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ChrisWhey all... can anyone point me at docs that explain how zope.testing.cleanup actually works?10:43
ChrisWwhat calls addCleanUp?10:44
ChrisWwhy are all the cleanup funcs called at both setUp and tearDown?10:45
philiKON_let's say i have a module that stores some global state that can be manipulated when running an application10:46
philiKON_then it can certainly be manipulated over the course of running a test10:46
philiKON_so you'd want this global state to be pristine before and after each test10:47
philiKON_so in my module i write a small function10:47
philiKON_def makeStatePristine(): ...10:47
philiKON_and register this as a clean up func10:47
philiKON_that way, tests only have to call z.t.c.cleanUp() and this will call all the clean up hooks10:48
ChrisWdoes anything other than zope.component use these hooks?10:48
ChrisW...10:48 (the interactions tuff)10:48
ChrisWah, okay10:48
philiKON_zope.configuration (zcml stuff)10:48
philiKON_don't know about others. feel free to grep yourself10:49
philiKON_for addCleanUp10:49
ChrisWdon't tests that use cleanup interact badly with tests that are mroe functional in feel?10:49
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ChrisW(ie: if I've set up, say, any global components, then any testing that uses zope.testing.cleanup will trash those and cause the tests to fail :-S)10:50
philiKON_right. z.t.c and functional tests don't mix10:51
philiKON_with functional and integration tests, in other words, all tests that use layers to do their setup, the individual tests shouldn't modify global state10:51
philiKON_at least not *that* particular kind of global state10:51
ChrisWokay, so if you have a functional test that modifies said global state, how does it undo it's modifications afterwards?10:52
philiKON_i'd say your ftest is wrong10:52
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philiKON_an ftest that does this is hardly realistic10:53
philiKON_in a real app out there you wouldn't do this either would you10:53
ChrisWI'm inclined to agree with you ;-) I don't have that case, just trying to get to the bottom of how cleanup works before I write soem more docs for it...10:53
ChrisWwell, now that I'm not so sure about ;-)10:53
philiKON_app code shouldn't mess with global state like that (gloabl state like configuration)10:54
ChrisWwhy not? :-)10:55
philiKON_uh, because it gets the app in trouble10:56
ChrisWhow so?10:56
philiKON_i'm talking about things like: a view modifying the global component registry10:56
ChrisWindeed, so am I10:56
ChrisWwhat if you want to make the component registry ttw configurable?10:56
philiKON_well, that global state would be lost10:57
philiKON_the whole point of the global comp. reg. is that it's reloaded from zcml10:57
philiKON_if you want ttw configurability, use a local persist. comp. reg.10:57
ChrisWnot if the same code als ochanged the config fiel the registrations were read from...10:57
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philiKON_ok. edge case.10:57
ChrisWsadly, local persistent component registries seem to be heavilly zodb-focused10:57
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ChrisWI'm not using zodb10:58
philiKON_well, they *are* persistent10:58
philiKON_as in zodb-persistent10:58
ChrisWand bear in mine that one man's edge case is another man's central feature ;-)10:58
philiKON_certainly you can have zcml-fueled local registries10:58
philiKON_so far nobody's cared about building such an app10:58
ChrisWso far...10:58
ChrisWseriously though, I don't think changing global config fil;es like that is a good idea10:58
ChrisWso we agree10:58
ChrisWit's just a shame that the persistent component registries are so heavilly centred on:10:59
ChrisW- zodb10:59
ChrisW- having the containment path be permenant10:59
philiKON_again, the whole point of persistency is zodb11:00
philiKON_but local registries in general don't make such assumptions11:00
ChrisWwell, that depends how you understand that word11:00
philiKON_PersistentFoo in zope is always understood in terms of the zodb :)11:00
ChrisW" but local registries in general don't make such assumptions" -> really? that's not the impression I got11:00
philiKON_z3c.baseregistry provides local registries that are configured via zcml11:01
ChrisWhow would you, say, tackle having an SQLAlchemy-backed local registry?11:02
ChrisWI'm also looking to have the registries to check worked out from traversal path rather than the containment path11:03
philiKON_i'm trying to figure out if that even makes sense :)11:03
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ChrisWwell, it makes as much sense has having a zodb-backed registry, and people seem to think they're a pretty good idea ;-)11:04
mintsauceHow do I configure authentication plugins?11:04
philiKON_mintsauce: got my book?11:05
mintsaucephiliKON_: lol - yeah, stuck on page 421 :P11:06
philiKON_then you should be able to ask a more specific question than that11:06
philiKON_how do you expect anyone to ansewr this question?11:06
philiKON_"um sure, let me take 2 hours off work and start typing away. oh no, wait, i already wrote it down once. it's int he book"11:06
mintsauceI was leading on to that .... gotta tempt you first!11:07
mintsauceAnyways ..11:07
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mintsauceIve added the cookies credential plugin via the ZMI - but every time i login I get the popup box - im unlcear how I should get Zope to redirect to wclogin, instead of the standard form.11:09
philiKON_have you also added the plugin to the list of active plugins?11:09
mintsauceI've registered the form in zcml11:09
mintsauceyup - to the right?11:09
* philiKON_ can't remember the form right now.11:09
philiKON_i guess so11:10
philiKON_and it's on top?11:10
mintsauce(btw - what the difference between 'a utility' and 'in contents' in those forms?)11:10
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mintsauceyup - its the only one!11:10
philiKON_p 40611:11
philiKON_around the middle of the page11:11
philiKON_(that's just to answer your question about 'a utility' vs. 'in contents')11:12
philiKON_regarding your actual problem11:13
mintsaucegathered that - thanks :)11:13
philiKON_have you registered the PAU as an Iauthentication utility?11:13
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mintsaucevia the register tab, or in zcml?11:14
philiKON_register tab11:14
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mintsauceahh .. errr .... no.11:15
* mintsauce bangs head against wall11:16
mintsaucethats got it :D11:16
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mintsauceI don't think your book mentions that it should be registered (although, with experience it's probably obvious). Probably worth making more obvious for idiots like me ;)11:20
mintsauceIt's the only place I've been really stumped, it's a great book  - i dont usually enjoy language tutorial books at all.11:21
philiKON_hmm, this is a good point11:22
philiKON_mintsauce: could you write me an email repeating this? then i won't forget it11:22
mintsauceSure use the e-mail inside the front cover?11:23
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mintsaucebin/instance adduser returns *** Unknown syntax: adduser - any ideas?13:09
ChrisW1what os you on?13:11
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mintsauceOS X13:15
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afd__mintsauce: that should be bin/zopectl13:38
mintsaucebuildout based - no zopectl in parts/bin13:39
afd__if you don't have zopectl in the bin folder, locate it in the parts/instance/bin folder (something like that)13:39
mintsauceafd__: there isn't one there either ....13:43
afd__mintsauce: I think you can specify one in zcml (a principal)13:43
afd__btw, is this a "I'm locked out of zope" problem? Because if you have manager access, you can add a new user source in pau and add users there. Then you can go to the zope root (or whatever folder/site you have) and grant that users some roles or permissions13:46
mintsauceI've locked myself out of manager access somehow - had manager specified via principal id="zope.manager" in zcml - then changed the PAU authenticator14:01
mintsauceuseful page tho, thanks :)14:01
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faassendoes anyone know whether Jim's around this week?20:30
faassenor is he on vacation recently?20:30
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faassennobody seems to know. :)20:35
* faassen waves.20:35
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baijumCan anyone give a pointer to this problem : ?21:25
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mgedminoh noes, testbrowser won't let me select a control by ID23:02
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ccomb_hi, I would like to tag and release 3.5.6 and 3.4.3 so that they are correctly uploaded to pypi and solve many errors in the kgs trunk23:28
ccomb_can someone here give me access to on PyPI ?23:29
mgedminwhat's your pypi username?23:31
ccomb_I'm already ok for z.a.container, but I need z.a.authentication too23:32
ccomb_mgedmin I really want to help you on the kgs23:32
mgedminyou're ok for both now ;)23:32
ccomb_the buildbot is a good thing23:32
ccomb_ok thanks23:33
mgedminit's good that you want to help, because I kinda lost momentum after setting up the buildbot23:33
mgedminand then noticing new regressions ;-)23:33
mgedminmy current todo is isolating the buildbot from site packages23:33
ccomb_with virtualenv ?23:34
mgedminhey thanks!23:34
ccomb_yesterday I had 70 errors or failure23:34
mgedminI was agonising here, not wanting to sudo easy_install virtualenv23:34
*** dbfrombrc has quit IRC23:34
mgedminbut just now I remembered it's a standalone python script23:34
mgedminI can just drop it into /usr/local/bin and it'll work23:34
ccomb_what's the problem with sudo easyinstall virtualenv ?23:35
ccomb_virtualenv has no dependency I think23:36
mgedminit sticks its dirty fingers into my /usr/lib/pythonX.Y23:36
mgedminmatter of principle23:36
mgedmin/usr belongs to apt-get & dpkg23:36
mgedmin/usr/local is for non-packaged stuff23:36
ccomb_ahh ok23:36
*** dbfrombrc has joined #zope3-dev23:37
*** greenman has joined #zope3-dev23:40
mgedminyay it worked23:41
ccombcool. Let's hope there won"t be new errors due to virtualenv :)23:42
mgedmincan buildout get lxml and reportlab from pypi?23:45
ccombno idea23:45
mgedminyay, no PIL23:48
mgedminz3c.rml is always near the top of failures23:49
*** alecm has quit IRC23:50
mgedminhuh, what's wrong with docutils?23:56
*** ccomb_ has quit IRC23:57
mgedminMemoryError? does buildbot enable resource limits, or what?23:59

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