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TresEquisnyo: what do you see copied?00:06
TresEquisthere is no '' here:
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nyoTresEquis: it's fetched by svn:externals00:07
TresEquissvn propget svn:externals $ZSVN/ returns empty00:08
nyoTresEquis: it's in src00:08
nyoI tried to change it to dependency in my local checkout, but tests are failing now:) i'm going to look at it some more time:)00:09
TresEquisone reason is that the package long predates the availability of Twisted as an egg (or even the existence of eggs)00:09
nyoTresEquis: yep, I thought that)00:09
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TresEquisnyo:  at one point the Twisted guys seemed hostile to the idea of egg-based distribution (IIRC)00:30
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binbrainout of curiosity, whats the logic behind, z3c, and zc directories.00:43
binbrainjust a quicky explaination would be nice, for example, why is i18n package exist for all 300:43
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nyobinbrain: z3c is by zope3 community, zc is by zope corporation, is for zope application server (for packages that is not intended to be used outside of "the zope", but some of them should be moved to zope.*)01:17
nyobinbrain: the i18n packages contains different things. the zope.i18n is what most applications need for i18n, while z3c.i18n and zc.i18n provides some additional little utilities.01:19
nyoiirc )01:19
binbrainits tough wrapping your head around all those packages01:19
binbrainthanks for the explanation nyo01:20
nyobinbrain: just look at their descriptions and README.txt, theres explanation what package provides01:21
nyobinbrain: np01:22
binbrainwhats the logic for why some packages should be in and some should be in straight zope01:23
nyobinbrain: to put it simple - the packages that can be used fine outside of zope, like, for example, zope.configuration, must be in zope.*01:25
nyobinbrain: looks like people move most of non-ui stuff from* to plain zope.*, making* packages dependent on their corresponding zope.* package01:26
nyobinbrain: for example - zope.session and - the first one has useful utilities for session support, while contains browser forms and menu items for "zope application server"01:27
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TresEquisbinbrain: was "the Zope3 appserver", e.g., the ZMI-like thing01:46
TresEquisanything which can be used outside the context should be moved out (most things have)01:46
TresEquisso, if you aren't running Zope3 as an appserver, but just using Zope3 packages as libraries, you shouldn't want to need anything in*01:47
TresEquisunfortunately, the dependencies are a bit snarled (he says with ironic understatement)01:47
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afd__hi! Is there a roadmap, what is next for Z3? There seems to be no documents online regarding the future of Zope 3 as a standalone solution for webdevelopment. I know that it's pretty complete, but from a marketing point of view it doesn't look well when there's no apparent future for a platform10:18
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