IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2009-01-26

sparcdok, I'll have to work it out00:03
sparcdafd_: thanks for your help00:03
sparcdoh, one last thing, if I only want logged in people to access 'View', what do I change: <grant permission="zope.View" role="zope.Anonymous" /> to?00:04
afd_sparcd: you could write a pau user source plugin that could know how to look in your site to be able to properly implement its required interface00:05
sparcdafd_: yes, that's what I'm thinking00:05
sparcdafd_: how do I assign roles to principals from my plugin, do I need another plugin?00:05
afd_there's zope.Authenticated for your view permission question00:06
afd_sparcd: you have two options, from my point of view00:06
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afd_the important interface for you is IPrincipalRoleMap, which maps roles to principals on annotatable objects00:07
afd_so you could make "local" grants of roles to all principals00:07
sparcdafd_: that's exactly what I need00:07
sparcdso I need my objects in my site to implement IPrincipalRoleMap00:08
afd_or you could override the IPrincipalRoleMap adapter to compute a set of roles that are returned when an object is interogated for security settings00:08
sparcdafd_: yes, overriding the adaptor sounds better00:08
afd_there's not much needed for IPrincipalRoleMap, all annotatable objects are adaptable to that interface, I think00:08
afd_so it could be just need to make your persistent objects adaptable00:09
sparcdafd_: this is all great and really helped me get on with my work00:09
sparcdbut for the moment I need to give explicit view permission to my users as I've changed the security of 'View' and I can't login now00:10
afd_just grant the View to authenticated users00:11
afd_from zcml00:11
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sparcdafd_: I have <role id="zope.Authenticated" title="Authenticated users" />00:11
sparcdand <grant permission="zope.View" role="zope.Authenticated" />00:11
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afd_sparcd: I think should be <authenticatedGroup id="zope.Authenticated" />00:12
afd_look in
sparcdI get a ValueError: ('Undefined role id', 'zope.Authenticated')00:12
sparcdand I have the autheticatedGroup bit00:13
afd_the order in which these declaration are read is important00:14
sparcdI have on one line: <authenticatedGroup id="zope.Authenticated" title="Authenticated Users" />00:14
sparcdand on the next <grant permission="zope.View" role="zope.Authenticated" />00:14
sparcdand I get exceptions.ValueError: ('Undefined role id', 'zope.Authenticated')00:15
sparcdis it because it's not a role? it's a group?00:16
afd_are you sure it's from the grant line? does it work if you take out that line?00:17
sparcd<grant permission="zope.View" role="zope.Authenticated" /> if I take out this line, then I still can't log in (but can as manager)00:18
sparcdif I leave it in, the zope instance doesn't start00:18
sparcdzope.Anonymous works, but that's a role00:18
afd_try with <grant permission="zope.View" principal="zope.Authenticated" />00:20
sparcdafd_: it now starts up, but now I get a browser login popup when I visit my new site, and the username/password doesn't exist00:22
afd_maybe you didn't activate the plugins in pau00:23
sparcdyes, they work fine if I allow Anonymous to zope.View00:23
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afd_the idea is that the pau has activated and deactived plugins00:24
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afd_when you add a new user source, for example, you need to add it to pau's list of plugins00:25
afd_I have to go... maybe tomorrow, if you still have problems00:25
sparcdafd_: I have done this, if I grant 'View' to anonymous, the login form works and I can log in using my new account00:25
afd_ with the Book is your help00:25
sparcdwhich Book?00:25
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sparcdI'm probably doing something really stupid, but I'm following the WorldCookery example in Phil's great book. But when trying to add a recipe I get: ComponentLookupError: ((<zope.schema._bootstrapfields.Field object at 0x2835830>, <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=http://localhost:8080/worldcookery/recipes/+/worldcookery.Recipe%3D>), <InterfaceClass>, u'')12:12
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nyosparcd: that error means that there's no widget registered for zope.schema.Field, but you are trying to make a form containing that field12:19
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sparcdnyo: I'm using TextLine and Text12:19
nyosparcd: most often that happens when trying to get autogenerated form for interface, derived from ILocation/IContained12:20
*** elro has joined #zope3-dev12:20
nyosparcd: (because they define __parent__ and __name__ as Field)12:20
sparcdso I need to provide an adapter for this?12:20
nyosparcd: no. just omit those fields from the form12:20
afd_sparcd: you need to omit them like: fields = Fields(IMySchema).omit('__name__', '__parent__')12:21
nyosparcd: or, if you are using's directives, like browser:addform, you can specify the "fields" parameter with names of fields to _include_ in the form12:22
sparcdafd_: I put that line in and now the form appears :-)12:22
sparcdnyo: afd_: thanks for your help12:22
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sparcdI get this now: AttributeError: 'Recipe' object has no attribute '__parent__'12:24
afd_post the fulll traceback12:25
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sparcdah, should my recipe type be: Persistent, Contained12:27
nyosparcd: are you implementing ILocation/IContained (or interface inheriting from it) w/o defining __name__ and __parent__ attributes?12:28
nyosparcd: ah12:28
sparcdthe interface has IContained12:28
nyosparcd: so you need to implement it:) subclassing Contained is right tho12:28
sparcdthat fixed it, what a dummy12:29
sparcddo I still need to omit those fields previously now?12:29
nyosparcd: yeah, there's no widgets for abstract "Field" class12:30
sparcdnyo: ok great, so I've got this working so far and am happy12:30
nyosparcd: btw you could not inherit your interface from IContained, but implement it separately in your class, if you don't certainly need your interface to declare all objects as "contained"12:31
sparcdgood to know12:31
sparcdnext thing I need to get this authentication working12:33
sparcdI have a pau instance with a principal folder and one member in that folder12:33
sparcdI am using a session credentials which gives the nice login form12:33
sparcdI have set zope.View grant to principal="zope.Authenticated"12:40
sparcdnow I no longer get the login form12:40
sparcdI just get a browser login popup12:40
sparcdand the username/password I have in my pau doesn't allow access12:41
nyosparcd: do you have "zope.Authenticated" principal?12:41
nyosparcd: ah, that's a group maybe..12:42
sparcdI have <authenticatedGroup id="zope.Authenticated" title="Authenticated Users" />12:42
nyosparcd: yep12:42
nyosparcd: that's strange12:42
nyosparcd: if you remove the grant, the login form comes back?12:42
sparcdnyo: only if I make the grant to zope.Anonymous12:43
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nyosparcd: hmmm... i have never used groups btw)12:44
sparcdnyo: how would you recommend this?12:44
sparcdnyo: I'm new to Zope 312:45
nyosparcd: well. groups is a nice feature, so it's okay. it's just that I personally didn't have a situation where i needed groups yet. I use roles - I assign permission to roles, and roles to principals directly.12:46
sparcdnyo: that's great, I will do the same12:46
nyosparcd: maybe the groups thing need some different config for the PAU12:47
sparcdso how do I get this login form to appear? do I need to grant some permissions to anonymous?12:47
sparcdI basically don't want Anonymous to see *any* of the site12:49
nyosparcd: it should not be needed. login views are registered with zope.Public permission that is always available12:49
nyosparcd: does the "loginForm.html" page of the site works if you call it using URL (/yoursite/loginForm.html)12:50
sparcdno, I get a browser login popup12:50
nyosparcd: hm... looks like something raises Unauthorized when traversing, before your site with PAU is set active12:52
nyoi'll just try to create an instance with no permissions for anonymous)12:52
sparcdmy pau is registered correctly12:52
sparcdwhen the permission zope.View is set to zope.Anonymous, and I click on login I get the nice loginForm12:53
nyosparcd: yeah, the problem is not in the pau12:54
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nyosparcd: is the site in question is the root one?12:56
sparcdnyo: no, I've added a folder and made it a site12:56
nyosparcd: ok. I'll try to reproduce that)12:56
sparcdI've tried it in the root as well and I get the same result12:57
*** kaeru has joined #zope3-dev12:58
nyosparcd: yep, I got the same here. interesting12:58
nyosparcd: ah13:01
nyosparcd: the require zope.View permission for all attributes in the IReadContainer interface (the __getitem__ and so on)13:02
nyosparcd: so it raises Unauthorized when trying to traverse the folder, because default traverser uses "get" method to get a subobject by name13:03
sparcdso what can I do? if anything?13:03
nyosparcd: you could redefine permissions for the Folder class or make your own folder/site implementation with own permissions13:04
sparcd<require permission="zope.View" interface="" /> so change that?13:05
sparcdI have my own folder, which I am using with that declaration13:05
nyosparcd: it's better to "override" the standard declarations in your application using zcml overrides13:06
nyosparcd: but yes,that line.. you could change the zope.View to zope.Public for that)13:06
sparcdnyo: I have
nyosparcd: alternatively, you could also override the traverser to one that removes security proxy before trying to get a subobject13:07
nyosparcd: yeah, but I guess, your "root" folder is still Folder from
nyosparcd: and it tries to traverse it while it still has standard declarations13:07
sparcdthe root of the site is whatever the root of a Zope 3 site is13:08
nyosparcd: it's in the standard installation13:08
sparcdok cool13:08
sparcdI have set the require permission to zope.Public for my site, but I guess I also need to do it on the default folder (root) ?13:09
nyoyep, create the file like "overrides.zcml" in your application, and include it from main zcml file using the <includeOverrides file="..." /> directive13:11
sparcdok great13:11
sparcdI'll give that a go and report back13:11
sparcdgotta nip out for a short while now13:11
sparcdthanks so much for help13:11
lisppaste6nyo pasted "permission override for folder" at
nyoand make a redefinition there like ^^^13:12
sparcdwill give it a go13:12
nyosparcd: np13:12
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sparcdnyo: the overrides stuff works16:51
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sparcdhow do I create a view for a container?17:08
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sparcddo I add it here?
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zagysparcd: a view or a page?17:16
zagyprobably a page17:16
zagyprobably a page17:16
sparcdzagy: I'm just trying to make the folder look different, at the moment it shows a blank page17:16
nyosparcd: no, you add a view to a container just like to any other object, containerViews directive is just a syntax sugar for defining common views17:17
sparcdif I define a view as 'index.html' I get a conflicting message17:17
sparcdwith containerViews17:17
nyosparcd: remove "index" argument from the containerViews directive17:17
zagycontainer is not special there, just use <browser:page17:17
nyoso it won't create it17:17
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sparcdnyo: I get
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mgedminsparcd: delete line 48 from /Users/ben/Sites/hammerhead/src/hammerhead/browser/configure.zcml17:20
*** tarek has joined #zope3-dev17:20
sparcdmgedmin: brill thanks17:20
mgedminwell, nyo gave you the correct answer first17:21
mgedminI just translated it into a lower level17:21
sparcdnyo: yeah sorry17:21
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sparcdand I loop through context/items17:22
sparcdcool, I'm now getting somewhere :-)17:23
sparcdadding my own permissions now17:24
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sparcdif I have a folder within my site, I can prevent a user accessing it by putting a permission on the view, but how do I prevent it even showing up in the folder listing?17:28
*** timte has joined #zope3-dev17:29
nyosparcd: if by "folder listing" you mean default index.html view that's created by browser:containerViews directive, then i doubt it's possible - you need to write your own view that will filter inaccesible folders.17:33
sparcdnyo: ok, I will do that - thanks17:33
sparcdnyo: how do I work out if a user has permission to view a folder17:36
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nyosparcd: you can use the canAccess or checkPermission functions from zope.security17:54
sparcdnyo: great, but I've added <require permission="mysite.ViewProjects" interface="" />17:55
sparcdand this doesn't seem to work as the user has the 'View' permission after logging in17:55
sparcdany logged in user can see this folder17:57
nyosparcd: that's strange. you might grant the permission to the authenticated group17:58
sparcdnyo: is it because the user has the 'View' permission?17:59
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nyosparcd: well, that's the most likely because of that18:05
sparcdok, so I'll remove that permission for logged in users18:05
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sparcdnyo: I've added a new role: mysite.ViewSite18:10
sparcdand given that to authenticated18:10
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nyosparcd: btw, i think it's better to name roles like mysite.Visitor or mysite.Member. mysite.ViewSite is a good name for permission, not for role18:26
nyosparcd: (but it's up to you of course)18:26
sparcdmystie.ViewSite is a permission18:26
nyo(19:10:34) sparcd: nyo: I've added a new role: mysite.ViewSite18:26
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sparcdnyo: yeah, I typed wrongly18:27
nyosparcd: ah, ok then18:27
sparcdbad keyboard day18:27
sparcdhow do I allow the default admin admin user to access via the loginForm? it doesn't allow them at the moment18:28
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sparcdI've now created a skin and am getting "Unrecognized expression type "provider""19:00
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