IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2008-08-16

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junkafarianhey, how do i create a non-persistent physically locatable object?17:32
ccombjunkafarian: just provide __parent__ and don't inherit from Persistent17:48
philiKON_implement ILocation17:52
junkafarianccomb: do i need to implement ILocation17:53
philiKON_which means have a __parent__ and a __name__17:53
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srichtermcdonc: hi, are you there?23:44
mcdoncsrichter: yep23:44
mcdonchow are you23:44
srichtermcdonc: really good thanks, and you?23:44
srichtermcdonc: I hope you guys are staying busy23:44
mcdoncalways... how about you?23:45
srichtermcdonc: I have seen that you are involved in and basically wanted a quick summary of the state of the package23:45
srichtermcdonc: crazy; I joined a startup :-) though I should have some good technical things come out of it in terms of scaling Web sites23:46
mcdoncit works except for some moderate bugs.. metal exists but it doesnt work quite right... and some genshi features aren't implemented.. i'd say it's in general at about 85% right now23:46
srichterI really inly need metal define macros so I can pick parts of templates23:47
srichterwhat about the i18n?23:47
mcdoncyou forget that i am american ;-)23:47
mcdonci havent used it.. although i documented it ;-)23:47
srichterok, so it is at least implemented23:48
srichterthat's all I need to know23:48
srichterI can fix bugs23:48
mcdoncyup... the folks involved have taken mostly to talking about it on #repoze it seems, fwiw23:48
srichterthe final question: do you support custom tales expressions?23:48
mcdoncvia a utility lookup23:49
srichterthat's perfect23:49
srichterI basically need the content "provider" expression to work23:49
mcdoncsomeone else wanted that too (wiggy?)23:49
mcdoncor somebody23:49
srichterok, all this is great news; any deficiency I should be aware of?23:50
mcdoncnone that i know of, other than that the code is churning rapidly23:50
srichterok, I am going to port a couple of my packages over to optionally use then23:51
mcdonchope it goes well23:51
srichterI am particularly interested in using it for forms, since there are a lot of small templates23:51
srichterand perf is 10+x better, right?23:52
mcdonccompile time is slower.. but it's usually only compiled once23:53
srichterI assume updating a template will cause an automatic recompile?23:53
mcdoncit's a constructor option23:53
srichterbtw, why are you supporting genshi?23:55
mcdonci'm not23:57
mcdoncwell, at least i didnt add that23:57
mcdoncthat's malthe's thing23:57
srichtermmh, ok23:58
srichterI wish that would be pluggable; but I can live with it23:58
mcdoncit is more or less23:58
mcdoncthere are separate parsers23:59
mcdoncas of last night anyway23:59

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