IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2008-08-29

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malthesrichter: in z3c.form.button, you zope.traversing.api.traverse to the button image01:05
malthehmm I guess that's the only way to do it for all possible resource paths01:05
malthez3c.form pulls in the world01:06
srichteris zope.traversing doing the complete pull-in?01:11
srichtermalthe: I tried to stay very minimal01:11
srichterlike you do not need the rotterdam or old form framework stuff01:11
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malthesrichter: it pulls in 52 packages01:14
malthebut zope.traversing is not the culprit01:14
srichterthat's actually less than the default set01:14
srichterwhich is about 76 packages01:14
maltheright hehe01:14
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projekt01srichter, ayt?01:47
projekt01srichter, the source branch in z3c.form needs a lot of conceptual work.01:48
projekt01right now it's based on
projekt01that's a no go for us01:48
srichterprojekt01: here01:51
srichterok, then let's not merge it01:52
projekt01just like to let you know that I need some time to refactor the source part01:52
srichteryep, I got your E-mail01:52
projekt01what do you think to change the lookup ITerms discriminator signature?01:52
projekt01def __init__(self, context, request, form, field, widget):01:53
projekt01def __init__(self, context, request, form, field, source, widget):01:53
srichterI have to review the implementation to have an opinion, but it makes sense01:53
projekt01I think tha's not a bad idea, but not compatible01:54
srichterI know01:54
projekt01I will do some work on that tomorrow, probably start a new branch and start from scratch01:54
srichterI think we will be doing a 2.0.0 release anyways01:54
projekt01till then you can review my multi widget ;-)01:55
projekt01yes 2.0 sounds good to me01:55
srichteryep, will do01:55
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J1mTheuni, ayt?15:07
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TheuniJ1m: i am15:15
J1mI fond the problem with the file descriptors.15:18
J1mI found the problem with the file descriptors.15:18
J1mI'll be checking in a fix soon.15:18
J1mI introduced a trigger leak when I got rid of ThreadedAsync.15:18
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TheuniJ1m: i posted a proposal for a fix on the zodb list yesterday too15:40
Theunii wonder whether I found the same thing15:40
Theuniah. there's your checkin.15:42
J1mYup, you did.15:43
Theunijust a different way you solved it15:43
Theunimy understanding was too localized for the right thing15:43
J1mI solved it slightly differently, and addressed another annoyance at the same time.15:43
TheuniI expected this. :)15:43
J1mIt's to bad I couldn't communicate after Wednesday afternoon.15:44
TheuniThat happens.15:44
TheuniI think it wasn't that bad for me too have a look at that code.15:44
J1mYeah, at least I had svk so I could work on it.15:44
Theuni Actually15:47
TheuniI changed something very different15:47
TheuniI found the ManagedClientConnection to be leaking15:47
Theuniyou fixed the server connection15:47
TheuniI wonder why this helps ...15:47
J1mNo, I removed the trigger creation from the base class.15:48
J1mSo the shared triggers are each created in the subclasses.15:48
J1mand now I see another bug.15:50
Theuniah. i got you. i didn't understand the base class exactly.15:57
Theunibut i understand your fix now.15:57
Theunigotta go afk for a while15:57
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projekt01J1m, Theuni, can you read my ISource mail and give short comment on that? Topic: Make simple ISource usable16:03
pyqwerprojekt01: Ah, hi, I just received your mail, interesting, thanks, although I don't get everything.16:07
projekt01pyquery, me too right now ;-)16:08
pyqwerAh, but, I ment the missing_value thing, and not the ISource...16:09
projekt01Ah, I see16:09
pyqwerYou write: But what means input for the field?16:09
pyqwerThis is defined in:16:09
pyqwerThat means everything except 'foo' is input.16:09
pyqwerBut doesn't mean that everything is valid input.16:09
pyqwerAnd in schema.interfaces I read:16:10
pyqwer    missing_value = Field(16:10
pyqwer        title=_(u"Missing Value"),16:10
pyqwer        description=_(u"""If input for this Field is missing, and that's ok,16:10
pyqwer                          then this is the value to use""")16:10
pyqwerPerhaps I don't get it, or this contradicts your mail?16:11
pyqwerFrom schema.interfaces, missing_value looks like an alternative to default.16:11
projekt01if the field returns missing_value, then the default value get used16:11
projekt01missing_value is a marker to indicate that default should get used16:12
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projekt01the field has otherwise (without missing_value) no change to know what to return16:13
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projekt01or let's say the field has no chance to know *when* to return the default16:13
pyqwerprojekt01: Hmmm, ok, so, what happens for TextLine(missing_value='foo') and someone inputs 'foo' - what is returned then?16:14
projekt01the widget makrs that as missing value16:14
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projekt01but only if required=True16:15
projekt01if required=False nothing get stored16:15
projekt01that's the magic of missing_value and required16:15
projekt01often is None or u'' (empty string) used as missing_value.16:17
pyqwerOk, I understand, I was somehow confused by the interface description.16:17
pyqwerSo, a boolean field may have the values "False, True, MISSING_VALUE".16:18
pyqwer(Whereas I assumed that a missing value would be outlined by None).16:19
projekt01if you have to tweak arround with missing_value, then the z3c.form data converter is also an important part. Because a dataconverter converts an empty string to a missing_value16:19
pyqwerI see.16:20
pyqwerWell, but this missing_value may be outside the type for certain data types. (E.g. Boolean, Integer...)16:21
projekt01A Bool missing_value is None16:21
projekt01A Bool default should not be None16:21
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pyqwerYes, I understand, as this violates the boolean data type.16:22
projekt01Yes, the missing_value must not be a valid type16:22
projekt01But the default should16:22
projekt01It's also possible to use a none valid default16:23
pyqwerThe entire discussion was about what an unchecked checkbox should return: True, False or missing_value (=None).16:23
projekt01Bool(default=None, missing_value=None) this indicates that no value was set and default returns16:24
projekt01True, False or default schould retrurned16:24
projekt01the missing_value get never ever returned in any usecase16:25
pyqwerHow can it return "default"? A checkbox can be either ticked or unticked but it can't be missing?16:25
projekt01you only can ask the field about it's missing_value, that is what form framework will do and they use the default if a missing_value compares to the given value16:25
projekt01Yes, that's why default_None for Bool is a bad idea, it should be vaild input e.g. True or False, nothing else16:26
projekt01I think its simple a Bool field can only provide True or False but not None, that's python. Any tweak arround that restriction at widget level is a none usecase16:28
pyqwerYes, that's true.16:29
projekt01You just have to use a Choice (collection of True/False, "not selected probably None") for your field16:29
pyqwerThe point of the discussion was whether an unchecked checkbox for a required Bool field should return False or raise an error.16:29
projekt01Choice(values[True, False, None], default=None, missing_value=u'')16:30
projekt01Then you can write a custom widget which plays with that values16:30
projekt01e.g. you can use JavaScript and only show radio input with yes/no ad make a selected ready input unselectable16:31
pyqwerYes, for example.16:31
projekt01or simply use a drop down like it should by default16:31
pyqwerThe original poster wanted to do some multiple-choice with checkboxes, whereas if no choice is checked, it should raise an error.16:32
projekt01multi checkbox or one from all?16:33
projekt01pyqwer, do you mean a IList of IChoice, right?16:33
pyqwerMulti checkbox, I think, but I did also not fully understand the requirements.16:33
pyqwerYes, that's probably a solution.16:34
projekt01for a IList of IChoice you have to use min_leght=1 for indicate at least one choice from collection16:34
pyqwerAh, yes, I see. Btw., I'm looking for a good solution for editing a list of objects (objects having e.g. 3 TextLine fields).16:35
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pyqwerIs there some suggested widget available for that?16:36
projekt01I commited that yesterday to the z3c.form trunk16:36
projekt01there are two solutions16:36
pyqwerprojekt01: Ah, *that* was the reason for that many updates :-)16:36
projekt01look at new files in and multi.py16:36
projekt01the new TextLines widget can be used as a IList of ITextLine or IList of IPassword etc. then you will get a textarea which represents each line as item16:37
projekt01you need to use that widget explcit in your form16:38
pyqwerSo, I have to register it, I assume.16:38
projekt01by default the MultiWidget is used and renders a subform with sub widgets for the given value_type with nice Add and Remove buttons for them16:38
pyqwerI have an IList(MyObject) where MyObject has to textlines (e.g. name1, name2).16:40
projekt01pyquer, just try it out and you can see what happens IList and ITuple should work withihn the newest trunk out of the box with z3c.form now16:40
projekt01pyqwer, IObject are not supported right now16:40
pyqwerPerhaps I could convert my object into a list...16:41
projekt01But you can use z3c.table and return the sequence16:41
projekt01But that's bad, we should support a IObject widget16:41
pyqwerI'll have a look at it and report back, many thanks for your effort!16:41
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pyqwerBtw., I have another little problem: I tried to set my form to DISPLAY_MODE by simply setting "mode=interfaces.DISPLAY_MODE", but that doesn't seem to work?16:42
projekt01where did you set it?16:43
pyqwerThe widgets remain input widgets.16:43
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pyqwerWell, I inherited my own form from form.form /form.EditForm and set it there.16:43
pyqwerIf I inherit from DisplayForm, it works (but there are other shortcomings which are solved by form.Form).16:43
pyqwerFor instance, I'd like to have a button that does a redirect in my form, hence, DisplayForm is of no use to me.16:44
projekt01that must work because updateWidgets in form does self.widgets.mode = self.mode16:45
projekt01did you override the updateWidgets and lost the super call?16:45
* pyqwer looks...16:45
projekt01See line 12216:45
pyqwerNo, I did not.16:46
pyqwerBut "mode" is intended for that, isn't it?16:46
projekt01this 100% works by default, must be something overriden16:47
pyqwerprojekt01: Btw., I also stuck my nose into the code and I came to this line, but "self" is not the form class, here, I think.16:47
projekt01that's a bad form setup, did you use some kind of sub form setup from another view class?16:48
pyqwerprojekt01: Ah! Yes, I used a subform.16:48
projekt01if self at line 122 in isn't the form some bad things happend16:49
projekt01because it is a method of the form class and self must get overriden16:49
pyqwerYes, right, I found a similar line in another file. (, maybe).16:50
pyqwerBut maybe the reason is my subform, I'll have to check that out, thanks for the hint!16:50
pyqwerprojekt01: Oh my, dead simple: I had a subform and forgot to change the mode there. And I don't have any widgets in the parent form, so I didn't see an effect. :-|16:53
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pyqwerprojekt01: Thanks!16:54
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hazmatis there some reason zc.recipe.egg disappeared from svn?17:02
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elroDoes anyone know who `uoestermeier' is? I need to get a new release of z3c.blobfile made.19:47
agroszerelro: Uwe Oestermeier19:50
elroagroszer: thanks, just found his email there on google19:53
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