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ccombz.a.container 3.5.6 is released00:06
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ccombRan 11578 tests with 14 failures and 6 errors in 21 minutes 43.985 seconds.02:12
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srichterccomb: ouch02:14
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ccomb_Let's wait the result on mgedmin's buildbot in a few hours02:16
ccomb_need to sleep now02:16
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ChrisWanyone alive and are buildout questiosn fairgame here?02:59
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jayarajhi friends.... i have been looking for lovely.nozodb .... IIRC, as per .... it is open source.... but i can find it any where... :/ do any one know about this package?10:16
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jayarajbut i *can't* find it anywhere...10:17
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jayarajoh, jodok is not there.... :(10:21
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jayarajjodok, lovely.nozodb is published yet? will it be open source? i have read abou it in this i tried to find it.. but failed :/10:37
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jodokjayaraj: it's called lovely.zetup and on svn.zope.org10:41
jayarajjodok, ic ah... i saw it ... good thanks.10:42
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mintsauceHelp. Locked out of Zope instance after playing with PAU's!11:48
mintsauceCant zopectl adduser (Z3 buildout). Tried adding <principal id="zope.manager" title="Manager" login="admin" password_manager="Plain Text" password="1" /> to buildout.cfg with no luck. Any other ideas?11:48
afd_mintsauce: you can delete/recreate the database, to see if that helps. Also, it's better if you don't mess with the pau in the zope root, but instead use a site (make a folder, make it a site)11:50
afd_at least while learning11:50
afd_another alternative would be to connect to the zope database and fix the problem from the python console11:50
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mintsauceafd_: I did add it to a site folder - hadn't thought of trying to login to the root with /++etc++site/ suffix - thanks, just got back in :)11:52
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mintsauceafd_: out of interest, how would i connect directly to the zodb from the console?12:14
philiKONbin/zopectl debug12:16
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mintsaucephiliKON: heh .... no zopectl - its buildout based ......12:19
philiKONwhat does one have to do with the other?12:19
mintsaucesorry, bin/instance debug does the same12:20
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mintsauceive just found that bin/instance doesnt always do the same as zopectl does ....12:21
philiKONit hsould though12:21
mintsaucebin/instance adduser doesnt work for me for example - returns *** Unknown syntax: adduser12:22
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philiKONwas that ever supported in zope 3?12:24
philiKONi think that's a zope2ism12:24
mintsaucephiliKON: ahh ... that would explain it then12:24
philiKONin zope 3  you can configure global principals in site.zcml :)12:24
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ccombregister bdist_egg upload is supposed to work on windows??12:38
ccombIt tells that I must be identified (401)12:38
ccombalthough I've provided credentials12:39
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huajiephiliKON: is there a way to buy an electronic version of your book ?12:42
philiKONhuajie: yes, through http://springerlink.com12:42
philiKONhuajie: but that's a bit pricy12:42
philiKONhuajie: univesity libraries often have free access to springerlink from their computers12:43
huajieis that on line access to the book through subscription ?12:44
philiKONi'm not sure what you mean by subscription12:44
philiKONi'm not updating the book regularly :)12:44
philiKONafaik you can buy individual chapters there, but universities often have free access to content12:45
philiKONmine does12:45
philiKONso doesn't show prices for me12:46
huajieoh, I see, chapter wit green icon are for free and  the ones with white one are to be bought12:48
huajiemmm, is that 25 euros per chapter ? :S12:49
philiKONyeah, best thing would be to try and get it through a library12:51
philiKONthat has free access to springerlink.com12:51
philiKONor buying the book :)12:51
huajiethat is robbery :(12:51
philiKON25$/chapter is12:51
huajieI can't get the book from amazon12:51
philiKONwhere are you?12:52
huajieI am in china and we only have translated books on amazon here12:52
philiKONi know that the shanghai library has a copy you can borrow ;)12:52
huajieanything in Beijing ?12:53
philiKONnot sure, but the Bei Da must have a good library12:53
huajieyeah but it would not be public12:53
philiKONoh, that sucks12:54
philiKONonly open to students?12:54
philiKONi wonder if will ship to china12:55
huajieis there a chance to go : I send you EUR you send me PDF ?12:56
philiKONunfortuantely i'm not allowed to do that :(12:56
philiKONcontract w/ springer forbids it12:56
huajieI see ;)12:56
philiKONi could send you a book12:56
huajieyeah, or I could check with some relatives of mine in europe12:58
mintsauceI have cookie based, custom form logins (i.e. no popup) working, but the custom form doesnt accept the zope.Manager login - how do i link this in?12:59
huajiephiliKON: anyway I will come back to you if you are my last hope12:59
philiKONhuajie: ok, sure. what are relatives for, after all ;)12:59
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ccombthere is no tag for z3c.coverage 1.1.215:23
mgedminwas a release made?15:23
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ccombon pypi yes15:23
ccomband the tests fail, even on the trunk15:24
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ccombmgedmin on pypi yes15:24
mgedminnot nice15:25
ccomband the tests actually fail, even on the trunk15:25
ccomblet's fix it and release 1.1.315:25
mgedminwhich ones?15:25
mgedminiirc z3c.coverage tests fail if you don't have enscript installed15:25
mgedminbest fix: use pygments for syntax highlight15:25
ccombgood hint15:26
mgedminother fix: skip that test if enscript is not installed15:26
mgedminany ideas which svn rev corresponds to the 1.1.2 release?15:26
ccombhave to digg...15:27
philiKONdigg is a site15:28
ccombok I'l diggg15:28
mgedminccomb: found it:
philiKONccomb: ;)15:28
ccombmgedmin you tag?15:29
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* mgedmin loves trac:
philiKONis that a trac running against
philiKONlooks like it :)15:31
mgedminit's trac running against a local mirror of svn.zope.org15:31
mgedminthe mirror is svnsync'ed every hour (or when I need it and manually run the sync script)15:31
philiKONcan't hurt to mirror svn.zope.org15:31
mgedminI don't think trac can access a remote repository... can it?15:31
mgedminI didn't even consider that...15:31
mgedminanyway, that'd probably be slow15:32
philiKONi don't think it can15:32
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* mgedmin gets confused by svnversion15:37
mgedminit can't return the version of a single file, only subdirs?15:37
mgedminthat's madness15:37
mgedminand not how I remember it working in the past15:38
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mintsauceTrying to login to site (yes, still messing with PAU!) - keep getting 'You are not authorised' messages and top right in rotterdam skin shows :  'User: Fallback unauthenticated principal' ....... what is this fallback?16:16
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srichtermgedmin: ccomb: how close are we getting with a final Zope 3.4 release?16:48
srichtermgedmin: do you think you will be able to get rid of all test failures?16:48
mgedminhard question16:49
mgedminso far I'm avoiding the hard ones and working on improving buildbot etc. ;)16:49
ccombI don't really know what to do with external dependencies such as enscript16:49
mgedmindon't hold the release on my account, if you think some test failures are acceptable16:49
mgedminccomb: I know: sudo apt-get install enscript on the buildbot slave host ;-)16:50
mgedminI'm more confused about PIL and reportlab16:50
ccombmgedmin yes :)16:50
mgedmindoes anyone care about z3c.rml?16:50
ccombnot running or removing the test is not an option16:50
srichtermgedmin: I do :-)16:50
ccombbut I'm thinking of adding a check in the test setUp16:50
mgedminI assume its tests run on your machine, then?16:50
ccombif enscript is not available, print a BIG warning16:51
srichterwe can turn off testing of z3c.rml16:51
mgedminccomb: fixing z3c.coverage is on my to-do list, at low priority16:51
mgedminsrichter: I was considering that16:51
ccombmgedmin ok then16:51
mgedminccomb: it would be nice if zope.testing had a standard way of "skipping this test because you're missing an optional dependency"16:51
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srichterwe really should bully PIL and Reportlab; the PIL authors already told me that if we send them a correct file, tyhey will cut a proper release16:51
mgedminz3c.coverage is supposed to work when enscript is not available (it falls back to unhighlighted output)16:51
mgedminyay egg bullying!16:52
srichterhe he16:52
* mgedmin is currently trying to get buildbot to show test summary (ntests/fail/err) on the waterfall page16:52
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mgedminI wish the test runner wrapped its dots after every 5016:53
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mgedminwould make buildbot logs nicer16:53
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mgedminit used to do that at one point16:53
ccombshould we finally remove all previous versions from controlled-packages ?16:53
mgedminthen someone reverted that bit16:53
ccombsince they are not really tested16:53
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srichterccomb: I meant to respond to your E-mail16:54
srichtersince I think you analysis is not right16:54
srichterI agree that during development up to the first alpha, there should only be one version16:55
ccombI was thinking that, we should reset now, but probably allow more versions after that16:55
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srichterccomb: I reset on zope-dev16:56
srichterccomb: it's too late for 3.416:56
ccombwhat's the use of previous versions, since they are not used in version.cfg ?16:56
ccombthey are not part of any kgs16:56
srichterccomb: version.cfg is just one output; if you use the index then they are all there16:57
ccombyes but untested16:57
srichterthey were tested at the time16:57
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mgedminnote how nothing is said about those tests being successful ;-)16:58
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mgedminwho has access to the front page of ?16:59
mgedmincould that someone replace the apache test page with something that gives links to things hosted there?16:59
srichterthe idea is that after an alpha, the KGS should only see bug-fix releases17:00
srichterwe made some exceptions for 3.4 for various reasons17:00
srichtermgedmin: I think you probably do17:01
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ccombeven a bugfix can break backward compatibility in an unexpected way17:01
mgedminsrichter: nope17:01
mgedmin"/var/www/" E212: Can't open file for writing17:02
srichterlet me try17:02
srichtermgedmin: yeah, the group is root in that dir :-(17:03
srichtermgedmin: let's ask Jim when comes back; he can set the groups correctly17:03
ignasccomb: not like that hasn't happened ever before17:03
mgedminokay, going through buildout errors17:04
mgedminz3c.rml is unhappy about PIL and reportlab17:04
mgedminz3c.form is unhappy about repr() of exceptions on python2.517:04
ignasthere have been no Zope3 releases that didn't break schooltool :)17:04
ignaswhen going from one release to another17:04
mgedminzc.zope3recipes is upgrading zc.buildout unexpectedly17:05
mgedminhey, doesn't that zc.zope3recipes test depend on the current contents of PyPI???17:05
srichterI have not looked it might very well do17:05
ignasmgedmin: can you like get the maintainer email out of the and send an email to the maintainer ;) automatically ;)17:05
mgedminignas: about buildbot problems?  it's a bit too soon for that, I think17:06
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srichtermgedmin: maybe we should point it to the KGS index, which is more stable17:06
srichteror even better to a particular version17:06
mgedminor pass the --offline switch to bin/buildout?17:06
srichteroh, I did not know it had this17:06
mgedminbin/buildout -o17:07
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mgedminzc.zope3recipes fails on my laptop with "Error: Couldn't find a distribution for 'zope.interface'"17:12
srichtertry -vvv and see what else the output says17:13
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mgedminit says lots of things17:14
ccombon mine it fails with: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'location'17:16
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mgedminokay, next brick wall: fails deep inside the docutils egg17:16
mgedminwhere a relative import of a style named 'roman' fails17:17
srichteroh man17:17
srichterthat's a docutils problem17:17
srichterI think they used to ship with and now they don't17:17
mgedminfresh from pypi17:17
srichterbecause it should be there by default or something17:17
srichterI remember talking to David about that17:18
mgedminoh, it's not, it's states.py17:18
mgedminnext: Security policy is not configured.17:18
mgedminPlease make sure that securitypolicy.zcml is included in site.zcml immediately17:18
mgedminbefore principals.zcml17:18 is still in extras17:18
*** whit has joined #zope3-dev17:19 that should be easy to fix17:19
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mgedminyay zope.testing.testrunner is lying about the test time17:20
mgedminwall clock: almost 20 minutes17:20
mgedmintestrunner says: "ran XXX tests in 7 minutes 12 seconds"17:20
srichterhe he17:21
mgedminno failure on trunk17:22
mintsauce how do I override @@loginform.html?17:22
ccombmintsauce define your own layer in which you do what you want17:22
srichtermgedmin: what do you mean by "no failure on trunk"? (all of the KGS?)17:23
mgedminsrichter: no, that message17:23
mgedminhm, no failure on the 3.4.1 tag either17:23
mgedmincannot reproduce it on my laptop17:23
mgedminmaybe it was not produced by's tests, but by something else that includes's zcml?17:23
mgedminapparently so17:24
mgedmindon't know which test prints that message17:24
mgedminnext: ValueError: 417:24
mgedmincannot reproduce on my laptop :/17:24
mgedmin64-bit issue?17:25
mgedminwow, also trigger the docutils bug17:26
* mgedmin is going through 17:26
ccombzc.zope3recipes fails differently whether I test from the tag checkout or from zope zope.release generated buildout (with just this test kept)17:27 gets a MemoryError!17:27
mgedminmemleak somewhere?17:27
ccombfrom the tag
ccombfrom the generated-buildout
lisppaste6mintsauce pasted "Override login" at
mintsauceccomb: should this not override it?17:34
mintsaucei can call customlogin.html directly and it works ...17:34
ccombyes but both login are available17:35
mintsauceis defining it in a custom layer (skin) the only way?17:37
ccombit's the only way to get rid of all unwanted registrations17:37
ccombalthough I've seen an z3c.unconfigure coming this morning17:38
ccombBut you might want to start on a clean layer such as z3c.layer.minimal17:38
afd__mintsauce: I think philips explains in that chapter the use of the override mechanism17:38
afd__but starting with a clean skin is the regular way of doing this thing17:39
mintsauceok, that all makes sense - cheers guys17:39
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mgedminthose MemoryErrors... during the test run the server had 0.5 gigs free memory (well, page cache, actually) and 1 gig free swap17:55
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mgedminmy buildbot now has nice short summary logs18:12
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mgedminwhere does the ImportError of zope.interface.common.tests.test_import_interfaces come from?18:47
mgedminit happens on only one machine18:47
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mgedminsrichter: would it be hard to get zope.release's bin/generate-buildout to copy bin/buildout to test/bin/buildout?19:34
srichtercould be done19:35
srichterto save you the bootstrap call I guess?19:36
srichteryeah, we could do that19:36
mgedminno, not the bootstrap call19:38
mgedminwell, yes19:38
mgedminthe point its, test/ contains only buildout.cfg19:38
mgedminand if I want to run it with the same virtualenv sandbox, I have to either use ../bin/buildout19:38
mgedminor run /full/path/to/python ../bootstrap.py19:38
mgedminit's fine for the buildbot, which is a machine, but a bit inconvenient when testing by hand19:39
srichterI see19:39
mgedminyou can accidentally easily run your system-wide zc.buildout and get a different python version than you expected19:39
srichterI always use the latter19:39
srichterI had not found it to be too much of a hassle personally19:39
mgedminneither have I, until just now19:39
mgedminusually I tolerate system pythons etc.19:40
mgedminbut now I wanted exact reproducibility19:40
mgedminhey, my sandbox-isolated buildout is not sandbox-isolated! why?19:40
*** danfairs has joined #zope3-dev19:40
srichterno idea19:40
srichterI am not using sandboxes19:40
mgedmin"Not overwriting existing python script sandbox/bin/python (you must use sandbox/bin/python2.5)"19:42
*** djohnson_ has joined #zope3-dev19:43
mgedminno, that's not it...19:43
*** djohnson_ has left #zope3-dev19:43
mgedminzope.release's bin/buildout generated by running sandbox/bin/python explicitly inserts /usr/lib/python2.x/site-packages in its sys.path19:46
srichterno idea19:58
srichterI am not doing anything funky19:58
mgedminit all works fine when I sudo -u buildbot -s and try to execute those command manually20:00
*** rocky|away is now known as rocky20:04
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*** malthe has quit IRC20:13
mgedminhey, it's bin/buildout itself that upgrades setuptools 0.6c8 in my sandbox to setuptools 0.6c8 and regenerates itself to include system-wide site-packages20:14
*** dobee has quit IRC20:26
*** MrTopf has quit IRC20:30
mgedminhm, it thinks I have a develop egg of setuptools20:31
*** ccomb_ has quit IRC20:34
*** afd__ has quit IRC20:40
mgedminWHO PUT THIS HERE???20:41
mgedminthere's a develop-eggs/setuptools.egg-link in the broken sandbox20:42
mgedminwhich tells buildout to put my system-wide site-packages into sys.path20:42
mgedminnice hidden trap for buildout beginners, I salute you20:42
*** mkerrin has quit IRC20:42
mgedminsterile environment restored20:45
mgedminresuming the experimental protocol20:46
mgedminexpect results in approximately 1 hour and 4 minutes20:46
mgedminor, as zope.testing calls it, "22 minutes"20:46
*** jukart has quit IRC20:46
mgedminthose must be imperial minutes, I think20:46
*** ccomb_ has joined #zope3-dev20:51
chaoflowam I right that zc.recipe.testrunner does not support zcml, and what is the most minimal test environment where zcml is loaded?20:51
ignaswell, emm, "-f" ?20:51
ignasi mean - if you add your tests to some kind of a functional test layer, that inherits from ZCMLLayer20:52
ignasyour tests will include zcml20:52
chaoflowignas: so just to use zope's FunctionalDocTest, e.g.20:53
chaoflowseems so logic, when you come to think of it ;)20:54
chaoflowignas: thx20:56
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chaoflowI would like to factor out IAuthenticatorPlugin and PrincipalInfo from Is that a no-go or is worth thinking of it?21:39
philiKONwhere to?21:40
philiKONand why?21:40
philiKONi think you should write a proposal to the list21:40
philiKONanswering these questions :)21:40
chaoflowah - of course,  there was some information missing21:42
chaoflowwill write to the list21:42
chaoflowto zope.authentication21:42
*** seletz has quit IRC21:46
*** vipod has quit IRC21:47
philiKONuh huh21:48
*** elro has quit IRC21:48
*** bigkevmcd has quit IRC21:51
*** jodok has joined #zope3-dev21:51
chaoflowphiliKON: was that an answer to my proposal? ;)21:51
philiKONi'm curious to see hear your reasining21:52
philiKONreasoning even21:52
philiKONwhy those21:52
philiKONand not IAuthentication21:52
philiKONi for one would love to cut down the dependencies of zope.security21:52
philiKONbecause depends on the whoel universe21:52
philiKONbecause it depends on for some reason21:52
philiKONsome unfathomable reason i should say21:53
philiKONand has browser views21:53
philiKONso it needs
philiKONand so on21:53
chaoflowprobably more than those, I currently need those two outside of an app - so I started with those21:53
philiKONso i can understand the reason for zope.authentication21:53
philiKONbasically, a without the browser junk21:53
*** vipod_ is now known as vipod21:53
philiKONlike we have zope.securitypolicy (which used to be part of as well)21:53
chaoflowI would go over and seperate concepts from implementations that depend on stuff and persistent21:53
philiKONpersistent is ok i think21:54
philiKONdepending on the ZODB doesn't pull in the whole universe :)21:54
* chaoflow always imagines zope.* to be usable anywhere, even without ZODB and to be the stuff meant for inside the application server21:55
chaoflowor is that a wrong view?21:55
philiKONit could still depend on the zodb21:56
philiKON*and* be usable anywhere21:56
chaoflowthat's true, it doesnt mean creating one21:58
philiKONjust because a class inherits from Persistent doesn't mean it actually gets persisted anywhere21:58
philiKONyou could probably register the PAU as a global utility just fine21:58
*** charith_para has quit IRC21:58
*** stub has quit IRC22:01
chaoflowphiliKON: like in the kitchentools example?22:03
chaoflowi mean . not ?22:04
philiKONwell, there i actually have two separate implementations i think22:04
philiKONit's a stupid example anyways :)22:04
chaoflowyes, but I think you point out, that it could be one and the same22:04
philiKONgood :)22:05
chaoflowphiliKON: I just checked and couldn't find dependencies to
philiKONit's indirect iirc22:08
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chaoflowwhat is the root of things holding stuff in*?22:42
chaoflowor roots?22:43
*** dunny has joined #zope3-dev22:48
philiKONchaoflow: eh?22:49
*** supton has joined #zope3-dev22:53
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chaoflowphiliKON: I mean, there are efforts to move things out of* to zope.*, I was just wondering what the criterias are for moving out, or whether eventually everything will be in zope.*23:31
philiKONthere aren't real efforts23:31
philiKONthey just pop up as they're needed23:31
philiKONi think the main theme of all of this should be to be able to reduce interdependencies23:32
*** yotaff has quit IRC23:32
philiKONs/to be able//g :)23:32
chaoflowso, moving to zope.* is good, if it works without moving all of along?23:33
philiKONi don't understand that question :). point is, we shouldn't blindly start moving things23:34
philiKONi think we're all a bit more conservative after the zope 3.3 fiasco23:34
chaoflowI probably missed that...23:34
philiKONmoving a few selected, individual pieces to places that make more sense would be a good idea IF they meet the goal of reducing dependencies23:34
chaoflowok - great - that's what I understood, too23:35
chaoflowand other way round, if there is something in that is useful/wanted without things from and it is possible to move, then moving is good, if it does not lead to weird code23:36
philiKONmoving is never good23:37
philiKONbecause it makes people having to change their software to keep it working23:37
philiKONor to surpress deprecation warnings23:37
philiKONthat's what i'm trying to say :)23:37
chaoflowok - got that :)23:37
philiKONhowever, in a few selected, well-researched cases this pain might be smaller than the one we have from numerous dependencies23:37
chaoflowguess am living with the things in for the moment until I find the time to write a well-written proposal23:38
philiKONgood idea :)23:38
chaofloweventually backed-up by some sample code, making use of those things23:38
*** yvl has quit IRC23:40
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