IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2008-12-24

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binbrainhow do I get access to a utility with the site manager inside of a View?13:30
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Theunibinbrain: zope.component.getUtility ... or what exactly is your question?13:38
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binbrainthe zope.component.getUtility isn't finding my locally registered utility13:40
projekt01_Theuni, is the ZODB 3.8 the current blob implementation branch?13:40
binbrainbut if I use sm.getUtility(interface, name) I find it13:40
binbrainI found this out using debug13:40
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projekt01_Theuni, there is a undefined argument targetpath at line: 370 in ZODB/branches/3.8, should be path not targetpath13:43
projekt01_Theuni, I'm not sure where the current development happens for ZODB and if I should fix it13:44
nyobinbrain: may be there's problem in your configuration? there should be a subscriber in that sets last traversed site's sitemanager to current so if you use getUtility, it will find locally registered utilities..13:44
binbrainso to reiterate. at the time of site creation I register the pau utility with sm.registerUtility, but later when I need to grab the pau in the browserpage, zope.component.getUtility can't find it13:44
binbrainif I go to debug though, and use the sm.getUtility(IAuthentication, "name"), it finds it13:45
binbrainhow would my configuration effect the subscriber from not setting the last traversed sm to current?13:46
nyobinbrain: what sitemanager you get if you use getSiteManager function or adapt context to IComponentLookup in your view?13:46
nyobinbrain: well, may be your config doesn't include's configure.zcml or something... :)13:47
Theunibinbrain: for example in debug, the site  is not "traversed" and thus the site manager is not set as context13:47
Theuniprojekt01_: 3.8 is stable, development happens on trunk13:47
Theuniprojekt01_: if you find a bug, prepare a fix for both 3.8 and the trunk13:47
Theunij1m probably wants to review it, though13:47
projekt01_Theuni, trunk is fixed, 3.8 branch not13:50
Theunithen it should be :)13:51
* Theuni prepares for some christmas ... stuff13:51
projekt01_tag 3.8.1 is not fixed too, I guess this is the current release13:52
Theunii think so. pypi should tell13:53
projekt01_Theuni, np13:53
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binbrainI'm not understanding "maybe your config doesn't include configure.zcml" so I'm guessing that might be whats wrong14:10
binbrainwhen I set the siteup, I do have a subscriber on setSiteManagerWhenAdded14:11
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binbrainso it sounds like the problem is that the context for my view isn't getting properly set to the current site, so getUtility can't find it. so what in my configure do I need to make that happen?14:15
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bigkevmcdthe shops are mobbed :-|15:05
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binbrainin my view, the self.context getSiteManager doesn't get the site LocalSite, but rather the root site, I've heard that it might be something wrong with my configuration, not sure how to fix it though21:52
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nyobinbrain: what what object is self.context in your example?22:26
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nyobinbrain: and about configuration - how did you create your application skeleton?22:27
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binbrainnyo: the siteManager manger that I get with self.context.getSiteManager has the same id as the one I get doing root.getSiteManager22:34
binbrainthe application skeleton? I guess you mean the skin? The skin is setup, I have working macros that are looked up successfully in other browser pages22:35
nyobinbrain: no, I mean the way you created your zope instance22:36
binbrainmkzopeinstance I guess22:36
binbrainlong time ago, but thats the way I usually do it22:36
nyobinbrain: ah.. is that zope 3.3?22:36
nyobinbrain: a22:37
nyobinbrain: just looks like people don't use mkzopinstance anymore, so I thought you used zopeproject or created a buildout yourself22:38
nyobinbrain: nevermind, it should work:)22:38
nyobinbrain: what is the "self.context" in your case22:39
mcdoncisnt it getSiteManager(self.context)?22:40
binbrainself.context is class ''22:41
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nyobinbrain: wow. either it is the "root" you mentioned, or it's sitemanager was set to root's one:)22:45
binbrainon site creation, IE, object added event, def setSiteManagerWhenAdded(site, event):   site.setSiteManager(LocalSiteManager(site))22:47
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nyobinbrain: that's strange..22:50
binbrainI'm pretty sure that I am getting the siteManager of the root, I just don't understand why the self.context has that instead of the LocalSite22:50
nyoreally strange..22:50
binbrainI'm no Zope3 expert22:50
binbrainso, strange probably translates to "I have something messed up"22:51
nyobinbrain: looks like so :) is your code available to check out?22:51
binbrainno can do unfortunately22:52
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