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whit(uuid are used to expose atom resources in this case)01:06
whitbasically: import uuid; id_ = str(uuid.uuid1())01:07
whitwill give you a unique identifier01:07
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sparcdcool, and I can use that in my NameChooser01:11
sparcdcool: e848da0f-ecc7-11dd-a174-00233299c0f101:12
sparcdmight have to make the NameChooser come up with 1,2,3... etc01:13
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sparcdif you were to give a nice unique number to say a person, or a client, or a group, how would you have it? eight random digits? 63339639?01:19
sparcdor start and 1 and count up?01:20
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sparcdwhit: the next thing on my mammoth zope 3 quest is a local role adapter. Any pointers?01:27
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pcardunesparcd: depending on what your application does, it is typically not a good idea to use a counter because it is less scalable than uuids01:51
sparcdpcardune: true01:51
sparcdpcardune: doesn't look so good on the URL though01:51
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whitsparcd: iirc02:28
sparcdwhit: thanks - digging around now02:28
whitthe securitypolicy.txt doctest is the key to understanding local roles02:28
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sparcdnite all03:06
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danfairsHi - which package defines the standard permissions used in the default zope security policy (zope.View, zope.ManageContent) etc? I want to find a complete list of what's available by default.12:32
danfairsFound it -'s configure.zcml. Makes sense!12:36
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sparcdafd___: I've got my site working nicely so far, I've created a PrinciplePlugin which builds my principles based on content on the site18:19
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sparcdafd___: and my localroles :-)18:20
sparcdafd___: now I need to turn my people folders into groups18:20
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sparcdwhen I'm inside a content item that is Contained and a Container, when I add an item it gives me a input box on the contents instead of a full form to fill out19:45
sparcdI have a namechooser adapter set up for the content type, but that only kicks in *after* the resulting form19:46
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sparcdfixed it, needed to implement IContainerNamesContainer19:51
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sparcdis there a way of searching for all objects that implement an interface?20:04
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mgedminsparcd: yes and no, but mostly no20:08
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mgedminthere's findObjectsProviding, that only descends through containers20:08
mgedminthere are ZODB object iterators that iterate over all objects20:08
mgedmin(predictably costing you gigabytes of ram and minutes of wall-clock time, if you've databases of nontrivial size)20:08
mgedminso, short answer: no20:09
mgedminyou don't want to do that, unless you really need to do that20:09
sparcdmgedmin: would it be best for me to index IContentType, with a attribute "object_type" ?20:09
sparcdin the catalog20:09
mgedminI think so20:09
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mgedminalthough I have to admit I don't understand what problem you're solving20:09
mgedminbut your suggestion included the magical words "index" and "catalog", which usually point in the right direction20:10
ignassparcd: may I ask you why do you want to do that?20:10
sparcdI would like to search for content on the site and order it by an idex20:10
ignassearch for content?20:10
ignaswhat is "content" ?20:10
sparcdignas: a content type20:11
ignasand your users know what is IConentType?20:11
ignasand what to search for them?20:11
sparcdno, I want the system to show all the content that matches some values20:12
sparcdthe users won't be 'searching'20:12
ignasso you don't want to search for content20:12
ignasyou just want to index some fields20:12
ignasso - do all your content objects have some predefined field that you want a full text index for?20:12
sparcdignas: no, but they soon can have20:13
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ignasand if you are not going to "query" for "give all the IPerson objects that have "Foo" in their name"20:13
sparcdthat's why I'm asking what the best way is20:13
ignasthen why record the "Person" bit?20:13
ignasyour users don't care what type the object is of20:13
sparcdignas: what happens if you want a list of Clients that are 'Active'20:13
sparcdand the users aren't 'searching' this is a listing page20:14
ignaslisting - yes, but still, you are setting the filtering parameters20:14
ignasin some way20:14
sparcdyes, hence why I want Clients that are Active20:14
ignashow many clients do you have anyway?20:14
sparcdignas: there could be a few or lots20:15
ignaslots is - 4000 ?20:15
sparcdignas: I have no idea, I'm building a system and don't want to put a finite limit on it20:15
sparcdso it could be 3200020:15
ignasso you want to build it to scale20:15
sparcdignas: yes20:15
ignasas in - overcomplicate your system up front20:15
ignaswell - if you want it  ;)20:16
ignasa ValueIndex for IClient indexing "active" attribute is enough20:16
ignasto allow you to "easily" query all the active clients20:16
sparcdignas: well not necessarily overcomplicate it, just a hint in the right direction20:16
ignashint in the right direction is20:16
ignasDo not use catalog until it starts becoming slow20:16
ignasPremature optimization is the root of all evil!20:17
ignasand Catalog is an optimization20:17
ignasunless you want full text searches20:17
sparcdignas: ok then, back to my original question, how do I find all IClients that have = True?20:17
ignasbut "active" is not a full text search20:17
ignaswell your clients are in a container aren't they?20:17
sparcdignas: they could be in several places, but yes20:18
ignasor are they in multiple different containers?20:18
ignasyou either know where your data is, or you don't...20:18
sparcdwell there are two containers people can add Clients to20:19
ignasso - look for active clients in one, then look in the other20:19
mgedminall_active_clients = [client for container in [container1, container2] for client in container.values() if]20:20
sparcdI'm not going to hard code folder ids20:20
mgedmingood! :)20:20
ignasthen add a layer of indirection20:20
ignaslike an adapter or a utility that returns all the containers20:20
ignasand hardcode the ids in it at the moment20:21
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* mgedmin wants to suggest findObjectsProviding again20:21
ignasuntil you will find out what and where you want them and can come up with a better abstraction20:21
* mgedmin waits for ignas's reaction20:21
ignasor yeah - ensure that your clients are in a chain of containers in containers20:21
ignasand use findObjectsProviding20:21
ignasbut still - I think that not knowing where your data is supposed to be20:21
ignasis not a good idea20:21
sparcdignas: how are you supposed to create systems where people can add folders etc if you *have* to call them specific things in specific locations?20:22
ignassparcd: well - it depends on whether you have fixed depth hierarchies20:23
ignasof do you have it more flexible20:23
ignasand only you know if you need it to be "anything anywhere"20:23
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sparcdthey might decide to call the clients folder 'Customers' etc20:24
ignasand you rarely need that really20:24
ignasyeah, they might, but as long as it is a "ClientsFolder"  you can find it20:24
ignasas long as you know where you can add IClientsFolder objects into20:24
sparcdignas: this is what I'm trying to get at20:24
ignasyou know where to find all of them20:24
sparcdI need to know how to find that20:24
ignasit depends20:25
ignasfor instance in schooltool to find all ISectionContainers i just have to iterate through every term in every schoolyear and get all the section containers in the term20:25
ignasbut names are not important, interfaces are20:25
sparcdignas: but how do you find ISectionContainers (this is what I really want to find out)20:26
sparcd"sparcd: is there a way of searching for all objects that implement an interface?"20:26
sparcdreplace searching for locating, finding etc20:26
ignasif you know where they are - you know it20:26
ignasif it is so flexible you have no idea20:26
ignasyou must iterate through all objects in ZODB to be sure20:26
ignasthe more constraints you add the easier it is20:26
ignascontraint 1 - it will be containers in containers20:27
ignasallows you to use findObjectsProviding20:27
sparcdwell the clients folder will always be in the root of the site20:27
sparcdeven if there are 5 of them20:27
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ignasthen just do: [ccontainer for obj in root.values() if IClientContainer.providedBy(obj)]20:28
ignasand that's it20:28
mgedminjust make sure to do it at most once20:28
*** vimes656 has quit IRC20:28
mgedmini.e. in a single function (or adapter), so you can replace it in the future if you find out you need something else20:28
sparcdignas: do I then have to do a security check on each to see if the user can view it?20:28
ignasyeah, like "find all the sites" first20:28
ignaswell yeah, or you will get an error accessing attributes/clients20:29
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sparcdok, so I find all of the ClientFolders (check to see if the user can access it) then loop over each of the contents (and check the user can access it)20:30
ignaswell if you have per client and per folder permissions20:30
*** tarek has joined #zope3-dev20:30
ignasthen yeah, that's the only way to be sure20:30
sparcdif a member of one team logs in, they shouldn't be able to see clients of another team etc20:31
ignaswell - if you know who logged in20:31
ignasand one team can never see other team resources20:32
ignasthen WHY search for ALL clients20:32
ignaswhy not list the clients for that team only?20:32
sparcdignas: I was using that as an example20:34
ignasif you want to have per client object access control - you will have to pay the performance costs associated with it20:35
sparcdignas: I'm *very* new to Zope 3, after coming from Zope 2 and Plone20:35
ignasit's not Zope3 specific, it's common sense ;)20:35
sparcdignas: how do I know that the client is owned by that team?20:36
ignasimplementation detail20:36
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ignasit's your application - it's you who can answer these questions20:37
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sparcdignas: yes I know20:37
mcdoncer.  allowed index?20:37
ignaspermissions in an index20:37
sparcdbut I don't know where to start when it comes to "why not list the clients for that team"20:37
ignasstill fall under "premature optimization" imho20:38
sparcdI have a need, for example, so that when a client logs in they only see the projects they are working on and *cannot* view or edit any others20:38
sparcdso I will have to think how to do this20:38
ignasit all depends on your data architecture really20:39
ignasyou either add everything to top level containers20:39
mcdoncthe first requirement is probably fine to use a catalog query for; the second is just permissions i think20:39
ignasand relate them through attributes20:39
ignasbut you can also do nested containers20:39
ignasbased on ownership20:39
ignasor you can use zc.relationships for relationship between objects20:39
ignasor you can use catalog20:40
ignasor whatever you want20:40
sparcdignas: how do I then control permissions on this?20:40
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ignaswell - you can either "use a custom security policy" "use subscribers to set local grants"20:41
*** tarek has quit IRC20:42
ignasor set local grants on root objects20:42
ignasas local grants are inherited from containment parents20:42
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mcdoncyo philiKON hows the application20:45
philiKONhey mcdonc20:45
philiKONsent it off last week20:45
philiKONthe other one this week20:45
philiKONnow i'll have to wait until they get back to me20:45
mcdoncyou're gonna be separating those protons soon, then20:45
philiKONhaha. no, not me20:46
philiKONthe LHC guys do that20:46
philiKONi'm a theorist20:46
philiKONi'll be separating pencils20:46
mcdoncheh... find that higgs20:46
*** iham_ has joined #zope3-dev20:47
philiKONstoopid higgs20:47
mcdoncfucking thing20:47
davisagliphiliKON: I've always thought theoretical physics and debugging didn't feel too different20:48
philiKONyeah. my calculations are pretty much like my code. i always end up chasing some stupid sign error20:48
ignasdavisagli: they are different, when debugging you always find the bug20:48
ignasnot so much in physics ;)20:48
davisagliignas: always? ;)20:49
davisagliphiliKON: all about making something work within constraints that are beyond your control :)20:50
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