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ChrisWhey all, if I post to a zope 3 view, how do I get the body of the post in the view I post to?00:40
ChrisWdoes Zope 2 implement that interface properly?00:43
ChrisW*sigh* I bet is says it does though ;-)00:44
ChrisWI know it's OT for this channel, but how do you get the request body in Zope 2?00:44
ChrisWhmm, and bodyStream references a body attribute, but that seems to be undocumented00:46
ChrisWwhat should I use?00:46
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mintsauceHi all. I'm having a couple of fundamental problems understanding how to retreive user annotations..11:34
lisppaste6mintsauce pasted "Annotation problems" at
mintsauceThe above attempt currently returns the error: line 68, in hasAnnotations / return in self.annotations / AttributeError: 'unicode' object has no attribute 'id'11:35
mintsaucewhich looks like im passing it the wrong type of object? or am i barking up completely the wrong tree? :D11:35
afd__mintsauce: I have never dealt with principal annotations, but I think you need an IPrincipal object11:36
afd__which is different from a principal id (which is a string)11:37
mintsauceafd__: makes sense ...... but i want to retreive the current users details, so can i pass that IPrincipal object the id?11:37
afd__mintsauce: principal =
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mintsauceafd__: will have a fiddle11:40
afd__mintsauce: looking at the, it seems what you can do with it is to have annotations on principals. Like11:41
afd__ann = IAnnotations(principal)[somekey]11:42
afd__also look through the annotations to understand what they do and how they work11:42
mintsauceits the key bit that's tripping me up i think11:43
afd__IAnnotations(something) behaves like a dictionary... you want to store some data in that annotation, and you store it at a key in that dictionary11:43
afd__your data can be a list, dict, or any persistent object11:44
afd__and the key is an arbitrary string11:44
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afd__also... no need to reconstruct the principal if you have the request... request.principal is ok11:51
mintsaucek, thanks :)11:55
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ChrisWwhat magic do I need to put in my packages to get buildout.cfg to be included in a sdist? I see in there, but no buildout.cfg :-S11:58
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ChrisWwhy is there a ZODB3 3.9.0dev-r77011 egg around?!12:28
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philiKONChrisW: find-links =
philiKONthat's where that 3.9.0dev egg is12:47
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ChrisWjust mailing the list again...12:49
ChrisWwhy is that egg there though?12:50
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ChrisWokay, well, both questions are up on the list now...12:52
lisppaste6mintsauce annotated #65520 with "Working user annotations view" at
mintsauceafd__: in case you are interested12:57
mintsauceoh .... gone, doh!12:57
philiKONChrisW: because somebody uploaded it...12:59
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ChrisWwould be nice if it went away ;-)13:05
philiKONone should never ever delete something that has been put out there13:06
philiKONi agree that this is borderline13:06
philiKONsince it's not an actual releae13:06
philiKONrelease even13:06
philiKONbut who cares, is completely useless anyweay13:06
philiKONyou can remove it from find-links13:06
philiKONanyway, i replied to your emails13:06
philiKONmost questions are answered by zc.buildout docs :)13:06
ChrisWthe zc.buildout "docs" are fucking appalling13:07
ChrisWthey are doc tests bundled into page on pypi13:07
ChrisWyeah, sure, they just about cover everything but unless you're a buildout expert, your chances of finding what you're after is pretty slim13:07
ChrisWwhy is useless?13:08
ChrisW(and if it is, how come you still include it in zopeproject? ;-) )13:08 isn't useless13:09 is13:09
philiKONbecause i haven't bothered to update zopeproject yet13:09
philiKONi'm not actively maintaining it right now13:10
ChrisWoh :-(13:10
ChrisWwow, so what should people use to get zope3 instances?13:10
philiKONhow should i know13:10
philiKONi built zopeproject because there wasn't a tool13:10
philiKONnobody seems to want to maintain it13:10
philiKONi don't give a hoot13:11
* philiKON lunch13:11
ChrisWphiliKON: is one happy bunny today ;-)13:12
ChrisWI wonder what he uses?13:12
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mintsauceafd__: My working annotations view, in case you are interested:
afd__yes, that could work13:22
afd__but I think you can skip the line with creating a new Principal object and just reuse the one from the request13:22
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mintsauce principal = Principal(request.principal) ?13:24
afd__principal = request.principal13:24
mintsauceNameError: global name 'request' is not defined13:25
mintsauceyeah just realised that13:26
mintsauceworks :)13:26
mintsauceof course it does, should of seen that  myself - self.request.principal is object already, no need to call it all over again :)13:27
mintsauceduuh  ;)13:32
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isembardhi folks, trying to pull a vocabulary into a formlib form and getting an assertion error, check out lines 19 -> 26 are the problems... starting to go a wee bit crazy15:39
isembardany help would be most most appreciated15:40
afd__isembard: returning something in an __init__ doesn't do anything15:41
afd__as a general python rule...15:41
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isembardoops :(15:41
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isembardafd__:  yeah tried it with __call__(self,context) and it was throwing an error until I put __init__(self):pass in... why the need for the __init__?16:01
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ChrisWwhat's the correct way to read the body of request?
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afd__isembard: sorry, I don't know16:07
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ChrisWJ1m: ping?17:41
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ChrisWis there any way to set eggs-directory or a download-cache for buildout in the environment rather than in the buildout.cfg?17:41
ChrisWI'd like to have a big cache of all the eggs I've downloaded, but I don't want to have to edit each project's buildout.cfg for each machine I do this on...17:42
goschtlChrisW: i think you you can  use a YOURHOMEDIR/.buildout/default.cfg for setting default values...17:45
ChrisWyeah, just trying that now...17:45
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ChrisWug, windows explroer won't even let me create a .buildout directory, ahve to use a dos box...17:50
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ChrisWgiven that there seems ot be more life here now, I'll try my earlier question: what's the correct way to get the boyd of a post request?17:54
ChrisWI've been trying, but this hangs with paste's server17:54
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ChrisWhurm... okay, maybe an easier one: what's the "right" way to setup a zope 3 instance nowadays?18:06
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chaoflowChrisW: I assume zopeproject18:07
ChrisWnope, philip says he's not maintaining it anymore18:07
ChrisWand it uses paste as a server, which seems to be causing me problems with bodyStream18:08
ChrisWI want to try the twisted server...18:08
chaoflowdid he say why?18:08
chaoflowI mean is it 'lack of time' or 'conceptually wrong' or 'there is something better'?18:09
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ignasuse = egg:zope.server#main18:29
ignasi think18:29
lisppaste6ChrisW pasted "deploy.ini" at
ignasand add [versions]\nzope.server >= 3.518:29
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ChrisWthere's the deploy.ini18:30
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ChrisWwhat do I change that to so that zope.server is used instead of paste's httpd server?18:30
* ChrisW eyes the recently returend philiKON for that one too ;-)18:30
lisppaste6ignas annotated #65531 with "this" at
philiKONChrisW: use  egg:zope.server18:31
lisppaste6ignas annotated #65531 with "and in your buildout.cfg" at
philiKONuse = egg:zope.server even18:31
ignasbecause zope.server works properly only since 3.518:32
ignaswhile KGS defaults to 3.4.218:32
philiKONah. true. i remember fixing something in there18:32
ChrisWis it a known thing that request.bodyStream doesn't work with paste.http?18:33
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ignasChrisW: no idea, i'll test my own app with your code18:34
ignasChrisW: indeed, PUT - fails properly, POST - times out18:37
ignasboth time out18:37
ChrisWwhat's that using on the server side?18:37
ignaspaste:http that it18:37
ignasthat is18:37
ignasok, testing zope.server now18:39
ChrisWyeah, works for me with zope.server18:39
ignasfor me too18:39
ChrisWso, moral of the story: paste.http sucks18:40
ChrisWgrrr, now how do I get my 3 hrs wasted time back? ;-)18:41
ignasChrisW: bah, you didn't try paste.twisted ;)18:41
ignasit sucks more iirc18:41
ignasor at least - it sucks differently18:41
ChrisWis there a paste mailing list or something I can chuck a mail to about this?18:41
* ChrisW attacks the issue tracker18:42
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ignasChrisW: don't worry about wasted time anyway, it's all part of the rite of initiation, next step - Bullet ants18:45
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ignasChrisW: can you post me your buildout.cfg so I could fix it the way I do it ;)18:45
ignasjust so you'd know ;)18:45
ChrisWfix what?18:45
ignaswell, make it use KGS18:46
ignasor is it using KGS by default now?18:46
ChrisWkgs is just a great big [versions] section, right?18:46
ignasyeah, or a file versions.cfg18:46
ignasthat you extend18:46
ignasor a link to versions.cfg on the internet18:46
ignasI use the internet version, because I am too lazy, and have many projects ;)18:47
ChrisWso I'd just put "extends = http://something" in my [buildout] section, right?18:47
ignasextends =
ignasversions = versions18:47
ChrisWwhat happens if I already have a versions section in my buildout?18:48
ignasyour section will extend that section18:48
ChrisWah, cool :-)18:48
ChrisWoh yes, I guess it would...18:48
ignasif you are using vi or emacs you might want to add:18:48
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ignasrecipe = z3c.recipe.tag:tags18:49
ignaslike in [tags]18:49
ignaswell - if you are using a central egg directory18:49
ignasyou want tags to get generated only for eggs18:49
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ignasthat your application is using18:49
ignasfor specific versions etc.18:49
ignastags recipe generates a bin/tags script that generates the tags files for emacs and vi18:50
ChrisWheh, well, that went way over my head, so I guess I'll just pass for now ;-)18:50
ignasthat include all the eggs and only the eggs that you are using18:50
ChrisWI do use emacs but I'm only windows, *and* I don't know what tags are ;-)18:50
ignasoh, on windows you don't want it probably18:51
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ignassee you18:57
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