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ateoh211this might be the be the better place to ask my question06:47
ateoh211using five 1.4 / plone 2.5 / and jpye (yikes)06:47
ateoh211jpype I mean06:48
ateoh211so - integrating java w/ python w/ zope06:48
ateoh211I'm basically ashamed to ask about this because we all know that java suKKs and python RULZ!06:50
ateoh211but, if anyone here has used jpype and experienced the error ' No matching overloads found. at src/native/common/jp_method.cpp:121' and can tell me about it, I'd love to know06:51
ateoh211basically, the code runs from the CLI no problem, if I make a persistent object, the jvm memory runs out after 15-20,000 requests of that object, if I make a browser view or a utility, I get the No matching overloads error06:53
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ateoh211if it looks familier and rings bells, please respond --- if you think I'm lame for trying to use some java stuff w/ zope just know it's not my choice :-)06:54
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mintsauceWorking my way through PVW's zope3 book. I can add objects etc fine, but I want to create a custom page to list them all ... I've created a .pt and added it to zcml, but I'm a bit lost where to start with the class.09:45
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mintsauceanyone using collective.lorem?12:08
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afd__mintsauce: did you solve your problem about that page?12:11
mintsauceafd__: sorta, adapted this: - pretty impressed how easy it was, although I cant adapt it to bring in my custom description field .... i get a key error. Is that because it's not in the catalog?12:13
afd__mintsauce: the catalog only indexes fields for which it is configured to index12:14
afd__each index in the catalog indexes a specific attribute (or method) from objects12:14
afd__so, if you want another field indexed, you need to add and configure the index that will do that12:14
afd__then you'll be able to include that index in the searches12:14
afd__mintsauce: if you're listing the contents of a folder, you don't need to use the catalog12:15
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afd__just treat the folder as a mapping (python dictionary) and iterate through its objects12:15
mintsauceafd__: that's what i thought, but i still get a key error - hang on, let me re-enable to suspect code12:15
mintsauceKeyError: 'od_description' - od_description is my description field (od_what is my title field, which works fine)12:17
afd__could you paste on the pastebin the full traceback?12:18
mintsauceafd__: lol, restarted server to get a clean traceback and whatever i've done since has fixed the problem!12:20
mintsauceafd__: thanks for the offer tho :)12:20
mintsauceis this iteration through objects memory intensive? I was reading that it's better to use indexes?12:21
afd__mintsauce: it depends. It's about "waking up objects". Zope has a fixed cache for the objects that were read from the database and sit now in the memory12:22
afd__If you want to list the contents of a folder, you'll probably wake up the objects anyway, to read their data (title, size, and so on)12:23
afd__if you have a filtered view on the folder, then you probably should use the catalog12:24
mintsauceafd__: makes sense. the example in PVW's books is for searches using DC, which i suppose could have a much larger number of hits12:24
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mintsauceanyone using or any form of google data import with zope?14:46
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CSWookieI hate browser:page.18:51
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* philiKON points CSWookie to grokcore.view... define and register views simply in python19:14
philiKON(it's not released yet, but works)19:14
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mgedminsrichter: hi!19:24
mgedminwould you have a spare minute to bump ClientForm to version 0.2.9 in the KGS?19:24
mgedminor give me a link to a document explaining the KGS update procedure?19:24
mgedminit's needed to fix
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srichtermgedmin: yeah19:25
srichtermgedmin: we need to ask J1m to give and others access tot he directory as well, then you can jsut upload it yourself19:25
srichterthe basic steps are19:26
srichtercheckout 3.4 branch of zope.release19:26
srichterupdate the controlled-packages.cfg file19:26
philiKONbtw, i wonder why the zope KGS is actually part of the zope.release software tree19:26
philiKONwouldn't it make more sense to maintain this in the Zope3 tree?19:27
srichterthen use the provided tools to upload the file and create the tree19:27
srichterfor me zope.release represents the Zope 3 tree19:27
srichterI can generate the Zope 3 tree from that or update it at least19:27
philiKONhmm. that feels a bit weird19:27
philiKONto me, zope.release is a piece of software19:27
philiKONit's almost as if a Zope buildout lived inside of zc.buildout19:28
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mgedminisn't it more like a standalone buildout that refers to the software instead of containing it?19:28
philiKONwell, that's what i would prefer19:28
philiKONbut zope.release cotains both the software (which is generic) and the Zope3 specific version definitions19:28
srichternot true19:29
philiKONit feels to me that they should be separated19:29
srichterzope.kgs contains the software19:29
philiKONi got that mixed up then19:29
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philiKONhow about renaming zope.release then?19:29
philiKONzope.release sounds like a packag ename ;)19:29
srichterzope.release contains only a few scripts that a very specific of updating the Zope3 tree and othe small bits particularly releated to the Zope 3 release process19:30
srichterthe generic KGS code that Grok, Plone and others can use is in zope.kgs19:30
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philiKONsrichter: that's great to know19:30
philiKONsrichter: would it make sense to merge zope.release with the Zope3 tree?19:30
srichterwell, the Zope 3 tree might go away at some point, but I would imagine that zope.release survives19:31
philiKONthat's the point19:31
philiKONperhaps it wouldn't go away19:31
srichterit would make sense to have a big warning on the Zope3 tree saying: The code is only updated by a bot these days19:31
philiKONor we merge them and say: the fact that you're still getting the software via svn:externals is for legacy19:32
philiKONplease execute these scripts19:32
philiKONthat pull in the stuff using eggs19:32
srichterI am not feeling strongly either way; just that checking out a Zope 3 tree always takes a lot more time than the small zope.release package19:32
philiKONis it really a package?19:32
srichtermgedmin: I updated the KGS and published it as 3.4.0c219:33
philiKONor just a buildout?19:33
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mgedminsrichter: thanks!19:33
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srichterphiliKON: it's a package because it contains a script to update the Zoep3 tree and upload the KGS to download.zope.org19:34
srichterthose 2 scripts did not make sense in zope.kgs19:34
fcorreahello there, is there any reason for z3c.fom to pull up __name__ and __parent__ from an interface and think it is a field? I am prooly doing something stupid here becuse I need to force it to pick the correct fields with select() for add/edit/display19:34
mgedminfcorrea: your schema probably inherits from IContained19:35
srichterfcorrea: this is not z3c.form specific; simply omit('__parent__', '__name__')19:35
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fcorreamgedmin, srichter, gotcha. Thanks!19:36
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srichtermgedmin: mmh, the batch job has not run yet19:43
mgedminbatch job?19:43
srichterstrange, the index got updated19:43
srichteroh yes, different script19:43
srichterthere are two cron jobs19:43
srichterone to keep the indeces up-to-date19:44
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srichterand another to generate the Web site19:44
mgedminall I know is that zope.testbrowser's buildout.cfg, which refers to .../3.4/versions.cfg, saw the updated ClientForm requirement right away19:45
CSWookieHmm.  Couldn't I do it in Python anyway?  Or is grokcore.view a happy convenience?19:48
srichtermgedmin: ok, that script is run every minute19:52
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srichterJ1m: are you there?20:19
srichterJ1m Theuni edited /var/www/
srichterwith his username and his poersonal group20:20
srichterwhich breaks updating this packge on download.zope.org20:20
srichtercan you set the group to zopesvn for me please?20:20
srichtermgedmin: it looks as if pretty much all Zope SVN users can update the KGS now20:21
srichterthx, running the scripts now20:22
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srichtermgedmin: now 3.4.0c2 is also in the intro page20:48
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srichtermgedmin: btw, if you are interested, I can tell you about the process of updating the KGS20:50
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mgedminsrichter: I'm potentially interested, but I think I'd be happier with a HOWTO.txt in the repository than a difficult-to-find irc conversation20:51
mgedminI see there's a README.txt in zope.release20:52
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mgedminwhat I hadn't remembered was to look into the 'zope.release' project in the svn repo20:52
mgedminI think I knew about it once, but I forgot20:52
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srichtermgedmin: ok21:38
srichterthe README.txt needs a little bit of updating to explain on how to update the Zope3 tree21:39
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srichteryou also do not have to generate the buildout and versions anymore before uplaoding the cfg21:39
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whithowdy folks.... is there an easy way to limit file upload size via configuration in zope3 currently? perhaps in zope.conf?22:02
* whit is just looking for pointer before digging22:02
srichterat least not that I am aware of22:03
whitsrichter: any suggestions on how to handle such a thing?22:03
mgedminmemory leak in zope 3 functional tests:22:04
mgedminevery ftest records the in-memory DB object as a global unnamed IDatabase utility22:04
* whit wonders if a wsgi filter that looks at contentlength would be the way to go22:04
srichterwhit: it really depends where you want to make that decision22:04
mgedminapparently the global adapter registry retains references to all the utilities ever registered for that interface22:04
srichterwhit: a wsgi filter would be appropriate, if you simply want to avoid DOS attacks22:04
whitsrichter: right... if I want to return a meaningful error, I'd need to percolate that info somehow22:05
srichterwhit: if you want to enforce a limit for the user and give nice messages etc you probably have to go into the app22:05
srichterthe WSGI filter could also remove the lengthy content and then add a header notifying Zope that the file was too large22:06
srichterthis is how z3c.extfile etc do it22:06
whitsrichter: yeah, that's what I was thinking22:06
srichterbut I think for DOS attacks you want to block on the front-end server side already22:06
whitI actually intended on using z3c.extfile, but the programmer working on this couldn't figure out how to get it working22:07
srichterwhit: contact dobee (Bernd) or kartnaller (Juergen) from lovely22:07
srichterI am pretty sure they will help out22:07
whitsrichter: I may if I get time.... sort of in the death by 1000 cuts phase of pre-deployment ;)22:08
srichterI hear you; I am on my way to that situation myself22:08
srichterbut I have until December ;-)22:09
whitsrichter: is that when you guys are launching?22:09
srichterwhit: yep22:09
whitsrichter: where are you located now? still in boston?22:09
srichterwhit: nope, I work downtown SF22:10
whitI thought I remember you saying you were headed to sf ;)22:11
* whit misses the bay sometimes22:11
whitsrichter: anyhoo... thanks for the advice and give sf my best :)22:11
srichterI miss MA :-)22:11
* whit chuckles22:11
whitbut do you miss memphis?22:11
srichtera little bit :-)22:11
whitman it's hot in TN right now22:12
srichterI really miss the music, especially after talking to someone about it yesterday22:12
srichterI do not miss the heat, racism and religion :-)22:12
* benji doesn't miss TN summer.22:12
whityeah... no joke22:12
* whit adds poverty and poor urban planning to that list22:13
mgedminhm, maybe those aren't utilities22:14
srichtermgedmin: did you produce the graph by hand?22:15
benjiIt's a very pretty graph.22:15
mgedminsrichter: have you seen ?22:15
*** zagy has quit IRC22:15
mgedminpartially by hand, with tools22:15
srichtermgedmin: /me is not a regular blog consumer22:16
mgedminwaste of time, blogs22:17
* mgedmin speaks from experience22:17
mgedminbut then sometimes you find interesting things22:17
* srichter reads this post though22:17
mgedminanyway, every functional test apparently leaves a full in-memory object database forever22:17
mgedminwhich means your RAM requirements grow fast when you have many functional tests22:17
mgedminthat post I linked was produced on Zope 3.222:18
mgedminnow I'm doing the same sort of thing with 3.422:18
mgedminIDatabase utilities are a new thing in 3.422:18
mgedminhence my suspicion22:18
srichtermmh, interesting; I guess the wrapped demo storage has a ref hanging around22:18
mgedminbut now I see it's the _subscribers dict22:18
mgedminno, wait, it's an object named "utilities", which is a GlobalAdapterRegistry instance and keeps the IDatabase things in its _subscribers list22:20
* mgedmin reads source code22:21
mgedminoh, there's an unregisterUtility in the AdapterRegistry22:21
srichterthsi checks tool seems very cool22:21
*** yota has joined #zope3-dev22:24
* mgedmin updates blog post with link to the followup22:24
mgedminhm, so probably FunctionalTestSetup.tearDown should locate the global component registry and call unprovideUtility for all of them22:26
* mgedmin tries it22:28
*** nathany has quit IRC22:29
mgedminyup, that fixes the leak22:30
mgedminnow memory usage is flat after the 2nd test repetition22:32
*** georgyberdyshev has joined #zope3-dev22:39
*** gberdyshev_ has quit IRC22:39
*** georgyberdyshev is now known as gberdyshev_22:39
*** aclark is now known as aclark|away22:45
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*** malthe is now known as malthe|away22:51
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o srichter23:04
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mgedminokay, the easy part is done: I have a tested patch at
mgedminnow for the hard part: figuring out which repository branches to change and what changelogs to modify and what version numbers to bump and what svn:externals to update and...23:14
* mgedmin weeps23:14
*** romanofski has quit IRC23:14
mgedminit's late, I'm going home23:14
*** mgedmin has quit IRC23:14
*** dunny has joined #zope3-dev23:16
*** greenman has joined #zope3-dev23:27
fcorrea_Does anyone know if the resource namespace in z3 is bad for SEO? I can't believe I'll need to explain it doesn't affect anything to the client23:31
ccomb´╗┐whit ´╗┐srichter :
ccombthis a new wsgi middleware that provide a progress status and a size limit23:32
whitccomb: rocking! thanks!23:32
ccombwith a jquery plugin to have an ajax progress bar23:33
afd__fcorrea_: aren't the resource links usually rendered as site/@@/resource.css ?23:33
*** nathany has joined #zope3-dev23:36
fcorrea_afd__, I use something like: /++resources++foo/something.css, where foo is a resource directory23:37
afd__I think doing something like <script tal:attributes="src context/++resource++lib/scripts.js" ></script> will result in a link like I mentioned above23:38
afd__so that would get rid of the ++resource++ in the urls23:39
fcorrea_aft__, trying here, sec23:43
fcorrea_afd__, you were right. Will try to come up with something to zrtresource now then. Thanks23:48
*** gberdyshev_ has quit IRC23:49
*** timte has quit IRC23:52
*** aaronv has quit IRC23:56
fcorrea_afd__, some more feedback when using z3c.resources for example. By doing this: /* zrt-replace: "/client/systemz/images/" tal"string:${context/++resource++pmgr.images}/" */ works as well23:59

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