IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2008-04-30

J1mNo, we decided to take a vacation instead. Check back next month.00:00
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rockylol that's what i figured ;)00:14
rockyguess it's time to move everything over to google app engine :)00:14
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J1mec2 occurred to me00:27
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rockyyeah we're using ec2 for a bunch of stuff now00:35
rockyparticularly with the introduction of static ips and persistent storage is coming soon00:35
rockyit's quite nice00:35
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d2mi can access too00:43
d2mmail to the lists seem to get through too00:46
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cr3 returns ImportError: No module named svn01:14
cr3was the server recently upgraded to hardy ;)01:14
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cr3anyways, thought you should know. cheerio folks!01:17
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J1msvn is working again afaict.04:41
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fcorrea_I confirm that :)05:10
fcorrea_Does anyone know any word dictionay that can be accessible from python on OS X? I need to stuff some words in my database but I don't want to add random strings that makes no sense05:12
fcorrea_I mean, I don't like using plain string.letters05:13
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regebroYay for jim (even if it's too late).05:49
regebroWe still need to fix the egg download story so things doesn't break like this....05:49
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hazmatthere is some odd behavior to the transaction synchronizer api.. a synchronizer can never identify an aborted vs. committed transaction06:53
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J1mIs anyone here at the grokerdam sprint?13:33
J1msvn is back afaik13:33
zagyJ1m: afaik the sprint starts tomorrow13:34
zagyat least Theuni is still in the office :)13:34
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J1mHm, I got a note from Martijn saying today.13:34
zagyah, ok, maybe today in the afternoon or something, dunno13:35
zagyanyway, good to have svn back :)13:35
J1mI wanted to double check because, although it was working for me, I wasn't 100% sure it would work for anyone else. :)13:36
srichterJ1m: thanks dor the diligent work yesterday13:36
J1mMark Alexander, on of our SAs did most of the work.13:37
J1mI'm amazed that almost everything was restored.13:38
J1mPretty grueling for him.13:38
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sunewhey all, i get a strange buildout problem all of a sudden: DistutilsError: Download error for svn:// unknown url type: svn15:43
sunewI saw nouri had the same problem, but setting prefer-final = true15:43
sunew doesnt help me15:43
sunewI even specified the version of the egg  i need15:44
sunewit seems process_index of setuptools, in line 271, for new_url in find_external_links(url, page) only wants to give me svn: urls of the page
suneweven though there are links like
projekt01sunew, normaly you can ignore this errors or does something not work correctly? does buildout stop on that error, I guess not, right?15:48
sunewprojekt01: yes buildout stops - it doesnt get me the egg of z3c.form15:50
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sunewprojekt01: i've seen the svn errors before as warnings and they were not a probloem.15:50
sunewbut now it is15:50
projekt01did you try the trunk of z3c.form?15:50
sunewthere are links to the tgz eggs but they are not used15:51
sunewprojekt01: wll my buildout should get it for me15:51
sunewits after upgrading to a newer setuptools15:51
projekt01did you try the buildout -N option which skips to get it from pypi?15:52
sunewprojekt01: but does it get anything at all then?15:52
projekt01try buildout -vv and tell me where it will stop15:53
sunewprojekt01: you mean -v?15:54
sunewcurrently debugging it with -D15:54
projekt01I guess v can get used multiple times and highers the level of verbose15:54
sunewah it was vv :)15:55
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sunew  Installing instance.15:56
sunew  Getting distribution for 'z3c.form==1.8.2'.15:56
sunewError: Download error for svn:// unknown url type: svn15:56
sunewand its caused when processing the page
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projekt01sunew, are you using the KGS 3.4 and the newest z3c.form is not a part of it?16:00
sunewprojekt01: my buildout is getting me z3c.form. Whats KGS?16:01
projekt01it's a index which restricts the versions to KGS (known good set)16:01
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projekt01my current project uses z3c.form-1.8.2 and everything works fine with buildout -vv, no errors16:02
sunewprojekt01: my buildout usually works - but after the lates setuptools it gives me error16:03
projekt01which setuptools version?16:03
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sunewprojekt01: 0.6c8 (I only suspect its caused by this... )16:04
* projekt01 uses setuptools 0.6c8 too16:04
sunewpropably not that then :)16:05
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projekt01this version works fine for me. Are you working on a linux, mac or win?16:05
sunewprojekt01: win I'm afraid. Just starting my ubuntu virtual machine to try it there.16:06
sunewthe funny thing is it usually works. But now it only wants to see the svn-pages on the z3c.form index page. Not the tgz ones16:07
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projekt01I'm working with win too and everything is fine, I guess you are using a bad index= arg in buildout16:07
sunewindex = arg?16:09
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projekt01what are you using as index=?16:10
projekt01index =
sunewIn buildout.cfg ? hmm nothing. Dont have that set.16:11
sunewtrying that16:11
sunewjust have find-links16:11
sunewto both cheeseshop and ppix16:11
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projekt01what find-links?find-links =
sunewindex: If not specified, the Python Package Index,, is used. That should be ok?16:13
sunewfindlinks are:16:13
sunew    http://dist.plone.org16:13
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projekt01set up the ~/home/.buldout/default.cfg with this and set the home as HOME=C:\home in your windows env16:13
projekt01there is a wiki page about that on wiki.zope.org16:14
sunewprojekt01: remember where?16:16
sunewprojekt01: thanks so much for your help! It works now. I specified the index to use ppix instead of pypi, and put in my findlinks. I dont know wich one made it work, testing that now.16:18
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J1mDoes anyone know the state of ldap support in zope 3?18:54
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FFighterhey folks21:58
FFighterwhat is the closest thing to Zope 3 component architecture in the Java world?21:58
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tarekJ1m, hi22:33
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J1mtarek, ?22:46
tarekJ1m, I wanted to know if a timeout option in buildout is a good thing to hav22:49
J1mtimeout for what? For looking at servers?22:49
tareka global timeout set in the socket module, so all calls in setuptools are getting back faster when the server is down or so22:50
J1mhm, sure22:50
J1msounds good22:51
J1mYou wanted buildout ideas for this sprint, didn't you? :)22:51
tarekyeah !  the sprint is over though :) but there's a long week end here in france (tomorrow is vacation) so...22:52
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tarekno pb, we did great stuff22:52
tarekI'll add more tests for allow-host stuff, but I think it is mergeable already22:53
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