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arikaGood night.04:39
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CSWookieIs zcml order sensitive?  Like, if I say <exclude package="foo" /> and then later say <include package="bar" />, where bar includes foo, will the result be bar, but not foo?  Or do I need to put the exclude after?05:44
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Pan_how can i turn on accesslog in zope?13:06
Pan_do i have to use zope3recipe?13:06
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philiKONPan_: are you using zopeproject?13:33
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HammerToeAnyone know what zcml incantation is needed to allow an instance of an object returned by a browser view to allow access to its attributes via __getitem__?13:56
HammerToeif I add __getitem__ into the inteface, and do an allow interface, then I can call the __getitem__ ok from a zpt, but the value return (a string) has no security context so fails validation13:57
zagyattributes via __getitem__?13:57
HammerToehiya zagy :)13:57
HammerToezagy: ok full story... I am implementing an external search which I want to use with Plone3's existing  That expects a list of zope2 zcatalog brains to iterate over13:58
philiKONso you're in zope2, not in zope313:59
HammerToeand attributes on a brain can be accessed as attributes or as mapping keys... eg brain.item or brain['item']13:59
* zagy shuts up13:59
HammerToephiliKON, yes I am... but I think this is a zcml security declaration issue hence asking in here :)13:59
philiKONyes, welcome to the wonderful ambiguity of the zope 2 apis13:59
philiKONthis isn't zcml related14:00
philiKONin zope 2, objects must have a proper acquisition chain if you want security to be evaluated properly14:00
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HammerToebut zope2 aside ;) ..... my browser view returns a list of these brain-like objects.  And these objects has a __getitem__ call so they can be accessed like a mapping14:00
philiKONthis has nothing to do with zcml14:00
HammerToethe problem being that it is returning a string, which of course has no security wrapper14:00
philiKONtehre are no security wrappers in zope 214:00
HammerToephiliKON, right... but then how does *any* attribute return a string then?14:00
philiKONthere's only Acquisition14:01
philiKONi'm not sure why this is even an issue14:01
philiKONwhat component actually expects a security context on this string?14:01
HammerToeok, let me try and illustrate my point: (in zpt) works and returns a string.  But myobject['foo'] which also returns a string fails14:02
HammerToeI have def __getitem__(self, item): return self.__dict__.get(item)14:02
philiKONwell, i have no idea why, and w/o the traceback it's hard to judge14:02
philiKONHammerToe: uh, self.__dict__?14:02
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philiKONHammerToe: why not getattr?14:02
philiKONHammerToe: i think your __getitem__ is a bit bogus that's why it's failing...14:03
* philiKON murmurs unittests14:03
HammerToethis has nothing to do with unittests ;)14:03
philiKONhmm, guarded_getitem14:04
HammerToeok, will try replacing __dict__ call with getattr14:04
HammerToepah, still fails :(14:05
philiKONguarded_getitem, line 71, wants to "validate" the object14:05
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philiKONso maybe what you want to do is set a default permission on the object14:05
philiKONsecurity = ClassSecurityInfo()14:06
* philiKON doesn't remember what it was in zope 214:06
philiKONi'm not sure there's a zcml syntax for this14:06
HammerToehrm... you can't do it in zcml?14:06
HammerToeahhh wait.. yeah I remember... allow acces unproceted subobjects or something14:06
philiKONah right14:07
philiKONthat's something you might be able to do as well14:07
philiKON__allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__ = True14:07
HammerToeaha.... yeah that seems to have worked :D cheers philikon14:08
* philiKON off for a bit14:08
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__gotchatest setup/teradown question17:19
__gotchaif I use configuration.xmlconfig.file to load zcml in the test setup,17:20
__gotchawhat should I do as tear down ?17:20
__gotchamgedmin: thanks17:21
philiKON__gotcha: or just use a layer :)17:22
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__gotchaphiliKON: I am still not able to understand how to use those layers17:22
philiKONplacelessTearDown()... hmm, 2001 called, it wants its Zope 3 back :)17:22
__gotchaany hint where to get good doc about them ?17:23
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philiKON__gotcha: my trainings ;)17:23
__gotchaI'll confirm a flight in five minutes17:23
__gotchaoops, I have already a reservation for holidays with my wife ;-)17:23
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philiKONmy book does mention them, but doesn't cover them as much as i'd like it to17:23
philiKONbasically, a layer is something that has a setUp and a tearDown mehod17:24
__gotchaespecially when we are crazy enough to do those tests in Z2 :-S17:24
philiKONand you place a bunch of tests on a layer17:24
philiKONby saying17:24
philiKONsuite.layer = TheLayer17:24
* __gotcha listening17:25
philiKONsuite = DocFileSuite('foo.txt')17:25
philiKONsuite.layer = TheLayer17:25
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__gotchajfroche and I will try right away17:25
philiKONTheLayer is something you'll have to define17:25
__gotchacan we use the xmlconfig stuff in layers as well17:25
philiKONit could be a class with 2 classmethods setUp and tearDown17:25
philiKONor, if all you want to do is just load ZCML, you can use ZCMLLayer17:25
philiKONyes, you could17:26
philiKONbut it's even easier to use ZCMLLayer17:26
philiKONmy_zcml = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'my.zcml')17:26
__gotchawhat is the way to configure ZCMLLayer ?17:26
philiKONTheLayer = ZCMLLayer(my_zcml, __name__, 'TheLayer')17:26
__gotchayou are quuicker for answers than my questions17:26
__gotchaas usual thanks !17:26
philiKONand my.zcml is a file next to your tests that includes everything you need for that layer17:27
philiKONthis is how we do integration and functional tests in zope317:27
__gotchawe'll try17:27
philiKONit also works in zope2, of course17:27
__gotchaseems fine17:27
mgedminphiliKON: please pleas please update your recommendation to ZCMLLAyer(my_zcml, __name__, 'TheLayer', allow_teardown=True)17:27
philiKONok :)17:27
philiKONbut why?17:27
mgedminthe default (allow_teardown=False) is for paranoid backwards-compatibility reasons only17:27
philiKONdoes it matter?17:27
philiKONso what if it has to launch a new python process?17:28
__gotchawhat is the second arg ?17:28
mgedminthe test runner will not need to use subprocesses if you say allow_teardown=True17:28
__gotchathen layer name ?17:28
philiKON__gotcha: the name of the current package17:28
philiKON__gotcha: in python that's __name__17:28
mgedminand if the test runner uses subprocesses, you can't pdb, or measure --coverage, or other nice things17:28
philiKONmgedmin: ah :(17:28
mgedminmaybe I should just set the default to True and damn the consequences :-)17:28
mgedminI doubt you'd find any real-life cases where CleanUp().cleanUp() doesn't reliably clean up everything the test setup set up17:29
philiKONzope.testing.cleanup.cleanUp() is my preferred way of cleaning up. placelessTearDown() sounds so Zope X3.0ish :)17:29
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__gotchaphiliKON: where to import ZCMLLayer from ?17:30
philiKONfrom import ZCMLLayer17:31
__gotchayou are a father for me17:31
philiKONwell, daddy has to home now :)17:32
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mgedminoh?  inheriting your TestCase from PlacelessSetUp is Zope X3-ish, placelessTearDown is at least Zope 3.2-ish :-)17:33
mgedminwaaah, he's gone already :(17:34
__gotchamgedmin: I was very lucky ;-)17:34
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__gotchaphiliKON: back ?18:00
__gotchajust in time ;-)18:00
__gotchawhat should I add to a ZCMLLayer to get traversal ?18:01
__gotchaTraversalError: ('No traversable adapter found', <TextWidget 'form.widgets.field_1'>)18:02
__gotchaI miss some setup I suppose18:02
philiKONincluding Products.Five doesn't hurt ;)18:02
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__gotchaI am trying to convert existing test setup to layer18:02
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philiKONtry including Products.Five as the first thing in your layer's zcml file18:03
* __gotcha testing18:04
__gotchayeah, thanks18:04
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