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ARiKA    KeyError: 'name'01:29
ARiKAthat error what it means01:30
ARiKAfails on a configure.zcml01:30
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mgedminARiKA: not enough information to answer your question01:49
mgedminuse a pastebin and show us the full error01:49
ARiKAI have other things to do now.. but i'll try tomorroow with it...01:50
ARiKAgoing to sleep... bye!01:50
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mintsauceHas been integrated as part of a signup PAU?10:28
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goschtlmintsauce: I think this is your job. Maybe you have to ask stefan richter how to deal with that.10:45
goschtlin general i like to see an ISuccessfulLogin event. Which takes care of this kind of stuff.10:46
srichtersee gocept.registration; it does that10:47
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mintsaucegoschtl, srichter, will do, thanks.11:25
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goschtlHi, is it possilbe to add i18n to zc.table. I have some cells which should be translated? Should i subclass from zc.table?11:53
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mintsaucePlaying with gocept.registration, noticed z3c:pagelet in application.zcml - first time I've come across them, what are they?12:02
goschtlmintsauce: thats a concept from z3c.pagelet, But i think you can use gocept.registration with formlib too.12:05
goschtlfrom z3c.pagelet and z3c.form12:05
goschtlmaybe you have to ask theuni or zagy for this12:06
mintsaucewhat does z3c.pagelet offer thats different?12:06
goschtlmintsauce: i don´t know exactly but it´s something like macros with component architecture12:07
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afd_mintsauce: separate the layout of a html region (be it a page, or a "box") from the content of that region12:10
afd_also, using z3c.template, make it possible to override, per browser layer, the template used to render each of these 2 concepts12:11
mintsauceafd_: thats what pagelets do?12:11
afd_mintsauce: yes... maybe this can help:
mintsauceafd_: ohh, interesting, thanks, helpful as ever :)12:12
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Theunimintsauce: pagelets basically turns the lookup for the 'o-wrap' inside-out12:28
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ChrisW1how do you raise an unauthorized exception in Zope 3?14:42
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afd_from import Unauthorized14:43
afd_raise Unauthorized14:43
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ChrisWthat doesn't feel right14:45
ChrisWI was expecting from
afd_from import Unauthorized14:45
thrufloanyone know any good docs for z3c.dav?  I'm trying to expose webdav access to some basic content objects, at the moment can't get to first base and connect to my localhost14:46
* ChrisW wonders how relates to
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thrufloif I <include package="z3c.dav" /> should I just be able to connect to webdav://localhost:8080 or is there more I need to do?14:56
thruflomy zopeproject is
afd_thruflo: you should read the text files from z3c.dav and its associated projects14:57
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* thruflo nods - i'm reading the z3c.davapp.* ones atm14:59
thrufloperhaps i'm being a bit slow :p14:59
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thruflohmm, works for me...15:10
thrufloI wonder what the difference is?!15:10
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projekt01srichter, ayt?16:07
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srichterprojekt01: barely16:10
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projekt01srichter, I finished the IList/ITuple implementation for z3c.form16:12
thruflo(for a future user coming across my z3c.dav qu. above in the logs: borrowing the config from got it to work for me)16:13
projekt01srichter, can I checkin to the trunk or is there some release work in progress?16:13
projekt01srichter, I also like to review the sourcefactory branche from zagy/Michael, they like to merge it to the z3c.form trunk16:14
projekt01srichter, anything special about that or can I do so?16:15
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srichterprojekt01: you can check in16:19
srichterI am replying to the checkins now16:20
projekt01srichter, Ok will do tomorrow16:20
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projekt01zagy, ayt?17:00
projekt01zagy, I'm just reviewing your z3c.form branch17:00
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projekt01zagy, can you give me some hints, is this refactoring the base for your source query field?17:01
projekt01zagy, hi17:01
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zagyactually, this is so long ago that I don't remember17:02
mintsauceHelp - ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', 'ImportError: Module z3c has no global form') ?17:02
zagyalso i had not written any tests for this17:03
* mintsauce being bullied by zcml again17:03
projekt01zagy, Ah, I see the date, Ok will ask Michael, he asked me to do so because he was working on tests for that branch17:03
projekt01zagy, don't worry, I pick that up and see what we can do17:04
lisppaste6mintsauce pasted "zcml" at
zagyi found it quite stange that no body seems to use sources17:05
zagythey're so easy :)17:05
projekt01zagy, I use sources but probably implemented some own thing that it works, I'll have to deep into that again17:06
projekt01zagy, I can remember hat I stopped to implement terms for sources because we need to cleanup the vocabulary and source interfaces in zope first17:07
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zagyprojekt01: right ;)17:09
projekt01sources and vocabulary interfaces need some clenaup17:09
zagyI just ignore the whole vocabulary stuff17:09
zagyit's just too confusing17:09
projekt01I agree, but often they just work ;-)17:10
zagyand the're actually deprecated... at least that's what the source says...17:10
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zagyhow? *G17:10
zagyI aggree, sources are only easy with zc.sourcefactory17:10
projekt01Yes, that whould be the first thing I'll remove from source ;-)17:10
* Theuni would remove the vocabulary ;)17:11
projekt01There are too much implementations used that we can remove them17:11
projekt01I agree on that sources are better, but if nobody will or does soince years do the cleanup, we should remove the BBB marker17:11
TheuniI haven't used vocabularies in a long time.17:12
TheuniRemoving the BBB marker is going to have people keep using them.17:12
TheuniWhich is worse IMHO.17:12
goschtlmintsauce: i think the xmlns:z3c="..." is wrong try to revmove it...17:12
TheuniMaybe the BBB should go away, but it should state that they really are a discouraged way.17:12
projekt01Theuni, I agree17:13
projekt01Theuni, probably a good way to go is to implement source support for z3c.form and implement all widgets17:13
mintsaucegoschtl: i only recently put that configure stuff in there, as it was complaining about the namspace - will remove it and try again17:13
projekt01then we can tell that you should use sources and try to deprecate them again17:14
Theunibtw: when using a source factory, sources behave almost like vocabularies (without the madness)17:14
Theunibut then i wouldn't undeprecate them now17:14
projekt01Theuni, Yes, I agree17:14
Theuniwith zc.formlib they already work17:14
Theuniand have been working for a long time17:14
projekt01Theuni, Ok I fine with that17:14
mintsaucegoschtl: hmmmm .... same errors, do i need them in too?17:15
projekt01mintsauce, can you post the error traceback?17:16
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lisppaste6mintsauce annotated #66007 with "traceback" at
projekt01mintsauce you need to add 'z3c.form' in buildout
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projekt01and any other z3c.* which you are using17:20
mintsauceok ....... how do i know when something needs to be in I always get confused with this.17:20
projekt01mintsauce, then run bin/buildout again17:20
projekt01mintsauce, use the importchecher recipe17:20
mintsauceprojekt01: there isn't just a way of knowing from looking?17:21
projekt01yes, there is17:21
projekt01you have to look at the output from import checker ;-)17:22
projekt01simply add a buildout part for checker and add the follwoing:17:22
projekt01recipe = lovely.recipe:importchecker17:22
projekt01path = src/myproject17:22
mintsauceheh - ok :)17:22
projekt01then you can run bin/checker17:22
mintsauceprojekt01: thanks for the help :D17:23
projekt01you can see in the result what is needed for test dependencies and for install_requires17:23
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* mintsauce thinks #zope3-dev channel is small, but perfectly formed - who needs a django sized community ;)17:26
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fcorreahello there. Anyone serving zope3 apps with mod_wsgi?23:10
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