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TheuniWho can I poke?10:56
TheuniIt makes buildout fail to install zope.interface currently.10:56
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philiKONTheuni: shrug?11:32
philiKONis z.i's homepage?11:32
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philiKONwasn't sm our wiki guy? :)11:33
philiKONsm: ping?11:33
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mcdoncTheuni: i used ppix and it didnt give me problems11:43
mcdonc(a few hours ago)... dunno what the deal is there11:44
Theunippix for buildout?11:44
Theunieasyinstall worked for me too11:44
Theunithat's why I guessed a buildout/setuptools integration issue11:44
mcdonci kept getting "Bad Header Line" or somesuch with pypi11:44
mcdonc(when zope.interface was being gotten)11:45
Theuniwhat's ppix again?11:45
Theuniwe use pypi/simple AFAIK11:45
philiKONa mirror11:45
philiKONit's a pypi/simple mirror11:45
Theuniso it doesn't mirror the homepage links11:45
Theunipypi/simple had the link to the homepage11:45
philiKONcopy'n'paste error :)11:46
Theunihard to say now11:50
Theunibecause i removed that link from pypi and the mirror is probably updated already11:51
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philiKONi think ppix only mirrors the package links11:51
philiKONi think it uses the xmlrpc api to pypi11:51
philiKONto find out the package links11:51
philiKONnot sure11:51
philiKONnot sure what's actually running ppix these days11:52
philiKONmaybe it's
philiKONbut that actually mirrors pypi/simple11:52
philiKONhmm. or not. /me sees code using xmlrpclib11:53
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TheuniphiliKON: do you know anything about five.localsitemanager?11:58
philiKONit does horrible wrapping11:58
Theunido you know why it removes the requestcontainer from the acquisition chain?11:58
Theuniindeed it does11:58
Theuniand it breaks lots of assumptions from zope 211:59
Theunie.g. you can't lookup views using @@foo from those objects11:59
philiKONi thought it was invented to actually make local utilities work with zope 2 assumptions11:59
philiKONi'd say, feel free to fix it12:00
Theunilooking at the pypi entry, i probably need to write a list post12:00
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markusleisthi, i want to send back my "Zope Contributor Agreement". It is signed but the field " username" is still empty. What is the best e-mail address to send the signed agreement and the join-request for
agroszermarkusleist, my best guess for is webmaster at, for the agreement Jim himself13:25
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markusleist´╗┐agroszer: k13:26
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mintsauceHi all - getting the following when trying to view custom member data (constructed via philiKON's book) - whats the best way of troubleshooting this error?16:44
mintsauceTypeError: ('Could not adapt', Principal(u'flatscone_jonh'), <InterfaceClass sandbox.interfaces.IMemberInfo>)16:44
philiKONyou're missing an adapter from the principal object to IMemberInfo16:44
mintsaucemissing it in code?16:45
philiKONdefinitely missing it in registration16:45
mintsauceregistration via zmi?16:46
afd__mintsauce: zcml16:46
afd__in zcml you usually register (or "configure") components16:46
philiKONunless you're using grok16:47
philiKONthen the registration is done for you16:47
philiKONif you use the right base classes16:47
mintsauceGot it - was missing adapter factory in zcml - thanks guys16:50
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mintsauceAnyone done much with FOAF and Zope3?16:53
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afd__mintsauce: there's megrok.rdf... not sure that would help you17:04
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mintsauceafd__: worth a look, thanks.17:08
mintsaucezope3 blog product? or does everyone roll their own?17:18
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philiKONmintsauce: we just use whatever works. e.g. wordpress. or textpress (written in python).17:30
philiKONgrokstar is a zope-based blogging software, though far from done17:30
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mintsaucetextpress looks nice, thanks17:42
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mintsaucePython FOAF Generator:
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ignaswhat is the z3c way of displaying a date field with a javascript date time widget?18:57
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benjiignas: I don't know about a z3c way, but zc.datetimewidget does that19:02
ignasexcept that zc.datetimewidget is using "2005-01-01" as the date format iirc, while z3c date fields are locale specific19:03
ignasI think19:03
benjihmm, could be19:03
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ignassrichter: hi, maybe you know if there is z3c date time widget somewhere?19:04
ignasa javascript gadget for picking date for z3c.form...19:05
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srichterignas: no, not for z3c.form I think :-(19:06
ignasI see19:06
srichterignas: Roger (projekt01) might know19:06
ignasit kind of makes UI look bad when half of your Date fields want Locale specific date format, and other date fields have the java script date picker gadget19:06
srichterI am very interested in such a widget (it is not very hard)19:07
ignashmm, not sure about it19:07
srichterwhy not?19:07
ignasespecially the locale specific part19:07
ignasunless you use ajax19:07
srichterjust insert the JS that puts a date into the text field19:07
ignasin which format?19:08
srichterno need to use ajax, only JS19:08
ignas01/05/2005 ?19:08
srichterany format you want19:08
ignasor 2005-05-0119:08
ignasbecause z3c.form will not accept one of them19:08
srichterbecause you then write a custom data converter for that widget19:08
srichterthat knows how to parse the entered date19:08
ignasoh, so you would have 2 z3c widgets that are doing it differently19:08
ignasone - locale specific, and one with javascript... which still is crappy19:09
srichterthe data converter is specific to the field-widget-pair19:09
srichterright ;-)19:09
ignasI want to have both ;) i can have one of them already19:09
ignaszc.datetimewidget does the javascript19:09
ignasbut uses 2005-01-01 format19:09
srichterbut zc.datetimewidget is zope.formlib, right?19:09
srichterso there is a little bit of work involved19:10
ignasunless I will try doing the locale specific javascript date picker thing19:10
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srichterignas: if you get that going, you are my hero :-)19:11
srichterthe hard part is really to build a JS function that understands our ICU date formats19:12
srichterwe can even send over all the calendar information, such as month and weekday names19:12
ignasnah, the hard part is making widgets register z3c.formjs handlers on views19:12
ignasso I could use 2005-01-01 in javascript internaly, and convert it both ways using ajax19:13
srichteroh, that's also an approach19:13
srichteryou culd do this by providing a date-localizer view on the site19:13
ignashmm, we do something like that for spellchecker19:14
srichterbtw, slightly OT, Paul has been working on his formjs branch and added some nice JSON functionality to AJAX handlers19:14
ignasnice, maybe some day I will have some use out of it ;)19:14
srichteroh, this is a great example :-)19:15
smTheuni, philiKON: looks like it's back19:15
ignashmm, widget gets site, and puts the date localizer into the widget java script code, then uses that url to convert date both ways, defaulting to today in serverside...19:16
ignasdate localizer url that is19:16
ignasthen I have to add schooltool specific code for getting today, and suddenly no one else can use it ;)19:17
srichterjust make getting today pluggable19:17
srichterand make the default
srichteroverride it in ST, if you have to19:17
ignasi'd rather get today in javascript then19:18 is always the wrong one19:18
srichterok, that's ok too :-)19:18
ignasi mean - date of the browser is always better than date of the server19:18
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elrofaassen,  malthe: what do you think to making z3c.saconfig register a globally scoped session when an engine is registered through zcml?20:12
maltheelro: it should do that20:13
elromalthe: it already does?20:13
elroor I should make it?20:13
faassenelro: what else would it be doing for its ZCML?20:14
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faassenooh, you mean only a utility is registered.20:15
faassenfor the engine factory.20:15
elroyep, I want both20:15
elroand I think it may make the code in my sandbox for dealing with named engines/sessions simple20:15
faassenelro: for ZCML, sounds reasonable. shouldn't even conflict with locally scoped sessions.20:17
elroI also think we need some sort of after_registration hook for the zcml so that mappers can be registered20:18
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fairwindselro: you can create a subscriber to database opened event  - or is there no zodb?20:27
elrofairwinds: this is for sqlalchemy databases, but I guess I could send an event instead.20:29
elrobut a simple callback could be simpler20:29
fairwindsright, but do you still have zodb or not?20:29
elronormally, but not necessarily20:30
elroI mean we probably must for zcml, but I don't really want to make it a deep dependency20:30
fairwindsits a simple question. if you have a zodb, you can use this event. If not there are other events that can be uses. For a purely no zodb wsgi app using something like ore.wsgi, there is another event you can subscribe to there.20:33
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elrowell, I don't want to tie it to anything in particular20:34
maltheelro: but you must :-)20:34
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fairwindsyou are working with a framework, its already got the functionality you need, you just need to use it. its not a big deal to change your subscriber to a different event if you change the type of application. If you've got a zodb, create a handler to initialize your models and create subscriber zcml with for="" and handler pointing to your method. That will do the job for you.20:41
fairwindselro: this should be part of your app configure.zcml typically.20:43
fairwindsanyways hth20:44
elrofairwinds: but I won't know the name of the utility I've registered that way, it's possible (and plausible) to register multiple database engines and each needs it's own setup20:44
fairwindsYour model initialization is different than defining your engines.20:46
elroyes, but if you want to use table reflection then you must supply it with an engine20:46
fairwindsyou use utility  and db directives to do that.20:47
fairwindsin your site.zcml is where i put it20:47
fairwindsie. <db:engine url="sqlite:///var/mydatabase.db" />20:49
fairwinds<utility factory="z3c.saconfig.GloballyScopedSession" />20:49
elroyes, but that doesn't help me with my scenario of needing to do mapper setup using Table(name='foo', reflect=True, with_engine=myengine)20:50
elro(or whatever the exact spelling is)20:50
elroThis discussion may be confused by the fact my sandbox has named scoped session support in it ;-)20:51
fairwindswhy not. you can get your engine passed in doing a getUtility(IEnginesomethingorother)20:52
elrobear in mind I have multiple engines registered, e.g. <db:engine url="sqlite:///var/dbone.db" name="one"/> <db:engine url="sqlite:///var/dbtwo.db" name="two/>20:53
fairwindsI have to confess I am not working with locally scoped engines though, i'd assume they are named20:54
elroI need to associate the setup code with either one or two, and I'd rather not put the name into the python code, but rather put the setup in the engine registration20:54
elroso something like engine1: url1:,  engine2: url2:, engine3: url3,
fairwindscan you not get the right one by passing name into getUtility. I am not sure how else you are going to get a handle on what you want.20:56
elrobut the python code would need to know the name then20:56
elroso instead I propose <db:engine url="sqlite:///var/mydatabase.db" name="foo" setup="" />20:57
elrowhich will end up with a call to
elroI'll also make the  <utility factory="z3c.saconfig.GloballyScopedSession" /> redundant20:59
* elro wanders if there are named events21:03
fairwindsNot sure I can help you here. Regardless of what you set up in zcml, its really only a way for zope to be aware of it generally (so you can get a handle on it afterwards).  Think about the way you write test, you can do registration thru python as well. You are going to need to get and use the objects in you code at different points to do anything useful. You use zope's api's to do this. Anyway, hope this helps. I've got to get back to my21:05
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markusleisthi, i have to set a "value preselection" in a z3c.form-_Add_Form somewhere in the update-methode:23:52
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markusleistthe value from templateData['oid1'] should go into the in the add-form-oid1-Value / see interface:23:53
markusleisti have no idea?23:53
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