IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2008-08-01

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ranjithHi everyone..05:44
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ranjithI am now trying to do the RestrictePython Implimentation of zope2 supported in python2.505:54
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ranjithCan someone suggest me how to start with patching the zope2 Restsictedpython policy with the changes needed as the python2.5 has changed..?05:55
ranjithI mean how to enter the restrictedpython module..?05:56
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ARiKAranjith: this is zope306:14
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ranjithI dont know whwther there is an IRC channel for zope2  dev  is there is some will some one tell me..?06:22
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ARiKAranjith: #zope06:41
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mgedminyesterday I wanted to be able to run the zope test runner with python -m zope.testing.testrunner14:33
mgedmintoday I can't quite convince myself that this is useful14:33
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* mgedmin wants buildout.cfg.override, to prevent accidentally committing buildout.cfg with debugging changes14:41
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philiKONmgedmin: create a mybuildout.cfg file14:46
philiKONthat extends=buildout.cfg14:46
philiKONand then do14:46
philiKONbin/buildout -c mybuldout.cfg14:46
philiKONnp :)14:47
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* mgedmin hates subversion again15:09
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ccombmgedmin should remind of cvs :)15:40
mgedminI was thinking about it this morning, actually15:40
mgedmintrying to remember any occasion where it hurt me15:40
mgedminand I couldn't15:40
philiKONuh, the fact that it can't ever really delete directories?15:42
philiKON(it can only "purge" empty ones)15:42
philiKONthe fact that it loses history upon every rename15:42
Theunithe fact that checkins aren't atomical15:42
mgedminyes, yes, I was trying to remember where any of that actually bit me15:42
Theuniyou can't offline diff15:42
Theuniyou can't really stat without updating15:43
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philiKONyeah, stat w/o updating15:43
philiKONthat bit me often15:43
mgedminnone of that beats subversion server looping forever eating memory until OOM on my home directory's repository15:43
philiKONwe got bitten a lot during gheddons in zope15:43
mgedminor bzr suddenly deciding my history is bad and refusing to do anything with it any more15:43
philiKONsvn "blames" me for many lines of code15:43
philiKONthat i never wrote :)15:43
philiKONjust moved around15:43
ccomboops, didn't want to trigger yet another vcs flame :)15:44
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mgedminhas anyone ever tried cross-compiling windows python eggs on linux?15:44
mgedminthere's a mingw-based cross-compiler, iirc15:45
philiKONi haven't15:45
* mgedmin googles15:45
philiKONonly used mingw32 on windows15:46  lol15:46
mgedminyou must know german15:46
philiKONwho... me?15:46
mgedminthe lol gives it away15:46
* mgedmin googles for google translate15:46
mgedmin"sausage fight"?15:47
philiKONmore like "fighting sausage"15:47
philiKONe.g. Kampfjet = fighter jet15:48
philiKONKampfhund = attack dog15:48
mgedminwhy oh why isn't --exit-with-status on by default in zope.testing.testrunner?15:51
mgedminand why didn't we extract the test runner to zope.testrunner?  zope.testing is full of unrelated other things15:51
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* mgedmin thwacks with a big hammer16:25
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* mgedmin files and prepares to fix it16:54
mgedmin... after lunch16:55
srichtermgedmin: wow, you really go hardcore after those failing tests! Swesome!17:01
benjiSwesome, indeed. ;)17:02
srichterbenji: he he17:02
srichtermgedmin: btw, my wife will go to Germany next week for two weeks, so this will be the best oppurtunity for us to get this Zope 3.4 release out of the door17:03
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srichtermgedmin: good job with bug 25395917:11
srichterwhen I saw it, I was too lazy to investigate it :-)17:11
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projekt01srichter, what do you think about z3c.form hints?17:20
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* mgedmin demands a trac instance for zope 318:20
srichtermgedmin: that's not a bad idea18:21
mgedmintrac's repository browser is very nice18:22
ccombthe launchpad is not enough?18:22
mgedminfor figuring out branch history18:22
ccombah for the repository18:22
srichtermgedmin: you can talk to Jim and Jens to give you a little bit more power on the machine and install it there18:22
mgedminI only want the repo browser18:22
mgedminor I could set up a local one on the svn repository mirror I just made ;-)18:22
mgedminthe thing is, I want to fix KGS tests18:23
mgedminand this leads to a deep stack18:23
mgedminI need to fix the test runner18:23
mgedminfor that I need to make a 3.5.4 release18:23
mgedminfor that I need to update CHANGES.txt18:23
mgedminfor that I need to figure out what's going on with the "Next release" section with all those new features18:24
mgedminsupposedly those were released with 3.6.018:24
mgedminbut I have a grave suspicion some of them, at least, snuck into 3.5.something18:24
mgedminfor that I need to look at the branch history, both before and after the creation of the 3.5 branch18:24
mgedminfor that I find svn command-line tools (a) slow and (b) inconvenient18:25
mgedminheh, yesterday I had to upgrade a server at work to hardy because I wanted a buildbot slave running the KGS tests on python 2.5 on a 32-bit machine18:25
mgedminand dapper had no python 2.518:25
* ccomb encourages mgedmin18:25
* mgedmin is not complaining about doing those things18:26
* mgedmin is complaining that with this depth of the todo stack it's a bit hard to keep track of what you're doing18:26
ccombanother option is to move everything to bzr in the launchpad18:27
* mgedmin SHUDDERS18:27
mgedminhave you ever tried bzr on any larger project?18:27
mgedmingive them a couple of years to mature18:27
mgedminask the schooltool guys how long do they have to wait for a bzr checkout from launchpad18:28
ccombI have had problems on a very small project, indeed18:28
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ccombanother option is to move to svn 1.5 with merge tracking18:29
mgedminsetuptools do not support svn 1.518:30
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ccombuntil there is a new release, I think it's fixed in the trunk ?18:30
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mgedminsadly, setuptools releases are not made early and often18:31
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mgedminwhy is J1m blinking like this?18:32
benjihe put his laptop to sleep18:34
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srichtermgedmin: see my last zope-dev mail; I proposed some scripts that decrease the stack a bit18:36
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mgedminoh noes, now I have to push another item (read zope-dev) onto my stack :-)18:37
mgedminthe good thing about this is I'm afraid to lose state, so I document it in launchpad bugs and emails to zope-dev18:38
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mgedminokay, now I'm fighting with trac and clearsilver on 64-bit (apparently?)18:52
mgedmin/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/ undefined symbol: Py_InitModule418:52
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mgedminbtw anyone wants to add buildout.cfg and to
srichtermgedmin: let's bully Roger when comes back after dinner :-)18:54
mgedminyay fun:
srichtermgedmin: We switched from to*, so we might just fix the KGS in that respect18:55
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mgedminyay I has a trac19:05
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mgedminsrichter: controlled-packages.cfg has tested=false under [zope.testing]20:55
mgedminany reason to leave that now that zc.buildbot rebuilds pycs correctly?20:55
srichterit does?20:56
srichterso take that out!20:56
srichtermgedmin: I did not realize Jim fixed that problem20:57
mgedminI got an email about the bug getting closed in launchpad20:57
mgedmina while ago20:57
mgedminoops, wait20:57
mgedminthat was probably zc.buildout 1.1.020:58
mgedminthe kgs still demands 1.0.020:58
srichterI think this is worth the upgrade20:58
srichtermgedmin: I rather have the tested version in there20:59
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mgedminhm, I can't find the bug20:59
srichterit might have never been officially reported21:00
mgedminah, no bug, an email to distutils list:
mgedminyes, it was 1.1.021:00
mgedminsrichter: so should I revert the [zope.testing] tested = false change, or bump zc.buildout to 1.1.0 in the kgs?21:01
* mgedmin should have checked that before committing, eh)21:01
srichterno, no problem21:01
srichterI would bump to zc.buildout to 1.1.021:01
srichterthe change is so worth it21:02
srichterand then have zope.testing being tested21:02
srichterah, you removed tested=false already21:02
mgedminwhy does zope.release's README.txt say to run bin/generate-buildout before running bin/upload21:04
*** MJ|10 has quit IRC21:04
srichtermgedmin: outdated; I used to upload all generated files21:05
srichtermgedmin: before I had my fancy generation script that does it all and runs as a cron job21:05
* mgedmin curses buildbot's SVN step for hanging21:13
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srichtermgedmin: what hangs?21:21
mgedminbuildbot's svn update step21:22
srichterwhy? (I meant)21:23
*** J1m has joined #zope3-dev21:24
mgedminno idea21:24
mgedminbug in buildbot21:25
srichtermgedmin: the man with answers just joined :-)21:25
mgedmin2008/08/01 21:05 +0300 [-] SlaveBuilder.commandComplete <buildbot.slave.commands.SVN instance at 0xe22950>21:25
mgedmin2008/08/01 21:05 +0300 [-]  but we weren't running, quitting silently21:25
mgedminbuildBOT, not buildOUT21:25
srichteroh buildbot21:25
srichteryeah, yeah, just saw21:25
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srichterccomb: thanks a lot for your digging and updating the files21:26
*** whit has joined #zope3-dev21:27
*** whit is now known as whit|dmv21:29
ccombyou're welcome.21:30
ccombIs there a script to detect automatically all the bugfix releases ?21:30
srichterccomb: yep :-)21:30
srichterccomb: it's ./bin/list-latest21:31
srichterin zope.release21:31
srichterccomb: there are also some new scripts you could write that would be very helpful21:31
ccombthere is a lot of things I would like to do and my todo list is enormous21:32
srichterof course, like everyones21:33
ccombI don't even have time to test all the z3c stuffs you release...21:33
ccombcurrently trying z3c.contents and z3c.table21:33
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ccombwould like to work again on the object widget of z3c.form if it makes sense21:34
ccomband the new website is still unfinished21:35
*** rocky has quit IRC21:36
ccombIt would be great to have it for 3.4.021:36
*** Jell-O-Fishi has quit IRC21:37
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srichterccomb: uuh, I want an object widget too :-)21:42
*** rocky has joined #zope3-dev21:43
mgedminccomb: reStructuredText tip: you cannot remove the blank line between a bulleted list item and a nested bulleted list21:46
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ccombsrichter I will probably need it soon so I'll have to work again on it22:06
ccombmgedmin oups I'm not an expert in rst22:06
srichterccomb: cool22:07
mgedminnobody is22:07
mgedminrst promises to be intuitive, but doesn't quite deliver22:07
* mgedmin cheats by previewing it with restview22:08
* ccomb finds boring to be obliged to learn a new wiki-like syntax every month22:08
*** jukart has quit IRC22:08
* ccomb is easy_installing restview22:10
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mgedmincan I control the order of the test layers?22:23
mgedminzope.testing 3.6.0 moves unit tests to the end22:23
mgedminI think that's because UnitTests alphabetically are near the end22:23
*** whit has joined #zope3-dev22:42
benjimgedmin: the last time I worked on zope.testing I considered special-casing the unit tests to run first; seemed to be a better policy because they're generally fast and might produce errors faster than functional tests so you could find stupid mistakes faster (syntax errors, etc.)22:44
mgedminshould be simple22:45
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benjiyep, the code change is simple, now all the tests have to be fixed ;)22:57
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Theunithat change isn't really nice23:09
Theunii think that way of sorting needs to be changed23:10
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