IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2008-05-28

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maltheusing z3c.extfile in a paste deployment, is it possible to use buildout to tell paste to set the EXTFILE_STORAGEDIR environment variable to some directory local to the buildout?11:40
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timtemalthe: why do you want paste to do that?12:06
malthetimte: well, when I say bin/paster serve ... , --- I need this environment variable to be set to a value known to the buildout configuration.12:07
malthei.e. var/filestorage/extfile12:07
maltheI wonder what the lovely guys do12:08
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seletzmalthe, well using buildout you can add special initialization to generated scripts -- see for example the ipzope script part12:41
seletzmalthe, basically you add python code which does add the env var to the environ dict12:41
maltheseletz: seems like low-hanging fruit to you; maybe you'd like to cash in on a cheap commit?12:43
maltheand help save the world?12:43
seletzmalthe, sure, I'll give it a shot12:43
maltheseletz: i'll follow your every move12:44
* seletz hides in the shadow12:44
seletzmalthe, but i wonder if that can't be done in the paste debug.ini file?12:45
maltheseletz: I've wondered that, too12:46
maltheand googled, and googled, ...12:46
seletzmalthe, I'll try. I'll get back to you when I have it.12:48
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Pan_when i use z3c.form can i have my own schemas for edit object? for example i have user object with fields name,surname,password,phone. now i want to create form to edit password. using formlib it was quite easy (hehe, perhaps only one easy thing in formlib) - create schema with fields password, password2, checking invariant, and thats all.12:54
Pan_in z3c.form i cant do that - do i have to create user object with all fields at the beginning (name,surname,password,password2,phone - but thats silly) or there is other way?12:54
Pan_perhpas answer is obvious, but i cant find it ;)12:55
Pan_now, when i create my own interface to generate form (with password and password2) for object User i get information that datamanager throws exception about "Could not adapt".12:56
malthePan_: your object needs to implement the interface13:04
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Pan_ok, right, but in zope.formlib that wasnt necessary13:05
malthePan_: implement getContent13:05
malthehave it return self.context13:05
seletzmalthe, git pull :)13:07
malthePan_: your object *should* implement the interface, if it infact, does.13:07
malthewhy wouldn't you have it implement it13:07
Pan_malthe: because sometimes i want to create edit form, that will take input from user but wont be included in object? like this example about user?13:09
Pan_why do i have to implement interface for user with 2 password fields13:09
Pan_if i only want to use 1 password field13:09
Pan_i need 2 fields during editiong (to confirm that user know what he is typing)13:10
Pan_malthe: perhpas something is wrong in my understanding of this concept.13:11
maltheI see what you mean13:11
Pan_great, so my english isnt so bad ;)13:11
malthePan_: I guess this isn't an edit-form, then, but a form.13:11
Pan_ok, but when i use form.Form13:12
Pan_i get the same problem about datamanager13:12
Pan_'Could not adapt'13:12
Pan_but when im using AddForm with my custom interface13:12
Pan_everything is ok :D13:12
malthePan_: that's because you need to provide default values.13:13
Pan_malthe: with getContent? and that will be ok?13:13
malthePan_: or you could return self, and have the form provide defaults.13:14
Pan_malthe: so - the idea is: im creating interface IUser with name,password, phone. for AddForm im just doing fields = field.Field(IUser). For changing password im creating interface IUserChangePass password with password, password2 (fields = field.Field(IUserChangePass))13:15
Pan_and now only thing i have to do is to implement getContent that will reaturn dictionary for password and password2?13:15
malthePan_: you can pass in fields directly to field.Fields13:15
malthejust have __name__="field_name" in your field constructor13:15
Pan_but i need also invariant13:16
Pan_to checking if password == password13:16
malthePan_: not a dictionary; an object that provides the field attributes as attributes.13:16
Pan_to checking if password == password213:16
malthean interface then13:16
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malthePan_: I think you can say ignoreContext, too.13:16
malthesomething like that.13:16
maltheso it just uses field defaults13:16
Pan_ok, ill look for it.13:17
malthebut I suppose you do want to set some defaults, like the user.13:17
maltheyou could also introduce an adapter from your user object (context) to the interface13:17
maltheyou'll probably work it out :-)13:18
Pan_hehe. thanks that you belive in me ;)13:18
maltheI do, I do.13:18
Pan_im php/java programmer... its sometimes a little pain that simple things in zope are taking so much time. like creating your own forms for edition.13:19
Pan_but when i get understaing of those simple things, next time it takes me just a while :)13:20
Pan_thanks malthe :)13:23
malthePan_: I think that now that you know the concept, it's quite easy, right?13:24
maltheit's a bit more formal than php frameworks.13:24
malthenp Pan_13:24
Pan_malthe: getContent and ignoreContext are the concept! now, yes, its quite easy. ;)13:25
Pan_malthe: yes, more component architecture.13:25
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ccombgawel c'est dans /var/www/, je te laisse faire le sous-domaine et la config apache13:36
ccombogrisel tu veux faire comment pour ton mdp ?13:37
ccomboupsss sorry, wrong channel13:37
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Pan_is there possibility to omit invariant during passing edit form (i dont display all fields in edit form) ?14:27
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Pan_malthe: i made it ;) at last. hehe ;)17:05
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malthePan_: great17:07
Pan_malthe: im not sure how it works, but it works ;) i have 2 invariants in my base clase (checking if password == password2 and checking if login is free). i created IChangePassword interface with fields password and password2. and i craeted getContent with return {'password': '', 'password2': ''}17:11
Pan_if i was using normal IUser interface for editing second invariant (checking login) it shows me error that login is already taken.17:12
Pan_so i had to create my own schema and now it looks that it works..17:12
Pan_argh ;)17:12
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afd_are there any documents detailing a zope 3 vision / long term goals?19:07
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Pan_Couldn't find index page for 'z3c.password' (maybe misspelled?)19:25
afd_svn co svn://
Pan_yes, but this is response from buildout19:28
Pan_where i should checkout it? to egg directory?19:29
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afd_you could check out the trunk and build the egg with python bdist_egg, then place that egg in buildout's cache folder, buildout will find it from there. There are probably better solution then this, maybe someone can sugest some19:31
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Pan_naaa. your suggestin is so good because it works ;)19:34
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