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danielblackburnIf a principal has multiple groups assigned and the groups permissions for the same view are contrary, and the principals permissions for that view are unset. The permission seems to default to allow if allow exists for either of the groups, Is this designed behavior?01:09
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lisppaste6horeb pasted "zope3-test" at
amleczkohello. i'm trying to write simple zope3 unittest - after running it i've got "ImportError: No module named twisted.internet"11:04
amleczkois it something with my PYTHONPATH in unittests ?11:05
romanofskiwhere do you use this test/11:06
amleczkoi have a module in which i'm doing imports from twisted.internet and which contains unittest11:07
romanofskibut your test doesn't import anything... is that correct?11:09
romanofskiso how do you get the ImportError then?11:10
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amleczkothe import is in the of the module11:10
amleczkoI don't know why zope is resolving those imports11:11
amleczkoother thing - why i cannot import anything from twisted in unittests ?11:12
romanofskihm.. zope uses twisted...11:14
amleczkook i know why. i've create fresh zope3 instance from mkzopeinstance script - and it sets wrong paths in SOFTWARE_HOME11:14
amleczkoof my script11:14
romanofskiand you can import twisted.internet if you use this python you also run the tests, right?11:15
amleczkosorry for trouble11:15
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wiggywhat do people use to run memcached from buildout?13:16
wiggydang, lunch13:17
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wiggyTheuni: how do gocept.cmmi and zc.recipe.cmmi compare? aside from the complete lack of documentation for gocept.cmmi :)13:45
Theunigood question :)13:45
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wiggyhm, zc.recipe.cmmi doesn't support adding environment variables13:54
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Theuniyeah i think it was something along those lines14:07
* wiggy just added that to zc.recipe.cmmi14:07
wiggyit's only 2 lines of code14:08
Theunimight be true14:08
Theuniwe need to clean up some of the more experimental recipes we started when buildout appeared14:08
wiggyof course I'm completely lost in trying to update that jim-unreadable-documentation-which-does-shell-stuff-in-python README thing14:08
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wiggytarek: ping14:19
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tarekwiggy, pong14:25
wiggytarek: can you make a zc.recipe.cmmi release?14:25
wiggytarek: I added support for updating the environment, which I need to pass CFLAGS and LDFLAGS options to configure14:25
tarekwiggy, ah sure, i'll do that after lunch14:26
wiggywhen's that? :)14:26
tarekin 1 hour or so :D14:26
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tarekwiggy, ping16:01
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tarekwiggy, i have done the release16:10
wiggyI saw, thanks!16:10
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wiggytarek: looks like zc.recipe.cmmi does not remove the tmp directories it creates18:41
wiggyI have a whole stack of /tmp/tmpxxxxxxxx directories now18:41
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tarekwiggy, right, tmp is not removed in the recipe19:00
tarekbut I am not sure it is a wrong behavior. zc.buildout does it too IIRC19:00
tarekbut i would be better to remove it at the end, yup19:01
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wiggybuildout cleans up19:02
tarekok i thought not19:08
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run|sonyhey guys22:54
run|sonythe persistent zeo cache checkins jim landed; will effect does that have?22:55
run|sonyfaster startup for zeo clients?22:55
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run|sonymcdonc, yes, the internet works23:16
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wiggythe internets work!23:16
mcdonci'm heading for the bar23:16
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benjirun|sony: persistent caches in general are about faster startup; Jim's recent changes fixed bugs in persistent caches23:18
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run|sonybenji, you guys using it in production?23:19
benjithat's how we found the bugs -- /me glances at his scars. ;)23:20
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