IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2008-07-18

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arika      <p tal:replace="context/content">Content</p>00:56
arikawhat's the rpoblem there?00:56
arikauh... my fault00:57
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ARiKAHello :)02:20
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ARiKAwhy my default view is "preview" instead of "view"02:22
ARiKAeven if I use browser:defaultView set to view?02:23
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ARiKAanyone here?02:24
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ARiKAah... done02:30
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ARiKAI've finished a Document type...02:45
ARiKAdone lots for today lol02:45
ARiKAcan view, can edit, can preview... cool :)02:45
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ARiKAanyone here?03:43
gstrattonarika: depends03:43
ARiKAgot a nice question lol03:43
ARiKAI'm reading about how to do a site layout with skins and so...03:43
ARiKAbut my problem is about one big point.03:44
ARiKAif my app creates an own skin03:44
ARiKAbut I've got two copies of the app on the zope root...03:44
ARiKAthey will use the default skin, isn't it?03:44
ARiKAcan I make them use different skins?03:44
gstrattonPersonally I front Zope with apache, which redirects to /++skin++SkinName/rest/of/url or however it works!03:45
ARiKAyeah, I've thought about it03:46
ARiKAbut what if I let the user choose skin? ^^03:46
gstrattonHmm, I'm not familiar with how the skin lookup works, and I don't have time to look right now03:47
ARiKAwhere can I see about it?03:47
gstrattonarika: Probably zope.publisher (.browser)03:48
ARiKAlet me read...03:49
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ARiKAlooking thru the code of Zope:04:08
ARiKAdef applySkin(request, skin): """Change the presentation skin for this request. """04:09
ARiKAthat's on zope.publisher.browser :)04:09
ARiKAgstratton: I think I should have to call that function04:10
ARiKAand get the request on every view and set it to the sking firstly I chosed by the user and then chosed for the site04:10
ARiKAso every user can select a Skin04:11
ARiKAand I can have different sites with different Skins :)04:11
ARiKAdoing some extra-logic I can do it...04:21
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ARiKAhi afd_ nice to see you :)07:30
afd_ARiKA: what's up?07:30
ARiKAhere continuing with Zope hahaha07:30
afd_any progress?07:30
ARiKA'or so'07:31
ARiKAgot a document page that I can edit07:31
ARiKAand I'm coding now a blog...07:31
ARiKAtried to make my CMS container an ISite07:31
ARiKAbut crashes07:31
ARiKAhave to read about it lol07:31
afd_whenever you have ISomething classes, they're interfaces, you're not suposed to inherit from them except if you define a new interface07:32
ARiKAyeah yeah07:32
afd_in your content class you do zope.interface.implements(ISomething)07:32
ARiKAthat's what I mean...07:32
ARiKAInheriting the interface of my CMS07:32
ARiKAfrom ISite07:32
afd_also... I'm not sure that is correct07:32
afd_just inherit from Folder07:32
afd_and make it a site from the ZMI07:33
ARiKAI've inherited from IContainer :)07:33
gstrattonarika: I think you need to inherit from IPossible site and then make it a site in the UI07:33
afd_with the "Make site" button07:33
ARiKAyeah yeah07:33
ARiKAthat's what I've read...07:33
ARiKAbut I think another solution would be possible07:33
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ARiKAlike coding a makeSite() on the __init__() of the class or whatsoever07:34
ARiKAplaying with the code I've learnt lots :)07:34
ARiKAafd_: reading I've learnt that ++etc++site++/ is used for local utilities and so...07:36
ARiKAfound an application on that...07:36
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ARiKAbut well... I continue reading Philip's book and seing explanations on Zope3 book :)07:37
ARiKAI'm getting the concepts and that's the important part...07:37
ARiKAthe way of doing things and so07:37
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svennHi, I'm trying to override the default skin in a zopeproject11:39
svennbut I'm having problems.11:39
svennWhere should I put my overrides.zcml and where to include it?11:39
ccombsvenn: I add this in the site.zcml :11:44
ccomb<includeOverrides package="eztranet" file="overrides.zcml" />11:44
ccombjuste below the include of the main package11:44
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svennccomb: thanks, working now. Didn't know about the includeOverrides.11:49
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__gotchatheuni: hi15:42
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theuni__gotcha: jo15:47
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__gotchatheuni: who should I ask permission to move some tests which sits in grok to upper packages like martian or grokcore.component ?15:48
theunitry martijn or philipp15:48
__gotchawill be mail then15:49
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nathanyhey all... anyone know of issues running zope3 apps on a 64 platform?21:46
nathanywe recently transitioned a server to 64 bit and the app keeps segfaulting21:47
theuninot a problem in general21:48
theuniwhat's the specific platform?21:48
theunido you have any non-zope c-extensions installed?21:48
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nathanytheuni: it's Debian etch amd6421:51
nathanylxml is the only one that comes to mind21:51
theuniwhich version of it?21:52
nathanyof lxml?21:52
theunido you have a core fire?21:52
theunicore file?21:52
theuniyes, which version of lxml.21:52
nathanylxml 2.121:52
nathanyit doesn't seem to be dumping the core... strace just shows "killed by SIGSEGV"21:53
nathanywhen i attach strace and let it run to completion (death) the last few lines look like21:54
nathanyselect(16, [7 8 10 11 13 14 15], [12], [], {1, 492382}) = 2 (in [15], out [12], left {1, 492382})21:54
nathanyfutex(0x26b5150, FUTEX_WAIT, 0, NULL)   = 021:54
nathanyfutex(0x26b5150, FUTEX_WAKE, 1)         = 021:54
nathanyfutex(0x26b5150, FUTEX_WAKE, 1)         = 021:54
nathany+++ killed by SIGSEGV +++21:54
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mcdoncnathany_curry: if you run it under gdb you can usually do "run", then "info threads" to see what each thread is doing22:17
mcdoncthe strace is just showing you what the "main" thread is doing i think22:17
mcdoncwhich isn't very interesting22:17
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theunimcdonc: strace can be used with '-f' to follow subprocesses. which works for zdaemon/zope settings reasonably well.22:22
mcdoncah cool22:22
theunihowever, making zope dump core under zdaemon is quite hard22:23
mcdoncis the z3 equivalent of "runzope" named "runzope"?22:23
theunizdaemon's "fg" command works too22:24
mcdoncwhew ;-)22:24
theuniwe spend at least half a year deciding that22:24
mcdonctheuni: i sent your blueberry syrup back with philipp22:25
theunido i have to keep philipp?22:25
mcdonclol (literally)22:25
mcdoncno he's just the wrapper22:25
theuniliteral lol over here22:25
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benjiis that a llol?22:32
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nathanytheuni: i tried running it with fg, but it just stops, no error message22:42
nathanyi'll look @ -f on strace, see if that gives more information22:43
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ARiKAEspetially to you afd_ hahahahaha :)23:04
afd_ARiKA: what did I do wrong? :)23:04
ARiKANothing nothing... simply being like the sensei old guy in karate kid for a moment23:05
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ARiKAafd_: working on the blog is more difficult...23:06
afd_any specific problems?23:06
ARiKAit has more php just to handle categories and so making them being pythonic... lol23:06
ARiKAhave a doubt23:06
ARiKAevery persistent thing (a blog message, i.e.) has to be inherited from persistent.Persistent23:07
ARiKAisn't it?23:07
afd_it is not a "hard" requirement, but it's better if you do it like that23:07
ARiKAwhy you mean "hard"23:08
ARiKAI've read philip's book23:08
ARiKAthat it's less cost to modify a simple object rather than a big one23:08
afd_read the persistence chapter, you'll see why23:08
ARiKAthe view that shows the directory listing in a BTreeContainer23:09
ARiKAis "content", I think, isn't it?23:09
ARiKAmodifying that view just to show messages23:09
afd_a view is never a content23:09
ARiKAok ok ok...23:10
ARiKAI can change the view directory thing for a view posts and so, isn't it?23:10
afd_content is data saved in the database, with attached behaviour (because the database is object based)23:10
afd_a view is just a way to view/interact with that data, usually through the browser23:11
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afd_ARiKA: you can have many views for an object (content)23:11
*** timte has joined #zope3-dev23:11
afd_that folder is just content23:11
afd_inside it it's just content23:12
ARiKAyup I saw that on directory listing...23:12
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ARiKAanother thing is that if that I've been reading more in Zope3 Book and I've found something about something called "Dublin Core"... metadata information, lol23:14
ARiKAand I was always putting those 'title', 'description' and so by hand on my content components lol23:15
afd_Dublin Core is a standard on a set of "metadata" information that is to be held about content objects23:15
ARiKAyeah yeah23:15
afd_you shouldn't mess with it right now, from my point of view23:15
ARiKAI know...23:15
ARiKAbut I would change my vars when I get into it, isn't it? lol23:15
afd_you need to understand annotations, adapters, interfaces first23:16
ARiKAlong way... :)23:16
afd_ARiKA: you can do it the other way around, also. IZopeDublinCore(myobject).title will return myobject.title.23:16
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afd_So that you don't have to change your object, just the way you implement IZDC for your object23:17
ARiKAwell afd_ have to continue reading about python things and facts...23:19
ARiKAdoubt you a beer, take care ;)23:19
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