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kiorkyis there a buildout some where to make a zope3 install ?13:48
philiKONsort of13:49
philiKONyou can just make your application package depend on the zope 3 packages13:49
philiKONand buildout will install them as eggs13:50
philiKONthe zopeproject tool can automate this for you13:50
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dirceuTheuni_: hi!13:53
kiorkyphiliKON: so basicly, there isnt any equivalent to the  plone.recipe.zope2install/plone.recipe.zope2instance ?13:53
kiorky(the recipes i'm using to deploy zope2 instances)13:53
philiKONkiorky: the zope2install recipe has no equivalent anymore13:54
philiKONbecause zope 3 is completely eggified13:54
philiKONthere are instance recipes13:54
philiKONsuch as zc.zope3recipes13:54
philiKONbut i don't like them13:54
philiKONtry zopeproject13:54
philiKONsee if what it produces suits you13:54
kiorkythe buildout, yes i tried13:54
kiorkyphiliKON:, those are the eggs i need to have a basic zope3 isntance, right ?13:55
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philiKONkiorky: well13:56
philiKONthese are just the ones that your application package doesn't depend on yet13:56
philiKONbut that are useful for deployment13:56
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philiKONsee the dependencies in setup.py13:56
kiorkyokay13:56 lists all the python code dependencies13:56
philiKONbuildout.cfg has additional dependencies from site.zcml etc.13:57
Theuni_/win/win 113:58
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philiKONTheuni: say what? :)13:59
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TheuniphiliKON: gibberish :)14:06
philiKONTheuni: btw, i've nearly mastered the 'difficult' level on GH now :)14:07
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TheuniphiliKON: :)14:32
philiKONTheuni: soon i'll battle you in expert :)14:32
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Theunii'm expecting your challenge soon, young guitar hero14:48
* Theuni needs to leave14:52
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romanofskiJ1m: ping16:56
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romanofskiwould you mind doing a new release of zc.recipe.egg ?16:57
romanofskidarn *G16:57
J1mSomeone else can make one. Have there been changes?16:57
romanofskizagy said to me, that I should bug you to make a new release16:58
romanofskiand I guess it's worth to create a new release16:59
J1mI don't have time.16:59
romanofski*narf ...17:00
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romanofskiJ1m: I'll bug Theuni17:01
romanofskithanks anyways ...17:01
* romanofski looks out for philiKON17:01
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philiKONromanofski: hmm?17:01
romanofskihuhuuuuu ;)17:01
romanofskiphiliKON: could you please do another release of zc.recipe.egg?17:02
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romanofskior I need to wait until Theuni pops up again ...17:02
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* philiKON wonders if he has the pypi rights17:03
romanofskiat least you're one of the package owners :)17:04
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philiKONi have no idea how to release zc.recipe.egg since it's part of the zc.buildout checkout17:05
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romanofskihm... okey I'll wait for Theuni17:07
romanofskinevermind :)17:07
fairwindsHi. I have been looking at a few WSGI authentication tookits. Thinking to externalize authentication for my zope3 projects. Anyone with an opinion on what might be strongest to use. I've been looking at authkit, repose.who, and paste.auth. Anyone given this a try?17:11
fairwindsAuthkit is pretty much default for pylons so probably has a fair amount of mindshare.17:13
philiKONi haven't given either one a try, i'm afraid17:13
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philiKONbut if you've got your mind set on a wsgi component, then you can evaluate them pretty much by how they compare to each other17:13
fairwindsYes, big thing is how I can get either of them to tie together with authorization17:14
philiKONyou'll still have to hook them up to Zope's PAU for authorization17:14
philiKONbasically, they'll have to expose something in the WSGI env17:14
philiKONwhich you can then read from Zope's PAU plugins17:15
philiKONwhat would make sense to me is if they'd translate to HTTP basic auth17:15
fairwindsyes, hoping it may not be such a big deal17:15
philiKONbecause pretty much anything speaks basic auth :)17:15
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fairwindsyes, I think it could be good but have to think a bit about sessions management17:17
fairwindsI guess so long as its hooked up properly in PAU, it should work fine since zope looking after this17:21
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fairwindsI'm going to give some of this a try over next couple of days,  I'll keep in mind translating to basic auth. Overall, I think externalizing will bring some good flexibility.17:26
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philiKONfairwinds: yeah. please do blog or report it on the list17:35
philiKONfairwinds: making PAU recognize whatever the auth middleware returns shouldn't be too hard17:35
philiKONfairwinds: my book covers how to write a custom credentials plugin for PAU17:35
philiKON(in this case it reads from a cookie, but adapting this example to something else shouldn't be too hard)17:36
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fairwindsphiliKON: thanks17:48
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sidneiJ1m: ping?20:17
sidneiJ1m: i found a problem with
sidneiit has <base href="http://localhost:8081" />20:19
sidneithat confuses some browsers20:19
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J1msidnei, I don't see why that would matter.20:46
J1mThere are no reletive URLs.20:47
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fairwindsphiliKON: ping21:00
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fairwindsphiliKON: just wondering if you'd be prepared to review code or make suggestions with WSGI auth as I work thru zope3 and repoze.who to try and get it to work with PAU.21:02
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sidneiJ1m: well, konqueror seems to care21:24
sidneino idea myself :(21:24
sidneiwouldn't hurt to fix21:24
J1mI don't have time to "fix".21:24
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kiorkyUhm, is that normal that we cant give extra pathes to the "zc.zope3recipes"  ? it would be good after all :(22:29
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kiorky§b 2022:30
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