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mintsauce'lo all. I'm having user permissions issues on an adding an object view (.pt). Short of taking my zcml apart (which im sure is correct), what is the best way of debugging this? Is there a way to interactively see what permissions the edit page is expecting and getting?11:23
afd__mintsauce: set the error log utility to log Unauthorized errors and you'll get pointers to the exact permission you're missing11:24
afd__when you have a full zope stack, you go to the error utility and remove the Unauthorized from the list of errors that it ignores11:24
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afd__in the ZMI, I mea11:25
mintsauceafd__: great thanks :)11:25
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mintsauceVery odd. When 'logged out', if I try to view a protected page I log the following user error (as you'd expect): unauthenticated, zope.anybody, Unauthenticated User,11:32
mintsauceHowever when 'logged in', if i try to view the same page I get: unauthenticated, prefix_prefix_mintsauce, Mr Mintsauce,11:32
mintsauceSo two problems I guess - why is that first value unauthenticated (how does it differ from the others?) and double prefixes, wha??11:33
afd__mintsauce: the double prefix comes from your user authentication source11:33
mintsauceafd__: k, do you think that is related to / causing the first problem?11:34
mintsauceWhat is that first value - why isn't it being updated by my login?11:35
afd__it might be, who knows... I'd look first for the missing permission and make sure you grant it to that user11:36
mintsauceWhen viewing it in the error reporting utility, there are 3 columns. Time, User and Exception. The User column contains those 3 csv's, what exactly are they? I'm guessing: error, username, title?11:44
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mintsauce(tracked down the error - permissions on the object were fine, those on the container weren't!)11:52
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ChrisWmornin' all... if I have an egg that's not on pypi but for which I have a sdist or bdist, how can I get zc.buildout to find it?12:57
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ChrisWhmm, I guess download-cache?13:06
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philiKON_ChrisW: find-links = /the/directory13:14
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* ChrisW tries to find docs for the find-links options on pypi :-(13:15
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ChrisWphiliKON: wow, there isn't a single piece of documentation for find-links on :-(13:19
ChrisWwhere can I find out what it does and how it works?13:19
philiKONfind-links is like easy_install's --find-links13:20
philiKONit just points easy_install to alternate locations13:21
philiKONalternate in the sense of alternatives to the index13:21
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* ChrisW goes hunting docs on --find-links13:21
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ChrisWcool, I guess you can jhust specify the egg file dirrectly in find links...13:29
mintsauce_I want a browser view (that's a listing of objects) to only show objects the user owns - where should this logic appear? Is it possible in zcml? Or is it a .py thing?13:29
ChrisWI assume you're using zpt for the templating language?13:30
ChrisWif so, your view should expose some kind of iterator method that provides a filtered list for the zpt code to iterate over13:30
ChrisWthe filtering then goesi n the code for that method13:30
danfairsmintsauce_: so in the python, to answer your question ;)13:31
* ChrisW goes back to trying to improve zc.buildout's docs...13:31
mintsauce_heh - thanks (mornin' dan)13:32
* ChrisW wodners who mintsauce_ is?13:32
mintsauce_ChrisW: Zope3 noob :)13:32
ChrisWrun ,run away ;-)13:33
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ChrisWmintsauce_: you coming to PyConUK?13:44
mintsauce_ChrisW: I want to but it clashes with another conference and more importantly the due date of my first born!13:46
* mintsauce_ still wondering what it is about September and conferences13:46
ChrisWpah, send the sprog to the other conference - both problems solved ;-)13:47
danfairsChrisW: And I should have my wedding there, right? :)13:47
ChrisWnah, just don't get married.. silly idea this wedding malarky if ever I heard one...13:47
mintsauce_lol, told the wife earlier (who's bored and on maternity leave) to do something useful and learn python - didn't work - shes eating cookies and watching the olympics instead ;)13:48
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mintsauce_just using zcml always exposes nice technology agnostic urls (eg: why would i want to use name=nicename.html ( ?13:49
ChrisWhmm, it's been a long time since a bunmch of brits took over a zope or python channel for directionless banter... ah, the good old days...13:49
ChrisWmintsauce_: well, the defaults are supposed to be helpful like that ;-)13:50
ChrisWalthough some custoemrs get hung up on that .html...13:51
mintsauce_ChrisW: So theres no need for the html name?13:51
mintsauce_ChrisW: Whereabouts in the UK are you? I'm in Bristol - yes Zope is catching down here ;)13:52
* ChrisW is in Reading13:52
ChrisWI blame Matt for any Zope contageon is Bristol13:52
ChrisWalthough I bet it's mainly fucking Plohn :-(13:52
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* mintsauce_ did come from P**** - but saw the light13:54
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ChrisWhey Ignas :-)13:56
mintsauce_Sooooooo .... how *would* I access the owner of an object via python?13:56
* ChrisW doesn't know in "zope 3"13:56
ignasmintsauce_: what is the owner?13:56
ChrisWI didn't even know "zope 3" had the concept of object ownership...13:57
mintsauce_metadata creator ...13:57
mintsauce_i want to list objects only the logged in member has created ..13:58
ignasis it a part of dublin core?13:58
ChrisWthis *is* plone, isn't it?13:58
mintsauce_ignas: yup13:58
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ignasthen adapt the object to IDublinCoreWhatever13:58
ignasand look at the attributes13:58
mintsauce_ignas: thanks14:02
ignasmintsauce_: did I even help?14:03
* ChrisW still wonders if it's plohn...14:03
mintsauce_ignas: yup - reminded me that it was a dc function and that philiKON has a section on returning dc stuff in pts in his book :)14:05
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* mintsauce_ wonders if its ever gonna stop raining14:05
* ChrisW has new toys... a selection of adsl modems and a shiny new 8 port router... aren't I special :-D14:06
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ChrisWanyone know what order the entries in find-links are used14:16
ChrisW...and I assume pypi is always searched?14:16
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ccomb_´╗┐ChrisW: I think PyPI is not searched if you specify your own index15:14
ChrisWnot convinced by that ;-)15:20
ChrisW(since the plone buildout.cfg specifies find-links, doesn't include pypi and yet can find packages only on pypi)15:21
philiKONfind-links != index15:22
ccomb_not specifying index= is equivalent to specifying PyPI15:22
philiKONif you specify your own index, pypi's index isn't considered15:22
philiKONif you specify find-links, whatever index you're using *and* find-links are used15:22
ChrisWphiliKON: what's the ordering? particularly when multiple entries are specified in find-links?15:23
philiKONnot sure there's an order15:23
philiKONif just takes the newest version available15:23
philiKONof a package15:24
philiKONno matter where it finds it15:24
ChrisWhurm, would be great to know for definite...15:24
philiKONunless there are certain version number boundaries15:24
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ChrisWphiliKON: is that for definite?15:36
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rockybtw.. if you specify an index, and one of the packages installed by your buildout includes distribution_links your build will magically look at different places to pull down eggs15:50
rockyi also had a situation where one of my third-party eggs was causing pypi to get added to my indexes  but i don't recall the exact cause of that15:52
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elroChrisW: that is for definite16:24
elro(that was to not searching pypi when index is set)16:25
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ChrisW2elro: shame my question was about whether find-links options are all searched or searched in order until a match is found ;-)16:46
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chaoflowI have an object with one attribute, which is once assigned in __init__ with a OOBtree. Does the object need to inherit from Persistent or is it enough, that the attribute, where changes are taking place, is a persistent object?17:31
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elrochaoflow: the object will follow the rules for non-persistent objects in zodb, i.e. it will be stored in the parent's pickle. The persistent attribute (the OOBTree) will still get pickled seperately17:37
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mintsauceTrying to access DublinCore metadata - ZopeTalesAPI can access created,description,modified,title - but not creator - yet this is displayed on metadata page ..... grrrrr!17:39
elrochaoflow: interesting things happen if you store more than one reference to the non-persistent object, you end up with multiple instances of it (well, once it has been deghostedified). This still won't affect the persistent attribute though17:40
elroso if a=MyOb(); ob1.a = a; ob2.a=a; eventually ob1.a is not ob2.a, but ob1.a.btree is ob2.a.btree17:42
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danfairsmintsauce: go look at the code for the metadata page then, see how it does it :)18:18
mintsaucedanfairs: funny you should say that ;)18:19
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mintsauceexactly what ive done, just using it in my own code now18:19
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mintsauceWorks - but result in pt is in the format (u'zope.manager', u'prefix_mintsauce'), which is unicode? How do return plain text?18:26
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chaoflowelro: thx a lot!18:56
ignasmintsauce: what do you mean "return plain text"?18:58
mintsauceignas: it's alright  - worked it out (tuple when i wasn't expecting one)18:58
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