasor else - some egg will add find_links and buildout will start pulling dependencies from or some place like that19:58
ignasand suddenly you get a lot of beta eggs in your eggs directory19:58
regebroWhat is it thinking about NOW....?19:59
ignaslisppaste6: url20:00
lisppaste6To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.20:00
ignascould you show us your buildout.cfg20:00
ignasbecause I surely have used my buildout without problems today (after i have fixed the versions.cfg link)20:00
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J1mIt's dead, it's not extinct.20:06
ChrisWah, good :-)20:06
ChrisWhow's the resuscitation going?20:07
J1mThat's a pretty silly question.20:07
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J1mI hope to have most servics back today.20:07
mgedminpining for the fjords...20:08
ChrisWcool :-)20:08
ChrisWmgedmin: ?20:08
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regebroOK, I switched to using my common eggs directory and told it NOT to look for new eggs, and that seems to work for the moment,20:09
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maltheregebro: anton was talking about a bittorrent egg server...22:11
regebromalthe: Interesting idea.22:13
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d2mi believe that is called to start the processing of the zcml files. i wonder where the configured data is used again -- are there sideeffects that store it elsewhere?22:27
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d2mlooks like everything ends up in the GlobalSiteManager23:24
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hazmatd2m,  you can store in separate component regisrties with something like z3c.baseregistry23:33
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d2mhazmat: thanks, great23:38
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rockyso is zope corp still working on getting up the * services?23:51
* rocky refreshes and sees the error again and frowns23:54

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