IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2008-08-09

mgedminquestion about kgs00:00
mgedminshould I run bin/upload after every commit of controlled-versions.cfg00:00
mgedminor should only actual releases that get versions like 3.4.0c7 be uploaded?00:01
srichterI think only actual versions00:01
srichterbut since we are in final bug-fixing mode, I think every change could create a new release00:02
srichterI want as many people as possible to get the latest changes, so that the KGS is as stable as possible00:02
srichteryou don't have to though00:03
mgedminheh, I don't even know how to ;)00:03
ktwilightis there any definitive guide for KGS?00:03
srichterif it is too costly in time, I rather see more fixes :-)00:03
mgedmin for the users00:04
mgedmin for maintainers00:04
mgedminam I right?00:04
mgedminabout those two being definitive?00:04
ktwilightsweet thanks mgedmin :)00:05
mgedminoh, I ses the latter one was updated while I wasn't looking00:05
mgedmin is a more authoritative url00:06
mgedminbut harder to remember00:06
srichterbtw thanks to everyone for being interested and helping out00:09
srichterit has definitely sparked my interest in getting it done again00:09
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mgedminheh, I'd have given up last week if not the encouragement I received here from irc00:18
mgedminit's too big a job for any one person00:18
mgedminunless he's very dedicated00:18
srichteryep, I agree00:20
srichterwhen I originally created the code and KGS, I spent literally weeks making packages00:21
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mgedminyay py2.5-64bit errors went from 34+30 down to 5+300:40
mgedminthe usual zope.server.ftp stuff00:41
mgedminand zc.zope3recipes00:41
mgedminI don't understand the last one00:41
mgedminit gets an unexpected zc.buildout upgrade to 1.1.100:41
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mgedminbut I nuked the buildbot sandbox today00:42
mgedminand this is the only one build slave that is trying to upgrade buildout inside a z3c.zope3recipes test00:42
srichtergood news00:44
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ktwilightmgedmin, let me know if there's anything that i can help with. though i must say, i'm a noob in python :)00:48
mgedminare you an expert in something else?00:51
mgedminmany debugging techinques are generic00:51
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ktwilightmgedmin, unfortunately, am a master of none00:53
ktwilightpretty much, anything basic is fine by me :)00:54
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ccombmgedmin I think the failure of zope.server has to do with ZODB tests01:19
ccombWhen I remove everything from the buildout test egg list excepted ZODB3 and zope.server, it hangs for a long time on testAPPE01:20
ccombthen probably fails but I've not waited long enough01:21
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ccombWhat about moving ZODB just at the end of the test egg list?01:22
mgedminhow long is "long time"?01:23
ccombat least 10 min01:23
ccombotherwise it's 17sec long01:24
ccombI'm launching the tests without ZODB to see01:24
mgedminI'll try bin/test -m ZODB -m zope.server01:24
mgedminas soon as my current bin/test finishes01:24
mgedminchecking if z3c.form 1.8.1 works01:24
ccombgood idea01:25
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mgedminiirc 1.8.2 broke z3c.layer or some other package, can't remember which01:25
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ccombformjs ?01:25
ccombDid you do semething for
mgedminno 're'01:28
mgedminuploaded .tar.gz sdist, removed broken .zip sdist01:28
mgedminyay z3c.form 1.8.1 works01:28
mgedminbin/test -pvc1 -m ZODB -m zope.server passes here01:30
mgedminsome other package must be triggering zope.server failures01:30
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mgedminthere are 5658 tests that are run before zope.server01:32
ccombIs running "-m ZODB -m zope.server" exactly the same than modifying the generated buildout.cfg?01:33
mgedmin13 steps for binary search01:33
mgedminccomb: no01:33
mgedminbut should be close, I think01:33
mgedminsys.path will be different01:33
mgedminnot much else01:33
mgedmin13 steps with, say, 20 minutes per step = a bit too much01:34
ccomb-m ZODB is just a third of the ZODB test, actually01:37
mgedminI wonder if test -m zope would get the error or not01:37
* mgedmin is currently waiting for test -m ZEO -m zope.server01:37
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mgedminto see the order of packages tested: bin/test --list-tests|egrep -o '[(][a-zA-Z0-9_]+'|tr -d '('|uniq01:38
mgedminand FAIL01:43
mgedminZEO makes zope.server fail01:43
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mgedmintime: 11m13.302s01:43
mgedmina bit weird01:44
mgedminall zodb tests pass01:44
mgedminthen test #310, testABOR in zope.server elaves behind a thread01:44
ccombI've seen that01:44
mgedminthen test #311, testAPPE complains about an uncaptured python exception, whic is the OSError 9: bad file descriptor01:45
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mgedminokay, when I run it under strace, testAPPE hangs forever instead of crashing with EBADF02:08
srichtermgedmin: did this need to make sense?02:09
srichterI did not get your message above :-)02:11
mgedminso, in the kgs test buildbot, bin/test -m zope.server succeeds02:11
mgedminbin/test -m ZEO -m zope.server fails with 4 errors02:11
mgedminstrace -o TRACE bin/test -m ZEO -m zope.server hangs in recvfrom()02:12
mgedminthose 4 zope.server errors are the only thing keeping two or three buildbot slaves red02:12
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mgedminccomb triggered the deadlock in the same test (testAPPE) without strace a while ago02:14
* mgedmin doesn't understand why he doesn't see accept() calls in strace log02:15
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mgedminmy fd 16 is a socket, according to lsof, but strace never shows how it appeared in my process02:19
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mgedminoh, silly me, I should've strace -f02:23
ccombWhy am I getting /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages in the middle of the python path, although I'm in a virtualenv --no-site-packages ?!02:25
ccombit enables docutils 0.5 and brings a lot of errors02:26
mgedminrm -r develop-eggs and rerun buildout02:28
mgedminthere's probably an .egg-link in develop-eggs/ that pulls in site packages02:29
mgedminthat's what happened to two of my buildbot builders02:29
mgedminhm, now I get an assertion error in ZEO.tests.testConnection.MappingStorageConnectionTests02:30
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mgedminthat's because my disk is full02:36
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mgedminno, same assertion error again02:47
srichtermgedmin: I am deeply impressed with your test research skills and persistency02:49
mgedminookay, I just had 300 megs of free disk space, now I've 12 kb02:56
mgedminheh, strace log ate 1.3 gigs02:57
ccombthe fix for the zope3recipes failures is just to replace "buildout" with "buildout -o" ?02:59
mgedminno idea02:59
mgedminI think I tried that02:59
ccombI've done it and it works02:59
mgedminyou have an egg cache02:59
mgedmindownload-cache configured from ~/.buildout?03:00
mgedminbuildout -o will fail in a clean sandbox, since it needs to get some eggs from somewhere03:00
ccombjust an eggs-directory in default.cfg03:00
mgedminbrain not working03:01
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mgedminif you can fix z3recipes, then zope.server will be the only remaining failure03:01
ccomb8403 tests with 0 failures and 0 errors in 4 minutes 43.111 seconds03:02
ccombwithout ZODB03:02
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mgedminyay minimal test case!03:42
mgedminbin/test -pvc1 -m zope.server -t testAPPE -m ZEO -t insane03:42
mgedminstrace log shows the pipe was closed in one thread and then another thread tried to write to it03:54
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mgedminbin/test -pvc1 -m ZEO -t insane --repeat 5 also fails04:03
mgedminthough it may be unrelated04:04
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baijumHow to get all roles defined ? any utility or method ?21:47
srichterall roiles are defined as IRole utilities21:48
baijumsrichter: thanks !21:48
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