IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2008-06-21

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ranjithI am doing the project of porting zope2 to python2.506:03
ranjithIn the project I owuld like to get the rpython implimentation also done06:03
ranjithCan any one help me to start with rpython work..06:04
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ranjithCan any one help me to start with rpython work..06:12
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ranjithCan any one help me to start with rpython work..06:21
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arikaa little06:37
arikazope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/arika/Zope/etc/site.zcml", line 7.2-7.55 ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/arika/Zope/etc/package-includes/araSquared-configure.zcml", line 1.0-1.37 ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/arika/Zope/lib/python/araSquared/Site/configure.zcml", line 8.4 InvalidInterface: Concrete attribute, site_name06:37
arikawhat's that?06:37
arikaI've done that site_name with a TextLine schema...06:37
arikanothing I think i got it06:37
arikacontinues not to work06:40
arikaI shall read more...06:41
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bristowhi everyone07:28
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arikaWHat's the problem with persistent.Persistent?08:04
arikais that way the only to make things be written to the ZODB?08:05
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arikakursor: wellcome...08:10
arikaare you there?08:10
kursor  yes, only for a moment08:14
arikaI'm trying to make an object be saved in the ZODB08:14
arikaI'm playing with the debugzope util08:14
arikaand following my textbook08:14
arika>>> from araSquared.Content.Document import Document08:15
arika>>> i = Document()08:15
arikaTraceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?08:15
arikaTypeError: 'module' object is not callable08:15
kursorwhich textbook?08:15
arikathat's what I get08:15
arikathat one from Philipp whatever...08:15
arikaWeb development with Zope 308:15
kursorah, ok08:15
arikaif I add (Persistent) to the class name08:16
arikait works yeah08:16
arikabut testing it won't do it08:16
kursorWhich chapter?08:16
kursorYeh it starts with examples derived from object08:17
kursorand later on form Persitent08:17
arikathat's the thing...08:17
arikait's supposed that the class that implements my interface IDocument08:17
arikahas to inherit from Persistent08:18
arikain order to be saved...08:18
arikathat's what I got after reading08:18
arikabut the problem is that I can't test like that guy08:18
arikawhat happens if you inherit from object?08:19
arikaI thought it was an errata08:19
kursorit is only a newstyle class08:20
arikaah OK08:20
arikabut well08:20
arikahow can I solve my problem with Persistent?08:20
arika ^^08:20
kursoryou can also look at08:21
kursor for additional information08:21
arikalet me see...08:21
arikathat's another tutorial on Zope 3?08:22
arikathat debugzope08:24
arikashows lots of errors loading08:24
arikacan't work with the server running...08:24
arika>>> i = Document()08:25
arikaTraceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?08:25
arikaTypeError: 'module' object is not callable08:25
arikacontinues saying that08:25
arikaI'll continue later...08:39
kursoris there an other variable named Document? What is in the list of dir()08:40
kursorwhat shows type(Document)08:41
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arikano, it isn't08:50
arikalet me see08:50
arika>>> type(Document)08:50
arika<type 'module'>08:50
arika>>> dir()08:50
arika['CONFIG_FILE', 'Document', 'INSTANCE_HOME', 'SOFTWARE_HOME', '__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', 'app', 'debugger', 'os', 'root', 'sys']08:50
arikawhat that means?08:51
arikashall I try that?08:52
arika>>> dir(Document)08:53
arika['Document', 'IDocument', 'Persistent', '__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', 'implements']08:53
arika>>> dir()["Document"]08:53
arikathat's what gives that.08:53
arikaI would like to solve this but now I have to go...08:53
arikaIf you find a solution I'd like it on a private message (for not loosing it)08:53
arikaThank you very much. :)08:54
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arikacould I change Persistent09:28
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mintsaucehi all19:26
mintsauceim following benji yorks tutorial on the wiki, but im using a buildout based instance ..... for a new package, such as the hello world app ... i should create a <include package="hello" /> entry and a /src/hello directory?19:28
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mintsauceanyone here?20:08
romanofskimintsauce: yeees?20:09
mintsauceim trying to set up a simple hello world app to introduce myself to zope3 ...... im following benji yorks tutorial ...... but im using buildout, so I dont have a python directory ..... where should I be putting the app instead?20:11
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romanofskimintsauce: I think you want to try Grok first20:11
mintsaucei want to try zope3 .... been using plone for a while20:12
romanofskiGrok is Zope3 (lite)20:12
mintsauceso theres no easy answer to my first question?20:15
romanofskihm.. I don't understand your question actually - where is benji yorks tutorial?20:16
mintsauceits linked from the zope3 wiki20:17
romanofskion which point are you now?20:17
mintsauce"We need to go to the lib/python directory of our instance" - i dont have this directory, its a buildout installation20:21
romanofskiah - i see20:23
romanofskiso your buildout works and sets up a zope3 instance?20:23
romanofskiand you're using the system phython?20:25
mintsauceyup - python2.420:25
mintsaucedoes it go in the system python directory?20:26
romanofskiyou create a python package, which you can reference as a develop-egg20:26
romanofskicreate a directory hello20:26
romanofskithis has a setyp.py20:26
romanofskia src directory20:26
romanofskia src/hello directory where you put your configure.zcml and the actual code20:27
mintsaucewhere should i create the first hello directory?20:27
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romanofskiactually, you can place it anywhere in the system20:28
romanofskibut just create it either in your buildout directory20:28
romanofskior on a level above20:28
romanofskilatter one is prefered20:28
mintsaucewhat about 'We need to tell Zope to read our ZCML file, and the easiest way to do that is to put a "slug" in the instance/etc'20:31
mintsaucedont have instance etc ;)20:32
mintsauce(thanks so far btw, starting to make more sense)20:32
romanofskina... you've buildout - you don't want to do this with buildout20:32
mintsaucewhere do i put it instead?20:34
romanofskiyou can tell your zope3 via buildout.cfg where to read additional configure.zcmls from (or which additional packages should be included)20:40
romanofskido you know how to setup a develop-egg in your buildout.cfg?20:40
mintsauceno ... but im sure i can find some docs20:40
romanofskiit's very easy20:41
mintsaucehow then? ;)20:41
romanofskijust add in your buildout section20:41
romanofskidevelop = ../yourpackage20:42
romanofskiif you placed 'yourpackage' besides your buildout20:42
romanofskiit's just a path expression20:42
mintsauceok ..... i already have a line that says develop = .20:43
romanofskiwell you can start right there20:43
romanofskido you have a 'src' directory?20:44
romanofskiin your buildout dir?20:44
romanofskiwhat's in your src?20:44
mintsaucesrc - the folder you told me to create20:45
mintsauceand testproject which was set up by my buildout20:45
mintsauce..... what should be in
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romanofskithat's the metadata for the egg20:47
romanofskiname, title, dependencies20:47
romanofskiI think you should check other eggs what they have20:48
romanofskithat's probably the best todo20:48
mintsaucemind if i send you a screenshot of my folders, to check im doing it correctly?20:50
romanofskiI won't mind, but if your buildout runs through, and have that develop entry and src directory, you should be right on your path20:50
romanofskiwhat's that mashed thing doing there?20:55
mintsaucethe buildout creates it ... just a default package .... runs fine from installation (mashed is just the project name)20:57
romanofskiso... you define in your buildout root the for your package hello20:59
romanofskithe in hello can be (re-)moved20:59
mintsauce'define in your buildout root the for your package hello' - is that the develop = . line in cfg?21:01
mintsauceso should work as is then? - what am i looking for after rebuild and restart?21:03
romanofskiactually you can put a little error in your of your hello package to see if it throws an error when you start your instance21:05
romanofskido a buildout first though, after you put everything in place21:06
mintsaucedone a buildout ... looked fine, but cant browse to it yet .... will try the error21:06
mintsaucehmmm .... put 'sdfsfsdfsdf' in __init__py .... but no error on restart21:07
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romanofskiyou can check your instance script (which starts the instance) if the path of your develop-egg is in there21:08
mintsaucewas missing <include package="hello" /> :)21:09
mintsauceremoved error and it restarts properly21:10
mintsaucebut browsing localhost:8080/hello returns ' The page that you are trying to access is not available '21:11
romanofskiyou have a 'hello' browser:page?21:12
mintsaucemy bad - missed the 'Now if we start Zope back up, we can go to the ZMI and add our content type by clicking on "QS Hello World"'21:14
mintsaucei think its working .... got Object Introspector: hello.hello.HelloWorld  ( hello )21:15
romanofskiwell, if your package is recognized by zope3 than you should be able to continue :)21:15
romanofskilooks good21:15
mintsaucethanks loads romanofski, youve been a great help21:15
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CSWookieAnyone know of a way to guarantee that a view is security proxied?21:29
CSWookieI have a view on Exception, and I want it to be proxied.  Should I just define __new__ in the class and proxy it there?21:30
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