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quodthey there, is there a way to avoid the DisconnectedError while running evolve scripts with long commit at the end of the script?12:27
quodtthe evolve script modifies just about 40000 objects and i'm doing a savepoint after 10000 objects12:28
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Theuniquodt: "the" disconnectederror?12:44
Theunii wouldn't see why that would cause a disconnection\12:44
quodtTheuni: i just found a configuration option in zeo.conf12:45
quodttransaction-timeout 30012:45
quodti increased that to 900 and give it another try12:46
TheuniI never ran into commits that took that long.12:46
Theunigood to know12:46
Theuniso it looks like the answer is: yes12:46
quodt:) yeah...hopefully12:47
goschtlTheuni: iirc we have talked on grokkerdam about zope and soap. Do you have something on pipe in this topic...12:51
Theuninot currently12:52
goschtlTheuni: ok thanks12:53
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mintsauceHi all. I have a method, definied within a BrowserPage class, within a module. This is linked to a .pt view. The method displays the results fine in that pt, but I want to call it from another view. How do i call the method (but not the browser view class) from another module?13:48
mintsauceIs my mistake mixing the browser view and method in the first place?13:50
ccombif you need to share a method between two views, you should consider creating a base class and inheriting your two views from it13:50
ccombdepending on what you want to do, you can also move the thing into an adapter13:51
mintsauceccomb: Thats what i was thinking. So (simply) and, for and
mintsaucethe views import the method.py13:52
mintsauceHmm ... adapter might make sense - reading more about it :)13:54
ccombthink about what you method does, if it takes your content as input and do something with it, you can define an interface offering what you need, then an adapter that implement this interface and adapt your context object13:55
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mintsauceLeading on from the last question, the method displays the result using 'return results' in the py and tal:content="view/methodname" in the pt. How do i allow the view to display other variables, without using 'return'? i.e. the mehod uses an email address set with email = '' - how would i display that in the
agroszerwhat about = 'blahblah'14:19
agroszerand  tal:content="view/email"14:19
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mintsauceagroszer: hmm traversal error ..14:22
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agroszeryou need to do that in the method14:23
agroszerfirst call the method14:23
agroszerthen use view/email14:23
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mintsaucecall the method in the pt?14:24
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lisppaste6mintsauce pasted "view" at
lisppaste6mintsauce annotated #65012 with "method" at
mintsauceagroszer: the self.matches works, but not the self.contacts_master etc .... am i on the right lines?14:34
agroszerweird view ought to be global14:36
agroszerwhat's the error?14:37
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mintsauceNameError: global name 'contacts_master' is not defined14:38
agroszerself.matches = contacts_master.intersection(contacts_remote)14:39
agroszerself.matches = SELF.contacts_master.intersection(contacts_remote)14:39
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mintsaucedoh! thats got it - thanks :)14:42
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mintsauceWhen an unauthorised user hits a page they dont have permission to view, how do i display my login form, rather than the default zope login one? Alternatively, how do i customise the latter?17:48
thruflomintsauce: hang a page off
ccombmgedmin have you seen the "no space left" errors on the buildbot?17:51
ccombI don't know if this is related but the ZODB tests forget a lot of junk in /tmp17:51
mintsaucethruflo: great thanks17:52
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thruflonp :)17:52
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mgedminccomb: fixed17:53
ccombin the buildbot or zodb ?17:54
mgedmincollectd filled up /var with 5 gigabytes of rrd files tracking all tcp connections17:54
mgedminmaybe related to buildbot (do the tests listen on random tcp sockets?)17:54
mgedminI disabled the tcpconn plugin of collectd so this won't happen again17:54
ccombanyway the zodb tests should clean up correctly17:55
mgedminthere were a lot of leftover test junk files in /tmp too, but just a few hundred megs17:55
mgedminyes they should17:55
ccombmgedmin: don't you want to install python-imaging or any PIL package so that these import don't fail?17:56
mintsaucethruflo: Lol! --> "before we start, adapt all requests to a cockney user friendly timezone" - <zope:adapter factory=".timezone.london_innit" />17:56
ccombjust to artificially reduced the number of errors :)17:56
mgedminccomb: won't work17:57
thruflonaming & late nights, discuss...17:57
mgedminI have python-imaging installed there17:57
mgedminand python-reportlab17:57
mgedminz3c.rml still fails17:57
mgedminpython-reportlab doesn't distribute those .ttfs that z3c.rml's tests want17:57
mgedminprobably debian free-ness licencing issues of some kind17:57
mgedminalso, not isolating the buildbot sandbox from the system python packages makes more tests fail than it fixes17:58
mgedminnotice the nice new test run summaries on the waterfall page?17:59
ccombnice :)18:04
ccombyou just have to display the "2 failures, 3 errors" on the waterfall :)18:04
ccombbut it's displayed18:05
ccombI was just watching the summary page18:05
ccombCan't we teach the buildbot how to fix the remaining tests ? :P18:06
ccombWith a little bit of IA18:06
mgedminthe PIL and reportlab errors could be fixed if the eggs were available from some index18:08
mgedminIIRC the only problem with reportlab is that the filename of the tarball is not what setuptools expect18:08
mgedminor something like that18:08
mgedminthe schooltool guys have working buildbots that install reportlab as an egg18:09
ccombSo is there any test that really needs to be fixed? Apart from fixing the tests itselfs or some dependencies?18:09
ccombShould we try to include the remaining bug fixes?18:09
ccombsuch as z3c.form 1.8.2 ?18:10
mgedminI tried that and got a bunch of new errors in other packages18:10
ccombwith all at once?18:11
mgedminno, just z3c.form18:11
mgedminI also wonder how much of the failures are caused by running two tests in parallel18:11
mgedminsome of those try to listen on hardcoded tcp ports, I noticed18:11
ccombis it parallel by default?18:12
mgedminall buildbots are scheduled for 4 am18:12
mgedminso yes18:12
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ccombI've tried to run the 2.4 and 2.5 at the same time, and it fails indeed18:12
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mgedminokay, I've disabled z3c.rml tests (for now)18:16
mgedminwhy can't I reproduce zope.server.ftp tests on my laptop?18:17
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mgedminwhy do I get doctest errors about CRLF line endings in
mgedmindidn't you fix that?18:25
mgedminthis is on my laptop, btw18:25
mgedminI just did svn up; bin/buildout; bin/generate-buildout; cd text; ../bin/buildout; bn/test18:25
mgedmins/text/test/; s/bn/bin/18:25
ccombdon't frighten me18:26
mgedminis that the right version?18:26
mgedminI have a download cache, but you increased minor vewrsion numbers, right?18:26
ccombyes I did18:27
ccombI've been spending a lot of time to build egg binary on windows18:27
mgedminmost interesting is why buildbot doesn't complain18:28
ccombthe tar.gz have been uploaded from linux, but the egg from windows18:28
mgedminValueError: line 13 of the docstring for principalfolder.txt has inconsistent leading whitespace: '\r'18:28
ccombI shouldn't have uploaded the egg, actually18:28
mgedminit has no binaries, right?18:28
ccombno18:28 don't18:28
mgedminthen it would be ok to remove the .egg files from pypi?18:29
ccombok I do that18:30
ccombit's ok if we don't replace or remove the source18:30
mgedminreplacing a file would be bad18:30
mgedminremoving all of the files would be bad18:30
ccombbut this does not solve the same problem on binaries18:31
mgedminI see no errors18:31
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mgedminand I don't understand why my laptop sees an error in z.a.auth, but my buildbots don't18:31
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mgedminokay, if I run zope.server tests in isolation, they pass18:40
mgedminif I run all the tests at once, they fail18:40
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mgedminsomething in the previous tests breaks something in the subsequent tests18:41
ccombsome ugly or missing teardown18:42
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mgedminthe zdaemon error is reproducible, but only on the 64-bit machine18:46
mgedminreproducible in isolation, I mean18:47
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benjiJero: I agree18:53
mgedminzdaemon's tests pass on my other 64-bit machine18:53
Jerois there the posibility to ask a question?18:54
mgedminempirically, yes18:55
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Jerogood, there it goes. I need to create several classes. They have to be like nested classes in which the superior class can contain several instances of the second level class, which in turn can contain multiple instances of the third level class and so on18:58
Jerountil 4 levels18:58
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Jerowhat is the most efficient way to do that? lists, btrees, containers?18:59
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mgedmincontainers is the canonical way to do that19:00
mgedminyou de19:00
Jerodoes anybody know if there is an example like that i can look at?19:00
mgedminsorry for the cat typing19:00
mgedminyou definitely don't want lists19:00
mgedminand containers use btrees internally19:00
mgedminnot sure about examples; have you tried any of the zope 3 books?19:01
* mgedmin 's zdaemon failure is nondeterministic, yay19:01
Jeroyes, i have Weitershausen's second edition19:01
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Jeroi tried containers, but i don't know how to make the add/ edit forms for a container object19:02
mgedminaha, repro on my local machine!19:03
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benjiJero: unfortunately that19:06
benji's not really a question that's easy to answer in IRC19:06
* benji wishes his Enter key and ' key weren't so close together.19:07
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Jeroi know, now it's ok to know that i should use containers19:09
Jerothanks a lot19:09
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o srichter19:09
Jeroif someone can lead me to some container's form example i will appreciate it19:10
ccombJero the standard form for a container is
ccombor z3c.contents, based on z3c.table19:12
Jerothanks a lot, I will go back to the containers implemetation and look what went wrong19:16
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* mgedmin sends a summary of buildbot errors to zope-dev@19:28
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mgedminccomb: massive reduction in kgs failures21:56
mgedminremaining: zope.server, z3c.form python 2.5 stuff and no-idea-what on the 64-bit py2.5 build slave21:56
mgedminactually, the no-idea-what could be problems on python 2.5 on 64-bit21:57
mgedminthose MemoryErrors raised by ProxyFactory21:57
ccombexcellent :)21:59
ccombYou have fixed things locally?22:00
mgedminrm -rf'ed buildbot working tree22:00
ccomb12163/1/3 !22:01
ccombwe're close to the release :)22:01
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o srichter22:06
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ccombI see the translation domain of z3c.table is "z3c"22:16
ccombAre there a package with z3c messages?22:16
ccombIs there22:16
philiKONthe domain should be z3c.table22:17
philiKONjust like we should make individual domains for the zope.* packages22:17
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ccombthat's something to do for 3.522:18
philiKONthat' something to do... next :)22:18
*** yotaff has joined #zope3-dev22:18
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philiKONversion 3.5 of what? :)22:18
philiKONthere's no such thing :)22:19
ccombI mean it should be ready for the next major version of the kgs22:20
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srichterccomb: philiKON:
*** mgedmin has joined #zope3-dev23:11
mgedminphiliKON: there should be a zope3.5 eventually23:11
philiKONi guess so23:11
mgedminsome people may want to base their work on a stable target23:12
mgedminit's like some people use debian unstable at home, while others use debian etch in production23:12
mgedminslogan: "zope is a linux distro"23:12
ccombmgedmin now you have to add 4 more buildbot tasks for zope-dev :)23:13
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mgedminccomb: tell me how, and I'll consider it23:15
mgedminuse trunk of zope.release instead of the 3.4 branch?23:15
mgedminI'd also like to have buildouts of the zope3.4 svn tree23:15
mgedminfor completeness23:15
mgedminand two 4-quad-core-CPU servers for all those23:16
mgedminand a pony23:16
mgedminwith 6 years of systems administration experience23:16
mgedminmanaging small linux infrastructures23:17
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mgedminoh, right, iirc 3.4.0 has problems on py2.5 on 64-bit23:35
mgedminand iirc 3.4.1 was tagged with the fix23:35
mgedminbut nobody built windows eggs for it, so kgs wasn't updated23:36
mgedminhey, there are windows eggs of 3.4.123:37
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mgedminValueError: line 15 of the docstring for builtins.txt has inconsistent leading whitespace: '\r'23:44
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srichtermgedmin: great work!23:56
srichterI feel like Zope 3.4.0 will be the best tested release23:56
mgedminpypi question23:56
mgedminsuppose, hypothetically speaking, that there is a 3.4.1 source distribution in a .zip file23:57
mgedminthat contains broken doctests23:57
mgedminsuppose someone uploads a working .tar.gz source distribution23:57
mgedminbuilt from the same svn tag23:57
mgedminand removes the broken .zip file from pypi23:57
mgedminwould that be good or bad?23:57
srichterI think that would be okay23:58
* mgedmin whews23:58
srichtersome would argue for a new release  but I am more practical there :-)23:58
mgedminnew release is problematic (windows and binary eggs)23:58
mgedminotoh there are 10 people in the world who have downloaded the broken source zip23:58
mgedminand only one of them is me23:58

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