IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2008-08-14

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ccombsetuptools 0.6c8 + subversion 1.5 is a real pain00:40
ccombit's causing me a headache everyday00:41
* ccomb is about to subscribe to distutils-sig just to whine00:44
jamur2ccomb: has a patched egg that I use00:47
ccombjamur2 I'm already creating my own 0.6c9 but in a sanbox, there is always something that wants to download 0.6c800:49
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ccombvirtualenv downloads 0.6c8 by default00:51
ccombthe KGS also forces 0.6c800:51
ccombeven my grandmother wants 0.6c800:52
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jamur2i've got a .buildout/default.cfg so everything uses a common eggs-directory that helps00:53
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mintsauceI'm accessing a bunch of objects in a folder, using 'self.context.items()',  then listing them via if 'IName.providedBy(child):' but filtering on owners via 'dc = IZopeDublinCore(child)' , 'creators = dc.creators' etc11:10
mintsauceThis is fine in the short term, but too memory intensive in the long run, as obvously im listing all, then filtering. Is it possible to return a list with only certain owners using 'self.context.items()'? (So 'filtered list', rather than 'list then filter').11:11
junkafarianmintsauce: you could move the filtering logic to a method in a class which extends the base Folder class?11:12
philiKONno need to modify existing code11:13
philiKONefficient filtering has nothing to do where it's done11:13
philiKONmintsauce: use a generator11:13
philiKONnotice the "yield" statement11:15
mintsauceyup ...11:15
mintsauceflicking through my python reference ;)11:16
mintsaucephiliKON: nice - is this the most efficient way? This folder could have 1,000's of objects owned by different people - im still checking (waking?) each for ownership, whether they are used or not.11:20
* mintsauce is thinking he should perhaps use user folders instead11:20
philiKONthere's little way round that11:20
philiKONif you want a more efficient system, i suggest dedicated indexes11:20
philiKONe.g. a creators index11:21
philiKONthat indexes docs based on their creators11:21
mintsaucephiliKON: i can appreciate that - to check something you have to access it ;)11:21
philiKONthe only advantage of the generator is that it doesn't consume too much memory at the same time.11:22
mintsauceUser folders would help in the long run too wouldn't they? That way i would just be running a python level security check on a lot less objects I could assumed were owned by that user?11:22
mintsauce(although I'd have to modify the folder logic and user creation a fair bit)11:23
junkafarianmintsauce: harder to search/filter that way though11:24
junkafarianie for other comparisons11:25
mintsaucetrue ...11:25
philiKONmintsauce: not sure what you mean by user folders.11:25
junkafarianid go for an index too11:25
philiKONmintsauce: certainly that would be such an index. poor man's version11:25
mintsauceat the moment there is one folder /stuff/objects - the objects are listed and filtered by users11:26
mintsauceif it was stuff/username/objects you would have a lot less objects to filter (you could almost assume they were that users anyway)11:27
philiKONas said, that's one way to cut down the objects to wake up11:27
philiKONin a way the dedicated 'username' container would be a poor man's index11:27
philiKONso if that works for you, why not11:28
mintsaucenot sure it works for me as such - it would mean mixing user logic into the folder logic and all the 'fun' that that might involve ;)11:29
mintsauceHow fast is indexing - if i had a 100,000 users with 50 objects, is it going to give me the same performance improvement that specific user folders would?11:30
philiKONwell, indexing would happen whenever the object changed11:30
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philiKONyou're probably wondering about the searching11:30
philiKONthe searching is fast11:31
philiKONbecause you're essentially looking up things in a mapping11:31
philiKONdocs = index[creator]11:31
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philiKON(pseudo code)11:31
philiKONand you get back a list of integers (int ids)11:32
philiKONwhich you then use to wake up the objects you're interested in11:32
mintsauceah .... i see - it is a different method entirely, but i can see that it would be quick11:33
mintsaucephiliKON: you should write a book ;P11:33
philiKONno kiddin11:34
mintsauceThanks for the advice guys, thats made it all a lot clearer.11:34
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mintsaucephiliKON: is there a pdf version of your book, for those that own the print version?13:13
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mintsaucehi all - trying to adapt IPrincipal annotations ( as per philiKON 's book) - thought it would just be a matter of adding newvar = MappingProperty('newvar') - but im getting a keyError ....... what am I missing?15:28
lisppaste6mintsauce pasted "Member Annotations" at
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thruflohave you already got a ppl adapted with memberinfo in the zodb - i.e.: when their mapping was created, it had fewer keys15:44
thrufloyou may need to force the mapping to be reset / have the new property added to it15:44
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mintsaucethruflo: ahh - yeah I have - how do i do that? is it a database generations thing?15:46
mintsauce..? ;)15:48
lisppaste6thruflo pasted "add if statement for mapping key" at
thruflothere we go15:49
thruflosomething along those lines...?15:49
mintsaucegreat, thanks, ill give it a try  - as an aside, does this mean memberinfo interfaces are different from others? i.e. for other objects I can add as many new fields as I like and it doesnt complain ....15:51
thruflopossibly because the book implementation uses the MappingProperty class15:52
thruflonot sure other adapter code always does15:52
mintsaucethruflo: ok thanks :)15:55
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* ccomb is having a bad time trying to understand the zope.server test failure after ZODB test16:54
ccombmgedmin had isolated the failure : bin/test -pvc1 -m zope.server -t testSTOR_over -m ZEO -t insane16:55
ccomba trigger is created at import time as a pipe with fd = 1116:56
ccombfor some reason, this trigger is no more available when the test happens16:57
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ccombThe ZEO test called multiple_storages_invalidation_queue_is_not_insane calls  server.close_server()18:43
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ccomb# Force the asyncore mainloop to exit by hackery18:46
ccomb# i.e. close every socket in the map.  loop() will return when the map is empty.18:47
ccombahh :)18:54
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ccombthere is some duplicated code between zope.server and ZEO.zrpc18:54
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* ccomb reported
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ccombthis is for   bin/test -pvc1 -m zope.server -t testSTOR_over -m ZEO -t insane20:31
ccombThere is a second problem with  bin/test -pvc1 -m ZEO -t insane --repeat 220:32
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srichterccomb: are those the final failures in the KGS?20:44
ccombin 32 bits yes20:44
srichtervery cool20:45
ccombIt can be fixed either in ZEO or in zope.server20:45
srichtermmh, ok20:45
ccombIs there a chance we have a release of ZODB 3.8.1 soon ?20:45
srichterccomb: we can ask Jim when he is back20:46
ccombAnyway I'll try to find a way to fix it in zope.server20:46
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* srichter looks for J1m20:59
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ccombsrichter ping22:33
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srichterccomb: pong22:34
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ccombI've found a way to prevent failures on zope.server by moving some imports in the setUp22:34
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ccombI'm running the full kgs test suite to check22:34
srichterccomb: cool22:34
srichterdo you know why th eimport order matters?22:34
ccombthe testrunner imports everything before the tests22:35
srichterah ok22:35
ccombwhile importing zope.server.dualmodechannel, it creates a socket (trigger)22:35
ccombthis socket is closed by the ZEO tests (cf bug report)22:35
srichterahh, good work22:36
ccombI've moved the imports of WSGIHTTPServer, HTTPServer, and others22:36
srichterI see22:36
ccombthe real problem is both in ZEO and zope.server22:37
ccombIf ok I would like to release zope.server 3.4.3 and zope.publisher 3.4.422:37
ccomband zc.zope3recipes22:37
ccomband include them in the KGS, then see if mgedmin's buildbot is happier22:38
ccombSo I need the upload permission for these packages on pypi22:39
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srichterccomb: what is your username for pypi?22:42
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chaoflowin a FunctionalDocFileSuite from, I call getRootFolder(): this works fine, if I zcml include in newer zope3. In Zope-2.10.4 there is no and getRootFolder() fails with "KeyError: 'Application'". What do I need to include to make it work?23:15
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