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mintsauceHi all, im trying to get my page template to output xml, rather than html .... how would I go about this?13:40
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afd_mintsauce: I've used lxml... but i think if you're not very picky, the default page templates can output xml just fine13:47
mintsauceafd_: without any changes? The template seems to be writing out the xml (to be precise, FOAF RDF), if i view source it's all there, but the browser is formatting it as html. - I'm assuming Zope is inserting a header i cant see?13:50
afd_mintsauce: set the Content-Type to application/rdf+xml13:52
afd_in the view13:52
afd_Content-Type header13:53
mintsauceafd_: how do that in the view?13:53
afd_self.request.response.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/rdf+xml')13:54
afd_in __call__, or maybe update(), if you're using something like z3c.template or z3c.viewtemplate13:54
mintsauceahh ... interesting: ValueError: Unicode results must have a text content type.13:56
mintsauceim parsing a file to produce the rdf ....... can zope manage it as xml?13:58
afd_parsing how? which part of zope? the publishing machinery or the page templates?13:58
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mintsauceusing pyRdfa: self.parsedFOAF = processURI(uri,format)14:00
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afd_mintsauce: from zope's point of view, it doesn't matter what you do inside the view14:01
afd_as long as you're writing a browser view, the only requirement is to output something that can be published through a web server14:02
afd_usually, this is a string or unicode object14:03
afd_acompanied, eventually, by some instructions on what headers to output14:03
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mintsaucehmmm .... self.parsedFOAF includes its own headers14:06
afd_I'm not familiar with parsedFOAF... where is it coming from?14:07
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mintsaucethe pyRDFa parser14:20
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mintsauceoutputs something that looks like this:!14:20
afd_mintsauce: self.parsedFOAF... is it a string? an xml container? what is it?14:21
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mintsauceafd_: good question (and I think the root of my problem), it's the results of the parsing - if i write it out directly it looks like the url i just pasted.14:23
mintsauceI havent come across xml containers before ....14:23
afd_when I said an xml container I mean something like an ElementTree object...14:23
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afd_they typically have "toxml" methods14:24
afd_mintsauce: try to do "return unicode(self.parsedFOAF)" in the view __call__14:25
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mintsauceno luck - from speaking to someone else im getting the impression that application/rdf+xml isn't a valid content type ..... it expecting unicode text ...14:35
afd_mintsauce: get back to the situation where you output just the stupid xml / html to the browser, and just add the setHeaders line... see if that works14:36
mintsauceafd_: that's what raises the unicode error14:37
afd_I see14:37
mintsaucein zope.publisher source it literally says if not content_type.startswith('text/ - raise error14:38
* mintsauce is now well out of his depth14:38
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afd_mintsauce: try str() instead of unicode()...14:40
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mintsauceafd_: same error - removing content header and leaving str removes error ....14:45
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* mintsauce waves to danfairs 14:59
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Jeroi am programming a concept in which i store information i got from a physical device attached to the computer. I need to collect the info comming from that device in ZODB15:19
Jeroi have created a event that should tell me when new data comes from the device and it should store it in ZODB, afterwards that info should be available in zope view15:20
Jeromy question is how do i make the event handler to access the DB?15:21
Jeroshould i specify the data file in /var?? is there a way in which the data collection only works when a my zope instance is running?15:22
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goschtlJero: you can try to do this with an xmlrpc-call to zope.15:36
goschtlyour event just calls a xml-rpc method on zope. these xml-rpc view stores things in zodb or does some other stuff...15:37
Jerothanks! aren't xml-rpc views used to display objects?15:44
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goschtlJero: no you can do all kinds of stuff with it. there is which provides another alternative for this.15:46
goschtlJero: do you already have the application on zope-side?15:47
Jerogoschtl: yes, i have it already. I populate some data manually. The views and all stuff are working already. The data collection part is the only missing15:48
goschtlJero: this could help you15:49
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Jerothanks goschtl! i will try to understand it15:53
Jeroand later i will try it15:53
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goschtlJero: ok have fun :)15:54
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tarek|awaygoschtl, Jero I am around in case...16:26
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pyqwerHi, I did my first Zope checkin and received some mail from "checkins-bounces" - does anyone know why and what to do about it?16:35
goschtlpyqwer: I think some of the moderators of the checkinlist have to give you access for this maillinglist. I think nothing to worry about.?16:38
pyqwergoschtl: Ok, fine, I thought, maybe I have to somehow subscribe to some list, or configure something on
goschtlpyqwer: i think this is not needed. But i am not 100% sure..16:40
pyqwerOk, so I'll ignore that for now...16:40
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agroszerpyqwer: I remember vaguely that you need to subscribe to that list16:43
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pyqwerAh, got it, thanks!16:44
pyqwersrichter: ping16:45
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mintsauceafd__: still here?17:30
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afd__mintsauce: yeap17:36
lisppaste6mintsauce pasted "xml-rdf" at
afd__mintsauce: so basically you passed a string instead of a unicode object17:38
mintsaucefixed with danfairs help - your idea was similar, but he approached it from the other 'end'17:39
afd__I see17:39
mintsauceafd__: thanks for help getting there :)17:39
afd__I didn't do much... I'm glad it works for you though17:39
mintsauceafd__: you gave me more of an idea where to look, so thanks.17:40
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danfairsThe publisher explicitly does an isinstance(body, unicode) and throws an exception if the content type doesn't start with 'text/'.17:41
danfairsWhether this is the correct fix or just a workaround, I'm not 100% sure ;)17:41
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mintsauceNext challenge: The uri im using is protected by zope permissions, as it should be - how do i allow the parser the same permissions as the logged in user who's viewing the uri?17:47
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afd__mintsauce: your view code is restricted by the permissions of the current user, unless you specifically do getProxiedObject or removeSecurityProxy17:49
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mintsauceok - not only is the view protected, but the file im processing is dependent on the user logged in i.e:17:50
mintsauceloggedinprofile.html -> -> foaf.rdf17:50
mintsauceso not only does it need permissions, but the needs to see the same data the user does - if you see what i mean17:51
afd__and what is that data?17:51
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mintsauceBasically, im trying to replicate this in zope: is a xhtml+rdfa document, when run through a parser it produces a foaf.rdf file (see link at the bottom).17:53
mintsauceHowever, in my case the xhtml is dynamic depending on the user.17:53
afd__mintsauce: feed the parser the data that you get about the current user :)17:55
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afd__it all depends on how you store this data17:56
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mintsaucehmmm - i suppose i can also feed it xhtml-rdf directly, rather than sending an url ...17:57
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mintsaucethe parser expects xhtml17:58
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mintsauceafd__: Thinking im missing the point here. I cant feed the data to the parser, as it only parses xhtml. I cant send it a file, because it's dynamic. To send it the url it must 'appear' as the user to return the correct data - is this where getProxiedObject comes in?18:10
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redirjoin #unix19:02
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mgedminI'm looking at ccomb's fix for lp#9844019:49
mgedminbut is that the correct fix?19:50
mgedminif I apply a skin in the middle of traversal, say, from a IBeforeTraversal event handler19:50
mgedminthen when I retry the request, I shouldn't see that skin in the first traversal steps19:50
mgedminit should get applied again in the middle19:50
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mgedminhey, the apidoc convention of having a factory attribute of adapters?22:23
mgedminis there a decorator for that?22:23
mgedmin@adapter(IFoo), @implementer(IBar), @factory(FooFactory) ?22:23
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