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pyqwerHi, does anyone know how to migrate data from one ZODB to another? My first attempt was to open both databases and simply set a reference from the first data to the second, but that fails: InvalidObjectReference: Attempt to store an object from a foreign database connection12:56
srichterpyqwer: look at the zodbconvert script in RelStorage12:57
nyo2pyqwer: I also successfully used export/import features12:57
srichterit also works from FielStorage to FileStoragfe12:57
pyqwernyo2: What export/import features are that?12:58
pyqwerAre they part of the ZODB package?12:58
nyo2pyqwer: ZODB's standard ones12:59
nyo2the Connection class inherits from ExportImport class12:59
nyo2pyqwer: that has exportFile12:59
nyo2it event exports blobs12:59
pyqwernyo2: Ok, so I could export all my data as blobs (e.g. into a string) and reimport it in the other database.12:59
nyo2pyqwer: you basically export an object to a ZEXP file and then can import it in another db13:00
nyo2pyqwer: but note, that if your object has __parent__ pointing to some other object, there's a big chance that all ZODB contents will be exported :)13:01
pyqwerHmmm, that's bad.13:02
nyo2pyqwer: about blobs i meant that it can pack Blob instances to the ZEXP file13:02
pyqwerMy exact problem is that when switching from Zope3-tar.gz distrib to KGS something is different/went wrong and I cannot access my views and data (due to access restrictions).13:02
pyqwerSo my idea was, to recreate my whole site and simply export/import the low-level data.13:02
nyo2pyqwer: i just temporarily removed the __parent__ from the object for exporting, but that's ugly solution I think13:03
pyqwerHmmm, what about simply doing a dumps(mydata)?13:04
pyqwerAnd export/import data like that? That should omit the __parent__ problem.13:04
nyo2pyqwer: i don't think it would work ))) i don't know much about ZODB internals though. if you have blob objects, simple dumps won't work definetely for them)13:05
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nyo2pyqwer: i needed a quick solution for moving data, so I just saved parent to a temporary variable, cleared it for exported objects, committed transaction, exported it and then restored its parent and committing transaction again)))13:07
nyo2pyqwer: sounds lame, but worked for my simple case13:07
pyqwernyo2: Ok, I think I'll try that, too.13:07
nyo2pyqwer: np. however, I'd like to hear more opinions on that topic13:07
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pyqwernyo2: Hmmm, how would I use that ExportImport? I tried the following: from ZODB import ExportImport; e=ExportImport();e.exportFile('myoid'); But that gives me: AttributeError: ExportImport instance has no attribute '_storage'13:20
nyo2pyqwer: that is a mix-in class.13:23
nyo2pyqwer: your ZODB connection object inherits it13:23
pyqwerAh, ok.13:23
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nyo2pyqwer: something like that here: obj._p_jar.exportFile(obj._p_oid)13:24
nyo2pyqwer: (that returns a resulting file object)13:25
pyqwernyo2: Ok, yes, that seems to work, now there's the __parent__ problem as it exports everything... ;-)13:27
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nyo2pyqwer: yep13:27
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mgedminit'd be nice if exportFile() supported something like copy.deepcopy()'s memo argument13:30
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mgedminor pluggable custom copy-vs-don't-copy logic of some kind13:30
nyo2mgedmin: yeah, that'd be just great )13:31
pyqwernyo2: Hmmm, I did something like that: myobj.temp_parent=myobj.__parent__; myobj.__parent__ = None and exported it then, but this seems to make not much difference as everything is still exported?13:31
nyo2pyqwer: because you are storing it in your object13:32
mgedminmaybe there are other references to the great outside?13:32
mgedminoh, duh13:32
nyo2pyqwer: so it's still linked to the parent, but with another attribute name.13:32
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pyqwernyo2: Hmmm, not that I know, but its referenced in an index, perhaps that's a problem?13:34
nyo2pyqwer: no :)13:35
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nyo2pyqwer: your object are still pointing to the parent, but with temp_parent attribute instead of __parent__ that is the same to ZODB13:36
nyo2pyqwer: just save parent into temporary in-memory variable, not object's attribute13:36
pyqwernyo2: Yep, I recognized that and just set the __parent__ = None for now, without backing up.13:36
nyo2pyqwer: well, if you don't need to restore it, you can just set it to None of course)13:36
pyqwerYes, I can easily set it to its parent when importing it manually in the new container.13:37
nyo2pyqwer: i mean restoring its original state in the source database13:38
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pyqwernyo2: Ok, yes, but I don't need to commit, thus its not important, I assume?13:38
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nyo2pyqwer: IIRC, you need to commit it, because exportFile function only reads committed data)13:39
nyo2pyqwer: so if you won't commit, the __parent__ won't be set to None)13:39
pyqwerAh! So that's the reason!13:39
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nyo2pyqwer: yep, iirc13:39
pyqwerYes, now it seems to work.13:40
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nyo2mgedmin: what do you think about simply adding a "skip" argument to the exportFile that contains a sequence of oids that are not written in the export file?14:06
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pyqwernyo2: Btw., that trick seems to have done it, I still have some issues with the index, but I think I'll be able to fix that.14:10
mintsauceWith much kind assistance from the channel I managed to display a Choice vocabulary with RadioWidgets earlier in the week: form_fields['foo'].custom_widget = CustomWidgetFactory(RadioWidget)14:11
mintsaucenext question is, can i do the same with Checkboxes? :D14:11
pyqwermintsauce: That's formlib, not z3c.form, right?14:12
mintsauceBefore you ask:  form_fields['foo'].custom_widget = CustomWidgetFactory(CheckBoxWidget) returns TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 3 arguments (4 given)14:12
mintsaucepyqwer: yup, formlib14:12
nyo2mintsauce: oh that's magic with auto-detecting collection fields...14:13
nyo2mintsauce: that thing needs to be looked at)14:13
mintsaucenyo2: errr ... can I get round the 'magic' ?14:13
mintsauceWill it be happier with single terms in the vocab? I currently pass the standard 3 terms (as if it was a dropdown)14:15
nyo2mintsauce: you are using, right?14:16
nyo2mintsauce: ignore that, i need to get some sleep)14:17
mintsaucefrom import RadioWidget14:17
nyo2mintsauce: you need checkboxes now)14:17
mintsaucenyo2: yup - different data to that which I was working on earlier in the week ;)14:18
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nyo2mintsauce: you need to do multiple select with checkboxes?14:18
nyo2mintsauce: then you need a MultiCheckBoxWidget for that, if i remember correctly14:19
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nyo2mintsauce: 'cause ``CheckboxWidget`` is for boolean fields14:19
mintsaucenyo2: suspected that, but thought I could override it as we did with RadioWidget - will give it a try14:20
nyo2mintsauce: btw, MultiCheckBoxWidget are used for List fields with Choice as its value_type14:21
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mintsauceMy default for Choice seems to be drop downs ..14:21
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nyo2mintsauce: because it's only for one value, while multicheckboxes is for multiple values)14:23
nyo2mintsauce: so you can use select or radio widgets for single value Choice fields, and multiple-selects or multicheckbox widgets for lists of selectable values)14:23
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mintsauceAhh - i see14:24
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mintsaucejust tested: form_fields['foo'].custom_widget = CustomWidgetFactory(MultiCheckBoxWidget) it's exactly what i was after - thanks for the help14:26
nyo2mintsauce: np)14:27
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mintsauceI'm trying to access context.request.principal, but keep getting a ForbiddenAttribute error - can i get round this with removeSecurityProxy?14:46
pyqwerHmmm, shouldn't it be self.request.principal?14:47
pyqwer(in the view)14:47
mintsauceahh .. hang on, i know what I'm doing wrong14:48
mintsaucetrying to get it as if it was a view - but it's not, its a zodb object14:48
mintsauceignore me, can get what i want a better way :)14:48
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jayarajmintsauce :)15:26
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pyqwerDoes someone know if/when this silly issue with setuptools + svn 1.5 will be fixed?17:07
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benjipyqwer: I believe it already has been17:08
benjitry upgrading setuptools17:08
pyqwerbenji: Wow, that would be great, I'll try, thanks!17:09
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mintsauceHaving problems with my earlier Choice as MultiCheckBoxWidget - it's returning an error on submit - TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable -", line 212, in _toFieldValue17:14
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mintsauceWhich I've traced back to class MultiDataHelper17:15
mintsauce"Mix-in helper class for getting the term from the HTML form."17:15
mintsauce"All AbstractCollection fields have a `_type` attribute specifying the type of collection."17:16
kleisthello all, when using zope.interface 3.5.0 with the -3 flag of python 2.6, i get deprecation warnings...17:16
kleist... Overriding __eq__ blocks inheritance of __hash__ in 3.x17:16
mintsauceMatthewWilkes: :)17:16
kleist... I guess reporting in launchpad is _not_ appropriate?17:16
MatthewWilkesmintsauce: hi17:17
MatthewWilkeskleist: Well, it is a Python 2 package, they're not actually bugs.  That said, a working version for Python 3 would be cool17:20
kleistthanx MatthewWilkes, I did suspect that raising an issue wouldn't be appreciated17:22
MatthewWilkeskleist: Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly interested in the warnings17:24
MatthewWilkeskleist: I've heard people talking about Zope2 python3 compatibility which would require zope.interface (and plenty more)17:25
kleistMatthewWilkes: here?17:25
kleistMatthewWilkes: you want it informally, here?17:25
MatthewWilkesNo, I'm sure there's loads all over the place17:25
kleistactually, i'm using z.i indirectly via "twisted"17:26
mintsaucedo i need a value_type attribute?17:28
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mgedminMatthewWilkes: well, if we have a class that overrides __eq__ and doesn't override __hash__, it might be considered a bug, if you look at it just right17:37
mgedminand talk very fast17:37
mgedmina == b is supposed to imply hash(a) == hash(b)17:37
mgedminor Things Will Break Badly when you use a as a dictionary key and then try to look up b17:37
mgedminif nobody ever uses those objects as dictionary keys (or set items), it doesn't really matter17:38
mintsauceComment in offending code in : "If the value_type is None we may fall over.  We may not be able to do any better than that."17:38
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mgedminpyqwer: setuptools 0.6c9 has the svn 1.5 fix17:39
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kleistmgedmin: exactly!
MatthewWilkesmgedmin: Yeah, I think that's specified as a bug in the docs, now I think about it17:43
kleist... "set __hash__ = None to indicate that the class isn’t hashable ... You should do this when you’ve defined a __cmp__() or __eq__() method that compares objects by their value"17:43
mgedmin'should' is the right word for this17:44
kleist... I get the DeprecationWarning for line 12917:45
MatthewWilkes"The only required property is that objects which compare equal have the same hash value" - If __eq__ has been overridden it may well no longer fit that property17:45
pyqwermgedmin: Wow, great! At last!17:45
mgedminpyqwer: it happened last year :-)17:46
pyqwerInteresting, never noticed, but searched quite often.17:46
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mintsauceHow would I set a value_type for my Choice schema field? This seems to be what's breaking.17:49
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lisppaste6mintsauce pasted "Schema Problem" at
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projekt01mintsauce, you are trying to use a sequence widget for a non sequence field17:57
projekt01Choice is not a sequence17:58
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mintsauceI'd like to use CheckBoxWidgets with a vocabulary (although I can make it a list or dict if that makes life easier) - is this possible?17:59
mintsauceBasically - list of names from zodb - want to display as checkboxes17:59
projekt01You can define a List of Choice17:59
mintsauceList *of* Choice?17:59
projekt01    stati = zope.schema.List(18:00
projekt01        title=_(u'Stati'),18:00
projekt01        description=_(u'The stati of the application.'),18:00
projekt01        value_type=zope.schema.Choice(vocabulary=StatusVocabulary),18:00
projekt01        required=True,18:00
projekt01        default=None)18:00
projekt01something like that?18:01
projekt01the widget should work out of the box for such a field construct18:01
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mintsauceprojekt01: for term in self.vocabulary: TypeError: 'Choice' object is not iterable18:19
projekt01da stimmt was nicht mit dem setup. Choice selbst hat keine terms sondern das vocabulary in widget.vocabulary18:21
mintsauceprojekt01: Been a while since i had to speak German - 'Something wasn't in the setup, Choice has no terms in the vocab?' ;)18:23
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projekt01Thre something wrong with the field setup. The choice has no terms, the vocabulary in widget.vocabulary has terms18:24
projekt01mintsauce, something iterates the widget but should iterate the vocabulary18:25
mintsauceAhh .... im supplying terms from a dict - but that dict may be empty ....18:25
projekt01mintsauce, something iterates the FIELD but should iterate the vocabulary18:25
projekt01do you have a dict of terms?18:26
projekt01mintsauce, replace that dict of terms with a zope.schema.vocabulary.SimpleVocabulary18:27
mintsauceThis is what im currenlty using: terms = [SimpleTerm(x.keys()[0], x.keys()[0], x.keys()[0]) for x in foolist]18:28
mintsaucewhich is super-classed to SimpleVocabulary18:28
projekt01take a look at SimpleVocabulary, you can create one with a list of terms like you have18:28
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projekt01mintsauce, your problem ist probably different since it says Choice is not iterable during Terms lookup18:30
projekt01make sure that widget.vocabulary exists and it should work with default widgets, skip the custom widget factory part18:31
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mintsauceit works without the custom widget factory, just not with ...18:36
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binbrainthere doesn't seem to be a way to override the @@contents.html template for the containerView. How do you do that?18:46
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* mgedmin can't get rid of the habit of using ctrl-v s18:53
mgedminwhich means something completely different if you've got surround.vim :(18:53
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