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MrAristoWrong room, sorry.04:46
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tarekis there a way to subscribe to an event, but not its descendants ?15:22
tarekI have an event B that derives from event A, and a subscriber on A. When event B is triggered, my code is called, and I don't want this to happen15:23
tarekok it seems to be 'declared'15:26
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philiKONtarek: 'declared' ?15:34
tarekthe declared attribute in the Implements class in zope.interface.declarations15:36
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tarekits on Zope 2 OFS ObjectWillBeMovedEvent and ObjectWillBeAddedEvent events15:39
tarekObjectWillBeAddedEvent removes some infos in its constructor, so the event code that is subscribed to ObjectWillBeMovedEvent brakes15:40
tarekphiliKON here
* tarek finds event inheritance a bit weird15:41
philiKONyou just check for None in the subscriber i guess15:42
tarekyes we did so, but we were looking for a 'implements this interface but no other inherited interface' kind of API then15:45
tarekanyway, thx :)15:45
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ARiKAhi afd__ :)16:24
afd__hi ARiKA, how's zope3 learning going?16:24
ARiKAwell with a big holidays stop16:25
ARiKAso I don't remember a thing16:25
afd__haha :)16:25
ARiKAbut difficult and slow :16:25
afd__it will come back16:25
ARiKAyeah hahahaha16:25
ARiKAclass Blah( IPersistent ):16:25
afd__what was it, a month to write a blog?16:25
ARiKAwell It was usable...16:25
ARiKAdidn't finished it16:25
ARiKAgone on holidays hahahahaha16:25
ARiKAnow I'm rewritting just to clean things... :)16:26
* ARiKA got original philip's book16:26
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ARiKAbut I'll do my best...16:26
ARiKAand how are you??16:26
afd__heh... :)16:27
ARiKAI definitely chosen Zope 3 as the engine of my series of websites...16:27
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ARiKAit's amazing and serves for everything heh16:27
afd__hopefully you'll overcome the learning curve16:31
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ARiKAyeah I suppose lol16:33
ARiKAafd__: it's about "getting the thing"16:36
ARiKAand then everything get's easy16:36
ARiKAone thing16:36
ARiKAto transform latex code into a picture... I have to do an Adaptor...16:36
ARiKAthat's the name, isn't it?16:37
ARiKAsomething that would change somewhat like <latex> ... </latex> in the page content16:37
ARiKAand then write an <img> tag that points to somewhere those pictures are generated, true?16:38
afd__you can generate the image "in memory"16:39
ARiKAbut I would need an <img tag just to watch the picture!16:39
afd__you could probably have an wsgi filter that could take <latex/> tags and change them to images16:40
ARiKAso the image generator would be an Application16:40
afd__or some kind of response handler in zope16:40
ARiKAand the Adapter is the one that changes the code in the page16:40
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ARiKAisn't it?16:40
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ARiKAhuh... cool16:41
afd__"adapter" is more of an implementation detail... you shouldn't think about them when you're at this stage16:41
ARiKAjust making plans for the future hahaha :)16:41
ARiKAI'm just curious :)16:42
afd__don't try to fit them everywhere until you understand what they do... you are not required to write (explicit) adapters just to generate pages in zope16:44
ARiKAgot one problem lol16:44
ARiKAZope is BIG16:44
ARiKAreally BIG16:44
afd__so learn just the part that you need16:44
ARiKAwell anyway I'll remember everything16:45
ARiKAwill rewrite all the code because I changed my mind about some facts!16:45
ARiKAbut will try to do my best...16:45
afd__persistent objects, zope component architecture, the publishing machinery should be enough to be able to create a simple app16:45
ARiKAtold you before... the day I get something I'll tell you16:45
ARiKAyeah yeah16:45
afd__then you can learn formlib, templating, advanced page layout, etc16:45
ARiKAI understand about persistent a bit16:45
ARiKAwhat I did is what Philips suggested16:46
ARiKAusing schemas and those add edit change pages16:46
ARiKAbut I already knew Zope owned a powerfful form machinery insight...16:46
ARiKAwhat I discovered is that if you browser around the APIDOC and the code of Zope 3 itself16:47
ARiKAyou learn more faster and exactly16:47
afd__the problem is deciding which one to use:, zope.formlib, z3c.form , make your pick16:47
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ARiKAI understood also that ZCML is really important to develop zope16:48
ARiKAin the apidoc they have a ZCML reference16:49
ARiKAand there you get all the details...16:49
ARiKAalso it's possible to create ZCML tags!16:49
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afd__I consider it an implementation detail... once you understand it it stops being so important16:52
ARiKAhahahahaha, possibly true16:53
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ChrisWhey all, is there any way to mix methods that are doc tests adn methods that are normal unit tests in a TestSuite class?22:20
mgedmindef test_myUnitTestStyleTest(): self.assertSomething(...)22:22
mgedmindef doctest_myDoctestStyleTest(): """ >>> something ... """22:22
ChrisWand what type of class do you put those in?22:23
mgedminyou don't get the setUp/tearDown, though22:23
mgedminonly those you pass in test_suite()'s doctest.DocTestSuite()22:23
mgedminit'd make sense if DocTestSuite accepted not just a module, but also a class as an argument22:23
mgedmindoctest.DocTestSuite(MyTestClass, setUp=MyTestClass.setUp, tearDown=MyTestClass.tearDown)22:24
lisppaste6x pasted "x" at
ChrisWthat's the kind of thing I'm after...22:25
ChrisWwith the test suite's normal set up and tear down done22:25
ChrisWI'm guessing your'e going to tell me that'll never work? :-S22:25
mgedminnot straightforwardly22:26
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ChrisWwhere's my cake? I want to eat it *now*22:26
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mgedminyay, 3.4 kgs buildbot shows only one stable failure (something in z3c.formjs)23:38
mgedminand two nondeterministic ones (one in ZEO, one in zdaemon)23:39
* mgedmin fixes summary code to extract summaries even when there is no line saying "Tests with errors:"23:39
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