IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2008-07-19

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MrTopfHi! I am wondering if there a problem with zope.proxy and python2.5.1?00:42
MrTopftried to run my buildout with 2.5.1 which uses the ZCA and unfortunately it fails00:42
MrTopf(on mac osx 10.5.4)00:43
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ARiKAMrTopf: I think Zope's recommendation is for 2.4.3...01:41
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ARiKAI've compared a compile in Zope 3 with both pythons01:41
ARiKAand 2.5.x says things about deprecating01:41
ARiKAand that with will be a keyword in Python 2.6...01:41
MrTopfwell, there at least is some egg in pypi for 2.5 for zope.proxy01:42
MrTopfso Zope might say 2.4.3 but is this also true for the component stuff like zope.interface and zope.component (and their dependancies)?01:42
MrTopfinterestingly it works when I download the egg and build it01:42
MrTopfjust not in a buildout01:42
ARiKArecommended thing is to use 2.4.3...01:42
ARiKAHave a dual install of python, like me.01:42
MrTopfI have but others do not ;-)01:42
ARiKAGot 2.4 and 2.5 on the same box and Zope uses 2.4.x01:43
ARiKAAhhh you're deploying web development as a job, isn't it?01:43
ARiKAhahahaha :)01:43
MrTopfactually I didn't notice as I usually have python2.4 first in my path01:44
MrTopfbut others are now saying bad things about buildout and ZCA etc. because they do not get it to run ;-)01:44
ARiKAHmmm the ./configure of Zope detects what version's you have, I think...01:44
MrTopfand I was glad I convinced them to use it as it makes life easier01:44
MrTopfas said, it's only about the component architecture, we don't use the rest of Zope01:45
ARiKAI'm not a Zope pro... I'm a completely beginner lol01:45
MrTopfI might write to some list01:45
MrTopfmaybe somebody has the same problem01:45
ARiKAbut well.. the recommended python as I've read is 2.4 :)01:45
MrTopfand maybe somebody has solved it ;-)01:45
MrTopfyep, I know. But would be good to know what's blocking for 2.501:45
ARiKAMrTopf: probably. That's what usually happens on FS development... hahaha01:45
ARiKAI told you... I'm a beginner in Zope because it's my interest in software dynamic content...01:46
ARiKABeats PHP for sure lol01:46
MrTopfsure :)01:46
ARiKAPeople now are talking about djgango and Grok and so01:47
ARiKAbut well... my interest is Zope. :)01:47
MrTopfwell, Grok builds on top of Zope01:47
ARiKAYeah yeah... but I consider more better to know the base.01:47
ARiKAwhy having a 'on top' result01:47
ARiKAwhen you can do the top as the final product?01:48
MrTopfright now I would assume that you need to know the base as well once you leave the area which grok covers right now01:48
ARiKAYeah lol01:48
MrTopfbut Grok is a cool project and it's probably faster to develop with it than with pure Zope301:48
ARiKAdoing the things by yourself let's you develop a more precise product...01:48
ARiKAOf course, it's faster.01:48
MrTopfand it still has that flexibility01:48
ARiKABut I think it's about adding another layer to the sandwitch :)01:49
ARiKASometimes big sandwitches doesn't enter your mouth... lol01:49
MrTopfmaybe :) But for people new to all this it's a good thing01:49
MrTopfalso for me ;-)01:49
ARiKAI've learnt python just to get the rid of Zope hahahahaha :)01:50
ARiKANow I'm on the chapter about "how to be pythonic" lol...01:50
MrTopfpythonic is good :)01:51
MrTopfand bed is good, too btw. which is where I need to be heading now01:51
ARiKAah hahahaha01:51
ARiKAdidn't noticed or comprehensed the context lol01:51
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ARiKAWell... take care then :) See you another time...01:51
ARiKALooking for help around here would be painful, trust me...01:52
MrTopfthis thing you use when you are tired ;-)01:52
ARiKALot's of people and not too much will to speak :)01:52
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MrTopfyeah, I know :) will try some list :)01:53
MrTopftake care!01:53
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ARiKAThe same. :)01:53
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ARiKAare you smiling?04:13
ARiKAhehehehehe :)04:13
wolfeI am. :)04:14
wolfejust thinking about about my extjs fork, thats all ;)04:15
ARiKAWhat's that?04:15
wolfeyeah, exactly lol04:15
ARiKAWhat is extjs? lol04:15
wolfewell, its a js toolkit ran by a company which pulled a bait n switch04:16
ARiKAOk... what's a js?04:16
wolfezope3 used to have a module for extjs until the license change, then zope pulled the module when ext, llc made the license change04:16
wolfeJS == javascript04:16
wolfeindeed, ExtJS 2.0.2 *is* LGPL 3.004:16
ARiKAAh ok...04:17
wolfethey put a period after, not a comma in the license sentence04:17
ARiKASo what of extended has that JS?04:17
wolfenothing in zope has it, it was cancelled. Perhaps zope iwll use my fork after I get it going04:18
wolfejust lurking in here until I can ask the person who made the zope commit what they were going to use the module for.04:18
ARiKADon't know about that... I'm a Zope novice person in the present day lol04:18
wolfeARiKA: ah :P04:18
wolfeARiKA: then can I interest you in to switching to Django? XD04:19
ARiKALol... 5 people told me that before... but why?04:19
wolfedonno >.>04:19
wolfeI use it :P04:19
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ARiKAWhat do Django has better?04:20
wolfedonno =]04:20
wolfecant really compare the two04:21
wolfethough if you want to have a fluffy reason, django uses less memory :P04:21
wolfeI haven't used 3 though, I used 2 and can tell you its junk. 3 is very different and not even a same beast, so perhaps it is good.04:22
ARiKALol well I've used Plone before :)04:22
wolfeoh, so you know the shortcomings :)04:23
ARiKAYeah :)04:23
ARiKAI was choosing a CMS for my website (and some more)04:23
ARiKAand no one has everything that it has to have04:23
ARiKAso I'm beginning with zope to create one lol04:23
wolfeI was never one to use templating languages04:23
wolfeor at least, 2 seems a bit wild to me.04:24
ARiKAZope 3 is built to be really pythonic I think04:24
ARiKAWhat DJango offers? ^^04:24
wolfedjango, bare needs :)04:25
wolfewell to me its bare, django is high level, but a light fframework04:26
ARiKAI don't know the word bare, I mean04:26
wolfewell I don't really have any reason now04:28
wolfedjango matches what most frameworks offers04:28
ARiKAcool :)04:28
wolfeoh actually, I foudn a nice link comparing04:28
ARiKAI've seen history of Zope04:28
ARiKAand for me is a mature project learnt from it's errors :)04:28
ARiKAbuilt to survive04:29
wolfewell if you want a reason for Zope3, it uses valid XHTML for templates. Meaning you can open it in any (X)HTML editor and it will be valid code.04:32
wolfeI should have work buy me a zope3 book =]04:33
ARiKAhahaha :)04:34
ARiKAGet Philip's one :)04:34
ARiKAIt rocks!04:34
ARiKAWeb Development With Zope 304:35
ARiKAit's called, I think04:35
wolfeWeb Component Development with Zope 3?04:35
ARiKAYeah !04:36
wolfemight as well learn zope3, so I can play around with the extjs module which was deleted04:37
wolfeI'll make it zc.roojsext :P04:37
ARiKAhahaha :)04:37
wolfeARiKA: don't really have one reason or another for using django right now. I suppose the one thing zope has is database persistance.04:53
wolfewhich I knew about, just never had to need for it, *yet*04:53
wolfeI should make a 30 days of zope and/or plone for fun.  :)04:55
ARiKAThat's Zope 2 :)04:57
ARiKAwolfe: I'll give you a trick on Zope05:03
ARiKAget Philip's book05:03
ARiKAbuy it or via eMule, but better buying05:03
ARiKAuse that book05:03
ARiKAand also consult the Zope 3 Book05:03
ARiKAthat is on the website05:03
ARiKAalso read apidoc documentation on apidoc.zope.org05:04
ARiKAit's everything well documented inside the code that you can see into that apidoc05:04
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wolfeARiKA: hehe, well I meant as a small blog set of entries for  30 days of zope :P05:21
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ARiKAHahahahahahaha :)05:24
ARiKAWas that blog yours?05:24
wolfeno :/05:24
wolfeI don't really keep a blog05:24
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ARiKAHello :)19:32
ARiKAHi afd_ !19:32
ARiKAafd_: I know now the best way to learn... use the apidoc and also read the code! :) hahahahaha19:32
ARiKA(after reading Philip's book, I mean)19:33
afd_yes, true19:33
ARiKAPhilip's book covers lots of contents, of course... for a practical use19:33
ARiKAbut reading the apidocs and the code you see more opportunities on it lol19:34
ARiKAalso the zope3 wiki talks about TAL, METAL and so ^^19:34
afd_yes, you should have a good understanding of TAL, at least19:35
ARiKAI'm now frustrating about views :)19:36
ARiKAprogramming a blog component and so19:36
afd_what are the problems?19:37
ARiKAand figuring how can I do just a post listing with a little content of it instead of a folder content and so19:37
ARiKAnah, don't worry, I'm documenting about it :)19:37
ARiKAreading APIDOC about :)19:37
ARiKAWorking I'm getting a little bit fluid about what package has what hahahahaha :)19:38
afd_look at the tal:repeat directive19:38
afd_you should construct your own listing19:39
afd_tal:repeat="name context"19:39
afd_where context is the folder19:39
ARiKAusing context to read a vector from the class and using tal:repeat19:39
ARiKAit will repeat for every single part of the vector19:39
ARiKAyesterday I've been documenting about python19:40
ARiKAjust because I'm a novice also in python... so I've learnt how to be pythonic lol19:40
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ARiKAdukebody: what's a catalog?19:42
dukebodyARiKA: it's a tool you can use to query the indexed contents of the ZODB without waking they up.19:43
dukebodyIt's relational-database-like.19:43
dukebodyI don't have Philipp's book handy, but you can read the doctests ;-)19:44
afd_dukebody: for a beginner I think it would be too much19:44
dukebodycatalog, zcatalog and so19:44
dukebodySearching in the catalog is really easy.19:44
dukebodyAt least in plone heh.19:44
ARiKAI've put my blog component as BTreeContainer19:45
ARiKAso inside I'll put BlogEntry objects19:45
afd_dukebody: it's also easy in z3, but you have to index the content, to understand what you're indexing, when it is indexed, how to search for it, and so on19:45
ARiKAbut I'm looking about IContainer views19:45
ARiKAjust to modify the BlogObject/ default view19:45
ARiKAto show with TAL the lastest n posts19:45
ARiKAhahahahahaa :)19:46
afd_ARiKA: just write a view and register it as index.html for that container19:46
ARiKAthe default view... :)19:46
ARiKAwhere can I find the order of views chosen to publish the default view?19:46
ARiKAI'm making views named "view"19:46
ARiKAand using browser:defaultView to set the default view to "view" :)19:46
ARiKA(for my component, I mean)19:47
afd_the default view is index.html, unless you specify another name with <browser:defaultView />19:47
dukebodyand then <p tal:repeat="entry entries" tal:content="entry/Text">Entry text</p>19:47
ARiKAI have to see tal...19:47
ARiKAand I have to see how IContainer stores values19:47
ARiKAand thinking about containment...19:47
ARiKAI think with zope.persistent.Persistent inherited object would serve... :19:48
ARiKAmodifying the container constraints would make a cool blog! :)19:48
ARiKAhow do I see where's the default view on the apidoc?19:49
afd_ARiKA: you shouldn't have to dig so deep, really19:49
afd_a container acts as a python dictionary19:49
ARiKAso... myfolder["subfolder_name"] would give me an IContainer of myfolder/subfolder/?19:50
ARiKAso I can simply use self.len() inside of the class to get the number of posts, isn't it?19:51
ARiKAhm true19:51
ARiKAso from len(blogObject) - 10 to the lastest19:51
ARiKAwould be the last 10 messages19:51
ARiKAisn't it?19:51
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ARiKAZope 3 is wicked lol19:53
ARiKAafd_: the one that designed Z3 has to be a person that knows what he did lol...19:55
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ARiKAyesterday someone proposed me to change to Djgango afd_...19:56
ARiKAwhat happens with Djgango?19:56
ARiKAhahahahahahaha :)19:56
afd_I think it's easier to learn19:56
ARiKAyeah, a person that is being called "The Zope Pope" :)19:57
afd_just like the author of Python is called a Benevolent Dictator19:58
ARiKAThose who do not study Zope, are condemned to reinvent it.19:58
ARiKAthis message is really useful19:58
ARiKAI'm reinventing a blog component and I know there's a cool one for Z3 already19:59
ARiKAbut it's a case of study, you know...19:59
ARiKAand also a bet19:59
ARiKAhaahahhaahhahhahaha :)19:59
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ARiKAI know that whenever I use python I can use those cool features of ZODB and so :)20:00
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ARiKAthat's the message of where zope leads python follows20:00
ARiKAI think that message comes from there, isn't it?20:00
afd_also, the zope libraries (and the component architecture) can be used in any python application, including Django20:00
ARiKAyeah that's what I've said. :)20:01
ARiKAhm... if I want my blog to handle blog urls on a way <year>/<month>/<day>/<title>20:02
ARiKAthat's called an adapter, isn't it?20:02
ARiKAor is it about that IRequest, mayebe...20:03
afd_it's about URL traversal20:03
afd_you have several options20:03
ARiKAhmmm... aha20:03
afd_the easiest would be to create folders for each of those fragments20:03
ARiKAthat appears in the container chapter in Philip's book :)20:03
ARiKAyup, thought about that... but that's insane hahahaa :)20:03
ARiKAwasting space for folder objects and so :)20:04
afd_year would be a folder, it would have a folder for the month, one for the day, and in the end your blog entry20:04
ARiKAyup yup20:04
ARiKAbut that will spend zodb space20:04
afd_you were talking in the beginning of a CMS20:04
afd_isn't this natural for CMSs?20:04
ARiKAhmmm yeah20:04
ARiKAthat's the cms way20:04
afd_don't worry about zodb20:04
ARiKA(I suppose)20:04
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ARiKAso I simply create folders on the addform view and so, isn't it?20:05
afd_you can create the folder hierarchy automatically and add the blog entry in the last folder (for day)20:05
afd_from inside the add view20:06
ARiKAbut would be more better to just have the entries saved with the name of the title of the post like "my-post"20:06
ARiKAand also using that tranversal feature to have a "normal blog" url20:06
afd_yes, also for SEO20:06
ARiKAjust in case20:07
ARiKAif I access Blog/2004 -> posts of year20:07
afd_search engine optimization20:07
ARiKABlog/2004/12/ posts of december of 200420:07
ARiKAand so20:07
ARiKAwould give you the post also20:07
ARiKAlike Blog/2004/12/03/my-title-post20:07
ARiKAand as you say... for search engine :)20:08
afd_that was one of the other options20:08
ARiKAhave to read about containers for sure... :)20:08
ARiKAand seeing the docs about tranversal...20:08
afd_store the blog entry in the blog folder, and mangle with the path to get a list of filtering options, to be able to filter the blog entries20:08
afd_that's a bit of more advanced topic20:09
ARiKAsaving data for the blogentry would allow to filter the path and so :)20:09
ARiKAafd_: what Z3 can't do? serve you a coffee, isn't it? hahahahahahahahahaha :)20:11
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andres_fWhat is currently the suggested way to speed up a zope on a multiprocessor machine? Forward proxy and multiple instances I guess?20:52
andres_f(no problem, as real data is in a relational database)20:53
afd_andres_f: multiple instances, yes20:53
afd_if you're dealing with ZODB, then you can use ZEO20:53
andres_fafd_: ZODB fortunately only holds caching, folders, but not folder contents20:54
andres_fI could migrate away from zodb without many problems ;-)20:54
andres_f(except making zope work without ZODB ;-))20:56
afd_there's already packages that achieve that20:56
andres_fafd_: yes, read of it...20:56
andres_fJust would need a bit of exrecice of my buildout foo.20:57
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ARiKAfor every object that comes from an IContainer21:26
ARiKAI can always use container["subfolder"]["subsubfolder"]["object"] and get returned objet?21:27
brandon_rhodesIf the inside things are also containers, I think that should work21:27
ARiKAyeah subfolder and subsubfolder are containers in this hypothesis21:28
brandon_rhodesThen I think that should work.21:29
brandon_rhodesIs it giving you problems of any sort?21:29
ARiKAhm not really...21:30
ARiKAjust reading about containers and traversal... :)21:30
brandon_rhodesgood, I was afraid you were going to lay out a complex situation in which it wasn't working for you :-)21:30
brandon_rhodesJust getting to say "yes" instead is more fun :-)21:31
ARiKAoh no...21:31
ARiKAI'm implementing a blog21:31
ARiKAand afd_ told me that for handling that access system <year>/<month>/<day>/<title>21:31
ARiKAhad to use traverse21:31
ARiKAand reading a bit more about containers :)21:31
brandon_rhodesAnd you're thinking of subclassing containers and overriding __getitem__ instead of having a non-container type and writing your own traverser?21:32
*** vimes656 has quit IRC21:32
ARiKAyou told me another thing21:33
ARiKAoverride __getitem__ lol21:33
ARiKAwould be called on blog/day/...21:33
brandon_rhodescontainer['foo']  calls  __getitem__(container, 'foo')  ... right?21:33
brandon_rhodesJust speaking about how Python works.21:34
ARiKAso every [] operator calls __getitem__21:34
brandon_rhodesSo if you subclassed container, you could just write its __getitem__ to interpret years or months or whatever21:34
ARiKAloading the next object in the zodb chain of hierarchy21:34
ARiKAisn't it?21:34
brandon_rhodes[] is the same as getitem21:34
ARiKAcool cool21:34
ARiKAgood to know lol21:34
ARiKAin the case you do blog/title-of-post21:34
brandon_rhodesyes, Zope containers use []/__getiem__ which is a normal Python thing as their way of asking "what's next"? in a URL21:34
ARiKAI can check if key u"title-of-post" exists21:35
ARiKAisn't it?21:35
ARiKAI was talking about five minutes about21:35
brandon_rhodesIn the __getitem__ (or the traverser, whichever way you write it) just do an if-then21:35
ARiKAwith a guy that spoked "php rules!"21:35
brandon_rhodesif this looks like a title: look up the title; else if this looks like a year: look up the year21:35
ARiKAand I said "I don't know why but Zope more!!!"21:35
ARiKAhahahahahaha :)21:35
ARiKAso if I got a zope.schema.Text there21:35
ARiKAI can access to the schema of title21:36
ARiKAon a way21:36
ARiKAisn't it?21:36
ARiKA__contains__( key ) can do the if else job21:37
brandon_rhodesWhat is u"post"?21:37
ARiKA"if I got this post then continue the hierarchy"21:37
ARiKAbrandon_rhodes: blog/post :)21:37
ARiKAan object contained by blog21:37
ARiKAhahahahahahahaha :)21:37
ARiKAobject of type BlogEntry who suppose has a field called "title"21:38
brandon_rhodesAre you going to store the posts by an id number or their title or something else?21:38
ARiKAthat in the interface is an scheme of TextLine21:38
ARiKAI'm thinking about having a field of date21:38
ARiKAbut the posts stored by title on the container21:38
ARiKAso everyone can accesss by using blog/post-title21:39
ARiKAand with the conditional clause using that year/month/day/post-title scheme21:39
brandon_rhodesThat sounds like it might work.21:39
ARiKAthat's the thing :))21:40
ARiKAyeah might... lol21:40
wolfeARiKA: how do you work when you're IRCing? ;)21:40
ARiKAbut I've to see how do I filter by date!21:40
ARiKAwolfe: just come to ask a question and began to talk with brandon_rhodes :)21:40
* wolfe laughs21:40
ARiKAtalking is a sane thing.21:40
ARiKAwould change world!!!! :))))21:40
ARiKAI would date a cool Zope 3 programmer!!!!21:41
brandon_rhodesYou guys know each other?21:41
*** andres_eating is now known as andres21:42
ARiKANo... I don't know him... just spoke yesterday with him, I think...21:42
ARiKAwhere do I find info about traversal?21:43
ARiKAI think philip's book just introduces it a bit21:43
nathanyanyone know how to tell Zope 3 to interpret a page template (and the rendered version) as UTF-8?21:43
nathanyi'm running into an ascii codec problem which i can "fix" by setting the system-wide default locale, but it seems there should be a way to do this in a less blunt force manner21:44
brandon_rhodessomeone just talked about traversal21:44
brandon_rhodeson the repoze mailing list21:44
brandon_rhodesmcdonc, I think, did, and everyone thought his explanation was pretty good21:45
ARiKAwhere's that?21:45
brandon_rhodesgoogle for repoze-dev and see if there are mailing list archives - it was a post in the last day or two21:45
ARiKAwhat's that?21:45
brandon_rhodesnathany: I've had that problem before!21:45
nathanybrandon_rhodes: remember how you fixed it? :)21:45
brandon_rhodesWe discussed it on grok-dev maybe?21:45
nathanyon the mailing list?21:46
dukebodynathany: I write UTF8 templates everyday without any problem.21:46
dukebodyBut well, I use Plone.21:46
nathanybut is your python installation customized to have utf-8 as the default encoding?21:46
nathanyactually i think PlacelessTranslation (which Plone uses but we're not) overrides part of StringIO to make it convert to utf-8 by default21:47
ARiKAbrandon_rhodes: what's the url of repoze?21:47
nathanythe exception is thrown in StringIO21:47
brandon_rhodesthat's the mailling list21:48
*** rocky has quit IRC21:50
ARiKAbrandon_rhodes: would be really modifying __getitem__() and if case of receiving a year see the path with that traversal thing, no?21:50
ARiKAthanks for the URL :)21:50
andresnathany: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>21:51
andresAt least for some parsers that should work.21:51
nathany:) thanks, trying now21:51
nathanylooks like i have an XML problem in my template... need to fix that, I guess, to see if this'll work21:52
andresnathany: Really do it at the beginning of the file. The parser restarts parsing after reading it.21:52
brandon_rhodesYou would want to call the default __getitem__ if your traversal failed, I think.21:52
nathanyandres: right21:52
nathanyI have this vague memory that Zope will read a <meta> tag with charset information to set this too21:53
nathanyis that reality, or just my imagination21:53
andresnathany: Browsers do this - but my guts doubt that zope will do so as well21:54
nathanyandres: just checked; it would appear your guts are correct21:54
nathanyi'll work on fixing my zpt to be XML21:54
ARiKAbrandon_rhodes: reading zope.traversal on the api doc would help? lol21:54
brandon_rhodesMaybe.  I actually usually use grok so I just write a grok.Traverser. :-/21:55
ARiKAhm there's something called Traverser on the API DOC for zope.traversing21:56
ARiKAbtw using zope.traversing.browser.AbsoluteURL() I would get the url the person typed, isn't it?21:58
*** jukart has quit IRC21:58
ARiKA#  __call__()21:59
ARiKAReturns an ASCII string with all unicode characters url quoted.21:59
ARiKAthat's what it says about it... lol21:59
*** theuni has joined #zope3-dev21:59
*** lurkymclurkleton has joined #zope3-dev22:00
brandon_rhodesi think so... try and see :-)22:01
ARiKAyeah... ^ ^22:02
ARiKAgonna eat something and continue... lol22:02
*** theuni has left #zope3-dev22:04
nathanyandres: even after marking all my templates as XML and fixing encoding issues, StringIO still barfs22:10
andresnathany: is there any reason not using an reasonable locale?22:12
andresi.e. UTF-8 based?22:12
nathanysystemwide, you mean?22:12
nathanynot in particular... and that's what we do in production22:13
nathanyit just seemed like something that we should be able to make work regardless of the braindead ascii default22:13
andres(I dont think ony of the systems I administrate (excluding embedded ones and really legacy stuff) is not utf-8 enabled)22:14
nathanyright... all of our systems are, too22:14
nathanynot sure why python's default encoding is ASCII and not UTF-8 these days22:15
andresnathany: well, if the locale is non utf-8 capable, how should it know that the underlying C implementation works with utf-8?22:15
*** gberdyshev_ has quit IRC22:16
nathanyfair enough22:16
* nathany anxiously awaits our glorious Unicode future in Python 3.022:16
* dukebody awaits the final jump of zope to python 2.5 first.22:17
ARiKAnathany: I think on first basis Zope won't work in python 322:18
nathanyof course not22:18
*** redir has quit IRC22:19
andresdukebody: I think there are quite many people using zope with python 2.5 in production22:19
dukebodyI've read it was a SoC project.22:19
dukebodyGSoC, last year.22:19
*** vimes656_ has quit IRC22:20
* ARiKA using zope with python 2.522:20
dukebodyHm, but Zope 2 isn't ported to 2.5 yet.22:20
dukebodypython 2.5 I mean.22:20
ARiKAdon't know... I'm using python 2.5 with zop322:22
andresdukebody: Here as well22:22
andresI just wouldnt rely on RestrictedPython22:23
dukebodyok, I'll try, thanks.22:23
ARiKAbrandon_rhodes: found it lol22:26
ARiKAbut it is Grok Based22:27
ARiKAnow I see...22:27
ARiKAdon't know what to do22:30
* ARiKA headache22:30
brandon_rhodesthe URL on is grok based? :-/22:35
ARiKAno no22:38
ARiKAthat url I said before22:38
ARiKAthat blog thing is grok based22:39
ARiKAusing grok traversal, I mean22:39
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*** lurkymclurkleton has joined #zope3-dev22:56
*** tarek has joined #zope3-dev23:02
ARiKAWhat's the way to set an schema of Datetime to now?23:05
*** dunny has joined #zope3-dev23:12
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