IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2009-01-27

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sparcdI've added a catalog index: sm['catalog']['email'] = FieldIndex("email", IPerson, False)00:30
sparcdI have then tried to search by the email index for an object I know has this attribute00:31
sparcdbut the catalog is showing documentCount of 000:31
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sparcddo all I need to do is add an index and then those objects are automatically indexed?00:41
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sparcdanyone able to help?01:09
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sparcdhow do I enable indexing of my content type? I've added an index to the catalog01:24
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pcarduneDoes anyone mind if I do a new release of zc.zope3recipes?  There are some fixes in trunk that I would like... namely the logger fix04:54
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pcardunequi tacet consentit04:55
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pcardunesrichter: wow, that is strange05:04
pcardunepypi says the latest version of zc.zope3recipes is 0.6.205:05
pcardunebut behold:
pcarduneI think someone must have uploaded 0.6.2 *after* 0.7.0 was uploaded.  The pypi website uses the upload date for the "latest version" but setuptools uses the actual version number05:06
projekt01pcardune, ouch05:08
srichterpcardune: there is a settings page somewhere that lets you specify the version to show05:09
pcardunesrichter: in other news, I figured out the problem with zdaemon05:10
pcarduneyou can't put directory = . into the buildout.cfg, otherwise zdaemon is unhappy and won't start up05:10
pcarduneif you specify a non-relative path, then it works just fine05:11
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pcardunesrichter: do you know the xmlns uri for tal and metal?10:27
srichterI think10:28
srichter<html xmlns:tal=""10:29
srichter  xmlns:metal="">10:29
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afd__what to do in case zope.interface is installed on the system as 3.3 (as a dependency for a distro app) and the instance script generated by zc.zope3recipes doesn't include a specific egg entry for the zope.interface 3.4 egg?13:33
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afd__virtualenv FTW, I know, but I was wondering if there's another way13:34
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pcarduneafd__: in your buildout.cfg, specify a versions part, and in the versions part put zope.interface = 3.413:45
afd__pcardune: I've tried that, it didn't work13:45
pcarduneafd__: well, I'm fresh out of ideas13:45
afd__what is weird is that the bin/instance script only contains 4 paths: zdaemon, zconfig, the system sitepackages and zc.zope3recipes13:46
mintsauceis there a view / context function in tal to return the name of the current template being displayed?13:47
mintsauceor at least a better way than this! --> tal:content="python:str(view.request.URL)[(len(str(view.request.URL))-5):]"13:47
pcarduneafd__: look carefully, it probably just forwards to a different python scripts that has a much bigger path13:47
afd__I've uninstalled the zope.interface and only after I ran buildout again I could start the instance, so probably the correct location is somewhere deeper embeded13:47
pcardunemintsauce: are you using z3c.template and z3c.pagelet? or the more standard zope views?13:49
nyomintsauce: iirc, view/__name__ will work13:50
mintsaucepcardune: standard zope views13:50
nyomintsauce: with either of them13:50
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pcardunenyo: I thought he meant the name the the template file itself... not just the view name13:50
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mintsauceview/__name__ is good enough for what i need - should have realised that myself - thanks :)13:51
nyopcardune: well, you can't get template name with str(view.request.URL)[(len(str(view.request.URL))-5):] )13:51
pcardunenyo: yeah, that's what I thought to... but it would work if you name all your views after the name of your templates :)13:52
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mintsauceHow do I stop the zope compiler raising validation errors on <p> tags in javascript?14:40
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afd_mintsauce: wrap those in CDATA14:40
afd_ /* <[CDATA[ */14:41
afd_ /* ]]> */14:41
afd_I think that would work14:41
afd_if not... maybe replace the angle brackets with &lt; and &gt;14:42
mintsauceHmm ... i've already tried <![CDATA[ --- will give your version a try14:42
afd_maybe I spelled it wrong14:42
afd_yours is correct14:43
mintsaucehtml entity codes did the job14:44
mintsaucedoh - almost does the job  - im using jquery .html to replace a div - it doesn't interpret the entities14:48
* mintsauce off to #jquery ;)14:49
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mintsauce"The TAL interpretter parses the source of hte ZPT as XML, and so doesn't15:19
mintsauce  do anything with CDATA sections. "15:19
zagywhat's the problem?15:21
afd_mintsauce: I usually declare global javascript functions in separate js files, then just call them in pt15:21
zagyor use an onload event15:21
mintsauceafd_: that would stop the compiler checking them?15:21
afd_they wouldn't sit in ZPT templates anymor15:21
mintsauceafd_: good point :)15:23
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srichter__mac__: hi andreas16:11
__mac__srichter: hi, I'm not andreas16:12
srichterdarn sorry16:12
__mac__srichter: andreas is macyet16:12
srichter__mac__: I was not sure anymore, that's the reason I used the name in the greaating :-)16:12
__mac__srichter: never mind16:13
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mintsauceHave 'interesting' problem where jquery form element seems to render form widget, *before* i18n has finished translating. When exactly does i18n run?16:23
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hgeldenhuysanybody know why Plone room is offline?16:26
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sparcdafd_: any idea why my objects might not be indexing in the catalog? I;ve set up a catalog with the correct fieldname and interface, but it doesn't seem to index16:40
CSWookieTheuni: I'd like to modify zc.sourcefactory.factories.ContextualSourceFactory and .FactoredContextualSourceBinder to create instances of class variables, rather than hardcoded classes.  Since you're listed as an owner in PyPi, I thought I'd check with you first.  Any objections?16:40
Theunii didn't understand that16:41
ignassparcd: did you register the catalog as a local utility properly?16:44
CSWookieTheuni: I'd like to be able to bind my contextual source with more than just context (in this case, I also want to be able to bind in a datetime).  The best way to do that, it seems, would be to subclass FactoredContextualSource to include that, but the Factory and the Binder have the classes they'll generate coded into the methods.  I'd rather then have a class variable binder_class and source_class, and call then to create the binder and the source.16:44
sparcdignas: sm['catalog'] = Catalog(); sm.registerUtility(sm['catalog'], ICatalog); sm['catalog']['email'] = FieldIndex("email", IPerson, False)16:45
*** mgedmin has joined #zope3-dev16:45
ignassparcd: well, what can I say - "import pdb; pdb.set_trace()" in FieldIndex ;)16:46
ignasand see what goes through it16:46
ignasand check if you have IntId utility set up16:46
sparcdsm['intids'] = IntIds(); sm.registerUtility(sm['intids'], IIntIds)16:46
sparcdbefore the catalog entry16:46
ignaswell - pdb then16:47
sparcdyup, will give it a go16:47
ignassparcd: actually16:48
ignassparcd: add pdb to the index_doc of AttributeIndex16:48
ignasas it is the first one to get called16:48
ignasand just see if your object is passed to the index at all, and if it is - see if it passes through all the filters16:49
sparcdignas: in the __init__ method?16:49
sparcdsorry, misread16:49
sparcdignas: the pdb statement never gets called16:51
sparcddoes my interface (or content type) need to implement a special interface for this?16:52
*** basti__ has quit IRC16:54
*** mintsauce has quit IRC16:56
*** kaeru has joined #zope3-dev16:56
afd_sparcd: maybe your object is not caught in an ObjectAddedEvent that would index it16:58
*** thetet has quit IRC16:58
afd_when you modify an object, usually you have to say zope.event.notify(ObjectModifiedEvent(obj))16:58
sparcdafd_: so I need to create an event subscriber17:01
afd_I think when you add an object to a container it is automatically indexed17:02
afd_if the object inherits from Contained, it seems17:03
sparcdso I guess something I'm doing is wrong17:03
afd_look in
*** hazmat has quit IRC17:04
sparcdafd_: this is weird then17:09
*** hgeldenhuys_ has joined #zope3-dev17:10
*** reco has joined #zope3-dev17:12
*** pelle_ has joined #zope3-dev17:20
sparcdmy interface is definitely IContained17:26
sparcdand my class is class Person(Persistent, Contained)17:27
*** menesis has joined #zope3-dev17:28
*** hgeldenhuys has quit IRC17:28
*** hgeldenhuys_ has quit IRC17:29
sparcdafd_: any more ideas?17:38
*** MJ has quit IRC17:39
afd_sparcd: I'd go to the basics. Check that the index is properly registered, check with an object that you didn't define, stuff like that17:44
*** pyqwer has quit IRC17:44
*** J1m has quit IRC17:48
*** J1m has joined #zope3-dev17:49
sparcdafd_: I have checked that the index is correctly in the catalog as a FieldIndex, with "email" and it's registered to IPerson17:52
sparcdafd_: I've also checked that IPerson implements IContained17:52
sparcdand that the object is inherited from Persistent and Contained17:52
*** J1m has quit IRC17:57
*** lurkymclurkleton has quit IRC17:58
*** alga has joined #zope3-dev18:01
*** lurkymclurkleton has joined #zope3-dev18:02
afd_sparcd: you don't need IPerson inheriting from IContained18:03
afd_but check that your class declares to implement IPerson18:04
afd_also, check that when the catalog indexes your object it doesn't get an error when accessing that method or property18:04
sparcdafd_: my interface:
sparcdand the object:
afd_you don't really need a factory...18:09
*** nathany has joined #zope3-dev18:09
afd_right, no18:09
sparcdwill remove it18:10
afd_would be great if you could show the code that adds the person to the container18:10
sparcdafd_: the factory does it18:11
sparcdI click on 'Person' on the left menu and I get a edit screen18:11
afd_I see18:11
*** davisagli has joined #zope3-dev18:12
afd_try giving up on the factory, to see if it changes things18:12
afd_also, make sure you add security assertions for the Person class18:12
sparcdok, well I'll need to change a bit of code18:12
sparcdto remove the factory18:12
sparcdafd_: in fact, I don't know how to do it without the factory, its from the tutorials18:13
sparcdthat's all I've got18:13
*** cshenton has quit IRC18:15
afd_sparcd: in the browser:addMenuItem, just say class="" instead of factory18:15
sparcdafd_: OK, will give it a go18:15
sparcdafd_: is it this you want:
*** cshenton has joined #zope3-dev18:20
sparcdafd_: what do I change this line to: as it complains about a factory: person = createObject(u'hammerhead.Person')18:20
afd_person = Person()18:20
sparcdtrying not18:20
sparcddoesn't seem to have made any difference18:21
afd_ok, override the add() method18:22
afd_I'm never sure about the context.add() thing...18:22
afd_you could write there context['somename'] = obj18:22
afd_later you could use INameChooser to decide the name18:22
afd_that should trigger the ObjectAddedEvent18:22
sparcdafd in the addform bit?18:25
afd_look at the source of the AddFormBase from formlib18:25
*** rmarianski has joined #zope3-dev18:27
sparcdchange self.createAndAdd(data) to context['test'] = obj18:28
*** J1m has joined #zope3-dev18:28
*** davisagli has left #zope3-dev18:28
*** nyo has quit IRC18:31
*** j-w has quit IRC18:34
sparcdafd_: doing that gets me TypeError: object does not support item assignment18:36
afd_who is self.context?18:36
sparcddef createAndAdd(self, data):18:37
sparcdwithin the add form18:38
*** projekt01 has quit IRC18:38
afd_before the self.context['test'] = obj line, insert a pdb line and look at who context is18:39
sparcd at the moment18:39
afd_self.context['test'] = obj should work, provided self.context is a container18:39
*** jukart has quit IRC18:41
*** quodt has quit IRC18:41
*** J1m has quit IRC18:41
*** J1m has joined #zope3-dev18:44
sparcd< object at 0x2dc0e10>18:45
afd_well, that's wrong18:45
afd_that's a view, it should be a container18:45
afd_are you using some sort of viewlets?18:45
sparcdclass PersonAddForm(AddForm):18:46
sparcdtemplate = NamedTemplate('hammerhead.form')18:46
afd_oh, I see what happens18:46
afd_it's the IAdding view that's the context18:46
sparcdyes, I guess so18:47
afd_try to define your adding page as a regular page, not as a adding page18:47
sparcdbut then I won't get the form fields18:47
afd_you will18:47
afd_there are two form libraries included in zope18:48
sparcdNotImplementedError: Subclasses should override __call__ to provide a response body18:48
afd_inherit AddFormPage or something like that from zope.formlib.form18:48
sparcdit was inheriting AddForm from zope.formlib.form18:49
afd_hmm, I check and that's fine18:49
afd_how did you register the page in zcml?18:49
*** iham has quit IRC18:50
afd_replace with *18:52
afd_just for now18:52
*** alga has quit IRC18:52
afd_can you show me the addMenuItem that you have in zcml?18:53
sparcdso should PersonAddForm inherit from AddForm or BrowserPage18:53
sparcdadd menu item:
afd_you shouldn't need the class there, I think18:55
afd_in the addMenuItem18:55
sparcdValueError: Must specify either class or factory18:55
afd_hm... ok18:55
afd_try that change in the browser:page declaration, with the interface, and try again18:56
sparcdalready done, same self.context18:56
afd_you can access the real parent as self.context.context, probably18:57
afd_let me make a quick test page and I'll tell you for certain what you need to do18:57
*** malthe is now known as malthe|away18:57
sparcdif I just go to 'http://localhost:8080/hammerhead.Person, the self.context is < object at 0x18c4330>18:58
sparcdbut with the '+' in the URL it's the old self.context18:58
afd_usually people don't really code for the ZMI skin... just the basics, like adding a site, configuring... so I pretty much forgot this things :) I'll have to make a quick test package and I'll tell you how to use that formlib view18:59
sparcd<hammerhead.content.folder.PeopleFolder object at 0x2f4b070> is self.context.context19:00
sparcdOK, what would you recommend, I'm not fussed about coding for the ZMI, just started from there19:00
afd_I think you should also learn how to code for the zmi19:01
afd_at least the basics19:01
sparcdI've done that now and I have a person with id 'test' in the people folder19:02
sparcdbut still nothing from index_doc19:02
*** alga has joined #zope3-dev19:07
*** davisagli has joined #zope3-dev19:08
*** tarek has quit IRC19:08
*** menesis has quit IRC19:11
*** fRiSi has quit IRC19:13
afd_sparcd: I've just tested my version, has no problem getting that title field indexed19:13
*** rmarianski has quit IRC19:14
sparcdafd_: I need to leave .omit('__name__', '__parent__') on mine otherwise it breaks19:16
*** rmarianski has joined #zope3-dev19:17
*** afd__ has joined #zope3-dev19:17
sparcdafd_: do you get a documentCount of 1?19:18
*** afd_ has quit IRC19:18
sparcdI get 019:18
sparcdwith your code19:18
afd__then you're missing some zcml registration, let me check19:19
sparcdignore that: I now get ForbiddenAttribute: ('add', < object at 0x1d36af0>)19:19
sparcdob = self.context.add(object)19:19
sparcdI need to add it to my peoplefolder I guess19:20
*** malthe|away is now known as malthe19:20
afd__no... probably that's not the problem19:20
sparcdi get the same error in my people container19:20
afd__ForbiddenAttribute usually means that there's no security assertion for that attribute (add)19:20
sparcdah OK19:20
afd__I wouldn't use context.add19:20
sparcdit's currently self.add(ob)19:21
afd__name = INameChooser(self.context).chooseName(obj.title, obj)19:21
afd__are you sure you're using the same code as me?19:22
afd__I mean, that you copied that example and running it the same?19:22
sparcdI can't get rid of everything, or my site doesn't work19:23
sparcdI have replaced all the 'Person' stuff with yours19:23
afd__try it in a context outside of your current code19:23
afd__I mean, create another package if you must19:23
sparcdmy URL is: http://localhost:8080/hh/people/+/addperson.html=19:24
afd__try it in the zope root19:24
sparcdhttp://localhost:8080/hh/+/addperson.html= ?19:25
afd__no, go to the root of zope and try it from there19:25
afd__it won't get your object indexed, but you'll see if it works there19:26
sparcdInvalidContainerType: (< object at 0x18c4330>, [<InterfaceClass hammerhead.interfaces.IPeopleContainer>])19:26
afd__get rid of the contraint for now19:26
sparcdit works in the people folder, when you click on it from the 'Add' menu19:26
afd__but the person is not succesfully created, right?19:26
sparcdthe person is created fine, just not indexed19:26
afd__just before you said something about the forbiddenattribute19:27
afd__do you still get it?19:27
sparcdyes, I was using http://localhost:8080/addperson.html, which is wrong19:27
sparcdrather than /+/addperson.html19:27
afd__I see19:27
*** JaRoel|4_ has quit IRC19:27
sparcdI added a person with 'test' as the title19:27
afd__and it's not indexed?19:28
afd__check the index...19:28
sparcdif I go to manage site and then the catalog19:28
sparcdInterface: hammerhead.interfaces.IPerson19:28
sparcdField Name: title19:29
sparcdintids is showing 0 objects too19:29
sparcdthe person objects say "This object isn't yet registered" is that right?19:30
afd__it's ok19:31
afd__if you reindex the catalog, does it pick up the object?19:31
afd__is the catalog registered in the site manager for the hammerhead site?19:32
sparcdshould I email you the package?19:32
afd__see pm19:32
*** timte has joined #zope3-dev19:33
sparcdI'm sure I must be doing something obvious wrong19:34
afd__sparcd: could you paste the on pastebin?19:36
*** alga has quit IRC19:38
*** pcardune has quit IRC19:39
*** alga has joined #zope3-dev19:41
sparcdafd__: it's a mess of tutorials I'm afraid19:51
afd__I'm trying to adapt a buildout.cfg to your package... could you page your buildout.cfg? That would make it easier..19:52
sparcdv simple:
*** mkerrin has quit IRC19:56
afd__sparcd: your catalog indexes email fields, your person right now doesn't have one20:00
*** jukart has joined #zope3-dev20:01
sparcdafd__: I changed it to 'title' on the instance20:01
sparcdI added a FieldIndex for title to IPerson20:01
sparcdbut I'm pretty much stumped20:04
afd__the intid didn't register any objects... I'll track it20:04
*** nyo has joined #zope3-dev20:08
*** alga has quit IRC20:09
*** tarek has joined #zope3-dev20:17
sparcdafd__: I have to head off in a few mins :-(20:17
afd__sparcd:     add this to your application.zcml <include package="" />20:20
afd__after that it should work20:21
*** tarek has quit IRC20:21
sparcdand then recreate my site and objects?20:22
afd__yes, that would be best20:23
afd__btw, I've just tested with your code, and it works20:23
afd__I need to go too, so good luck :)20:23
afd__see you tomorrow :)20:23
sparcdafd__: thanks, I owe you 100 beers20:24
nyomgedmin: ayt?20:24
nyomgedmin: are you maintaining zope 3.4 buildbots? i just wanted to ask if there are any plans for adding python 2.6 support to it?20:25
mgedminwell, no, there were no plans before you asked20:25
mgedmincan I apt-get install python2.6 from some ubuntu backports repository?20:26
nyomgedmin: looks like most of zope packages are working well with python2.6 now, but there are some issues for sure, so it would be great...20:26
*** sp0cksbeard has joined #zope3-dev20:26
nyomgedmin: hmm. I just builded py2.6 on my ubuntu from the source20:26
nyomgedmin: dunno about debs20:26
sparcdafd__: that worked!!! :-)20:27
*** sparcd has quit IRC20:27
* nyo is looking for a repo20:27
*** Theuni has left #zope3-dev20:29
nyomgedmin: <-- here's python 2.6.0 :)20:33
mgedminit has python2.6 for intrepid only20:34
mgedminone of the build slaves is running hardy, the other gutsy20:34
nyomgedmin: ah.. okay then, I'll look for those releases)20:34
*** markusleist has quit IRC20:37
*** junkafarian has quit IRC20:45
nyomgedmin: looks like there's no packages for hardy and gutsy available :((20:49
*** harobed_ has quit IRC20:50
*** iham has joined #zope3-dev20:57
*** iham is now known as iham|away20:58
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*** yotaff has quit IRC21:14
*** Theuni has joined #zope3-dev21:17
TheuniCSWookie: that's what you meant. looks fine to me :)21:17
CSWookieTheuni: Rockin'.  You want me to tag it and you stick it on pypi, or do you want to give me pypi power?21:24
*** MrTopf has quit IRC21:24
Theunii'll give you pypi power21:25
CSWookieTheuni: Thanks.21:25
Theuniwhat's your pypi name?21:25
TheuniI used ecool.21:26
CSWookieTheuni: That was aimed at another channel...  My pypi name is aaron.21:26
Theuniecool is a user though :)21:27
CSWookieWell, he has the power now!21:27
Theuniremoved his rights again. ...21:27
Theunigot it21:27
CSWookieA breif moment of power for ecool.21:27
TheuniI hope he enjoyed it while it lasted.21:27
*** dunny has joined #zope3-dev21:28
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