IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2008-12-01

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thrufloHi, I've allocated a role to a principal for an object, ala:00:17
thruflorole_manager = IPrincipalRoleManager(self.context)00:17
thruflorole_manager.assignRoleToPrincipal('clipstream.Viewer', principal_id)00:17
thrufloi have a trivial <div>Hello</div> view exposed on it with a zope.Public permission00:17
afd__thruflo: ...00:18
thrufloI've successfully allocated the role to a user00:18
thruflo>>> rm7 = interfaces.IPrincipalRoleManager(root['airbus']['campaign7'])00:18
thruflo>>> rm7.getPrincipalsAndRoles()00:18
thruflo[('clipstream.Viewer', u'clipstream.campaign7', PermissionSetting: Allow)]00:18
thruflobut I get an unauthorized00:18
afd__a traceback would help00:18
thrufloif I allocate the same role to the same user for the parent object in the traversal heirarchy00:19
thrufloI can access it00:19
thrufloie: not unauthorised00:19
* thruflo nods to afd__ - I'm afraid the only traceback I get is a bit misleading, ala
lisppaste6thruflo pasted "unauthorized" at
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thruflodoes the security / traversal machinery work like this, i.e.: I have to have a certain permission on a parent object to have it on a child?!00:21
afd__thruflo: check that __name__ is covered by the security declarations (maybe you should specifically declare security settings for ILocation), check that the object where you assign roles is annotatable (probably it is)00:23
afd__that's what I can think of00:23
thrufloto be clear: if I allocate my role, clipstream.Viewer, to the parent / container object, I can access the test view on all of the children.  If I allocate the role directly to a child, I get unauthorised when accessing my trivial test view.00:23
afd__although I wonder, if you don't have permissions to view parent object, what would happen when trying to calculate, for example, absolute_url on the child00:24
* thruflo nods - that seems to be the error that the error handler is hitting in the traceback00:24
thrufloi just wondered is that was default / desired behaviour or not00:25
afd__if that is your setup (parent is not readable by the user that accesses the child object), then you might have problems. absolute_url for certain is calculated by traversing parents00:26
* thruflo nods oh well, one for the morning...00:31
thruflotx for the help00:31
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imgreymorning #zope3-dev10:21
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imgreysomething horrible happened with ZODB during test, which tried to insert 1M of objects10:21
imgreydoes someone have a comment ?10:22
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imgreywhat is the correct way to run zeo ?10:41
imgreyI see that zope.conf has <zodb> definition10:41
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imgreyconnection was with localhost14:13
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mintsauceI'm creating an object using formlib17:39
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mintsauceby default it seems to display the zmi style @@content page after submission17:40
mintsaucehow do i (a) change what page is shown after submission?17:40
mintsauce(b) make sure people cant browse via the address bar to @@content (as it has rename and delete functions)17:40
goschtlmintsauce: you can add a handler in your form action17:40
goschtlyou can add in your handler an redirect...17:41
ignasmintsauce: i think zmi views and menus are sensitive to permissions17:41
ignasmintsauce: so if you don't have the permission to do something, you won't see the view or at least won't be able to delete anything17:41
mintsauceignas: true17:41
andresmintsauce: but I semantically its not nice to have delete and rename in @@content ;-)17:42
ignasandres: it's default in rotterdam/ZMI i think17:42
ignasandres: so it's not mintsauce's decision17:42
mintsaucegoschtl: so is there a 'nexturl' function in formlib, or do i literally need to override the flow and redirect myself....?17:43
mintsauceim using a custom skin - can i 'turn off' rotterdam elements?17:43
ignasmintsauce: i think there was some way to set a default view for a content object in ZMI17:43
ignasbut I can't recall what :/17:43
mintsauceignas: now you mention it - so do i ... hmmm17:43
mintsaucebrowser:defaultView in zcml?17:43
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andresmintsauce: yes, theres nextURL or similar in formlib17:44
goschtlmintsauce: add an response.redirect('yoururl') add the end of your handler..17:44
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ignasmintsauce: maybe17:45
mintsauce(actually - i have the browser:defaultView set already - its the after form submit thats the issue)17:45
mintsaucesoooo assuming my redirect works - can i 'turn off' that @@contents.html view in my skin?17:45
ignasmintsauce: if your skin will not inherit from Rotterdam skin17:46
ignasmintsauce: but then you will have to register everything that you *need* for your skin manually17:46
ignasmintsauce: other way is to uze z3c. or zc. something17:47
ignasthat disables zcml files you don't want17:47
ignasor you can register a contents.html17:47
ignasthat is blank/empty17:47
ignasfor your skin17:47
ignasand thus overlay the default one17:47
mintsauceregistering a contents.html is empty might be a (quick) idea round it - yeah17:47
ignasmintsauce: and anyway - don't use ZMI17:47
ignasit's ugly17:47
mintsauceignas: i dont - its just that some pages are still browsable17:48
andresmintsauce: why do you use rotterdamm in your skin then?17:48
* mintsauce having a day of paranoia about clued in zope users using his site.17:48
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mintsauceandres: i *think* i use some of the default elements - will try removing it and finding out what happens ...17:49
benjithe exclude directive is provided by zc.configuration (
mintsaucewill response.redirecting before a return <object>  break the submission?17:52
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ignasmintsauce: nope, it should not17:52
ignasmintsauce: redirect just tels Zope3 what to "render" it does not affect the flow of your application17:53
ignasso you can redirect like 5 times in the same view ;) (only the last one will count)17:53
mintsauceignas: good .. thanks17:53
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mintsauceputting a response redirect before the return doesnt work - formlib handlers still take over and forward me off elsewhere :(18:09
mintsauceignas: the last one is counting ;)18:09
ignasnow I understand what you said18:13
ignaswhich is why nextUrl18:13
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mintsaucehow do i change it?18:18
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ignascontext.nextUrl ?18:20
ignasi thought it was a method on a form18:20
ignasthat you could override18:20
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andresmintsauce: just override the nextURL method in your addform18:22
mintsauceandres: yup - like so?
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mintsauceandres: just got it working in my code :)18:25
mintsaucethanks guys18:25
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imgreyhow to store references on object  ?19:34
imgreywith weakref ?19:34
junkafarianIf i have got rid of an interface attribute which was storing large amounts of binary data can I pack the ZODB to reduce the size of the Data.fs?19:37
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ccombimgrey: yes you can try persistent.wref.WeakRef19:40
ccombjunkafarian: you have to remove the attribute in every instance stored in the zodb19:41
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junkafarianccomb: will that pack the size automatically?19:41
ccombyou can pack after removing the attributes19:42
ccombthat will reduce the size19:42
junkafarianso how do i pack? :D19:42
ccombyou can do that from the ZMI19:43
imgreyccomb, is presistent.wref.WeakRef is described somewhere ? because doc strings contain ery briev description19:43
ccombit should work like Python weakrefs19:43
imgreyccomb, python weakrefs is related to garbage collector19:44
imgreyso object which pointed by another object with weakref may be removed from memory19:45
imgreyhow WeakRef behaves ?19:46
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imgreyand how to get objects which referring to certain object ?19:49
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junkafarianccomb: sorry i dont see it in the ZMI20:01
junkafarianis it somewhere in ++etc++site/20:01
ccombjunkafarian: In the root, "manage process"20:02
ccombotherwise you can do it offline in debug mode with pack()20:02
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junkafariancheers ccomb20:10
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ccomb /++bye++/ :)20:11
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