IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2008-06-04

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whitanyone have any code for loading configparser data into a vocabulary?00:47
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Pan_can i connect zope.schema and z3c.schema :D ?01:40
Pan_no answers, hehe, lets try at this night hour! :D01:41
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Pan_it works ;)01:56
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Pan_damn, how to use DateSetWidget?02:46
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fcorreaPan_: What you mean by connect schemas?03:46
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fcorreaI think z3c.schema provide some extra fields03:48
fcorreafields not provided by zope.chema03:49
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amleczkoi have a problem with threads in zope3. how can i configure thread pool size in zope 3?10:23
afd_amleczko: example: threads 410:24
afd_in zope.conf10:24
afd_as far as I know10:24
amleczkoafd_: how can i check how many thread zope opened ?10:25
afd_maybe zc.z3monitor can help10:26
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afd_default is 4, I think10:27
amleczkoafd_: thanks10:27
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malthewhen building out zc.buildout, I get this:
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amleczkoi'm searching for howto for zc.z3monitor11:36
amleczkoREADME.txt in the package is not clear enough, help apriciated11:36
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amleczkoi'm using task.LoopingCall from twisted to schedule tasks. when zope calls this task (it takes some time to execute) all threads seems to be locked, any sugestions ?11:53
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ranjithhi all12:35
ranjithhi i was configuring zope2 svn checkout but got an error that the python interpreter is not having a ..I had configured the python2.5.2 from the downloaded file from python.org12:39
ranjithwhat to do to resolve it.12:39
malthewhere's the buildbot waterfall for the zope repository again?12:43
tarekmalthe, you need to point the python2.3 interpreter into the .cfg, either remove teh section if you don't have it (but this would make your test not run under 2.3 of course)12:57
malthetarek: thanks--I figured that out eventually12:58
malthethe test fail12:58
maltheMustapha and I were trying to add + and - operators.12:58
maltherather succesfully, but the test suite in trunk fails.12:58
tarek+ and - operaors ?12:58
malthetarek: see post to zope.devel and
tarekah nice feature indeed :)12:59
malthetarek: it can't be done easily using += and -=; but Mustapha found that it was quite easy to do like this:13:00
maltheeggs =13:00
malthe   + some_additional_egg13:00
malthewhich is not quite as intuitive I must admit13:00
tarekwell, the problem is, if you have one "+" it means that the whole eggs variable takes the inherited value right ?13:03
tarekso all lines will need to have the "+" or the "-" sign ?13:03
maltheright that's the problem exactly13:03
maltheit's a bit ambigious13:03
maltheperhaps simply allowing to inherit the whole value is better13:04
maltheeggs = ${buildout:eggs}13:04
malthesuch a circular reference is not allowed right now13:04
malthetarek: perhaps ConfigParser.RawConfigParser could be subclassed to allow it?13:07
maltheit's just a regular expression defining '=' and ':'.13:07
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* malthe tries13:09
tarekWhat Jim thinks about it ?13:13
tarekmalthe, maybe we could have extra variables like this:13:15
tarekeggs:additional =13:15
tarek    one13:15
tarek  two13:15
tarekwith a different sign than ':' of course13:16
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malthepdb.set_trace doesn't seem to work inside the zc.buildout testrunner.13:48
benjimalthe, brainstorming: what about "eggs+ = foo" or "+eggs = foo" (although, I *really* like the "eggs += foo" syntax better13:48
benjimalthe: it does, but because some layer tests are run in a subprocess, you can't do pdb's there; in that case use --layer= to run just the layer of interest and your pdb will work13:48
maltheit's really difficult to work without pdb13:48
maltheok let me try that13:49
malthewhat is my layer of interest though? I added some tests to buildout.txt13:49
benjithe testrunner error message explains it: the layer is being run in a subprocess and pdb wants to talk to stdin/stdout13:52
maltheright --- but how do I know what layer to specify using --layer ?13:54
mgedmincould we make the test runner use a different set of pipes for communication13:54
mgedminand leave stdin/stdout/stderr alone?13:54
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benjimgedmin: I don't see why not; might be tricky to do on Windows13:57
benjimalthe: just before the error message it'll display what layer it's entering13:57
tarekbenji, +eggs looks nice13:58
mgedminsay rather strange13:59
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mgedminevery programmer will understrand +=13:59
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mgedminwhere did that extra r came from?13:59
mgedminotoh += is a bit of an extension to the .ini file format13:59
mgedminand it's not clear where the original value that you're extending comes from13:59
benjiyep, I prefer += as well, but there are apparently it's difficult to do13:59
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tarekyeah += would brake ConfigParser format14:00
mgedmineggs = ${original:eggs} extra ones14:00
malthetarek: it's easy enough to subclass it and fix that14:01
mgedminfor whatever existing spelling buildout has14:01
mgedminI don't remember it14:01
tarekmgedmin, yes that what we do right now14:01
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tarekmalthe, absolutely, but from the begining i think it sticks with ini standard. i wonder what would Jim say about htis14:03
malthebenji: what layer would this be:
malthei'm not getting it :-)14:03
malthetarek: right14:03
maltheI think we can justify subclassing and extending it's behavior14:03
tareki guess14:05
tarekI am looking forward for the option that will alow a section to be platform dependant, as well14:06
maltheit's probably zope.testing.testrunner.layer.UnitTests then14:07
malthehmm no that didn't work14:07
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mgedminmalthe: there's not enough information in your paste to say14:11
mgedminthe test runner says "Running tests from layer XXXXX" way above what you pasted14:12
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mgedminthat looks like the tests are using os.system to run the actual buildout process in a doctest14:13
mgedminwhich means there's no way you can trick the test runner into giving you a working pdb prompt...14:13
mgedminor am I wrong?14:14
* mgedmin is not familiar with buildout's tests14:14
* mgedmin avoids pdb because it is so limited14:14
malthemgedmin: I think you're right14:17
malthei'll have to find an alternative :-)14:17
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mgedminprint statements14:22
mgedminvery useful alternative to pdb14:22
mgedminalso, understanding the code so you know where to put the print statements and how to interpret their results14:22
mgedminlinus torvalds also subscribes to this debugging theory, so it must have a grain of truth at least14:22
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tarekzc.buildout.testing should use a direct call to pdb to avoid relying on the output. They may differ depending on your environment (virtualenv or not)14:27
tarekpdb would work then14:28
tarekwe changed that in ZopeSkel to provide a paster() testing API14:29
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tarekI think the refactoring would be easy in zc.buildout.testing, in order to call the buidl within the same process, then print the same output os.system would14:30
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* tarek is going to try that in a branch14:32
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run|sonyTheuni, ?15:56
run|sonyTheuni, url for book?15:56
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Theunirun|sony: plonebook.info16:01
run|sonygot it16:01
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Pan_during usign datetimewidget im keeping this error:17:01
Pan_TypeError: ('Could not adapt', <zc.resourcelibrary.publication.Request instance URL=>, <InterfaceClass zope.interface.common.idatetime.ITZInfo>)17:01
Pan_problem is occuring here:17:01
Pan_            tzinfo = ITZInfo(request)17:01
Pan_but dunno why?17:01
mgedminlooks like missing zcml setup17:02
mgedminthis is real life or a unit test?17:02
Pan_real life17:03
Pan_im just using DatetimeWidget17:03
Pan_during creation of form using formlib17:03
Pan_nothing amazing, simple thing17:04
Pan_but request cant be adapt to ITZInfo. should i somewhere declare timezone (in zcml) or something?17:04
mgedminlet me take a look at zc.datetimewidget17:05
Pan_allrite! ;)17:05
Pan_(line 45)17:05
mgedminread widgets.txt, around line 5017:06
mgedmin"In order to handle timezones correctly the zope instance has to17:06
mgedminprovide an adapter from IBrowserRequest to ITZInfo. It is up to the17:06
mgedmininstance what kind of implementation it uses."17:06
mgedminthere's a demo17:06
Pan_ahhh. ahhh! silly me.17:07
Pan_thanks mgedmin.17:07
Pan_few hours ago i was focusing on DateSetWidget and i omited this section17:07
Pan_by the way, perhaps you can help me a little bit in using DateSetWidget? it have 4 parameters in init, but other widgets got only 3. and there is problem using it in form.17:09
mgedminoh, really?17:09
mgedminisn't it automatically selected as the widget for you when you have a Set(value=Date()) field in your schema?17:09
Pan_it wasnt working for me.17:10
Pan_perhaps i was using it in to complicated example. ill create some silly form and try to use it.17:10
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mgedminnote that I've no familiarity whatsoever with zc.datetimewidget17:11
mgedminbut I've encountered other Set() widgets before17:11
mgedminthere's an extra dispatch step going on that adds the extra argument17:11
Pan_what extra dispatch step?17:12
mgedminzope looks up widgets as adapters from (field, request) to IInputWidget17:13
mgedminwhen field is a Set object, the adapter found is not the final widget17:13
mgedminbut a dispatcher that performs an adapter lookup from (field, field.value, request) to IInputWidget17:13
mgedminthis way you can have different widgets for Set(value=TextLine()) and Set(value=Date())17:14
mgedminI may have some names wrong17:14
mgedminyes, it's Set(value_type=foo), not Set(value=foo)17:14
mgedminthe dispatcher is
Pan_ok. i will browse its code.17:15
mgedminin case you're interested in looking underneath the hood to see how the machinery works17:15
mgedminit's a one-liner, essentially ;-)17:15
Pan_i think that looking under machinery enigne  is only way of developing in zope ;)17:16
mgedminthat's my view as well, but I hope that it's wrong :-)17:17
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edgordoni am trying to run the tests for z3c.widget and am getting the following error:18:41
edgordon    zope.component.adapter_hook.reset()18:41
edgordonAttributeError: 'function' object has no attribute 'reset'18:41
edgordonanyone seen that before?18:41
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