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markusleistok, when i change the default-attribute of the field-instance in update() i can "predefine" some values ...00:15
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yotaffhow use multiple buildout.cfg on one package ?16:18
yotaffdon't find any options for the config file selection,16:19
ignas-c ?16:19
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philiKONon one package?16:22
philiKONa buildout is a buldout16:22
philiKONa buildout is a directory with a buildout.cfg16:22
philiKONfeel free to create as many directories and buildout.cfg's in them as you want ;)16:22
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tarekyotaff, take a look at I don't know what is its state, but it has already useful things16:30
yotaff-c is fine :)16:31
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chaoflowis there some trick, that a test_suite() in is found, when running ./bin/test -f? mine is not found16:57
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benjichaoflow: is it found when you just run bin/test with no options?17:03
chaoflowit just finds a unit test from tests.py17:05
chaoflowi put an import pdb;pdb.set_trace() directly into the - the file does not get loaded at all17:06
benjitry running bin/test --tests-pattern [fn]?tests17:06
benji(although, I though that was the default)17:07
chaoflowbenji: that did something :) now its complaining about a missing ftesting.zcml17:10
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chaoflowI put it in the root of my buildout, it seems to expect it in parts/test/ftesting.zcml17:10
benjiit should be in the same directory as the file17:11
benjioh, and there's no reason to name your test files any more, you can just use tests.py17:11
chaoflowbenji: i will still be able to seperately run unittests and functional tests?17:12
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chaoflowbenji: thx - last question I just answered myself17:15
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fairwindsJ1m:  I would like to trigger the uninstall/update of another part of a buildout when a part is updated to have a cascade effect - so both parts get updated. I want to trigger this from a custom cmmi recipe using its update method to handle updating where a dependency exists on another part that uses a cmmi recipe. Effect would be both parts get uninstalled and recompiled based on ordering of parts. Can you suggest an approach? In a nutsh17:18
chaoflowthe problem remains with the ftesting.zcml: it is looking for paula.authentication/parts/test/ftesting.zcml, and I have paula.authentication/src/paula/authentication/ftesting.zcml and before paula.authentication/ftesting17:19
J1mfairwinds, the best you can do is reflect the change in options. Have the dependent part read an option that changes when the depended upon part changes.17:20
J1mI kind of doubt that this fits your use case though.17:20
J1mor maybe it does -- I'm not sure.17:20
fairwindshmm. that might do it17:21
fairwindsI think thats a possibility I'll give this a go. thanks J1m17:22
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fairwindsJ1m: Another thought on this. Was wondering if I might do this by manipulating .installed.cfg. Will removing the dependent part from the .installed.cfg cause it to become uninstalled? Could do something like this with regex if this is a possibility.17:52
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fairwindsJ1m: if something like that could work I could put this in my cmmi update method17:58
fairwindsguess i could try something here too17:59
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J1mfairwinds, you shouldn't try to much with .installed.cfg. This is owned by buildout.  Touching it voids your warranty.18:24
J1mI suspect that yopur use case wants a new buildout feature.18:25
fairwindsyeah probably18:25
J1mI had a similar use case in the past and didn't have time at the time to come up with a good model for it.18:26
* J1m wonders how that is cool18:26
J1mMy use case was a part that read a file created by another part.18:27
fairwindswell, its nice to know that I am not alone here ;-)18:27
benjiwould it be possible to create a "dependency" recipe that takes multiple other recipes as parameters and generates this behavior18:27
J1mI ended up rethinking my problem to avoid the use case.18:27
J1mbenji, I have no idea :)18:28
fairwindshey benji: Is there anything similar to this right now in the recipe spectrum?18:29
J1mRight now, dependency is implicit through options.18:29
benjifairwinds: not that I know of18:30
J1mIt might make sense to allow dependencies to be expressed explicitly.18:30
fairwindsyes. I would like that.18:30
fairwindswhat i was thinking of including dependencies in my cmmi recipe. If part changes, want those to be looked up18:31
J1mso a part would get (re)installed whenever a part it explicitly depends on is reinstalled.18:31
fairwindsuh huh18:32
J1malthough something simpler might work too.18:32
fairwindslike what?18:32
J1mfor example, if the buildout data structure recorded what was done with a part and another part could read that, then the dependent part could use that information to decide what to do.18:33
J1mso, suppose A depends on B.  It reads an option from B, so B is processed first.  When A runs, it reads buildout['buildout18:34
fairwindssure. I guess thats where i was coming from with .installed since state is currently recorded there18:34
J1mgaaa sorry, try again...18:34
J1mso, suppose A depends on B.  It reads an option from B, so B is processed first.  When A runs, it reads buildout['B']['__buildout_installed__'] to decide whether B was reinstalled.18:35
J1mIt might do more or less processing based on that.18:35
J1mBut even that might not be enough. After all, C might depend on A and want to base it's decisions on what A actually did.18:36
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J1mOne almost wants a more generic mechanism for parts to record data during install/update that dependent parts can read to decide what to do.18:37
fairwindsmy thought was to look for the dependency in all installed parts and uninstall them all18:37
J1manyway, no obvious (to me) right answer.18:37
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TheuniJ1m: yeah. I had the issue of wanting to read another's part data without influencing the dependency graph too18:38
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J1mI dount that installed.cfg would give you enough info.18:38
TheuniI think I got away at restructuring the buildout at that time.18:38
fairwindssince ordering of parts would facilitate installation in correct order18:39
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chaoflowwhen the utility zcml directive is not found in a FunctionalDocFileSuite, what might I be doing wrong?18:39
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J1mHm, maybe A should read B's __buoldout_signature__.18:40
J1mThan any change in B would trigger a change in A.18:40
J1mIt may be that __buoldout_signature__ isn't available soon enough, but it probably could be without much effort.18:41
J1mThat would work when changes are driven soley by configuration.18:42
fairwindsand everything already in .configure.cfg18:43
fairwindssorry .installed.cfg?18:44
J1mwhich is more or less the same thing.18:44
J1mexcept for mechanism.18:45
fairwindsbrain fart - to much configuration language symptoms :-)18:45
J1mso, if __buildout_signature__ can be read by a part's initializer (or in the configuration), that should be enough, I think.18:46
fairwindsshould this be part of buildout or recipe method18:47
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J1mHm, or maybe not.18:47
J1mMaybe __buildout_signature__ isn't enough.18:47
J1mI'm a little rusty on what that is.18:48
J1mBasically, you want some sort of hash of the other parts uptions.18:48
fairwindsthat would be good yes18:48
J1mI think buildout could provide an option that could be read that reflects the configuration of a part that one depends on.18:49
J1mThen again, it might be better ro express this as an explicit dependency, even if it uses this mechanism under the hood.18:49
fairwindsi like the notion of an explicit dependency18:50
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J1mWe'd need to decide how to spell it.18:51
J1mYou can think about that while I get back to work (or get lunch)18:51
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chaoflowin ftesting.zcml I register a utility. I include to get a utility directive. However, in a FunctionalDocFileSuite, I get a ComponentLookupError, when trying to getUtility(). any ideas?19:07
philiKONdid you say19:08
philiKONsuite.layer = YourZCMLBasedLayer19:08
philiKONftesting.zcml won't be loaded automagically you know19:08
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chaoflowphiliKON: I took the layer things from a zopeproject generated ftesting.zcml. The file is loaded, at least I got errors from it19:10
philiKONwell, then i don't know19:11
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chaoflowphiliKON: are there any includes that need to be present in ftesting for the component registry to work?19:13
philiKONif you're using the stuff from zopeproject, it should work19:14
J1mfairwinds, so you can probably try this out by writing a recipe that takes a set of parts and conputes a hash based on the part items and makes the hash available for other parts to read.  This would allow you to prototype the idea and make sure that it actually solves your problem. (I assume that this is what benji was hinting at.)19:14
fairwindshi ya. yes I can do this. Another thought . Recipe handles this somewhat currently. If recipe is changed all parts depending on recipe are uninstalled. What is mechanism there?19:17
chaoflowphiliKON: thx, will have a look, what I am missing from it19:17
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mintsauceAre there any existing Paypal/Google Checkout/Etc payment components for Zope 3?19:47
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fairwindsJ1m: Have been thinking more sort of solidifying ideas about this. I think what needs to happen is that we need a .dependencies.cfg for explicit dependencies. Buildout would generate a md5sum from text of each part. This needs to occur in buildout before the configuration is read so that buildout will respond to options changes. So you are able to use dependency information in options. example. dependency = ${dependency:python25}, or anyt21:45
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fairwindsdependencies.cfg would look like [dependency]  python25 =21:47
fairwindspython25 = afb5451049eda91fbde10bd5a4b7fadc21:48
fairwindssomepart = someothermd521:48
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fairwindsJ1m: This can't all be done in a recipe without being sort of lame. For example, you make a recipe that generates the md5sum but would it would have to be run each time before a buildout because we need the dependency.cfg for options uninstall to be triggered. To be efficient it would need to be part of buildout probably with an arg since many would not need this feature necessarily.21:54
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fairwindsJ1m:  In meantime I will write a recipe that has a script to generate the dependencies.cfg prior running  buildout just as example22:25
J1mfairwinds, I didn't see your earlier messages.22:27
fairwindsoh ok let me redo22:28
J1mI don't see the point of .dependencies.cfg.22:28
fairwindsI think what needs to happen is that we need a .dependencies.cfg for explicit dependencies. Buildout would generate a md5sum from text of each part. This needs to occur in buildout before the configuration is read so that buildout will respond to options changes. So you are able to use dependency information in options. example. dependency = ${dependency:python25}, or anything = {dependency:somepart}.  So lets say for python example, you22:28
J1mall you need is for a dependeont part to include, in it's options, a hash of the options of it's dependencies.22:29
J1mThis can be fairly easily arranged without a new config file.22:29
J1mno, you are mistaken.22:29
J1mIt's much simpler than you think it is.22:30
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J1mDependencies should be part of the part definition itself.22:30
J1mSomething like:22:30
J1mdepends-on: b, c22:30
J1mrecipe = ...22:31
J1mThere shouldn't be a separate file.22:31
J1munder the hood, buildout will simple include a special option in a who's value is the hash of b & c's options.22:31
J1mThen the existing machinery for deciding when to reinstall will work just fine.22:32
fairwindsok sure22:32
J1mAs I mentioned earlier, it should be possible to prototyoe this now using a helper recipe.22:33
J1mIn the long term, the biggest issue, aside from implementation, is deciding what the new option name should be, since it would have to be a reserved name (like recipe).22:33
fairwindsok i understand. what i was suggesting was another way to do it but with a file22:37
*** aclark is now known as aclark|away22:42
fairwindsthis helper recipe, we just store info in a config file temporarily?22:43
*** jodok has joined #zope3-dev22:45
fairwindsJ1m: depends-on seems fine to me22:50
*** dunny has joined #zope3-dev22:50
J1mI'm incined to pick something more obnoxious -- to reduce the possibility of breakage.22:52
fairwindshow obnoxious?22:52
J1mI dunno :)22:54
* benji suggests "snarglefloop"22:54
* J1m likes it22:54
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